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Santorini a paradise; here is when to go

blue sea, white houses and breathtaking sunsets. Here Santorini, the island of love

Santorini is the southernmost island of the Cyclades, known for its mild climate that allows tourists to begin to bathe in its clear waters already in mid-April. If in fact the question is when to visit this island, you know that from mid-April onwards (after Orthodox Easter), the island is already prey to tourists.

you may want to visit Santorini in late spring period in which the temperature is mild, the climate is very mild and the prices of the facilities are still not as high as in August for those who want to enjoy the island away from the summer crowds, . The island will satisfy any request, since it allows to carry out many activities such as hiking, boating or simply romantic walks among the characteristic vicoli.e

You should visit the Ancient Fira and its archaeological site of Akrotiri, as well as the Thera Prehistoric Museum and the Archaeological Museum. Fira is the capital of Santorini and it is a quaint little village in which stand out the classic white houses and the blue doors and windows. Fira is the place where the nightlife is more present, so it is worth visiting if you want to dance the night away.

Also not to be missed in Fira is the old port accessible by cable car, on the back of a mule or on foot via 587 steps. Oia is instead a highly suggestive locations. It is a village that lies on the edge of the Caldera and Oia is characterized by small alleys that intersect one another, shops, museums, small art galleries and the ruins of the Venetian fortress. Oia is a unique place of its kind, as it still tries to maintain its uniqueness, trying to escape the mass tourism.

Along the west coast, in the highest part of the cliff it stands the Imerovigli village. The location of the village so high, you can have a full view of the volcanoes. A Imerovigli the traditional houses are few compared to hotels and luxury facilities (basically prices of the structures are high). Imerovigli is 3 km from the capital Fira.

Santorini is also famous for its beaches, among which definitely stands out the Red Beach. It is a beach of red sand that is located in the southwest of the island. The typical red color of the sand, is its volcanic origin; But it is worth saying that the beach is quite small and therefore often horsebackriding.

Santorini is therefore a destination that can cater for every need, whether you opt for a relaxing holiday, for a fun-filled. The climate, the atmosphere, the sea and the sky of Santorini will offer a unique holiday of its kind.

Mykonos: food guide to the island’s most famous Cycladic

Among the most typical fish is cooked red mullet in a pan with tomato, race served with garlic mashed potatoes and grilled octopus. In some Greek islands, and one of them is Mykonos, the freshly caught octopus, whole or after separating the tentacles, is put to “bake” in the sun for a day before being barbecued. It seems that this type of preparation, once used by fishermen to keep the octopus making dry for days, is the secret behind its soft flesh

Mykonos needs no introduction. Considered the most festive of the Cyclades islands, decades gay-friendly, it is also one of the most expensive destinations. The fact remains that can make everyone happy: those who want to get lost in deserted beaches contemplating the sunset, those who love to dance with the music blaring in clubs on the sea (see the famous Paradise and Super Paradise Beach), those who love to shop as it was in the city center. But we recommend Mykonos, preferably in low season, not only for its windmills and the spectacular succession of houses of 18th century Alefkantra neighborhood, or “Little Venice.” Here you can also go hunting for local products such as fresh cheese (not the usual feta!), Ancient spirits, sweet semolina and organic wine. And especially from the old port of Mykonos you can be reached in just 30 minutes Delos, one of the most historic landmarks in the world. Unesco heritage since 1990, the mythology has it that Leto, pregnant by Zeus, it is hidden here to deliver nothing less than the twins Apollo and Artemis. An origin that is all a program and that almost makes negligible the fact that at some point in history this small island of only 3.4 square kilometers has been free port, independent city-state and probably the most market of Greece.

Holiday from the thousands of beaches of Paros and Antiparos

Our Accidental Guide (Greek island) leads us to discover all the beaches and … of all the pleasure you can give away a holiday in Paros

I hate myself with all the cold and darkness of winter, always, but when the evening are on the train that takes me back home, I think its not longer bear them and then pick up the phone and look at a photo taken at Aldo Paros which I keep as a talisman anti-winter. I look at that picture and winter disappears, I immerse myself too happy in the light color of the sea that caresses you slow … I wonder why in many places of Greece Paros right … the answer lies in the expression of infinite bliss of Aldo enclosing in himself all the pleasure that can give away a holiday in Paros …

Crete: a place all to herself

It smells of salt but also nuanced ouzo shrimp, ancient buildings such as Homer, turquoise waters and ancient olive trees. The discovery of an exclusive corner of Crete, where the wind comes from the sea gives taste to the fields making the most delicious food.
How to program holidays and bridges in 2017
Maybe in summer it serves little, but in this case you may as well leave the umbrella at home, because in Crete there are three hundred days of sunshine a year. A bit ‘of numbers: the island measures 300 km and is the largest of the Greek islands (and fifth in the Mediterranean), and you live more than 600 thousand people. We are in the most southern point of Europe, just to stretch an arm and was in Africa, it can be seen from the coast Libya and Egypt.

