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On the small stage of a converted church in East London, a smiling Sam Smith is enjoying the emotion.

The audience invokes his name and screams before his band starts playing a single note. Everyone is totally focused on the present, about what’s going on at that time, because every cell phone was kindly kidnapped at the entrance by the staff who cares for the event. It’s a rainy Friday mid-September. This week the English songwriter has performed in Los Angeles and New York. Between two days he will do it in Berlin. The clubs in which they play have a limited audience capacity – each contains less than 1000 people – but expectations are, as it say, huge. Four concerts in four clubs, four different castings, one week: this is how a global superstar that fills the stadium returns after 18 months of silence – and returns after selling over 12 million copies with “In the lonely hour” (2014), his first album, and won four Grammy, three Brit Awards, one Oscar and one Golden Globe (the last two for “Writing on the Wall”, the theme of the Bond-movie “Specter”).

Now, in this ancient church, the fans’ reaction is adorable and devoted. A reassurance that a pretty nervous Smith really needs. “Fuck!” Exclaims the 25-year-old with a big smile at the beginning of her 55-minute concert. “It’s nice to be back. I’ve dreamed it for so long. ”


In November comes his “The thrill of it all”. It is a second album full of ballads that thrill emotions, broken hearts and romantic hymns to be sung around the world for months-for years to come. The bets are good: on the day when the London concert was held, the first single, “Too good at goodbyes”, fluttered in the top of the charts in various countries around the world. When, four days later, we meet in a pub near her home in North London, the tall, slim musician admits to being more relieved. He sang for the first time these new very personal songs. Now he can relax – a bit.

Sam Smith: Yes, after this week I’m destroyed. Because emotionally it was very demanding. I think these concerts have been, to this day, the most important part of my career.

S.S .: Yes. Those four little shows made me regain my craft, and I was scared again. When I started working on this record, I did not want to rest on the laurels. I always wanted to challenge myself. Every time my album goes out I want to feel like it’s the first one. And since my music is very personal, it was great that people were in a room without cell phones!

The U.V: What did you feel when this return has begun?
S.S .: I thought about these moments for the last year and a half. I always tried to stay away from word pressure, stress, but fuck (laughs, nda): launching the first single of the second album after the release of “In the lonely hour” is not an easy task. That album went badly well! I was scared! But when the tour ended, I found myself home in London and again the only thing that counted was music. So the release of this record is a fact that I feel very organic, and that comes at the right time. Nothing and nobody hurts me. I am proud of the work done.

The U.V .: “Too good at goodbyes” is very personal – you described it as a “song about a relationship I’ve had and basically talks about how, when it was over and left me, I did not suffer so much”. So, to inspire you was a disastrous relationship?

S.S .: It was not a disaster, nor was it so intense. It lasted five, six months. When it started I did not like much, and when it was over I felt even worse! So yes, I got thrown, it was over, and then there were two or three months of self-analysis – and much of the music was born from there.
U.V: We talk about “Pray”, of which we talked about as the possible second single.

When to Go to Mykonos Book your holiday in Mykonos!

The island is an ideal destination from April to October thanks to its wonderful climate.
July and August are very hot In the sections: Mykonos Guide Very popular as a holiday destination for its climate, beaches and nightlife, Mykonos is one of the Mediterranean tourist destinations that best suits most of the year thanks to over 300 days
of the sun kissing this land part of the Cyclades archipelago.
Spring, especially after Orthodox Easter, is the ideal time to organize your vacation in Mykonos: the air and the sea are warming up, the beaches are quiet and the landscape of the island is green and lively.
If you are looking for a frenetic nightlife, however, we advise you to wait for the high season.
Great months for your vacation even in May and June during which temperatures are not stifling, the island begins to fill and have fun,
and the beaches are still crowded.
July and August are the most tourist months and the island is crowded with people who want to sunbathe and party.
Temperatures in recent months can be under severe fluctuations: July is the hottest month, but from the beginning of August the Meltemi,
the wind blowing on the island from the north, creates a pleasant refreshing breeze and ripples the sea that attracts many surfers.
September is a beautiful month to visit Mykonos: nice weather does not leave the island, temperatures are narrower and tourist crowds are just a reminder.
In October, the temperatures are pleasant and the sea is warm enough and ideal for a lonely swim, just a few drawbacks.
From November until early March temperatures drop to 9 degrees and blowing winds from the south.
These are the driest months but the sun shines every day and the temperatures are never stiff.

Greece out of season: spring on the island of Patmos

The rites and traditions of the Orthodox Easter, which begins on April 29. Oleanders in bloom, beaches without crowds, perfect weather for hiking: this is the best season to discover the island of the Dodecanese, one of the most mystical and enchanting Aegean

Mary Tatsos
With eight parishes, several monasteries and less than three thousand inhabitants, the Greek island of Patmos has deservedly won the title of “Jerusalem of the Mediterranean”. The best time to enjoy this atmosphere full of spirituality is the Easter week, with its evocative rituals and the divine flavors of Greek cuisine. It is not too late: archived the Catholic Easter, Orthodox arrives later this year. To be precise, Sunday, May 1. A unique opportunity to organize a holiday out of season, between oleanders in bloom and beaches without the crowds. Here are five tips for enjoying the best of the island.
Try to get there in time for Holy Thursday (April 29). At 10.30 a procession of monks is set in motion by the monastery of St. John and slide to the central square of Chora, the medieval village perched on the hill (both UNESCO sites). Here the abbot performs the ritual of the washing of feet, the Niptiras, which for the Orthodox is held only on Patmos and in Jerusalem. On Good Friday, the Epitafio – a wooden structure decorated with flowers with a picture of the dead Christ – is carried in procession through the streets of Chora. Mass of Easter, are received into the church painted eggs red, with which children and adults engage in “battles” of resistance, until the last egg. In Skala, on Easter Sunday, the town organizes a popular street festival, with dancing and traditional food. For those who can stop, the Tuesday after Easter, the Vespers of Love (Esperinos tis Agapis) at the monastery of St. John the Gospel is read in seven languages ​​is a really wonderful time.

