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What to do in Skyros, the pearl of the Sporades

The guide for a vacation to Skyros, hiking trekking, visits to monumental churches and relaxation in sunny beaches

The goal of this adventure is the island of Skyros, the southernmost part of Sporades, enchanted archipelago of Greece, with its wonderful seabeds awaiting your dives. The island of Skyros was also frequented by mythological heroes. Here Achilles was concealed from her mother Thetis who knew that her son would have had serious trouble if she left for Troy to fight. Teseo, who was killed by King Licomede, who considered the Athenian hero a threat to his own life, would die here.

The island was conquered by Athenians in 475 BC, in 323 by Macedonians and in 196 by the Romans. After the Ottoman occupation in 1830, Skyros moved to the state of Greece.

Its architecture is typical of the Greek islands: cubic houses, white walls, wooden doors and colorful balconies full of flowers. Moving on the island is complex because the roads are all dirt and the public transport facilities are uncomfortable. There are buses that link Sciro town to Molos and Magazia but there are no buses for the small resorts or the more remote beaches. You can know the rest of the island by taxi or car. The best solution is to rent a bike to enjoy the beauty of Skyros.

So many places to visit. The Linaria area is 12 kilometers south of the city of Skyros and is built around a dune bay from which you can enjoy a romantic sunset. Here you can organize boat excursions in nearby caves and nearby islands. There are also Sciro ponyes with arched back and a long mane. They are from ancient times the symbol of the island. And there are deserted islands like Valaxa, Sarakiniko, Skyropoula and Platia.

Sciro City is the capital of the island of Skyros, located on the northern part of the island, extending on a hillside, dominated by an imposing Byzantine castle built on the remains of an ancient acropolis. The center of the capital consists of Pano Piatsa or upper square, full of inns, taverns, cafes and bars, where the bronze statue of immortal poetry was erected in 1931.

Do not miss the church of San Athanasios built in the 17th century at the central square. While at ten minutes from the city there is the church of San Costantino and from the hill you can admire the enchanting panorama of Skyros. Among the beauties are the Monastery of St. George, dedicated to the patron saint of the island: a beautiful structure built around 962 dC. during the Byzantine period.

And inside the monastery is the b. Located on a colina of the city was built to defend the island against the ravings of pirates and enemies. At the entrance there is a marble lion engraved on the wall. Among the monuments is the church of Santa Triada with its extraordinary and ancient frescoes.

There are also interesting museums in Skyros. There is the Museum of Folklore Manos Faltaits that exhibits objects that depict daily life in the different periods of the long history of Skyros. A rich collection of documents and publications dating back to the Byzantine period up to the Independence War, traditional island customs, daily tools, rare maps, books and manuscripts. Sculptures and paintings by Manos Faltaits.

Finally, the Archaeological Museum. Located in Sciro town, it exhibits archaeological finds on the island. It was built in 1967 and contains coins, paintings and jewels from the old warehouse of Magazia. The museum also houses a Kostoria folklore collection that depicts a traditional Scito home with furniture and all its everyday utensils.

On the island there are many beaches, almost all isolated and quiet. There is Prafkos 11 kilometers south of Skyros town, surrounded by dense vegetation and a dreamy landscape with crystal clear water, ideal for relaxation. Or Atsitsa 18 kilometers from the capital, with rocks reaching to the sea. Great for swimming but few trees and few tourist attractions.

There is Agios Foksa beach with white sand and coastline with pebbles. A dirt road leads to the beach and the surrounding area is rich in greenery and makes the place picturesque and absolutely relaxing. Lastly, there is the beautiful Molos beach 4 kilometers north of the island capital of Skyros, the most popular and best organized beach on the island, long and sandy, surrounded by picturesque landscapes.

Skyros’s nightlife is very quiet, is not subject to mass tourism and has always kept its traditions alive. It is a deserted island, with no noise and crowd as is often the case in the Greek islands. There are no nightclubs or nightclubs but pubs where you can take something to drink

Interrail, Europe for everyone from Christmas markets to Greek islands

“We break the myth of the backpack travel, sitting on the floor and just for the young. No, Interrail is a product for all, families, moms with children, young and senior. First and second class, sitting comfortably. ” This is how Silvia Festa, the Southern Europe market manager of Eurail Group, is the presentation press conference in Milan of the latest Interrail product news for the Italian market on Trenitalia sales network and the exclusive benefits for Pass holders.

Until December 31, 2017 with Interrail will be valid promotion that offers a 15% discount on a wide range of Pass, with the possibility to start traveling within 11 months from the date of purchase.