Yamaha Yard Built 900 Faster Wasp Roland Sands

Roland Sands got their hands on an MT-09 inspired by the TZ750 uncle Kenny. It’s coming a new dirt track series? We hope
Although this is a type of media that has enjoyed much popularity in recent years in the undergrowth custom, that of motorcycle dirt track is a category that has had very little visibility, between dealers. In short, they are motorcycles that appeal to a lot of people, but if you drive one you have to order it from home. However, someone seems to be starting to think of making it a seriously. Yamaha is one of the houses the most reliable in this sense. It seems, in fact, that to try to imagine the lines of the guys Iwata have decided to turn to one of the most famous trainers in the world: Mr. Roland Sands.

It is with your help that has taken shape the latest in the series Built Yard. This time, the focus of attention was a MT-09, the three-cylinder 850 cc that is so popular even in our market in the last year. A very interesting idea, especially after the batch of projects “above” the smallest MT-07.

The Faster Wasp – this is his name – is inspired by the legendary openly TZ750, the bike with which, in the 70s, Kenny Roberts taught the world what it was like to drive, and has many original details. Among these we point out first of all the superstructures really lust. That codon and the saddle we like a lot, as well as the hand-beaten aluminum tank.

Also new are the vents, the cover of the radiator, the front table number plate and front fender. Among the more technical details worth mentioning the new exhaust system, formed from a kit of manifolds Two Brothers Racing and steel muffler RSD Slant. Also new is the braking system, consisting of front rotors superbike RSD, radially mounted calipers Performance Machine, RSD radial pump and pipes Spiegler. Signed two new cartridges for Öhlins fork and an unprecedented shock of the same house complete the picture and allow a more precise than they did the standard suspension.

Roland Sands tells us more. “I was running on the TZ250 and I rode to many Yamaha off-road. Ours is a long story. When I see what the Japanese brand has done and the goals it is placed, I feel really inspired. We have already made some bikes together. This three-cylinder engine is light and is really strong. It’s not a competition model, but transfers the level of performance Racing in an easy to drive. It’s great because it’s fun and I think a motorcycle is to entertain: “Faster Wasp” has this ability but, in addition, it offers outstanding performance. In this new concept we’ve been working and I both Kenny Roberts, one of my heroes, putting our common past Racing and coupling it with the three-cylinder engine. It was a very fun project and I am very happy with the result. “


Olympia of Greece, luxurious life of Princess
blackest summer for the country
A dip in Capri, one in Mykonos and one in the Bahamas, from a luxury hotel to a boat flying the Italian nbandiera in the company of his dog from clutch and friends. The summer (as well as the rest of the year) of the life of Maria Olympia of Greece is carefully documented on Instagram. The girl, 19, blonde and thin, is the daughter of Paul of Greece, Hellenic crown prince (and even the Prince of Denmark) and the American millionaire’s daughter Marie-Chantal.
Its photos fill the tabloids and is attracting some criticism: in a delicate period for Greece its lifestyle five star seems to run up against the ATM eyedropper, the resignation of the prime minister, the dreaded return to the drachma.

Moreover, the monarchy in Greece was deposed in 1973, and she was born in New York and raised in London, where he lives, the country is little more than a tourist.

Lose weight eating? Nothing is impossible

Playing sports, finding the right balance at the table, avoiding the excesses and go shopping in a smart way: continue to be good forks without guilt is really possible. Here’s some advice

To lose weight you need to stay really thin? It is not always so. Except in cases very difficult to recover, you can lose weight while continuing to eat. Of course, the important thing is finding the right balance between fast and almost absolute great feasts, poles apart in ways of sharing the same danger level of negative effects for our body.

Frequent snacks and condiments modest
The first useful advice to eat a nod to the scale, therefore, is not to be limited to only two daily meals. Better, however, make frequent snacks, perhaps based on fruit. An apple or a banana mid-morning, for example, and an orange or carrot in the afternoon can quench your hunger without sweat excessively and without compromising the line. Also at the table, before the main meal, you can start with a nice salad as a starter to start the digestion in advance and foster a sense of satiety. To remember, however, that the sauce too threatens to ruin any kind of effort against the bacon.

