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What to do in Skyros, the pearl of the Sporades

The guide for a vacation to Skyros, hiking trekking, visits to monumental churches and relaxation in sunny beaches

The goal of this adventure is the island of Skyros, the southernmost part of Sporades, enchanted archipelago of Greece, with its wonderful seabeds awaiting your dives. The island of Skyros was also frequented by mythological heroes. Here Achilles was concealed from her mother Thetis who knew that her son would have had serious trouble if she left for Troy to fight. Teseo, who was killed by King Licomede, who considered the Athenian hero a threat to his own life, would die here.

The island was conquered by Athenians in 475 BC, in 323 by Macedonians and in 196 by the Romans. After the Ottoman occupation in 1830, Skyros moved to the state of Greece.

Its architecture is typical of the Greek islands: cubic houses, white walls, wooden doors and colorful balconies full of flowers. Moving on the island is complex because the roads are all dirt and the public transport facilities are uncomfortable. There are buses that link Sciro town to Molos and Magazia but there are no buses for the small resorts or the more remote beaches. You can know the rest of the island by taxi or car. The best solution is to rent a bike to enjoy the beauty of Skyros.

So many places to visit. The Linaria area is 12 kilometers south of the city of Skyros and is built around a dune bay from which you can enjoy a romantic sunset. Here you can organize boat excursions in nearby caves and nearby islands. There are also Sciro ponyes with arched back and a long mane. They are from ancient times the symbol of the island. And there are deserted islands like Valaxa, Sarakiniko, Skyropoula and Platia.

Sciro City is the capital of the island of Skyros, located on the northern part of the island, extending on a hillside, dominated by an imposing Byzantine castle built on the remains of an ancient acropolis. The center of the capital consists of Pano Piatsa or upper square, full of inns, taverns, cafes and bars, where the bronze statue of immortal poetry was erected in 1931.

Do not miss the church of San Athanasios built in the 17th century at the central square. While at ten minutes from the city there is the church of San Costantino and from the hill you can admire the enchanting panorama of Skyros. Among the beauties are the Monastery of St. George, dedicated to the patron saint of the island: a beautiful structure built around 962 dC. during the Byzantine period.

And inside the monastery is the b. Located on a colina of the city was built to defend the island against the ravings of pirates and enemies. At the entrance there is a marble lion engraved on the wall. Among the monuments is the church of Santa Triada with its extraordinary and ancient frescoes.

There are also interesting museums in Skyros. There is the Museum of Folklore Manos Faltaits that exhibits objects that depict daily life in the different periods of the long history of Skyros. A rich collection of documents and publications dating back to the Byzantine period up to the Independence War, traditional island customs, daily tools, rare maps, books and manuscripts. Sculptures and paintings by Manos Faltaits.

Finally, the Archaeological Museum. Located in Sciro town, it exhibits archaeological finds on the island. It was built in 1967 and contains coins, paintings and jewels from the old warehouse of Magazia. The museum also houses a Kostoria folklore collection that depicts a traditional Scito home with furniture and all its everyday utensils.

On the island there are many beaches, almost all isolated and quiet. There is Prafkos 11 kilometers south of Skyros town, surrounded by dense vegetation and a dreamy landscape with crystal clear water, ideal for relaxation. Or Atsitsa 18 kilometers from the capital, with rocks reaching to the sea. Great for swimming but few trees and few tourist attractions.

There is Agios Foksa beach with white sand and coastline with pebbles. A dirt road leads to the beach and the surrounding area is rich in greenery and makes the place picturesque and absolutely relaxing. Lastly, there is the beautiful Molos beach 4 kilometers north of the island capital of Skyros, the most popular and best organized beach on the island, long and sandy, surrounded by picturesque landscapes.

Skyros’s nightlife is very quiet, is not subject to mass tourism and has always kept its traditions alive. It is a deserted island, with no noise and crowd as is often the case in the Greek islands. There are no nightclubs or nightclubs but pubs where you can take something to drink

In the mountains of Greece in search of the ancient gods

With the stick I release the unlocking and free my boots. I look down at the ski track that goes up along the large ridge leading up to the top of the Skala. The snow in the last one hundred and fifty meters of altitude was hard and windy. Not a great pleasure to climb and probably will not even be down. Below, I’m sure the squirrels will leave the post to the most beautiful spring firen you can imagine, a mantle that will give our skis curves memorable. When I finally look up, I do it slowly, almost with fear.

