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Sunday back to the time of day, noise and tips to stay healthy

Clocks back one hour in the night between Saturday and Sunday. The expert: “No backlash for most people.” Here’s how to behave if you suffer from insomnia. Also at the table
Clock back in the night between Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 October for the return to standard time, with shorter days and the dark: for one day you can laze 60 minutes more but for those who usually have trouble sleeping increases the hardships . The change – will take place at 3 am, which will become the second – in fact affects the circadian rhythms that regulate important physiological activities, first of all the sleep-wake cycle. “Bring back the clock back an hour is generally not a problem, since there is a time lag is likely to affect significantly the biological clock and the daily habits,” explains Francesco Peverini, scientific director of the Foundation for Research and treatment of sleep disorders Onlus. “It becomes, however, for the 10% of the population already suffering from disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnea, for which the first step to summer, in the spring, and then the return to winter time, in the fall, is an additional element of concern to the already uneasy relationship with sleep and its cycles. For these people any difficulties with changes in day-night rhythm is not a simple change in the well-being, but a real silent suffering. ”
ADVICE – In any case, even if the time of day is not a problem to most people, a good “sleep hygiene” is always helpful. “The first suggestion is to maintain a normal sleep on Saturday night, when clocks will be set back, and wake up in the morning as usual hours” recommends Professor Peverini. “Secondly, we must remember that the sun rises an hour earlier, better then block light and keep the bedroom dark until she woke up. The light that manifests in advance of a regular schedule can disrupt your sleep. It is better to go to sleep in a dark room. Upon awakening, however, take much light as possible because it helps to wake up and helps regulate the biological clock. ”
MEAL – The expert points out that the phototherapy (light therapy) is an effective treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (Das), typical of this period and some forms of depression. At the table, then, the foods are preferred mainly bread, pasta, rice, lettuce, radicchio, some fresh cheeses, pumpkin, turnips and cabbage, besides the hot milk and fruit sugar. The evening should instead be avoided processed foods or overly seasoned. Also advised against liquor, chocolate and drinks high in caffeine and protein. The time of day will remain in force until the last Sunday in March, which in 2016 will fall on the 27th, a date which coincides with Easter. That night we sleep less then … but there is time to prepare for the idea.