Goodbye cocktails
The fibers contained in rice, whole wheat pasta and cereals, help in the same way to satiate before salad. And eat the right also helps the proper functioning of the digestive and intestinal activity. However, what we must avoid is alcohol. A glass of wine at the table is granted, a pint of beer a day definitely not. And the spirits? Who poses the question is decidedly off-road. In short, better to say goodbye to cocktails if you want to lose weight without changing their habits.

Avoid skipping meals
Skipping meals, then, is a very grave error, but also among the most frequent for people trying to lose weight. Metabolism is like a sponge: If you fast for lunch, in the evening you could eat a whole fridge without even chewing anything. Set aside the food at noon, then, it is likely to increase the feeling of hunger during the rest of the day and that’s not very good, because it forces the body to absorb more nutrients as soon as possible. In other words, skip lunch means finding not stop over eating, because constantly hungry, soon as you return home from the office.

Sport is the best diet
No diet, too, can lead to satisfactory results without the right amount of physical activity. And also because this train speeds up your metabolism and allows you to burn more calories. Sport, then, is an ally of a healthy diet, which is good that they find little space saturated fats from meat consumption. Better, then, to prefer products of the sea, without excluding the rest. A diet that completely eliminates something, in fact, is difficult to correct diet.

The foods are essential for the proper balance
Finally, if you want to play it safe, the foods that should always be at the table for dining but then complains constantly with partners of their own weight, are for example cucumbers, celery, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, lean meats, tomatoes, papaya and apples. These are natural foods that can satisfy the right, provide nutrients useful to our body and live better. Eat and lose weight, in a nutshell, it is really possible. Just be a bit ‘more careful and complain less.

Get the selfie is a disease?

According to some studies, yes, insane narcissism and psychopathology behind the obsession for the self-portrait

Obsession of selfie has something pathological. It is the thesis of a study of 800 men by Jesse Fox, assistant professor of communication at Ohio State, and Margaret Rooney. The research titled “The Dark Triad” in reference to what Fox calls “not a nice personality constellation” in reference to the set of selfie and that would consist of “narcissism as an extreme focus on oneself”, “Machiavellianism as manipulation other “and” impulsiveness psychopathological selfless to others. ” A fairly bleak. But the news is full of incidents of people dying by accident or committed suicide because of a selfie, a sign that a fund “noir” – as claimed by Fox – can cloud up to that point, the reasoning so that some speak of “selficidio”.
The study published in Personality and Individual Differences believes that while the company is a formidable instrument of social relations, there is a niche of users that you have found a very big stage for his own narcissism.

Especially those who frequently change the picture on Facebook or Instagram may have narcissistic traits. Similar observations were reported last year in a study of 400 men and women published in Social Networking. Post photos on social can in many cases have a positive effect on their world of relationships and also on the psychological, and in any case are not the company, according to experts, because of narcissism, but rather an opportunity to make it emerge. Never before in history have we been able to get in touch with millions of people through a photo at such low cost. For clinicians all have a touch – and even more – of narcissism, but there is a narcissism “good” or “bad” one that immerses you to the point in selfie edge of a cliff to fall down.

Scent of lions in the sun

And at sunset, the aroma of nostalgia. Noble without the claws and his dudes film, here is Positano. A past still alive of Russian dancers, Marquis communist soldiers


Vincenzo Caprile (1856-1936), “The square in Positano”
The scent of citrus is Positano. Noise is by speedboat, Riva Aquarama. “You must see the movie of Vittorio Caprioli, ‘Leoni in the sun’, was all so,” he says Alessandro Piperno, expert lover places. A Riva stands on his resounding “With the worst intentions,” not minimalist novel ten years ago, set a little here.

The film, however, is 1961, it is strange how all of those Caprioli; partly as a light comedy and then it becomes a melancholy devastating. The plot: a young lady of the north (Franca Valeri) is a journalist of tourism elegant that runs into a bad to live in tight shirts and tight pants and colorful. Here a group of local boys seek remedy for boredom and adulthood trying to conquer feminine, and possibly foreign yacht. “It ‘a beautiful film,” he says Piperno. “It was also written by Raffaele La Capria, the following year for the Witch ‘Mortally wounded’, and was mistaken for a movie seaside. While it is staging the summer of these debauched but compared to the films of the genre have forty years. ” And the phase difference of age makes the surreal tone-pathetic. “It is actually played on the great silences” Piperno continues; around a Philippe Leroy athletic jumping on the rocks and steals jewelry ladies American succhiandoglieli during hand-kissing perfect. Around, the young elders who study non-work.