The true summit of this mountain is just over, taller than just 7 meters. To reach it, however, it is necessary to descend to a collar and climb climbing on the rocks discovered on the ridge. But this is not what I want. I prefer to sit here in the snow and observe that dolomitic wall, that steep climbing stone on which the great pioneer of dolomite climbing Emilio Comici traced in the 30s of the last century a climbing path which from the center ascend directly to the summit, up to the sumptuous rocks of Olympus.

So I stay silent, the gaze fixed on that limestone and yet, for so many efforts to do, I still can not see the son of Crono and Rea, the Sovereign of the Gods, the Lightning Thrower, the Seduction of goddesses, nymphs and mortals. ‘immortal Zeus. I can not even see any of the others, neither Era nor Aphrodite, Ares, Athena or Hermes. Yet I’m sure their spirit still lives among those rocks.

The weight they have had in the history of European men and women is so great that it is not possible to think of this mountain and these lands without going with the thought of the aura of mythology that they pervaded. For this reason, though I went up and down with the highest or harder mountain skiing of this, the feeling that makes my soul tremble now is one of the strongest I have ever experienced. It is an emotion that comes from a past that precedes my births for millennia but which is still powerful as it was when it was living in the words that came out of Homer’s mouth. Here is what we are today, here are the basics of our culture and our way of life. Here are the basics of our civil and democratic coexistence. It is not possible that all this heritage has left a mark on these rocks as well.

I’m still looking at the top of Olympus, but my fantasy does not just take the body. The rocks continue to be deserted. Only a handful spreads his wings from the peak of the Mitikos. With quick wings of wings he stands, stands for a moment on the vertical of the mountain and then disappears to the Gulf of Thessaloniki. Who knows, I think with a smile, maybe it might be just Zeus in one of her many disguises. I knit the skins and catches the skis, strain my boots, and with my friends start the descent. It’s the last day of this little adventure. Tomorrow, an airplane flight will take us back to home for a few hours. A non-trip trip that of return. Because even though it will lead us to affection and affection, it will also be a journey towards the certainties and secrets of everyday life. The journey, on the other hand, is the real journey, is first of all the confrontation of man with himself and with the doubts that the road puts before him. Only in this sense also the return can make sense: it is no longer the end of the experience, but a moment of a circular path, a return to the origins, where everything started and where the history of the journey itself can be metabolized and told.

To live this right here, on the land of Greece, where the prototype of all travel narratives was born, the affair of the Homeric hero Ulysses, was like weaving a fitting with that distant history and with all the mythology of the gods of ancient Ellas . Crossing the Epirus and climbing three of its mountain ranges, with a snow perhaps not abundant but amazing for quality, a gorgeous firn, a granite on which to let slip the aces with unparalleled pleasure, we met other skiers and discovered that even in Greece there are ski mountaineers, perhaps a small number, but with great abilities and a desire similar to ours to enjoy the snowy mountain environment.

Interrail, Europe for everyone from Christmas markets to Greek islands

“We break the myth of the backpack travel, sitting on the floor and just for the young. No, Interrail is a product for all, families, moms with children, young and senior. First and second class, sitting comfortably. ” This is how Silvia Festa, the Southern Europe market manager of Eurail Group, is the presentation press conference in Milan of the latest Interrail product news for the Italian market on Trenitalia sales network and the exclusive benefits for Pass holders.

Until December 31, 2017 with Interrail will be valid promotion that offers a 15% discount on a wide range of Pass, with the possibility to start traveling within 11 months from the date of purchase.

“An initiative that allows you to travel even in the winter, by arranging your holidays. Interrail brings you, for example, to the Christmas markets of Germany and Austria or Eastern Europe. Or in a European capital like London, Paris, Berlin or Barcelona for New Year. ”

For sea lovers and for the sake of integrated mobility, it is possible to combine even more ferry train for a tour on the Greek islands, starting from Bari and visiting Santorini, Kos and Rhodes.

“While with the Global Pass tour, which includes up to 30 European countries, you can visit Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria.”

EUROPE IN TASCA. The dedicated Rail Planner application, which allows you to view train timetables for all European rail companies, is also available to travelers, as well as the advantages of hotels, museums and attractions, and reservations on Eurostar, Thalys and Tgv trains and Trenitalia’s Arrows, which in 2017 were the most booked trains via the Pass Eurail and Interrail trains with the Florence-Rome and Venice-Florence trains.