It is the only sandy beach of the island. It is reached by boat from Skala, the main port of the island. Alternatively, you can walk from Diakofti, but requires a walk of at least half an hour. Never mind: this season does not suffer from the heat.
There is a network of eight well-marked trails on the island. Available to everyone, the Aporthianos mule is also a cultural experience. It starts from Chora, passing by the beautiful windmills in the sixteenth century stone and drops down to Skala. Breathtaking views of the sea and vegetation in spring is lush and dotted with flowers.
By boat from Skala you can plan a trip to the nearby islands of Arki, Marathi and Lipsi. At Marathi you can stop to sleep by Pantelis. Arki to the Trypas tavern offers local roast goat and fresh fish.
5 Getting lost among the old houses of Chora
The ancient village of Chora is considered by many the most charming Aegean town. It’s magical to get lost in the maze of alleys wedged between the white facades of the houses clinging to the foot of the fortress that surrounds the monastery of St. John. To enjoy the atmosphere you can stop in one of the cafes in the square of Agia Levia Stoa is renowned for the best in the Dodecanese cocktails. For a gourmet stop is the Benetos restaurant, just outside Skala.

Greece: the 5 most beautiful islands, straight to go

deserted beaches even in August, walks through the Roaring views, taverns with zero kilometer food and accommodation where they can feel at home

MILOS – The most easterly of the Cyclades, irresistible, unveiled early in the first guides, Le monde en Coleurs: Grèce. Year 1952. It attracts and seduces this Aegean gem, forged like a big horseshoe sprouting here and there colorful villages on the water, rocks and ravines that at sunset turn pink and cherry red, shaped by deep erosion gypsum and sandstone that are thrown in crystal clear waters, adorned with capes that protect postcard bays. The island boasts the most beautiful Aegean beaches, beaches of talcum powder and the shore with amazing shades.

We spend the afternoon on the long beach of a Caribbean postcard Firiplaka, a mix of rock streams, pinnacles, colored sand.

The north side is a string of coves, bays, fishing villages like Firopotamos, Mandrakia; to see the crescents of sand Mikitas, Aghios Kostantinos or Pachena Beach, or those closed between the lunar rocks and levigatissi
Apollonia is the evening destination. The cafes and taverns surround the promenade – excellent cuisine Armenaki, clams in white wine sauce, casserole cuttlefish -. Many solutions for the night: the refinement of Kapetan Tasos studios, declined in shades of white, with design touches and beautiful terraces, the peasant joy of Kostantakis, with flower gardens, a half hour walk from the sea.

SIFNOS – A wave of white houses rising on a slope and glides into the valley and then resumes share on a second hill. It is the village of Apollonia, 5 km from the sea, in the heart of the countryside of Sifnos, the island of the potters, pure architecture, an anthology of styles ranging from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century. People come here to admire the most beautiful medieval villages, the Kastro, the island’s capital until the nineteenth century that today boasts charming hotels and houses on the sea and inland. A base to discover the coast of this island two hours by fast ferry from Piraeus. The beaches are explored in the morning, magnificent and lonely ones of Vathi, then there are the coves near the village of Pharos, with many studios and small hotels to be booked for a few days as the Blue Horizon.

AMORGOS – wild, remote, but with the allure of those unexplored places, where it dropped anchor to walk and discover one of the Aegean secret jewels, the Monastery of Hosoviotissa, millennial, perched like an eagle’s nest on the mountain, very white and crushed against a dark rock wall, three hundred meters above the sea, and is won after traveling a long flight of steps.

Holiday from the thousands of beaches of Paros and Antiparos

Our Accidental Guide (Greek island) leads us to discover all the beaches and … of all the pleasure you can give away a holiday in Paros

I hate myself with all the cold and darkness of winter, always, but when the evening are on the train that takes me back home, I think its not longer bear them and then pick up the phone and look at a photo taken at Aldo Paros which I keep as a talisman anti-winter. I look at that picture and winter disappears, I immerse myself too happy in the light color of the sea that caresses you slow … I wonder why in many places of Greece Paros right … the answer lies in the expression of infinite bliss of Aldo enclosing in himself all the pleasure that can give away a holiday in Paros …

Combination Of Minimal Architecture With Provincial Beach House Elements, Where Private Path Leads In 5 Minutes Directly To The Beach.

Greece, Mikonos

Villa, 5 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms, 14 persons, Pool, Garden, WiFi

Rocky Retreat 1 and the sister-villa Rocky Retreat 2 are two stone-built exclusive properties constructed by owner in 2011.

The two luxurious villas distinguish themselves for their unique design, the quiet location and the possibility to be rented together for large groups while still granting privacy one from the other. A private path leads in 5 minutes directly to the beach. The 4.500 sq.m. private land of the properties, located on a dead-end small street, is offering a peaceful surrounding.

The Rocky Retreat 1 villa is the place for those seeking a hidden gem. Located in a privileged and secluded position on top of Agrari Beach (one of the best Mykonian beaches), Rocky Retreat 1 provides tranquility, stunning sea views and total privacy. The villa’s charming interior is a combination of minimal architecture with provincial beach house elements. A fully equipped open-plan kitchen with modern appliances, gives onto a living-sitting space directly accessing the water-front swimming pool and its wide terraces.

Placed in front of the villa is a private lagoon-like infinity swimming pool, next to a large wooden shaded pergola. On the back of the villa a beautiful dining area + traditional wood fire BBQ offers the perfect entertaining area.

Total Interior Coverage: 5 Bedrooms
Ground Floor 153 sqm
First Floor 67 sqm
Guest Suite 83 sqm

Total Villa: 303 sqm
Total Land: 2,250 sqm

Parking area for 5 cars and verandas of 400 square meter
Lagoon-like infinity swimming pool of 30 sqm

Main Villa: 6 guests
• One master bedroom with double bed, A/C and en-suite bathroom.
• One bedroom with double bed, A/C, shared bathroom.
• One bedroom with double bed, A/C, shared bathroom.

Pool House: 4 guests
• One guest studio next to the pool with two double beds, A/C, en-suite bathroom, separate entrance.