Going down to the beach of Positano the sets are all there, as the few Aquarama now supplied to the grand hotel. Next to the two bronze lions that watch over the staircase, there is the Buca di Bacco hotel-bar-restaurant where much of the film was shot. Sasa Rispoli, now owner, the film was a bespectacled boy, whose Lions concupivano mother with the excuse to teach swimming. “I was eleven years old and crazy about this crew that was filming, I collected the coals of the arc lamps, the electrodes, the power lines, I felt like the child of ‘Cinema Paradiso'”, said today at the sheet. “There were wires everywhere, and terminals, and if there bumping hte shock. Vittorio Caprioli was staying here in the hotel with us, he was a friend of my father, and spent here the last weekend of his life. They met with a grand prix on television, on a Sunday, then he returned to Naples and died. ”

The father, in an initial stage, he was – well – itself, that is a hotelier annoyed umpteenth request to “mark” the costs of these insolvent out of time, and their phone calls. “Miss me give Naples eighteen-twenty-thirty” Caprioli says in the film, to be called “The gentleman Mimi,” that is then Philippe Leroy. Denial of the maid, intimate: “I’ll take all responsibility”, because wake in the morning, these lions in the sun, could be dangerous.

“It was a film that we made to gently tease the little dudes Positano, that were really so,” he says today La Capria. “Their only activity was thinking every day to find somewhere that would make them become popular.” “There was the brother of La Capria, Pelos, famous for its mated, had colored the Blue Grotto of Capri with yellow markers that were used in the Navy, and then he also painted the two lions here orange” Rispoli remembers junior. “Another time with a friend, disconnected the letterboxes and threw into the sea, and spread all the postcards to tourists in the waves. The police gave him several times the expulsion order. ”

The Lions, that is the true bronze lions, “there are always at least the nineteenth century,” he says Fausta Aquila Gaetani d’Aragona, who along with her sister Raimonda has defined the style of Positano majolica sgarrupate the right, and lemons bougainvillea, in his sublime terrace and sagging, as in a villa a little ‘Downton Abbey a bit’ principles of Salina, psychoanalyst and her husband, Massimo Amman, and many dogs.

Gaetani here are among the first to arrive, through matrilineal line Pattison (perhaps because in Positano children do not work, but the mothers are beaten very) basic English industrial railway, which in the early twentieth century have bought so many houses and a tower . And coupled Naples-England has created a strange hybrid of the wasp Positano and a caste society still working perfectly: each hotel belongs to a family of a strictly local, with a lot of respect for and ranks of nobility, antiquity of lineage, stars , in-room amenities and if below on the beach there is the Buca di Bacco of Rispoli, pop outpost, there especially on Le Sirenuse, compound maximum sciccheria; He is in front of the house Gaetani, in this golden mile of Positano.

The scenes that were filmed at Buca are shot here: in this ultimate luxury hotel, where the Anglo-Americans in costumes with small patterns read in sunglasses tortoiseshell the Financial Times by the pool cilestrina faded, and seems to be in a “Leopard” photographed by Slim Aarons. Here he was on vacation even Bepy Sonnino, Great Gatsby jew book Piperno, inspired by a grandfather who wanted to live at most, and then here. In the book the Sonnino take even the whole hotel. “We were a tribe. Twist. Bathrooms midnight. Hectoliters of alcohol. Poker until five in the morning. It was great. ” Bepy Sonnino, with choice of field, diagnosed with prostate cancer, will prefer to enjoy to the full rather than abandon the conquest, old lion in the sun. “His death is very similar to that of my grandfather in the reality,” said Piperno. “He was diagnosed with cancer that would have dealt a blow to his manhood, he chose to disregard and died at sixty-three years.”

Eros and elder burl, Bepy Sonnino hurtling into Jaguar from Rome-center to Sirenuse, who knows how much time he spent (we at Audi three hours dry). Now we are hurtling into Jaguar Alessandro Cecchi-Paone, journalist and television presenter, who recently president of San Vito-Positano, the local football team. He has a house in the town on high, and he also has a memory of grandparents vitalists, however, in 1100. “My grandfather, a widower, selected girlfriends bringing in Positano. From how they behaved here, you could see if they were the right ones, “he says now-Cecchi Paone. “In fact, with his second wife fell in love here.”

Cecchi-Paone has tried to bring some ‘of modernity in the feud anglonapoletano; trying a little Mykonos, with evenings gay friendly to Music on the Rocks, only disco of Positano, built into the rock, and the property of another dynasty, better known as the Russian Black (owners of local restaurants, Chez Black, Rada and the fact Disco). But without much success: without controversy, the feud ended: Non Expedit. So it was back to normal, and the disco is proceeding very Positano, and Peppe Russian, or rather Black Peppe, invests heavily in safety, and in front of us kindly chased by a group of tourists privé very liquid, and tipsy. We’re not at Cocoricò.

