Guide of Mykonos: discovering the Greek island of entertainment

Continue our journey to discover the beautiful islands of Greece. After the general guide of the country, the archipelago of the Cyclades Islands and that of Santorini, it is time to propose the guide of Mykonos. The island is a popular tourist destination and has the reputation of a place of fun and transgression.

Mykonos (also Micono in Italian) is located in the eastern part of the Cyclades archipelago, close to the islands of Tinos, Syros, Naxos and Paxos, in the middle of the Aegean Sea and not far from the island of Ikaria. It has an area of ​​86 km², its territory is predominantly mountainous, formed by granite rocks, and the highest point is 341 meters above sea level. Off the coast of its western coast are the islands of Delos and Rineia that belong to the same municipality of Mykonos. Other uninhabited islets surround the island.

Mykonos was inhabited since the Neolithic and followed the fate of the other islands of the Aegean Sea, with different occupations by the Phoenicians, the Cretans, the ions and the Romans, where Mykonos experienced a period of prosperity. It ended therefore under the Byzantine Empire and under the dominion of the Venetians, until the Ottoman occupation. Having gained independence from the Turks, however, the Cycladic islands were abandoned due to extreme poverty. Only around the middle of the 20th century, thanks to tourism, Mykonos and the other islands returned to repopulate. Today the island is a cosmopolitan destination, which attracts visitors from all over the world. Discovered by the hippies in the 70s it has long been considered the paradise of the LGBT community for its tolerant costumes. Today it is known as the summer capital of tolerance in general and is a worldly holiday destination and aimed at fun on the kind of places like Ibiza and Rimini.

The name Mykonos comes from Greek mythology, from Mykons, son of the king of Delos, Anios, in turn born from the union of the god Apollo with the nymph Rhoio. On the island the battle between Zeus and the Titans took place.

The capital city is called Mykonos, but it is also known as Chora (to distinguish it from the island). It is located on the west coast and is inhabited by most of the island’s residents, just under 10 thousand people. The other inhabited centers, located mostly on the coast are: Agios Ioannis, Agios Stefanos, Ano Mera (inland), Kalafati, Ornos, Platys Gialos, famous seaside resort, Psarrou, Tourlos.

The island of Mykonos offers enchanting views, with beautiful views of the sea from the coast and the surrounding hills. Its coastline is very jagged, where beautiful sandy beaches open up between headlands and bays.

The first thing to see is certainly the beautiful city of Chora (or Mykonos), the main center of the island, where there are the typical white houses with windows and blue doors, crossed by narrow streets and paved squares. From the balconies and windows look out colorful flowers, which help to create a romantic and picturesque scenery. At the edges of the streets we find wooden chairs, white and blue, taverns and restaurants that give an even more characteristic look to the place.

To see in Little Chora the Little Venice, Little Venice (Alefkandra). It is a neighborhood of whitewashed houses with wooden balconies overlooking the water in a half-moon bay. The houses and the bay form a very characteristic and romantic scenery, a perfect place to admire the sunset. Today the buildings are home to bars, restaurants and trendy clubs. A very crowded place at aperitif time.

Near the Little Venice, a little further south on the same bay, there are the famous windmills of Mykonos, standing on the sea from the hill of a small promontory. From here you can admire a wonderful view of Little Venice and the sea and of course it is a another fantastic place to watch the sunset. The mills date back to the 16th century and have always been one of the symbols of Mykonos, depicted in many postcards.

Mykonos is home to around 400 churches, the most important being Panagia Paraportiani, the island’s most famous Orthodox church, located along the coast of Chora, at the end of Little Venice, near the old port. It is a real architectural gem dating back to 1425 and completed in the seventeenth century, whose particularity consists in being formed by several chapels, of which four on the ground floor and one on the upper floor. The characteristic religious complex is entirely painted white, overlooking the sea, giving a magnificent view.

Windows on the sea: 10 truly extraordinary hotels

From Ischia to the Côte d’Azur, from Greece to the Seychelles hotels for those who love the harmony of the waves

Château & Hotels Collection is an association founded in 1975 that unites Hotel du charme and gourmet restaurants throughout Europe and beyond. In almost 600 hotels, we have chosen these ten dwellings decidedly in symbiosis with the sea.