“An initiative that allows you to travel even in the winter, by arranging your holidays. Interrail brings you, for example, to the Christmas markets of Germany and Austria or Eastern Europe. Or in a European capital like London, Paris, Berlin or Barcelona for New Year. ”

For sea lovers and for the sake of integrated mobility, it is possible to combine even more ferry train for a tour on the Greek islands, starting from Bari and visiting Santorini, Kos and Rhodes.

“While with the Global Pass tour, which includes up to 30 European countries, you can visit Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria.”

EUROPE IN TASCA. The dedicated Rail Planner application, which allows you to view train timetables for all European rail companies, is also available to travelers, as well as the advantages of hotels, museums and attractions, and reservations on Eurostar, Thalys and Tgv trains and Trenitalia’s Arrows, which in 2017 were the most booked trains via the Pass Eurail and Interrail trains with the Florence-Rome and Venice-Florence trains.

Travel Interrail means going on a cultural trip, discovering different European countries, meeting other travelers to share experience. “We are thus creating a kind of community to be able to confront and tell and why not enjoy the experience of a train trip. Do not forget the advantage of flexibility in choosing the itinerary, which can be modified according to your needs even during your trip », continues the manager.

But how does Interrail travel? In January-August 2017, 24% chose the One Country Pass solution, which allows travel to one country, while 76% have chosen the Global Pass solution, which includes up to 30 European countries.

SUCCESS OF TOTAL SENIOR. Again in the same period as the sales item, the target of young travelers scored + 6% as well as the adult target. The total senior segment recorded a + 72%. As far as the Italian market is concerned, Italian Interrail travelers prefer southern Europe as a destination with headland Spain, followed by Portugal and Greek islands. You can also purchase Pass on the Trenitalia website and in the network of authorized agencies.

GET TO THE ANCILLARY. “Despite training and training meetings between agents, there is still little knowledge of the Interrail product. Many remain anchored to the idea of ​​a mature journey, just for young people – emphasizes Silvia Festa – Instead, they should know that besides being all age targets, it is also a very profitable product. Adv can sell a route in a single product by adding ancillary services such as hotels and ground services. In short, pack and sell a real custom travel package. And to try to make the change and evolution of the Pass from 13 November on to trade and consumer, we are also on air with an advertising and information campaign on Radio Monte Carlo and Radio 101. “

What to see in Antiparos, a small gem between the Greek islands

Holidays in Antiparos, Greek island in the Aegean Sea, which hides small-great treasures such as the caves of Agios Ioannis and the archaeological site of Despotiko

Small, beautiful and elegant, Antiparos is an island of Greece that is part of the small Cyclades, in the heart of the Aegean Sea. Next to the island of Paros, Antiparos is a paradise for those who love wildlife and those who want a quiet and comfortable vacation. The best time to visit the island is the beautiful season, from spring to autumn. During the summer months there is a great crowd of tourists, so to enjoy the full holiday it is best to choose June or September.

It’s easy to get around the Greek Cyclades Islands, a relatively cheap trip, a bit for the proximity and a bit because some islands are less well-known and therefore not crowded with mass tourism. A few hours away from Italy you arrive to Athens and there ferries or flights to Paros to which Antiparos is connected by sea. Despite its small size, the island offers a wide range of attractions that can provide everything you want from a vacation: sea, beaches and a lively nightlife, a great destination for younger people but also for families.

Obviously, in order to be able to visit Antiparos Island long and wide, it is better to rent a bicycle or a scooter; Alternatively, in the summer season there is an efficient and cheap bus service connecting Chora to the famous Antiparos Cave and several gulets offering their return service to Antiparos or the Despotiko Island.

The resort of Chora is the small center of the island of Antiparos, characterized by cubic white houses, blue doors and windows, picturesque balconies rich in flowers and decorations, traditional architectural style of the Cyclades. In Chora there is a single main street that leads from the small port to the small and pretty square of St. Nicholas and to the homonymous church of 1783, which is inevitably white. At the sides of the street there are numerous bars, restaurants, souvenir shops and local handicrafts where you can buy some of all and countless taverns where to taste the typical dishes.

The other heart of Life of Antiparos is the harbor, with many fishing boats, tourist agencies, car hire, scooters and bicycles, banks, taverns and bars. The island offers many beaches, mostly sandy and unspoilt with a fabulous sea and seaside rich in fish and marine flora. The best beaches on the island are definitely Monastiria, a small, secluded bay (in order to reach it you must cross a very steep mountain path), ideal for anyone who wants to escape and find peace and relaxation; the sea is gorgeous, perfect for snorkeling.