“I do not understand this music,” sighs however Sasa Rispoli on the terrace of Buca. He also has a glorious past as a DJ, disco here a time in the tavern. “They do not know how to interpret the mood of the track. And ‘the whole technique. Do not put the lenses, the lenses were fundamental. A Vanoni, a Mina, was necessary at some point, or else went crazy too. The slow must also encourage the talk, now we no longer speak, “he says in a tone expert. “At Buca went down barefoot, there were only friends, or strangers,” said Fausta Gaetani. “It was wonderful.”

“Here on the music booms,” says Carla instead Paravicini Sersale, dynasty of Sirenuse, higher still, watching the feuds, down, populated by modernity. “Do not they understand that it is an amphitheater?”. The hotel began as a former home of the Marquis Sersale, and Carla is doing to place tents, because some fundamental VIP seems to have been photographed here, and Positano there that violate the privacy, kings and queens and Hollywood actors because they are protected (the Queen of Belgium continues to come, last year Roman ladies enthusiastic discovered Richard Gere as near the spa designed by Gae Aulenti).

A Sersale, Paul, Marquis but the Communist Party, was also mayor for 40 years, in a place traditionally destrissimo (first monarchical, now the mayor Michele De Lucia, maximum fish wholesaler of coastline, is headed for a civil list linked to Brothers of Italy). Father of his country, transformed Positano. As told Franco Sersale Paolo Guzzanti of the Republic, exactly thirty years ago, there was a typhus epidemic because the water was very impure, and “General Clark will fottette fear. I went and my brother: general, told him, here or do the ‘aqueduct, or we’ll all die, as pests in the seventeenth century. Clark gives a little order to the aqueduct. And the country was enriched. Why Paul, my brother, had a little stacked the deck: he said that Positano was home to seven people. Instead we were only two thousand. Thanks to that trick from jail quite have five extra rations and those were paying workers: flour in exchange for work, and finally seized the pipe clean water: the English were happy to Positano emerged from the Middle Ages. ”

“Here the luck of the place was that it was chosen by General Clark, chief of Allied as a base camp,” he says Rispoli, and so many Americans returned home handed down by word of mouth the word Positano more effective than an advisor. The result then is that today the Italian is only a third language in Positano: first are the Neapolitan and English (spoken well with accents right, you say “sir” and “good afternoon” and not “coach” as the waiters wretches in Rome).

As John Steinbeck wrote in an article sull’Harper’s Bazaar in 1953, the Sirenuse are also the islets off Positano later renamed the Gauls, outpost of the lodging dancing Positano: formerly owned by Massine, maximum dancer of the Ballets Russes, student Daghilev, then bought by Rudolf Nureyev, the evening took a Riva and it did lead to Naples to do all his stuff back haggard, like Pasolini with Alfa. Today Li Galli belong to a businessman Sorrento, Giovanni Russo, who has purchased five billion pounds and now ask two hundred fifty million euro.

In “Lions in the sun”, Franca Valeri was finally brought to the Gauls by Philippe Leroy, but grimly went there to other trades female. Flavia De Luise, historical hairdresser Positano, while responding in perfect English to the customers “give my regards to your mother, dear,” she says today of when combing the Franca, who “wanted the hair absolutely straight, then down to do this tuft she still carries. ” And then a story that seems “Parigi o cara”, another film of the duo-Caprioli Valeri: “We went to my sister and I with a training visit to L’Oreal. But they were all of northern Italy, Milan, Domodossola, so we made fun of, treated us down. Then one day he stopped in front of the St. Honore Feaubourg a spider driven by the owner of a famous brand of champagne, which of course was always in Positano, and he, with this machine very luxurious, and the cache-col, we made a lot of parties and the others were very badly. ”

Russian dancers, Marquis Communists and American soldiers are the pieces of the recipe of Positano: it works fine, even better than Capri, the rival to twenty minutes by hydrofoil. Trade, well, everything else: nothing but the notorious global brand pieces hanging from balconies and shops and shops and tourists must pass through virtually (Positano course vu ‘cumprà is not covered). The pieces also have a pedigree emblazoned: “The Duchess has invented Laura Carafa d’Andria,” he says Gaetani. The duchess, however, “did not understand anything about money, and failed, because confounded the revenue with gains,” wrote Guzzanti. “When cashed, spending all the money for himself, and to the grievances of suppliers screamed: ‘immoral, but how dare they! I m’aggio bought beauty creams in Paris’. ” The duchess then failed, but was born the textile district of Positano from the balcony; firmly in the hands of local, because here in Positano, unlike Capri, has prevented the landing of the global brand. Or Gucci or Prada or Vuitton. “The Valley has tried to buy a shop down the streets” says Fausta always Gaetani. “After hearing the figure offered, they told him: learned, thanks a lot, this money we make them here.”