The incomparable charm of Ischia – At Casamicciola Terme, the most important spa of the island of Ischia, is the Hotel La Madonnina, a charming dwelling overlooking the sea, in true Ischia style. Guests can stay in one of the 21 rooms decorated with characteristic tiled floors and all equipped with terraces. To enjoy a few moments of wellness, the modern spa with indoor pool with whirlpool, Kneipp path, sauna and emotional shower; and to make the first swim of the season, the hotel offers a private beach with solarium-platform and 37/40 ° hot springs coming directly from the sea.

An ‘art nouveau’ hotel overlooking the Ligurian landscape – In Rapallo, pearl of the Riviera di Levante in Liguria, lies the Grand Hotel Bristol Resort & Spa, one of the most famous and historic hotels in Italy. The hotel boasts more than 100 years of history and has managed to keep its unique Art Nouveau style intact. Located in front of the sea, from the rooms and the restaurant you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Tigullio. Inside a modern Spa.

The discreet luxury of an ocean dwelling -In France, in the villages of the Loire, in Les Sables d’Olonne, the Atlantic Hotel & Spa is a contemporary style hotel, overlooking the enchanting bay. Inside, 30 luxurious rooms, many with beautiful windows and terraces with direct ocean views. To indulge in some ‘cuddle’ the ideal place is the beautiful spa and the large indoor pool. At Restaurant ‘Le Sloop’, decorated with light colors and details that recall the colors of the sea, you can taste the fried seafood of chef Alexandre Bieignon.

A castle overlooking the Normandy beaches – On the English Channel, in Ėtretat, France, one of the most famous places on the Costa d’Alabastro, stands the exclusive Domaine Saint Clair-Le Donjon. To characterize this splendid castle covered with ivy and surrounded by a large park, is the breathtaking view that can be enjoyed from the rooms: the sea, the cliffs and the typical Norman village of Etretat. The outdoor swimming pool and the restaurant, which offers the best recipes based on local products, boast magnificent sea views.

A villa of the nineteenth century in the Corsican capital – Ad Ajaccio in Corsica, on the ‘Route des Sanguinaires’ you can stay at the Hotel Demeure Les Mouettes, in a typical nineteenth-century villa recently renovated. The hotel has direct access to the beach, an inviting swimming pool surrounded by palm trees and large rooms with views overlooking the Gulf of Ajaccio. All around a large green park.

A gem on the sea of ​​the French Riviera – In Sainte Maxim, there is a real jewel of the Collection, La Belle Aurore, a delightful home overlooking the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. The rooms are spacious, decorated in a Provençal style with soft hues and shades of blue, and have large balconies that give the whole show of the sea. The large outdoor pool seems to be one with the sea. Inside the restaurant the best recipes of the area and, in summer, there is the opportunity to dine outdoors, on the sea, and enjoy the delicacies based on fresh fish.

A hotel surrounded by the sea and nature – Saint-Jean-de-Luz is a charming town in the Aquitaine region of France, once a fishing village and a place frequented by privateers for its strategic position close to Spain. Here, next to the cliff and overlooking the Atlantic, is La Reserve, a charming hotel surrounded by 3 hectares of parkland. The huge swimming pool offers a unique view of the ocean, as well as the terrace of the ‘Ilura’ restaurant, where chef Fabrice Idiart prepares his gourmet recipes.

‘Pieds dans l’eau’ in the Breton sea – The hotel Le Sables Blancs is located right on the most beautiful beach of Concarneau, in Brittany, France. The interiors are welcoming, with wooden floors and furniture; the large windows of the bar, restaurant and rooms overlook the Breton sea. In this structure you can take cooking classes, walks in the vineyards and cycling.