Among the most suggestive beaches we also suggest Livadi, intimate and unattractive, and those in the resort called San Giorgio, among them the most popular Agios Georgios, on the western side, near the homonymous village, 12 kilometers from the capital of Antiparos . Or the beach of Glyfa, one of the best on the island, in the southern part 6 kilometers from Chora. But along the roads to reach these two lids you will find a myriad of other marvelous coves where you can swim and sunbathe on the golden sand.

If you want to spend a day away from the sea, it is also worth visiting the Kastro of Antiparos, the ruins of the ancient medieval Venetian castle in the center of the village, surrounded by a fortress, and the four ancient churches: Christos, Agios Antonios, Agios Ioannis and Agios Nikolaos. Nine miles south of Chora is one of the main attractions of the island, the marvelous cave on the promontory of Agios Ioannis in the southeastern part of the island. The cave has a real collection of stalactites and stalagmites inside it. It is a large underground cave deep in the 100 meters discovered during the reign of Alexander the Great.

To reach the center of the cave, you have to walk about 411 steps that wind through unique and fascinating formations. In addition, there are several graffiti and decorations, ancient testimonies dating back to the 7th century BC. but also of illustrious characters who in the course of history wanted to leave a trace of their visit to Antiparos, such as that of Brittany of Wittelsbach king of Greece in 1840 or the marquis of Nointel, then French ambassador to Constantinople who in 1673 the most impressive stalagmite of the cave called the altar, celebrated Christmas Mass for 500 people.

The return of non-alcoholic cocktails: the Seedlip and Tonic recipe

On the one hand Elderflower Tonic Water of Fever-Tree, from the aloof the non-alcoholic spirit Seedlip Garden 108. Here is a perfect soft drink for the summer: low calorie and so many, many fragrances

It’s a bit hot. A bit is to not overdo it with calories. And a little bit is not risking life and driving while sitting at the wheel. The list of non-alcoholic bars and pubs is inexorably continuing to stretch. And to embellish, with far-reaching proposals, based on highly sought after products. An example? The cocktail of which we give you the recipe below. It is called Seedlip & Tonic, and is obtained from a clever mix of Elderflower Tonic Water from Fever-Tree, the brand of soft drinks, and Seedlip Garden 108, innovative non-alcoholic and zero-calorie spirit obtained from hay distillation, peas, mint, rosemary , Thyme and hops. The result is an original mix between the sweet elderly notes and the bitter water quinine notes and the herbaceous and spicy notes of the spirit. No alcohol, but with an extremely fascinating set of fragrances.

Seedlip & Tonic

50 ml of Seedlip Garden 108
125 ml of Elderflower Tonic
1 slice of cucumber

Fill a highball ice cup and add a Seedlip measuring stick.

Then add Fever-Tree Elderflower fresh and garnish it all with cucumber sauce.

Elia Villas Mykonos

Nella posizione privilegiata di Elia a Mykonos si trova un residence estivo contemporaneo con fantastiche viste sul mare dove il colore bianco, la pietra e l’acqua sono le caratteristiche dominanti.
L’interno minimo bianco della casa con bordi curvi lisci e deco semplice vi dà un ambiente rilassante e un’atmosfera piacevole.
Questa villa bianca di Mykonos si sviluppa su 3 livelli.
Al piano superiore si trova la zona giorno, un bagno e una cucina completamente attrezzata mentre nella parte superiore del livello superiore si trova la barca come camera da letto con letto king size e bagno privato con vista mare e acqua da tutto il mondo. È come essere su una barca galleggiante.
Al piano terra c’è una camera matrimoniale con letto king size bagno privato.
Al piano inferiore si trova una seconda zona salotto e 3 camere da letto con 3 bagni. Due camere da letto hanno due letti singoli e un letto king size.
Le vedute da tutti gli angoli della casa sono ininterrotte, non importa se sei dentro o fuori come la casa è costruita con il concetto di avere costante contatto con gli occhi con l’acqua.
I 6 bagni sono in cemento lucido con curve lisce e colori chiari.
La villa è strategicamente situata sopra la spiaggia di Elia e Agrari e si può guardare sia spiagge da ogni angolo della casa.
La piscina a sfioro si trova in una posizione dove l’acqua della piscina si immersa nell’azzurro del mare. L’acqua scorre da ogni punto di vista della villa.
La sinfonia dei colori del mare e del cielo cambia durante il giorno e arriva al suo picco di tramonto.
C’è un tavolo costruito sotto una pergola ombreggiata adatta per pasti epicurei o momenti di relax. C’è anche un barbeque e un bar esterno sulla piscina.
La dimensione dell’area della piscina mantiene facilmente eventi fino a 150 persone.
Facilities: TV satellitare, lettore DVD, impianto hi-fi, accesso a Internet, cucina completamente attrezzata con lavastoviglie e forno a microonde, lavatrice.