Compared to Capri, then, here “there dresses,” says Tonino Minniti, architect and artist. Nothing sweaters and cardigans, banned initials. “Positano is as it were immersed in a kind of spell. It ‘a place closed, incredibly feeble, tiring, it’s like a Greek island. And ‘bohemian “(Piperno). Still Steinbeck: “I can not see, here, a languid tourist rustling in fresh white dress. I challenge any lady to climb the stairs to Positano dressed like that, for a cocktail: arrive as a sheet of kitchen. He not the left but climb, wherever want to go. And this is enough to eliminate at least one type of tourists: those from the window. ”

Something has changed since then: “This citrus scent that you feel is fake, is sprayed with the speakers,” he says expert, showing the bottles on the window sills of the stores. But Positano continues to choose his clients. Get remains difficult: in the car, on the way from Naples, with curves and traffic jams may be made for slow arrival visions heartbreaking Gulf. And then ztl Nazi, and in addition to nostalgia, the core business of car parks, multi-storey, massive, expensive, overlooking a valley inside, a kind of framework or structure on which rests the Marxist superstructure aristocratic crib Positano. The machine, however, better forget it, and our A3 Cabrio that here at last we can show off with the roof open much admired, it will remain in a stand-prohibitive. Getting to the sea, is no longer simple. In the cockpit of his jet LNG unit, the commander Giuseppe De Gennaro maneuvering with difficulty, because “Positano has a pier, just a landing.” As the sea is big, the airport is closed because there is no dock. Ie the hydrofoil enters between bathers, goiters, inflatables, spears Sorrento. And some Riva. And in the twilight, between the smell of oil, along with that perhaps fake lemon, it is the aroma of nostalgia of Positano.

Holidays in Albania, boom departures from Bari


Records of transits in the port of Bari last weekend: 61 thousand passengers and 14 thousand cars with favored destinations Albania, Greece, Croatia and Montenegro. Three out of four passengers transited from Bari and only a third on the way, and the missing destinations grew, above all, Albania, 66% of the total, followed, in the second half, from Greece, 24%, and for the remainder, 10%, from Croatia, especially, and by Montenegro.

The numbers achieved confirm a growing trend of traffic ferries compared to 2014, in the comparison between the first week of August 2015 and the same as last year, meaning passengers up 17.7% and transportation by nearly 32.3 %. The figures released by the Port Authority of Levante in Bari are even better than those recorded in the previous week-end, in late July, when passengers passed were 48 thousand, 10 thousand cars and trucks and buses almost 1,500. So much traffic, which in those days had also caused delays in the early stages of boarding due to congestion of the square Marisabella, was then managed best last weekend without any major inconvenience.

As for destinations it is evident that tourism to Greece is picking up and that Albania begins recording tourist movements consistent, as evidenced by the shipment of many campers and groups of young Italian vacationers, events never occurred before. Behind these increases is the choice, claimed by a commissioner of the Port Authority of the Levant, Francis Mariani, “to maintain, in all areas of traffic, advertising platforms and public support to all private operators who intend to activate new lines at our ports. ” Together startup of other container lines – from Gioia Tauro and Taranto – the port of Bari has invested significant modernization of the docks of the western dock to allow the arrival – just from Albania – a new ship with better services to passengers according to the expectations of the government of the country of the Eagles several times in recent years representative.

There remains the issue of the overall rehabilitation of port infrastructure and for this it is necessary that the government Renzi finance development programs in support of strategic infrastructure of the South announced by Minister Graziano Delrio.