Holiday star: Mykonos is the favorite destination of summer 2017

Holidays like a star: the favorite destination is Greece
Last year Italy was the favorite destination for actors and models. It was cool to be in Sardinia, Capri or the Cinque Terre. This year fashion has changed and the most influential on social choose Greece as a destination to spend the holidays in complete relaxation. Alessandra Ambrosio was the first to land on the island of the Cyclades: Mykonos, the first stage of her long summer together with her husband and two children. Then, transfer to Ibiza. In fact, the Brazilian model is used to tour the most beautiful summer destinations in the world: from Brazil to Spain, to the Caribbean to Saint Barth, so much so that has also invented a hashtag, #foreveronvacation, a real album of his social holidays.

slider-greciaA few hours ago, you land in Mykonos also the models Kendall Jenner in black and Bella Hadid in white that have created a crowd of onlookers on one of the coolest beaches on the island the Super Paradise. Hopping by the pool, a statuary Izabel Goulart announces its 3.8 million followers happy at the start of the holidays: “Bem-vindas férias”. The model is in Greece with her boyfriend Kevin Trapp, the Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper. With them also the colleague Tottenham midfielder, Dele Alli with his girlfriend model Ruby Mae. Also in Mykonos, he spent a holiday with Francesco Totti with Ilary and the whole family for his first vacation as a former Rome captain.

Mykonos in December

Mykonos in December

Staying at Mykonos in December is a good solution to enjoy a pleasant and mild Mediterranean climate with temperatures ranging from 8 ° C to 12 ° C. In the Cyclades, the winter is generally dry and sunny, and here and in the clouds overflowing, the rains do not last long and the winds are moderate.
Some snowflakes can sometimes fall off at Christmas.
In Mykonos, the comfort index in December (about 30 out of 100) is not ideal for a beach holiday but it is still interesting to explore the island under a clear sky for much of winter.

Weather forecasts in Mykonos are based on a calculation platform that takes into account the historical data of the last 10 years and predictions based on some criteria such as ambient temperature, humidity, water temperature, wind and sun .

Prepare for now your stay by taking into consideration the weather forecasts of Mykonos!

On the small stage of a converted church in East London, a smiling Sam Smith is enjoying the emotion.

The audience invokes his name and screams before his band starts playing a single note. Everyone is totally focused on the present, about what’s going on at that time, because every cell phone was kindly kidnapped at the entrance by the staff who cares for the event. It’s a rainy Friday mid-September. This week the English songwriter has performed in Los Angeles and New York. Between two days he will do it in Berlin. The clubs in which they play have a limited audience capacity – each contains less than 1000 people – but expectations are, as it say, huge. Four concerts in four clubs, four different castings, one week: this is how a global superstar that fills the stadium returns after 18 months of silence – and returns after selling over 12 million copies with “In the lonely hour” (2014), his first album, and won four Grammy, three Brit Awards, one Oscar and one Golden Globe (the last two for “Writing on the Wall”, the theme of the Bond-movie “Specter”).

Now, in this ancient church, the fans’ reaction is adorable and devoted. A reassurance that a pretty nervous Smith really needs. “Fuck!” Exclaims the 25-year-old with a big smile at the beginning of her 55-minute concert. “It’s nice to be back. I’ve dreamed it for so long. ”


In November comes his “The thrill of it all”. It is a second album full of ballads that thrill emotions, broken hearts and romantic hymns to be sung around the world for months-for years to come. The bets are good: on the day when the London concert was held, the first single, “Too good at goodbyes”, fluttered in the top of the charts in various countries around the world. When, four days later, we meet in a pub near her home in North London, the tall, slim musician admits to being more relieved. He sang for the first time these new very personal songs. Now he can relax – a bit.

Sam Smith: Yes, after this week I’m destroyed. Because emotionally it was very demanding. I think these concerts have been, to this day, the most important part of my career.

S.S .: Yes. Those four little shows made me regain my craft, and I was scared again. When I started working on this record, I did not want to rest on the laurels. I always wanted to challenge myself. Every time my album goes out I want to feel like it’s the first one. And since my music is very personal, it was great that people were in a room without cell phones!

The U.V: What did you feel when this return has begun?
S.S .: I thought about these moments for the last year and a half. I always tried to stay away from word pressure, stress, but fuck (laughs, nda): launching the first single of the second album after the release of “In the lonely hour” is not an easy task. That album went badly well! I was scared! But when the tour ended, I found myself home in London and again the only thing that counted was music. So the release of this record is a fact that I feel very organic, and that comes at the right time. Nothing and nobody hurts me. I am proud of the work done.

The U.V .: “Too good at goodbyes” is very personal – you described it as a “song about a relationship I’ve had and basically talks about how, when it was over and left me, I did not suffer so much”. So, to inspire you was a disastrous relationship?