Guest Suite: 4 guests
• One guest studio with two double beds, A/C, en-suite bathroom, separate entrance.

Air Conditioning
Blu-ray player
CD Music system
Coffee Maker
Dish washer
DVD player
Laundry facility
Outdoor BBQ
Pet friendly
Satellite Or Cable Tv
Smoking friendly
Sun lounger
USB Music system
USB/HDD Media player
Wheelchair Accessible
WiFi Internet

Services included
• Private concierge 7 days a week
• Airport meet and greet on arrival. Baggage assistance & guide to the villas. Ride fee is not included.
• Villa details explained to the guests. Keys given to the guests.
• Introduce you to Housekeeping staff and arrange cleaning and maintenance times.
• Departure assistance with baggage to the airport. Ride fee is not included.
• Housekeeping 7 days a week. 4 hours daily maid service.
• Change of linen twice weekly, change of towels every day.

Services upon request
• In-house Chef (Mediterranean, Japanese, Chinese Cuisine).
• In-house Shiatsu or Yoga sessions, rental of cars, sail-boats or helicopter

Port (Mykonos Harbor) 6km
Beach (Agrari) 200m
Airport (Mykonos Airport) 4km
Restaurant (at Agrari beach) 200m
Town (Down Town Mykonos) 5km


The beautiful island of Mykonos is part of the Cyclades and is famous for its wild nightlife, nightclubs and beautiful beaches.

Mykonos or Myconos is an island of great charm and is part of the Cyclades.

Trendy, bustling, charming with the beautiful white sand beaches and sophisticated nightlife, Mykonos is the perfect destination for those who like to dance the night away, frequent bars and restaurants by the great appeal and spend the day on the seashore continuing to listen to music.

The most beautiful Greek islands, less tourist: Small Cyclades, Ithaca, Folegandros, Skopelos …

What are the most beautiful and less touristy islands of Greece? Among the most famous and popular destinations by tourists there are certainly Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Rhodes and many others where tour operators, major hotels, and aereporti have made this area the most popular summer destinations in Europe.

Nevertheless, Greece is a country that offers an infinite number of islands, namely 6,000, of which only 227 are inhabited. A unique phenomenon for our European continent.

Here are some islands that show the ancient and authentic face of Greece, for those seeking a vacation out of the ordinary, and especially away from destinations affected by mass tourism.
Small Cyclades. Among the less tourist destinations are undoubtedly the Little Cyclades, a mini archipelago in the south-east of Naxos, in the Aegean Sea consists of four islands: Koufonisi, Iraklia, Schinoussa and Donoussa.

Koufonissi, about 4 km long, up to ten years ago pocchissimi visited by tourists, has now become a fairly popular destination for Greeks but still less than the usual mundane overcrowded islands. With its beautiful long sandy beaches, considered among the most beautiful in Greece, this island offers a wild and relaxing atmosphere, very quiet and no noise of cars and motorcycles given the almost total absence of traffic. Chora is the only village where you can find the rooms for rent and taverns to eat good fish.
Iraklia is the largest by extension, about 18 km, but has only 115 inhabitants. This island is the place for those who want to spend their holidays in Greece of old. This is also a destination for those seeking a complete peace and quiet, enjoy walking along secluded paths and spend lazy days on the beaches often almost deserted. The island has two small villages: Agios Georgios (the port) and Panagia (the capital) where there are several guesthouses, three tavernas, a bar, a supermarket and a tourist office.

Schinoussa, very small and certainly the most wild offers a total of 17 beaches, all within walking distance strictly seen, even here, the absence of traffic. Turning around the island are the beaches of Mersini, Tsigoura, Almyri, Livadi and Liolios.

Donoussa, 13 km long, is among the Small Cyclades the most difficult to reach, but the white sand beaches and crystal clear water make this place an exceptional place. Among the beaches to visit: Stavros, Kedros, Bruising and Kalotaritissa. The island’s population is mainly collects in the village of Stavros, who is also the island’s port and where you can easily find the guest house.

Ithaca, well known because of the Homeric narratives that bind to the events of Ulysses, is relatively unknown to tourists. It is a destination that offers much for travelers interested in history, archeology and Greek mythology. Despite being an island became quite famous in years is still an unspoiled place with numerous isolated beaches, small fishing villages, inland villages and several ancient monasteries.

Folegandros, the southernmost of the western Cyclades located between Sikinos and Milos, is the prototype for the typical Greek island, with clear waters, white houses and a few windy alleys. The larger villages are Karavostatis port, Chora and Kastro and all three are worth a visit. And ‘it considered one of the Greek islands less affected by mass tourism because, without an airport, it is difficult to achieve. Folegandros you arrive by sea from the nearest island to it, as well as from Santorini and Mykonos.

Skopelos, the largest of the North Sporades, is little known by mass tourism, probably, again, the lack of a Aereporto, which discourages the lazy tourists. The island can be reached by plane to Skiathos and from there about one hour by ferry to Skopelos. It is a place full of greenery and unique beautiful beaches, considered among the best not only of Greece, but also in the world.

Even Alonissos is part of the group of the Northern Sporades islands. quiet island, almost uninhabited and surrounded by greenery, ideal for walking and especially for couples who love nature, whose idea of ​​nightlife is staying in a tavern while watching the sunset in front of the port of Patitiri.

Mykonos is the island from fashion here is where they go fashionistas

Beautiful beaches of tranquility and relaxation and nightlife. Mykonos, enclosed in the Cyclades archipelago, has a double face: beach paradise

The shoe designer Bruno Bordese is a true regulars (there goes 85). “The beauty of Mykonos is the all-day beach: you can go to the beach in the morning and stay until the aperitif, but also for dinner and after dinner. There are places equipped at all hours: number one is Alemàgou Beach Bar Restaurant in Ftelia. Cosmopolitan, elegant, with boho-chic sessions, here you can breathe a unique atmosphere, the food is excellent and “risks” to meet many designers, from Peter Dundas (creative director Roberto Cavalli) Kris Van Assche until Olivier Rousteing, head of Balmain designer. If I want to enjoy a cocktail at sunset with great DJ sets I choose the beach club restaurant Scorpios, from design inspired by nature. If I want to isolate myself from everything I go to dinner at Kiki’s Tavern (you can not book!), A hut on the beach of Agios Sostis in typical greek style and no electricity where you prepare meat and fish on a grill wood. It’s so isolated, hidden and suggestive that is already a haven for VIPs. There I even met Madonna. “

Greece, Mikonos

Attention To Every Small Detail And To The Overall Architecture Makes This Property Unique!
Villa, 5 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms, 10 persons, Pool, Gym, Garden, WiFi

Located in the area of Kounoupas, at a convenient 7 minutes drive from the town of Mykonos and only 10 minutes by car from many of the famous beaches on the island , this brand new property is a real dream estate!