Mykonos: beaches and beach bars craziest summer


Impossible not to have heard of her, Greece, one of the most popular destinations of travelers and the people threatened by the great crisis in recent months has put at risk its future. He could only be affected also the real estate sector, but despite this wave that has black-s overwhelmed, apparently the luxury market has not had major repercussions, this concerns mainly the tourist areas of great attraction as the islands of the Cyclades where the newly built houses at a cost of sales, according to data revealed by the Studies of, still exceeds one million Euros in 90% of cases. When it comes to holiday at the top, we talk about the wonderful world of celebrities who, apparently, in addition to the usual Formentera, has targeted Mykonos: there are those who know his reputation as a destination for fashionable and transgressive, but beautiful island is definitely a place that you can live in a hundred thousand and no manners.
The goal really has charm to spare and they know many star system from the likes of Federica Nargi that showed off her charms Panormos Beach, in the north of the island, a paradise characterized by fine white sand so to be called a the most beautiful island. In addition to the former tissue, choose the Greek beauty were also Marco Borriello and Kevin Prince Boateng, away from football, they dipped between its crystalline waters.
An island amusement
Considered one of the seaside resorts most “in” the Mediterranean, Mykonos has its trump card and know how to entertain guests, from life on the beach, between the Paradise, the cradle of the very young and the Super Paradise, the favorite of the public Gay for his wit and unconventional alternative where every day they place memorable holidays by the sea.
Tempers wildest find their own happy island at the Tropicana on Paradise Beach, a beach bar where the party starts at sunset dancing on the sand in an atmosphere of pure recklessness or even the Kalua Beach Bar, located on the beach in Paranga where, starting from 18.00 begin sparkling DJ sets. Who chaos h 24 prefer some quiet moment, can make route in the southern part of the island where there is the beach of Agrari, or those who intend to invest in sport, Panormos and Agios Sostis, in the northern part of the island , are practiced swimming and surfing; after a day of sunbathing, all in the afternoon in Little Venice, the favorite meeting place for tourists who are targeting the famous Caprice Bar for a drink with lots of breathtaking views and soft music.
Any advice for the night
The night does not end well, everything here has a slow pace and, to warm the atmosphere, it goes from the cafes of downtown as the Scandinavian Bar-Disco, in vogue from the late 70s and the Space, sparkling disco clubs where to dance in waiting to move to Cavo Paradiso, a local from the scenic setting in which he is perched on a hill that slopes overlooking the Aegean, one of the biggest clubs in the international electronic scene where, every summer, is can take part in DJ sets memorable in the company of special guests.

Against Greek skies, one of the Mykonos Island Windmills, Chora. Cyclades, Agean Sea, Greece.

Greece yacht sank in the waters of Mykonos

In the images of Mykonos TV instants of the sinking of a luxury yacht off the Greek island. Four people on board the boat, which fortunately were able to save themselves. Still unclear how the accident, the hypothesis piùà likely is that of a handling error: the yacht may have hit a rock



Cheap holidays in September 2015: cheap seaside, from Sardinia to Greece


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Alonissos, the pearl of the Aegean

Belonging to the Sporades, the Greek island has nothing to do with mass tourism: here you can enjoy the charm of nature between stunning beaches and picturesque views

Although the crisis has crippled Greece, the people of travelers not give up the dream of a midsummer night. There are poles nightlife dear to the young which Ios and Mykonos but there are actually unknown to mass tourism, places where peace is on the agenda: to respond to the desire for peace is Alonissos that, along with Skiathos and Skopelos, It is part of the Northern Sporades. You, the ancient Ikos, located in the northern Aegean, is the farthest island from the mainland why preserves that aspect so intact and untouched; for those wishing to visit her, you can be reached via Athens from Italy with scheduled flights of the national airline, Aegean Airlines, after the graduation Skytax Wordl Airlines, has distinguished itself as the best airline in Europe in 2015 ; once they arrive by bus to Aghios Konstantinos proceed by ferry or, alternatively, you can opt for the airport of Skiathos served, as well as dall’Aegean, by Volotea, Blu-Express and Meridiana, then to embark sull’aliscafo that, in a few hours, you can reach its destination.

The history of this island and very troubled, because, in 1952, with the arrival of phylloxera that began to ravage the vineyards from California, the agricultural sector was severely compromised; sometimes, as they say, the worst there is no end in fact, in 1965, the island was disrupted by a huge earthquake that brought the people to move in a hurry in the Patitiri abandoning their homes to find refuge in new earthquake-resistant buildings. To get a small summary of the history of this island, you can visit the Folklore Museum and the Northern Sporades, located behind the beach marina, a private pole owned by Kostas and Anghela Mavrikis that, from May to September, invites tourists to get into the tradition admiring everyday objects that tell the lifestyle of the local as well as make a complete picture of Greek history and the wars that have seen protagonist.

