Vacation in Syros, the Cycladic Island that you do not expect

In Syros you find the authentic soul of Greece with culture, beaches and postcard views and great cuisine to enjoy.

Syros is part of the Cyclades archipelago, but compared to more popular destinations such as Mykonos and Santorini, it can count on more discreet and sustainable tourism while maintaining the characteristics that have guaranteed the success of these islands in Greece. Syros is a small island, so it is possible to turn it around in a few hours, but it offers excellent cuisine, culture and small beaches perfect for relaxation.

Here are the institutions that deal with the administration of the Cyclades and many of the business activities that are not only related to holidaymakers. In Syros, you dive in authentic Greece with few concessions to “tourist traps” and is a perfect destination for those who are not interested in the world at all costs. Its capital is the town of Ermoupolis climbing on two hills while it is reflected in the waters of the Aegean Sea.

Prosperous and vibrant, this is an ideal base for exploring the island and it will be a pleasure to walk through the paved streets and admire the incredible palaces decorations. Ermoupolis was founded in 1821 on the occasion of the Independence War and, in a few years, saw not only the number of its inhabitants but also their prosperity. Houses and palaces are neoclassical, while if you want to see the typical Cycladic postcard village with its white square squares, you will have to move to Ano Syros, located to the left of the city and built as an amphitheater to defend yourself against enemies. Even here, however, white houses coexist and combine with influences of other historical epochs, considering that the village was founded by Venetians around 1,200.

Among the things to see in Ano Syros is the Baroque Cathedral of San Giorgio and here was born Markos Vamvakaris, one of the most important musicians and composers of the musical genre known as rebetiko and to whom are dedicated a town square and a small museum with his recordings and personal effects. The village is about 3.5 km from Ermoupolis so you can reach it with a nice walk that will let you discover the peculiarities of the Syros landscape.

Ermoupolis is located almost half of the island, which is characterized by a shorter and mountainous northern part, and a much greener south end of the island where the main crops of the island can be found. If water is your element and you love diving, the sea around Syros is not only rich in flora and fauna, but full of wrecks and caves to explore alone or on excursions organized by local diving centers.

For those who prefer absolute relaxation, Syros find beaches that face crystal clear waters and are certainly among the most beautiful of all the Cyclades. Following the coast you can opt for a beach equipped as Vari, Azolimnos, Foinikas or Megas Gialos where you can find all the services you need or to reach more isolated and wild places where you practice, for example, naturism. Of course, there are sandy beaches that are particularly appreciated by families with children like Agathopes Beach just a few miles from Ermoupolis or Lotos Beach near Kini where the winds rarely come and you can swim in peace.

If you want to spend a few hours discovering the cultural aspects of Syros, there are also museums among which we point out the archaeological site of Ermoupolis or the exhibition on traditional professions and their objects in Ano Syros. On the island there is also the historical Apollon theater created in 1864 by the Italian architect Pietro Sampo and inspired among others also at the Scala of Milan. Today, the hotel hosts numerous events including the Festival of the Aegean, which attracts artists from all over the world.

A vacation in Greece can not be called complete without talking about its cuisine and Syros, it certainly is no exception. Unlike other islands, however, here we find a mix of tastes coming from the Orient with dishes such as aetopita (a salted pie with fish and vegetables), the carabola (salvia snails), lachanodolma (rolls of cabbage leaves filled with rice) and many specialties made from local meats and cheeses. Do not miss the restaurants to try them, and we bet that a lunch in a typical tavern or a dinner on the seashore will rightly enter the favorite activities of your vacation in Syros?

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