The location of the villa offers breathtaking views over to the sea , the island of Delos and also to spectacular sunsets every evening while it provides privacy and exclusivity from all houses around

A stunning and large pool area hugs the one side of the house and includes an elegant outside area and also a lot of lounging spaces equipped with beautifully designed furniture , soft and comfortable cushions and grate shaded areas that can be used for entertaining

Gray concrete , simple lines and natural stones enhance the unique architecture of the villa introducing tasteful style , elegance and practicality at the same time

All bedrooms feature en suite bathrooms and common areas are showered of the Cycladic light during the day and the amazingly intimate lighting at night . Great artwork throughout the house and tastefully handpicked furniture create a very cosy but also cosmopolitan atmosphere.


The best vegetarian burgers year

To say they are our cousins ​​GQ Use: the sandwich tastes better than New York is a hamburger with lettuce, cucumbers and a meatball secret that does not contain meat
His bread is crushed to wonder, lettuce creaks as the best fresh salad and cucumber breaks in your mouth. According to our cousins ​​of GQ Use Superiority Burger eponymous New York restaurant is absolutely the best burger of the year: with the distinction of being 100% vegetarian. That’s right, the Americans – always lovers of ground meat – seem to have turned their backs on good old beef meatball, or at least seem to start taking seriously the alternatives.
In this case, to conquer the palate of journalist Nick Marino it was a meatball consistency practically perfect. Not a common pseudo-vegetable burgers soggy or sandy, in fact. His recipe? Absolutely top secret. The only thing that is given us to know is that inside there is no provision to the flesh (and possibly the sandwich is also available as a vegan). A delicacy to be missed, with the full approval of WHO.

Secret Escapes, the dream of luxury vacations come true (on the web)

Secret Escapes is the travel club specializing in online flash sales for four- and five-star and boutique hotels. Imminent introduction in their bids even whole trip packages
Secret Escapes. Leaks secret. Just the name makes you an irresistible urge to go, especially in this beginning of autumn when the melancholy holiday becomes stronger. And if you hear it whisper softly, as in commercials broadcast on television in recent weeks, the desire to escape into a luxurious retreat grows even more.

Secret Escapes is the travel club specializing in online flash sales for four- and five-star and boutique hotels. Arrived in Italy for a few months, he was officially presented today in Milan: the writings in our country are 650 thousand out of a total of 23 million worldwide. The goal is to reach one million by the end of the year. Among the Italian cities, those with more interactions are Milan, Rome and Naples.

Secret Escapes is not just a travel site, but a club. To receive offers must register, using Facebook or your email. Discounts up to 70% on the market price. The target of members is very large: from 25 to 60-65 years of age, with a higher concentration from 40 years upwards. “People with a good standard of living, but not rich: those who could not afford to stay in luxury facilities, this enables it to turn the dream into reality,” said Alex Saint, Chief Executive.

“We offer exclusive holidays, available at prices that can not be found anywhere else – added Alex Saint -. We only work with selected partners who can guarantee, in addition to special rates, including those advantages that make it a truly unforgettable experience: free upgrade, a bottle of bubbles, a massage, a dinner included and other special initiatives. ”

Not only luxury hotel, though. Secret Escapes has announced that it is imminent (by the end of the year at most) the introduction into their offer entire packages traveling in luxury destinations. The dream, in short, becomes 360 degrees.

CARD – Secret Escapes was founded by Alex Saint (formerly Unilever, DMGT,, Tom Valentine (eBay and Seatwave) and Troy Collins (DMGT, in 2011. The company is present in 13 international countries: United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Norway, Denmark, Austria, USA, Switzerland and, since 2015, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Italy. Secret Escapes works with more than 5,000 hotels and tour operators.

Secret Escapes from 2011 has sold more than two million nights and managed to exceed 100 million pounds in sales volumes in 2014. Compared to last year, the company grew by 60% and the level of satisfaction of users who made a holiday by using the service of Secret Escapes shall be 95%. Among the projects the company’s growth, including the objective of the company to grow further in the US and landing in Asia.

Sunday back to the time of day, noise and tips to stay healthy

Clocks back one hour in the night between Saturday and Sunday. The expert: “No backlash for most people.” Here’s how to behave if you suffer from insomnia. Also at the table
Clock back in the night between Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 October for the return to standard time, with shorter days and the dark: for one day you can laze 60 minutes more but for those who usually have trouble sleeping increases the hardships . The change – will take place at 3 am, which will become the second – in fact affects the circadian rhythms that regulate important physiological activities, first of all the sleep-wake cycle. “Bring back the clock back an hour is generally not a problem, since there is a time lag is likely to affect significantly the biological clock and the daily habits,” explains Francesco Peverini, scientific director of the Foundation for Research and treatment of sleep disorders Onlus. “It becomes, however, for the 10% of the population already suffering from disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnea, for which the first step to summer, in the spring, and then the return to winter time, in the fall, is an additional element of concern to the already uneasy relationship with sleep and its cycles. For these people any difficulties with changes in day-night rhythm is not a simple change in the well-being, but a real silent suffering. ”
ADVICE – In any case, even if the time of day is not a problem to most people, a good “sleep hygiene” is always helpful. “The first suggestion is to maintain a normal sleep on Saturday night, when clocks will be set back, and wake up in the morning as usual hours” recommends Professor Peverini. “Secondly, we must remember that the sun rises an hour earlier, better then block light and keep the bedroom dark until she woke up. The light that manifests in advance of a regular schedule can disrupt your sleep. It is better to go to sleep in a dark room. Upon awakening, however, take much light as possible because it helps to wake up and helps regulate the biological clock. ”
MEAL – The expert points out that the phototherapy (light therapy) is an effective treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (Das), typical of this period and some forms of depression. At the table, then, the foods are preferred mainly bread, pasta, rice, lettuce, radicchio, some fresh cheeses, pumpkin, turnips and cabbage, besides the hot milk and fruit sugar. The evening should instead be avoided processed foods or overly seasoned. Also advised against liquor, chocolate and drinks high in caffeine and protein. The time of day will remain in force until the last Sunday in March, which in 2016 will fall on the 27th, a date which coincides with Easter. That night we sleep less then … but there is time to prepare for the idea.