Once out of the museum you can savor the sparkling side of the island between souvenir shops, cafes and taverns where to sit back and enjoy the view as “Alonissos”, a tasty restaurant where you can try the specialties of the house. From here everything begins and everything ends Patitiri, with its picturesque port set in a small bay, is the starting point for any adventure, primarily the National Marine Park of Alonissos, established in 1992, a marvel jealously preserved that articulates in 2200 kilometers square of surface, habitat for about 300 species of fish, dolphins and she, the seal Monachus-Monachus, the rarest species in the world as well as endangered, protected from Mom, the Greek Association for the Study and the defense of Foca Mediterranean which, since 1988, is responsible for defending the marine and coastal environment. In order to know with their own eyes this paradise, it’s worth taking part in day trips aboard the “Gorgona” in the company of Captain Pakis Athanasiou driving, with his stories, at a time of wonders like the Blue Grotto, Peristera, Agios Demetrios then reach Kyra Panagia and visit the monastery, still under construction, where you can buy wine, olive oil, souvenirs and various sacred objects.
Its small size, it is about twenty kilometers in length, allow to discover it in full in a few days, which is by car or scooter: do not miss the old Alonissos, or its Chora, a place with a high level of romance set on the top of a hill where you fall in love those white houses full of fuchsia bougainvillea, a particularly scenic at sunset when the sun gives fascinating play of light and colors that illuminate immense. Here you can stroll among the shops, stopping off in one of the many restaurants and cafes as the “Taverna To Aloni” from whose terrace offers a climate of total relaxation, surrounded by the atmosphere simple and familiar while, to delight the palate, we think specialties such as the famous cheese cake, the tyropita.

Can not deny that Alonissos is renowned for its beaches that have a really authentic look because mostly shrouded by lush vegetation as Milia, located in the south-east of the island in a cove hidden in a thick pine forest: over here the stones, you can take advantage of a sandy area that takes nothing away from the intense blue of the sea. The mix sand and stones is also found in Kokkinokastro, very romantic at sunset when the sun sheds light on the big red cliff that forms a small cape; it was here that, apparently, was the ancient city of Ikos, and, to prove it, are the remains of the walls that emerge from the water. No less Chrisi Milia, the busiest beach of the island and because it turns admiring its golden sand and its position that sees fit in the heart of a lush pine forest and the beaches more rocky site north as Megali Ammos, Tourkoneri and Gialia.




Have you ever thought about what a terrible torture undergo your Facebook friends, were in town, every time you post your vacation photos?
Some will return the favor by posting their snapshots in a kind of give and take in the name of exhibitionism. Others, however, that for one reason or another will spend August in the city also continue to nail biting, biting his elbows and give you any kind of cannibalism. To all these we want to laugh about it and say that people are really happy you enjoy the moment rather than interrupt it with a post or a click.
Here are the 10 that make us vacationers Facebook rosicare to die, attention this article contains irony and even a touch of envy.

Generally their photos are a riot of skirts, dresses, wedges and skimpy costumes. They are beautiful, indeed beautiful, and if you do not have the air of the island of fun makes those already at the airport. Incredible!


The Marple in Mykonos are worthy considerations for the chicks in Ibiza. “What happens in Mykonos is in Mykonos” uh … no, if you go on papering Facebook with pictures of your conquests.


Do not you explain how that friend of yours who has never worked in his life can afford a sailboat and a beautiful blonde? Simply because he rented the first, the second is his cousin.


Also this year about their holiday in places childhood and after two weeks of selfie with old friends, before leaving to write embarrassing post goodbye to the mountains and all those who “have made the holiday unique.”


Do not pretend that “it is better one day at Ostia or seaplane that 20 Caribbean”. No matter how wonderful cheap holidays, you could be more daring and push you to Circeo or Lido.


At least in the summer have mercy on us, please.


The trip with mom, grandma but especially with dad is a classic. We do not think that you have absolutely complex and are sexually inexperienced as the poor Christian.

She has left the day before traveling to Ibiza with her friends? Returns the favor and post photos of your holiday of freedom and fun.


Distant relatives hated fashion of hot dogs on the beach, these horrible pictures they want to show how clear the water in which wallow. Who tells me that you are really in Sardinia?

Care girls favorite summer the harsh climate of Northern Europe to the tranquility of the sea, what you hide under those heavy sweaters?


Guide the new Greece of DOVE

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For those looking for blue sea and silence, here is the islets off course, Arki and Marathi off Lipsi, where you sit in peace, safe from banana boats and disco music. But flipping through the 180 pages of the guide are also the place to go and bring in the dawn for bon viveur islands like Mykonos and Paros.

Holidays with children? The beaches most suitable games dell’Aquapark in Corfu, the encounter with the turtles in Kefalonia. And yet, three reportage dedicated to the cultural sites. Macedonia of Alexander the Great, told by the famous archaeologist and writer, Valerio Massimo Manfredi. The workshop of Hephaestus to Lemnos and the labyrinth of Minos at Knossos illustrated by Giorgio Ieranò, journalist and professor of Greek literature at Trent. Finally, the Athens dear to Petros Markaris (and its Commissioner Charitos), with the direct testimony of the writer.

Also available are a map of Greece active, of which no one ever talks about: climb the Meteors, hiking on Mount Athos, sailing in the Sporades. All faces of a country never equal to itself, with 15,000 kilometers of coastline and more than a thousand islands and rocks.