S.S .: It was not a disaster, nor was it so intense. It lasted five, six months. When it started I did not like much, and when it was over I felt even worse! So yes, I got thrown, it was over, and then there were two or three months of self-analysis – and much of the music was born from there.
U.V: We talk about “Pray”, of which we talked about as the possible second single.

Cheap flights easyjet summer 2017: Low cost proposals for September to Europe

The easyjet offers for September with flights departing from Milan Malpensa, Rome and Naples.

Here are the best offers for low cost flights from May to June 2017 from Milan and Rome from 7.99 euros offered by EasyJet and Ryanair.

Let’s talk about easyjet flight deals for the summer of 2017. Although for many holidays are over, the summer season is still long and there are many low-cost options to indulge in a short weekend in September. Let’s see what the British carrier proposes for flights departing from Milan Malpensa, Rome and Naples.

From Milan Malpensa there are only one-way flights at favorable rates valid for September. Among the most interesting are the Madrid flight from 24.73 euros on departure on September 11th, Malaga flight from 29.28 euros on departure on September 10th and Bilbao flight on the same price starting on September 6th. For only 19.68 euros there is also a flight to Munich, departing on September 8, while at 22.21 euros you can fly to London Gatwick or Luton, respectively, on September 12th and 14th. At the same price we find flights to Berlin, Prague, Hamburg and Copenhagen, which are closed between 11 and 13 September. Lastly, for Greece fans, we note the flights to Myikonos at 29.28 euros with departure on September 20 and Kos for 26.75 euros on departure on September 2nd.
From Rome and Naples
Let’s go for flights departing from Rome with easyjet. From the capital, the cheapest flights are for Nice to 32.81 euros on departure on September 8, for Paris to 39.88 euros on departure on September 20th and for London to 45.94 euros on departure on September 13th. We go to Naples, where flights to Catania, Corfu and Mykonos are at 26.75 euros, departing on September 3rd and 13th, flight to Malta at 29.28 euros on departure on September 1st, flight to Split on departure September 3 to 24.73 euros and those to Barcelona and the Balearic Islands (Ibiza, Majorca and Menorca) to 37.86, 43.92 and 29.28 euros, all departing in September.

Mykonos, the 7 least crowded beaches on which to relax

Each year Mykonos is attacked by many tourists, mostly young people attracted by the movida and the beaches where music is fired at all hours. But the Greek island does not only live in this type of tourism and also boasts beaches that are just as beautiful but less loud.

1 – Houlakia. It is one of the few sandy beaches on the island, located within a protected natural area and is particularly impressive. Despite its beauty, it is generally not very popular: perhaps the winds blowing strongly from the north discourage many visitors. It also has a wonderful view on the nearby Delo Island and is one of the best spots to admire the sunset in Mykonos.

2 – Merisini. It is a beautiful little known beach, Merisini, set along a beautiful sandy bay accessible by car or boat. It boasts beautiful sand and rock bottom and is loved by the snorkelers.

3 – Agrarians. It is an unpaved beach that still retains the charm of an uncontaminated wilderness. It has sand and pebbles and a crystal clear sea that conquers tourists who like relaxation. The beach of Agrari is the one immediately after Super Paradise (and before Elia beach).

4 – Lia Beach. It is a pretty bay on the southeastern coast of Mykonos. It is a small corner of paradise with white sand, pebbles and rock formations. Very popular with snorkelers.

5 – Kalo Livadi. Spectacular sea and fine and golden sand. It is located along the south-east coast of Mykonos, 2 km from the traditional village of Ano Mera and 10 from Chora. Quiet and ideal for relaxing, the beach is one of the longest in Mykonos, is equipped and is located at the end of a valley.

6 – Paraga beach. Beautiful sea and beach, not far from Chora. Among those listed is one of the most crowded. It is sheltered by the wind and has several trees under which shadowy.

7 – Platis Gialos. It is a small creek between Psarou beach and Agia Anna. Even here water and beach are great but the beach is really small.