Lose weight eating? Nothing is impossible

Playing sports, finding the right balance at the table, avoiding the excesses and go shopping in a smart way: continue to be good forks without guilt is really possible. Here’s some advice

To lose weight you need to stay really thin? It is not always so. Except in cases very difficult to recover, you can lose weight while continuing to eat. Of course, the important thing is finding the right balance between fast and almost absolute great feasts, poles apart in ways of sharing the same danger level of negative effects for our body.

Frequent snacks and condiments modest
The first useful advice to eat a nod to the scale, therefore, is not to be limited to only two daily meals. Better, however, make frequent snacks, perhaps based on fruit. An apple or a banana mid-morning, for example, and an orange or carrot in the afternoon can quench your hunger without sweat excessively and without compromising the line. Also at the table, before the main meal, you can start with a nice salad as a starter to start the digestion in advance and foster a sense of satiety. To remember, however, that the sauce too threatens to ruin any kind of effort against the bacon.

Goodbye cocktails
The fibers contained in rice, whole wheat pasta and cereals, help in the same way to satiate before salad. And eat the right also helps the proper functioning of the digestive and intestinal activity. However, what we must avoid is alcohol. A glass of wine at the table is granted, a pint of beer a day definitely not. And the spirits? Who poses the question is decidedly off-road. In short, better to say goodbye to cocktails if you want to lose weight without changing their habits.

Avoid skipping meals
Skipping meals, then, is a very grave error, but also among the most frequent for people trying to lose weight. Metabolism is like a sponge: If you fast for lunch, in the evening you could eat a whole fridge without even chewing anything. Set aside the food at noon, then, it is likely to increase the feeling of hunger during the rest of the day and that’s not very good, because it forces the body to absorb more nutrients as soon as possible. In other words, skip lunch means finding not stop over eating, because constantly hungry, soon as you return home from the office.

Sport is the best diet
No diet, too, can lead to satisfactory results without the right amount of physical activity. And also because this train speeds up your metabolism and allows you to burn more calories. Sport, then, is an ally of a healthy diet, which is good that they find little space saturated fats from meat consumption. Better, then, to prefer products of the sea, without excluding the rest. A diet that completely eliminates something, in fact, is difficult to correct diet.

The foods are essential for the proper balance
Finally, if you want to play it safe, the foods that should always be at the table for dining but then complains constantly with partners of their own weight, are for example cucumbers, celery, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, lean meats, tomatoes, papaya and apples. These are natural foods that can satisfy the right, provide nutrients useful to our body and live better. Eat and lose weight, in a nutshell, it is really possible. Just be a bit ‘more careful and complain less.

Cheap cruises: travel options in the Mediterranean for December 2015

Cruises attract many ruristi as type of holiday and try to find the Cheap for every occasion here travel more affordable for the Mediterranean in December 2015 …
You’d find one of the cheap cruises for a fantastic holiday in the Mediterranean, even in winter? December 2015 could be the perfect month for many singles, couples or families, who choose to embark on a fantastic journey by boat, maybe low-cost carriers. If you’re curious about what the best offers please read on!

Offers interesting are right in the Mediterranean Sea. The most enchanting cheap cruises are those that depart from La Spezia, Liguria, and then touch the city of France and Spain, as Marseille, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca, the beautiful and world renowned city of the Balearic Islands.
Another route really interesting is that, starting from Savona, carries its passengers to visit the Greek Islands, as Kalamata, Nafplio and Volos, a journey of 13 days between history, nature, culture and breathtaking views.

Always starting from Savona you can find yourself in the warm city of Africa, touching Barcelona, ​​Tangier, Casablanca, Cadiz and Malaga, discovering the wonders that the land not too far from us we can offer.
Another interesting itinerary is directed to the Canary Islands and that, starting from Genoa, making a stop in Barcelona, ​​Casablanca, St.Cruz Tenerife, Funchal and Malaga, all cities where you will find a mild climate even in winter.

Departing from Savona there are many other offers of cheap cruises that dano possinilità to know the beautiful city in Greece and Croatia, visiting Corfu, Katakolon, Athens-Piraeus and Civitavecchia. Wonderful cities and unspoiled nature await you!
If you prefer to embark at Civitavecchia you will have the opportunity, in a 12-day trip, visiting Rome, Genoa, Katakolon, Athens, Rhodes, Haifa, Heraklion for a wonderful adventure that touches Greece, Egypt and Israel.

Starting instead from Barcelona can discover the beauty of Spain and Italy, passing through Civitavecchia, Rome, Naples, Palma de Mallorca, a holiday among the homegrown and the Spanish lands!
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Get the selfie is a disease?

According to some studies, yes, insane narcissism and psychopathology behind the obsession for the self-portrait

Obsession of selfie has something pathological. It is the thesis of a study of 800 men by Jesse Fox, assistant professor of communication at Ohio State, and Margaret Rooney. The research titled “The Dark Triad” in reference to what Fox calls “not a nice personality constellation” in reference to the set of selfie and that would consist of “narcissism as an extreme focus on oneself”, “Machiavellianism as manipulation other “and” impulsiveness psychopathological selfless to others. ” A fairly bleak. But the news is full of incidents of people dying by accident or committed suicide because of a selfie, a sign that a fund “noir” – as claimed by Fox – can cloud up to that point, the reasoning so that some speak of “selficidio”.
The study published in Personality and Individual Differences believes that while the company is a formidable instrument of social relations, there is a niche of users that you have found a very big stage for his own narcissism.

