The 19 best islands in Greece where to go on holiday depending on the need

Mind that wanders, thoughts that are combined with dreams: what is the ideal place to spend the summer that is coming? This is the moment to think about it. Smartphone in hand and away to compare offers and opportunities. With Greece, which remains the ideal destination for anyone.

Who wants to celebrate the maturity exam for families looking for tranquility, passing through couples who do not want to waste even a second of their holidays. There is no one island of the best Greece ever, each one is able to satisfy your various interests. Nightlife and unspoiled landscapes, culture and breathtaking beaches: every corner is to be discovered!

Here are the 19 islands of Greece recommended for holidays 2018, listed by explaining the ‘strong point’ of each. Choosing becomes even easier. Here they are:

Zakynthos – The best for the beaches
Corfu – The best for families
Delos – The best for history and culture
Mykonos – The best for hotels
Crete – The best for food
Kefalonia – The best for wine
Koufonissi – The best for peace and tranquility
Hydra – The best for ecology lovers
Andro – The best for climbing lovers
Simi – The best for couples
Skyros – The best for “alternative” activities
Karphatos – The best for living like the locals
Skopelos – The best for villa lovers
Santorini – The best for breathtaking views
Nisyros – Best for James Bond fans
Lesbos – The best for lesbians
Rhodes – The best for nightlife
Lefkada – The best for water sports
Patmos – The best for the mystical sphere
Zakynthos – The best for the beaches