Elia Villas Mykonos

Nella posizione privilegiata di Elia a Mykonos si trova un residence estivo contemporaneo con fantastiche viste sul mare dove il colore bianco, la pietra e l’acqua sono le caratteristiche dominanti.
L’interno minimo bianco della casa con bordi curvi lisci e deco semplice vi dà un ambiente rilassante e un’atmosfera piacevole.
Questa villa bianca di Mykonos si sviluppa su 3 livelli.
Al piano superiore si trova la zona giorno, un bagno e una cucina completamente attrezzata mentre nella parte superiore del livello superiore si trova la barca come camera da letto con letto king size e bagno privato con vista mare e acqua da tutto il mondo. È come essere su una barca galleggiante.
Al piano terra c’è una camera matrimoniale con letto king size bagno privato.
Al piano inferiore si trova una seconda zona salotto e 3 camere da letto con 3 bagni. Due camere da letto hanno due letti singoli e un letto king size.
Le vedute da tutti gli angoli della casa sono ininterrotte, non importa se sei dentro o fuori come la casa è costruita con il concetto di avere costante contatto con gli occhi con l’acqua.
I 6 bagni sono in cemento lucido con curve lisce e colori chiari.
La villa è strategicamente situata sopra la spiaggia di Elia e Agrari e si può guardare sia spiagge da ogni angolo della casa.
La piscina a sfioro si trova in una posizione dove l’acqua della piscina si immersa nell’azzurro del mare. L’acqua scorre da ogni punto di vista della villa.
La sinfonia dei colori del mare e del cielo cambia durante il giorno e arriva al suo picco di tramonto.
C’è un tavolo costruito sotto una pergola ombreggiata adatta per pasti epicurei o momenti di relax. C’è anche un barbeque e un bar esterno sulla piscina.
La dimensione dell’area della piscina mantiene facilmente eventi fino a 150 persone.
Facilities: TV satellitare, lettore DVD, impianto hi-fi, accesso a Internet, cucina completamente attrezzata con lavastoviglie e forno a microonde, lavatrice.

Mykonos Holiday

This beautiful and luxurious villa mirroring traditional Greek architecture, offers the very best of Mykonos.
The beating heart of the Cyclades, Mykonos is well endowed with natural beauty and embellished even further with historical significance and beautiful architecture. The sparse shrubberies, golden sandy beaches, the intense blue sea and crystal clear skies have an indescribable calming effect. Traditional white-washed chalets and houses dominate the landscape, with colorful windows and vibrant bougainvillea. In the background, the old windmills, add to the appealing views. The villa is located in Elia, home to one of the longest beaches on the island, which houses a quality beach restaurant, sunbed and parasols arrangements and water-sports.

Mykonos Villas

Just 10 minutes’ walk from Megali Ammos beach and 15 minutes from the ancient town of Mykonos, this spectacular 5-bedroom Greek villa commands sweeping views of the bay and town from its elevated position. Ideal for large and multiple families, up to 10 people will find rest and relaxation here and a pet dog may be permitted on request. Two villa staff live separately on-site and are available to cook, clean and run errands as required.

Every facet of this gorgeous villa has been designed with your comfort and ease in mind and it’s been rated as one of the Top 20 great Greek Island villas by Condé Nast Traveler. Spectacular views of the sunset, harbor and Mykonos town are showcased by huge multiple windows and there are a host of secret corners and generous terraces to sit and soak up the sun, read or just take in the vista. Outdoors a turquoise pool offers a cool respite from the heat of the sun, and is softly illuminated by night. Take a seat at the bar and order your favorite cocktail before raising your glass to the setting sun and dining alfresco on one of the shaded terraces.

Indoors a huge dining table with bench seats and fabulous views is the perfect place to cluster with friends and family for delicious meals and lively conversation before gathering around the open stone fireplace to plan the next day or watch TV. Alternatively there’s another breakfast table in the homely kitchen. Natural materials take pride of place here and wood and stone make frequent appearances.

Three of the villa’s five delightful bedrooms are served by lovely en-suite bathrooms with tubs and rain showers while the two bedrooms in the Family Suite are ideal for a family of four and share a bathroom between them. Rustic stone vanities and unique showers are some of the quirky features that make this place so appealing.

Feeling energetic? Your villa is only 1km from the nearest gym and tennis courts. If you need groceries you only have to drive for 5 minutes or you can ask staff to go on your behalf. Megali Ammos beach is a 10 minute stroll and a 15 minute walk will take you to historic Mykonos Town. Your closest airport is 1.5km away and it’s 2.5km to the nearest port.

Mykonos, Greece. Property and Model released.