Especially those who frequently change the picture on Facebook or Instagram may have narcissistic traits. Similar observations were reported last year in a study of 400 men and women published in Social Networking. Post photos on social can in many cases have a positive effect on their world of relationships and also on the psychological, and in any case are not the company, according to experts, because of narcissism, but rather an opportunity to make it emerge. Never before in history have we been able to get in touch with millions of people through a photo at such low cost. For clinicians all have a touch – and even more – of narcissism, but there is a narcissism “good” or “bad” one that immerses you to the point in selfie edge of a cliff to fall down.

Because in the 80s he weighed less than today

A search of the York University of Toronto revealed that a twenty-five today weighs on average between 5 and 10% in more than one of his ancestors ’70s and’ 80s. And the cause, it seems, is to be found between the table and the bed

In the 80-dominated outfits exercise of Fame (and the vain attempts of many girls to replicate the ballets of Flashdance) it was easier to stay in shape. So says a study by a team of researchers from York University in Toronto, who analyzed data collected between 1971 and 2008 approximately 36,400 Americans: the investigation has shown that, in particular between 1988 and 2006, The average body mass index of the adults has risen by as much 2.3 kg / m², with the same physical activity, eating habits and calories assimilated daily. What does this mean? Simple, that a twenty-five today weighs between 5 and 10 percent more of its consideration of the 70s and 80s. Despite devote the same time to the sport and eat the same things.

Something, then, has changed in our lives, going to affect the metabolism of our body. Sure, a genetic component has to be considered, as well as the daily habits: lack of sleep – which contribute stress and abuse of technology – can facilitate weight gain.

Among the other factors identified by the research, we find the possible exposure to chemical agents, which can have a direct effect on the hormones that regulate metabolism, and the use of drugs (antidepressants, for example, interfere significantly on the assimilation of mass fat). Then there is one last issue that affects the intestinal flora: more presence of meat in our diet and the intake of substances such as sweeteners can affect the presence and the work of microorganisms that convert the food in our intestines.

Alessandra Ambrosio ‘always on vacation’. And the social life runs on social


Alessandra Ambrosio ‘always on vacation’. And the social life runs on social
September 18, 2015 Summer and super mundane life for the beautiful Alessandra Ambrosio. The supermodel, 34, goes everywhere attracts the attention, especially on social. Rome, Los Angeles, Mykonos and Venice are just some of the stages that the Brazilian supermodel has done in this long summer. The Ambrosio was however very clear from the beginning ‘coining’ hashtag #foreveronvacation (forever on vacation) with whom he delighted to selfie, but not limited to, its more than 4 million and a half followers. And here it is then to Rome for the winter campaign of Victoria’s Secret or on vacation with her husband and children between Greece and Paris; or even in Venice on the red carpet at the Film Festival


Scent of lions in the sun

And at sunset, the aroma of nostalgia. Noble without the claws and his dudes film, here is Positano. A past still alive of Russian dancers, Marquis communist soldiers


Vincenzo Caprile (1856-1936), “The square in Positano”
The scent of citrus is Positano. Noise is by speedboat, Riva Aquarama. “You must see the movie of Vittorio Caprioli, ‘Leoni in the sun’, was all so,” he says Alessandro Piperno, expert lover places. A Riva stands on his resounding “With the worst intentions,” not minimalist novel ten years ago, set a little here.

The film, however, is 1961, it is strange how all of those Caprioli; partly as a light comedy and then it becomes a melancholy devastating. The plot: a young lady of the north (Franca Valeri) is a journalist of tourism elegant that runs into a bad to live in tight shirts and tight pants and colorful. Here a group of local boys seek remedy for boredom and adulthood trying to conquer feminine, and possibly foreign yacht. “It ‘a beautiful film,” he says Piperno. “It was also written by Raffaele La Capria, the following year for the Witch ‘Mortally wounded’, and was mistaken for a movie seaside. While it is staging the summer of these debauched but compared to the films of the genre have forty years. ” And the phase difference of age makes the surreal tone-pathetic. “It is actually played on the great silences” Piperno continues; around a Philippe Leroy athletic jumping on the rocks and steals jewelry ladies American succhiandoglieli during hand-kissing perfect. Around, the young elders who study non-work.

Going down to the beach of Positano the sets are all there, as the few Aquarama now supplied to the grand hotel. Next to the two bronze lions that watch over the staircase, there is the Buca di Bacco hotel-bar-restaurant where much of the film was shot. Sasa Rispoli, now owner, the film was a bespectacled boy, whose Lions concupivano mother with the excuse to teach swimming. “I was eleven years old and crazy about this crew that was filming, I collected the coals of the arc lamps, the electrodes, the power lines, I felt like the child of ‘Cinema Paradiso'”, said today at the sheet. “There were wires everywhere, and terminals, and if there bumping hte shock. Vittorio Caprioli was staying here in the hotel with us, he was a friend of my father, and spent here the last weekend of his life. They met with a grand prix on television, on a Sunday, then he returned to Naples and died. ”

The father, in an initial stage, he was – well – itself, that is a hotelier annoyed umpteenth request to “mark” the costs of these insolvent out of time, and their phone calls. “Miss me give Naples eighteen-twenty-thirty” Caprioli says in the film, to be called “The gentleman Mimi,” that is then Philippe Leroy. Denial of the maid, intimate: “I’ll take all responsibility”, because wake in the morning, these lions in the sun, could be dangerous.

“It was a film that we made to gently tease the little dudes Positano, that were really so,” he says today La Capria. “Their only activity was thinking every day to find somewhere that would make them become popular.” “There was the brother of La Capria, Pelos, famous for its mated, had colored the Blue Grotto of Capri with yellow markers that were used in the Navy, and then he also painted the two lions here orange” Rispoli remembers junior. “Another time with a friend, disconnected the letterboxes and threw into the sea, and spread all the postcards to tourists in the waves. The police gave him several times the expulsion order. ”

The Lions, that is the true bronze lions, “there are always at least the nineteenth century,” he says Fausta Aquila Gaetani d’Aragona, who along with her sister Raimonda has defined the style of Positano majolica sgarrupate the right, and lemons bougainvillea, in his sublime terrace and sagging, as in a villa a little ‘Downton Abbey a bit’ principles of Salina, psychoanalyst and her husband, Massimo Amman, and many dogs.