Baijiu, the Chinese deluxe distillate: in Italy the new 24K bottle

JNC launches in China Jin Jian Nan 24K, a “baijiu”, traditional Chinese liquor distilled from cereals that drinks the “Ganbei”, “dry the glass”.

Chinese restaurant. Fine meal. A time to close the supper took a sip of a generic Chinese grappa, in pink or plum varieties, sweetie and traitorous,

but useful for digesting fried foods full of glutamate.

Today, the high alcohol content (40-60 °) remains, and the drinking of a Shottino model breath (which would otherwise be rude) but the “baijiu”

(generally known as the Chinese distillate) has risen to level Of course Chinese cuisine.

China’s globalization and expansion in Italy (purchase of Inter and Milan included), China has decided to export a third brand of distillate

“baijiu” that follows the well-known and prestigious Moutai (the most well-known and popular in Our country)

and Wuliangye (expensive bike, already exhibited at the China Pavilion during EXPO): Jian Nan Chun landed in Italy

with the new jumbo jiang Nan 24K, a modern package with a glamorous gold-colored bottle, but the multiple references to the nobility imperial.

Like tea, silk or martial arts, the “baiju” is in fact part of the cultural heritage of the Dragon City

with a history that is lost in the night of the times, it seems to be the favorite liquor of the emperor already during the Tang dynasty ,

In the 1300s. The Jin Jian Nan 24K is therefore a “baijiu”, white liquor, transparent, distilled from cereals

, which traditionally drinks at home at home (try to believe if you hold high gradations) Or at dinner, strictly smooth,

in ceramic shorts at Ganbei’s scream! (Dry the glass!).

Appearing on Times Square screens in New York on January 28 for Chinese New Year

celebrations, and featured as a trademark in several Hollywood films (including “The amazing Spder Man 2” and “Transformers 4”)

, Jin Jian Nan 24K Now finally comes to our tables, soft, pleasing to her well-known sweet sugar, from the lasting scent and from the top to a more

accessible thread of her “competitor”.

Jin Jian Nan 24 K is obviously the last born in the family, if you want to have it even cheerful than you already

drink it, you can break the list of his brothers: K6 and K9 lighter and more delicate, 15 powerful years Pungent and 1949,

leading the date of the creation of the People’s Republic of China and which is a reserve as well as the top bottle of the house

. But attentive: here the prices (which in the case of the K24 are those of a premium base distillate),

go up and may in some cases also touch the 500 euros.

I never gave up everything? Somebody did and went to Jamaica

Not only Bob Marley, beaches and cannabis. Andrea Cavallo Perin has dropped everything and left for six months exploring the Caribbean island every respect. His story
“Drop everything”. Hands up who has not thought at least once in their lifetime. Someone, in addition to having thought, has also done. Andrea Cavallo Perin, creative Turin of 29, he left for Jamaica in order to discover traditions and customs. And correct just clichés frequently. Let’s start with this: reeds, Bob Marley, breathtaking beaches, homophobia. “For heaven’s sake, all true, except racism: never look or an insult because they are white. Jamaica is far “, explains just returned from the Caribbean island after six months. “People have a great memory of the past because he lived and was freed from slavery. For Accompong Maroon for example, a man took me into the forest and showed me the place where his ancestors had fought for his life. That place, like many other things, is blessed with the rum, a rite of purification. ” It is thanks to a Jamaican rum, Appleton Rum, that Andrea was able to document everything.
“The rum in Jamaica is regarded as our wine, we do not miss my table and varies from Azona in the area, and also by social status.”
The exploration
“Every day, wake up at 7:30, breakfast with ackee, tropical fruit and Saltfish, dried fish; then exploring the length and breadth of the island. ” The thing that struck him was the nature: “dominates the man with all its power and luxuriance” But even people, “now tell much about himself and their country, from the manager to the farmer, without distinctions. But also reggae, slavery and much more. ” But there is one aspect that Andrea did not like: the slowness. “It will be in the heat but we have totally different rhythms and I have not managed to adapt. Everyone says: “Jamaica no problem”. ” The only thing that Andrea will is a biped bird: the chicken. “They call it Jerk chicken and cooked in many different ways. I’d had enough. ”
The journey is over, but for six months Andrew has really dropped everything, beginning with his work that is now ready to take it back. Not behind a desk, but still with a video camera, “I’m leaving for the” Around the World in 80 Days “. That is a video project that will tell the generation of global shapers, those young people who have invented something relevant and living in the same city in the book by Jules Verne. “