Greece: the islands of Patmos and Simi

Adventure lovers guide us through the beauty of the Aegean Sea, between blue sea and picturesque architecture

Greece is an exciting land that loves to offer under a thousand facets to its visitors. In addition to unforgettable landscapes and crystal clear waters, rich Mediterranean vegetation has archaeological sites and traditions that still preserve the memories of a prestigious past.

The Hellenic country is made up of many islands, each with its own characteristic that allows it to be original and not at all discounted, so to curious tourists to travel from one coast to the other, to get involved in this magical atmosphere.

One of the islands of the Aegean is Patmos, famous because according to Christian tradition it is here that John the Evangelist hid himself after being exiled from Diocletian and wrote the Book of Revelations.
It is impossible not to notice for Kora, the old town, the large number of churches and chapels of various shapes and sizes, all to be visited and photographed. Here the houses reflect the classic Hellenic scenery: white and blue doors and windows, typical Greek colors that, besides remembering the colors of white sand and sea, also recall those of the Greek flag. While in the new city, Skala, it focuses on the lively part of the island, full of restaurants and taverns on the sea offering local fresh fish, souvenir shops and stalls.

In addition to being a paradise, Patmos is definitely a place where you do not have the heat, in fact it is one of the most succulent islands and features the restored and working old millstones of the sixteenth century, really beautiful to see!

Another pearl of the Dodecanese is the island of Simi, particularly picturesque. It is already noted as you reach its shores, meeting small family-run fishing boats and seeing colorful houses with vibrant and solar tones beside beautiful beaches.

Among these Mediterranean lands lie ancient traditions that have made it famous, like that of the masters of the ax. In fact, already in ancient times, fast and powerful galleys were built, also used by the Turkish conquerors and still this ancient work continues with the construction of the best ships and gulets throughout Greece.