Gaetani here are among the first to arrive, through matrilineal line Pattison (perhaps because in Positano children do not work, but the mothers are beaten very) basic English industrial railway, which in the early twentieth century have bought so many houses and a tower . And coupled Naples-England has created a strange hybrid of the wasp Positano and a caste society still working perfectly: each hotel belongs to a family of a strictly local, with a lot of respect for and ranks of nobility, antiquity of lineage, stars , in-room amenities and if below on the beach there is the Buca di Bacco of Rispoli, pop outpost, there especially on Le Sirenuse, compound maximum sciccheria; He is in front of the house Gaetani, in this golden mile of Positano.

The scenes that were filmed at Buca are shot here: in this ultimate luxury hotel, where the Anglo-Americans in costumes with small patterns read in sunglasses tortoiseshell the Financial Times by the pool cilestrina faded, and seems to be in a “Leopard” photographed by Slim Aarons. Here he was on vacation even Bepy Sonnino, Great Gatsby jew book Piperno, inspired by a grandfather who wanted to live at most, and then here. In the book the Sonnino take even the whole hotel. “We were a tribe. Twist. Bathrooms midnight. Hectoliters of alcohol. Poker until five in the morning. It was great. ” Bepy Sonnino, with choice of field, diagnosed with prostate cancer, will prefer to enjoy to the full rather than abandon the conquest, old lion in the sun. “His death is very similar to that of my grandfather in the reality,” said Piperno. “He was diagnosed with cancer that would have dealt a blow to his manhood, he chose to disregard and died at sixty-three years.”

Eros and elder burl, Bepy Sonnino hurtling into Jaguar from Rome-center to Sirenuse, who knows how much time he spent (we at Audi three hours dry). Now we are hurtling into Jaguar Alessandro Cecchi-Paone, journalist and television presenter, who recently president of San Vito-Positano, the local football team. He has a house in the town on high, and he also has a memory of grandparents vitalists, however, in 1100. “My grandfather, a widower, selected girlfriends bringing in Positano. From how they behaved here, you could see if they were the right ones, “he says now-Cecchi Paone. “In fact, with his second wife fell in love here.”

Cecchi-Paone has tried to bring some ‘of modernity in the feud anglonapoletano; trying a little Mykonos, with evenings gay friendly to Music on the Rocks, only disco of Positano, built into the rock, and the property of another dynasty, better known as the Russian Black (owners of local restaurants, Chez Black, Rada and the fact Disco). But without much success: without controversy, the feud ended: Non Expedit. So it was back to normal, and the disco is proceeding very Positano, and Peppe Russian, or rather Black Peppe, invests heavily in safety, and in front of us kindly chased by a group of tourists privé very liquid, and tipsy. We’re not at Cocoricò.

“I do not understand this music,” sighs however Sasa Rispoli on the terrace of Buca. He also has a glorious past as a DJ, disco here a time in the tavern. “They do not know how to interpret the mood of the track. And ‘the whole technique. Do not put the lenses, the lenses were fundamental. A Vanoni, a Mina, was necessary at some point, or else went crazy too. The slow must also encourage the talk, now we no longer speak, “he says in a tone expert. “At Buca went down barefoot, there were only friends, or strangers,” said Fausta Gaetani. “It was wonderful.”

“Here on the music booms,” says Carla instead Paravicini Sersale, dynasty of Sirenuse, higher still, watching the feuds, down, populated by modernity. “Do not they understand that it is an amphitheater?”. The hotel began as a former home of the Marquis Sersale, and Carla is doing to place tents, because some fundamental VIP seems to have been photographed here, and Positano there that violate the privacy, kings and queens and Hollywood actors because they are protected (the Queen of Belgium continues to come, last year Roman ladies enthusiastic discovered Richard Gere as near the spa designed by Gae Aulenti).

A Sersale, Paul, Marquis but the Communist Party, was also mayor for 40 years, in a place traditionally destrissimo (first monarchical, now the mayor Michele De Lucia, maximum fish wholesaler of coastline, is headed for a civil list linked to Brothers of Italy). Father of his country, transformed Positano. As told Franco Sersale Paolo Guzzanti of the Republic, exactly thirty years ago, there was a typhus epidemic because the water was very impure, and “General Clark will fottette fear. I went and my brother: general, told him, here or do the ‘aqueduct, or we’ll all die, as pests in the seventeenth century. Clark gives a little order to the aqueduct. And the country was enriched. Why Paul, my brother, had a little stacked the deck: he said that Positano was home to seven people. Instead we were only two thousand. Thanks to that trick from jail quite have five extra rations and those were paying workers: flour in exchange for work, and finally seized the pipe clean water: the English were happy to Positano emerged from the Middle Ages. ”

“Here the luck of the place was that it was chosen by General Clark, chief of Allied as a base camp,” he says Rispoli, and so many Americans returned home handed down by word of mouth the word Positano more effective than an advisor. The result then is that today the Italian is only a third language in Positano: first are the Neapolitan and English (spoken well with accents right, you say “sir” and “good afternoon” and not “coach” as the waiters wretches in Rome).

As John Steinbeck wrote in an article sull’Harper’s Bazaar in 1953, the Sirenuse are also the islets off Positano later renamed the Gauls, outpost of the lodging dancing Positano: formerly owned by Massine, maximum dancer of the Ballets Russes, student Daghilev, then bought by Rudolf Nureyev, the evening took a Riva and it did lead to Naples to do all his stuff back haggard, like Pasolini with Alfa. Today Li Galli belong to a businessman Sorrento, Giovanni Russo, who has purchased five billion pounds and now ask two hundred fifty million euro.

