What to do in Skyros, the pearl of the Sporades

The guide for a vacation to Skyros, hiking trekking, visits to monumental churches and relaxation in sunny beaches

The goal of this adventure is the island of Skyros, the southernmost part of Sporades, enchanted archipelago of Greece, with its wonderful seabeds awaiting your dives. The island of Skyros was also frequented by mythological heroes. Here Achilles was concealed from her mother Thetis who knew that her son would have had serious trouble if she left for Troy to fight. Teseo, who was killed by King Licomede, who considered the Athenian hero a threat to his own life, would die here.

The island was conquered by Athenians in 475 BC, in 323 by Macedonians and in 196 by the Romans. After the Ottoman occupation in 1830, Skyros moved to the state of Greece.

Its architecture is typical of the Greek islands: cubic houses, white walls, wooden doors and colorful balconies full of flowers. Moving on the island is complex because the roads are all dirt and the public transport facilities are uncomfortable. There are buses that link Sciro town to Molos and Magazia but there are no buses for the small resorts or the more remote beaches. You can know the rest of the island by taxi or car. The best solution is to rent a bike to enjoy the beauty of Skyros.

So many places to visit. The Linaria area is 12 kilometers south of the city of Skyros and is built around a dune bay from which you can enjoy a romantic sunset. Here you can organize boat excursions in nearby caves and nearby islands. There are also Sciro ponyes with arched back and a long mane. They are from ancient times the symbol of the island. And there are deserted islands like Valaxa, Sarakiniko, Skyropoula and Platia.

Sciro City is the capital of the island of Skyros, located on the northern part of the island, extending on a hillside, dominated by an imposing Byzantine castle built on the remains of an ancient acropolis. The center of the capital consists of Pano Piatsa or upper square, full of inns, taverns, cafes and bars, where the bronze statue of immortal poetry was erected in 1931.

Do not miss the church of San Athanasios built in the 17th century at the central square. While at ten minutes from the city there is the church of San Costantino and from the hill you can admire the enchanting panorama of Skyros. Among the beauties are the Monastery of St. George, dedicated to the patron saint of the island: a beautiful structure built around 962 dC. during the Byzantine period.

And inside the monastery is the b. Located on a colina of the city was built to defend the island against the ravings of pirates and enemies. At the entrance there is a marble lion engraved on the wall. Among the monuments is the church of Santa Triada with its extraordinary and ancient frescoes.

There are also interesting museums in Skyros. There is the Museum of Folklore Manos Faltaits that exhibits objects that depict daily life in the different periods of the long history of Skyros. A rich collection of documents and publications dating back to the Byzantine period up to the Independence War, traditional island customs, daily tools, rare maps, books and manuscripts. Sculptures and paintings by Manos Faltaits.

Finally, the Archaeological Museum. Located in Sciro town, it exhibits archaeological finds on the island. It was built in 1967 and contains coins, paintings and jewels from the old warehouse of Magazia. The museum also houses a Kostoria folklore collection that depicts a traditional Scito home with furniture and all its everyday utensils.

On the island there are many beaches, almost all isolated and quiet. There is Prafkos 11 kilometers south of Skyros town, surrounded by dense vegetation and a dreamy landscape with crystal clear water, ideal for relaxation. Or Atsitsa 18 kilometers from the capital, with rocks reaching to the sea. Great for swimming but few trees and few tourist attractions.

There is Agios Foksa beach with white sand and coastline with pebbles. A dirt road leads to the beach and the surrounding area is rich in greenery and makes the place picturesque and absolutely relaxing. Lastly, there is the beautiful Molos beach 4 kilometers north of the island capital of Skyros, the most popular and best organized beach on the island, long and sandy, surrounded by picturesque landscapes.

Skyros’s nightlife is very quiet, is not subject to mass tourism and has always kept its traditions alive. It is a deserted island, with no noise and crowd as is often the case in the Greek islands. There are no nightclubs or nightclubs but pubs where you can take something to drink