In “Lions in the sun”, Franca Valeri was finally brought to the Gauls by Philippe Leroy, but grimly went there to other trades female. Flavia De Luise, historical hairdresser Positano, while responding in perfect English to the customers “give my regards to your mother, dear,” she says today of when combing the Franca, who “wanted the hair absolutely straight, then down to do this tuft she still carries. ” And then a story that seems “Parigi o cara”, another film of the duo-Caprioli Valeri: “We went to my sister and I with a training visit to L’Oreal. But they were all of northern Italy, Milan, Domodossola, so we made fun of, treated us down. Then one day he stopped in front of the St. Honore Feaubourg a spider driven by the owner of a famous brand of champagne, which of course was always in Positano, and he, with this machine very luxurious, and the cache-col, we made a lot of parties and the others were very badly. ”

Russian dancers, Marquis Communists and American soldiers are the pieces of the recipe of Positano: it works fine, even better than Capri, the rival to twenty minutes by hydrofoil. Trade, well, everything else: nothing but the notorious global brand pieces hanging from balconies and shops and shops and tourists must pass through virtually (Positano course vu ‘cumprà is not covered). The pieces also have a pedigree emblazoned: “The Duchess has invented Laura Carafa d’Andria,” he says Gaetani. The duchess, however, “did not understand anything about money, and failed, because confounded the revenue with gains,” wrote Guzzanti. “When cashed, spending all the money for himself, and to the grievances of suppliers screamed: ‘immoral, but how dare they! I m’aggio bought beauty creams in Paris’. ” The duchess then failed, but was born the textile district of Positano from the balcony; firmly in the hands of local, because here in Positano, unlike Capri, has prevented the landing of the global brand. Or Gucci or Prada or Vuitton. “The Valley has tried to buy a shop down the streets” says Fausta always Gaetani. “After hearing the figure offered, they told him: learned, thanks a lot, this money we make them here.”

Compared to Capri, then, here “there dresses,” says Tonino Minniti, architect and artist. Nothing sweaters and cardigans, banned initials. “Positano is as it were immersed in a kind of spell. It ‘a place closed, incredibly feeble, tiring, it’s like a Greek island. And ‘bohemian “(Piperno). Still Steinbeck: “I can not see, here, a languid tourist rustling in fresh white dress. I challenge any lady to climb the stairs to Positano dressed like that, for a cocktail: arrive as a sheet of kitchen. He not the left but climb, wherever want to go. And this is enough to eliminate at least one type of tourists: those from the window. ”

Something has changed since then: “This citrus scent that you feel is fake, is sprayed with the speakers,” he says expert, showing the bottles on the window sills of the stores. But Positano continues to choose his clients. Get remains difficult: in the car, on the way from Naples, with curves and traffic jams may be made for slow arrival visions heartbreaking Gulf. And then ztl Nazi, and in addition to nostalgia, the core business of car parks, multi-storey, massive, expensive, overlooking a valley inside, a kind of framework or structure on which rests the Marxist superstructure aristocratic crib Positano. The machine, however, better forget it, and our A3 Cabrio that here at last we can show off with the roof open much admired, it will remain in a stand-prohibitive. Getting to the sea, is no longer simple. In the cockpit of his jet LNG unit, the commander Giuseppe De Gennaro maneuvering with difficulty, because “Positano has a pier, just a landing.” As the sea is big, the airport is closed because there is no dock. Ie the hydrofoil enters between bathers, goiters, inflatables, spears Sorrento. And some Riva. And in the twilight, between the smell of oil, along with that perhaps fake lemon, it is the aroma of nostalgia of Positano.

Mykonos: beaches and beach bars craziest summer


Impossible not to have heard of her, Greece, one of the most popular destinations of travelers and the people threatened by the great crisis in recent months has put at risk its future. He could only be affected also the real estate sector, but despite this wave that has black-s overwhelmed, apparently the luxury market has not had major repercussions, this concerns mainly the tourist areas of great attraction as the islands of the Cyclades where the newly built houses at a cost of sales, according to data revealed by the Studies of, still exceeds one million Euros in 90% of cases. When it comes to holiday at the top, we talk about the wonderful world of celebrities who, apparently, in addition to the usual Formentera, has targeted Mykonos: there are those who know his reputation as a destination for fashionable and transgressive, but beautiful island is definitely a place that you can live in a hundred thousand and no manners.
The goal really has charm to spare and they know many star system from the likes of Federica Nargi that showed off her charms Panormos Beach, in the north of the island, a paradise characterized by fine white sand so to be called a the most beautiful island. In addition to the former tissue, choose the Greek beauty were also Marco Borriello and Kevin Prince Boateng, away from football, they dipped between its crystalline waters.
An island amusement
Considered one of the seaside resorts most “in” the Mediterranean, Mykonos has its trump card and know how to entertain guests, from life on the beach, between the Paradise, the cradle of the very young and the Super Paradise, the favorite of the public Gay for his wit and unconventional alternative where every day they place memorable holidays by the sea.
Tempers wildest find their own happy island at the Tropicana on Paradise Beach, a beach bar where the party starts at sunset dancing on the sand in an atmosphere of pure recklessness or even the Kalua Beach Bar, located on the beach in Paranga where, starting from 18.00 begin sparkling DJ sets. Who chaos h 24 prefer some quiet moment, can make route in the southern part of the island where there is the beach of Agrari, or those who intend to invest in sport, Panormos and Agios Sostis, in the northern part of the island , are practiced swimming and surfing; after a day of sunbathing, all in the afternoon in Little Venice, the favorite meeting place for tourists who are targeting the famous Caprice Bar for a drink with lots of breathtaking views and soft music.
Any advice for the night
The night does not end well, everything here has a slow pace and, to warm the atmosphere, it goes from the cafes of downtown as the Scandinavian Bar-Disco, in vogue from the late 70s and the Space, sparkling disco clubs where to dance in waiting to move to Cavo Paradiso, a local from the scenic setting in which he is perched on a hill that slopes overlooking the Aegean, one of the biggest clubs in the international electronic scene where, every summer, is can take part in DJ sets memorable in the company of special guests.

Against Greek skies, one of the Mykonos Island Windmills, Chora. Cyclades, Agean Sea, Greece.