Travel Interrail means going on a cultural trip, discovering different European countries, meeting other travelers to share experience. “We are thus creating a kind of community to be able to confront and tell and why not enjoy the experience of a train trip. Do not forget the advantage of flexibility in choosing the itinerary, which can be modified according to your needs even during your trip », continues the manager.

But how does Interrail travel? In January-August 2017, 24% chose the One Country Pass solution, which allows travel to one country, while 76% have chosen the Global Pass solution, which includes up to 30 European countries.

SUCCESS OF TOTAL SENIOR. Again in the same period as the sales item, the target of young travelers scored + 6% as well as the adult target. The total senior segment recorded a + 72%. As far as the Italian market is concerned, Italian Interrail travelers prefer southern Europe as a destination with headland Spain, followed by Portugal and Greek islands. You can also purchase Pass on the Trenitalia website and in the network of authorized agencies.

GET TO THE ANCILLARY. “Despite training and training meetings between agents, there is still little knowledge of the Interrail product. Many remain anchored to the idea of ​​a mature journey, just for young people – emphasizes Silvia Festa – Instead, they should know that besides being all age targets, it is also a very profitable product. Adv can sell a route in a single product by adding ancillary services such as hotels and ground services. In short, pack and sell a real custom travel package. And to try to make the change and evolution of the Pass from 13 November on to trade and consumer, we are also on air with an advertising and information campaign on Radio Monte Carlo and Radio 101. “

Genoa points to Madrid, Mykonos and Lampedusa: here are the new Volotea routes

Today and tomorrow super discount rates ranging from 9 euros

Genova. Madrid, but also Mykonos and Lampedusa, as well as an increase in the flight to Palermo, which goes hand in hand with the problems experienced by Ryanair.

Volotea, the airline based in Genoa, launches a new offensive bringing 16 targets that can be reached by Cristoforo Colombo where it is the first for a number of linked destinations. Eight in Italy: Alghero, Brindisi, Cagliari, Catania, Lampedusa (new 2018), Naples, Olbia, Palermo. And eight abroad: Ibiza, Madrid (new 2018), Menorca and Palma de Mallorca in Spain, Vienna in Austria, in addition to Athens, Mykonos (new 2018) and Santorini in Greece.

“Madrid will become operational from 30 March with two weekly frequencies next year – says Valeria Rebasti volotea country manager – and will be operated twice a week. It is a very important flight because it will allow the Genoese to go on holiday in Spain and visit the magnificent capital, on the other hand it will increase the incoming traffic, bringing the Spaniards to know Genoa and Liguria. ”

The other two routes are Lampedusa (26 May a weekly rate) and Mykonos (available from May 29th once a week), while Palermo departures will increase. “From two times a week we go to four,” explains Rebasti, “allowing those who go to Sicily and vice versa to travel throughout the winter.”

Meanwhile, Volotea successfully celebrates Genoa’s first summer, which has led to a 73% increase in passenger numbers over 120,000. “Since the beginning of the business (2012) to today,” Rebasti continues, “we have transported about 750,000 passengers and for next year we have more than 400,000 seats available for sale.”

“Volotea’s new development, announced today by Volotea, adds new important elements to the development project of our airport,” commented President Paolo Odone. “Volotea’s development demonstrates the potential for growth in our territory, and thanks to this company we are keen to be the Mediterranean access gate for Northern European tourists. ”

For the launch of the new routes, a promotion has also been conceived to allow new flights to be purchased for a few days at special rates (starting at 9 euros).

Holidays in Euboea, a pearl among the Greek islands

Discovering Euboea, one of the most beautiful Greek islands, economical and little touristy, between wonderful beaches, historic cities and archaeological sites

Ideal for those who do not like the assaulted places of mass tourism, Eubèa or Evia extends for about 170 kilometers and is connected to the mainland by a road bridge on the Euripo Strait that unites the city of Calcide, the island’s capital with the eastern coasts of Greece. Located in the Aegean Sea is the second largest island after Crete and offers many opportunities, including wonderful beaches, historic towns and archaeological sites that are worth a visit.

Thanks to its strategic position, Euboea has always been a safe route for sailors, often becoming a crossroads of ideas and cultures and a succession of different domination. Euboea has very ancient origins. The region was inhabited by Ionian populations, and the two cities of Calcid and Eretria were very flourishing throughout history and played a key role in the Greek colonization of the northwestern Aegean, Magna Grecia and Sicily.

In the 6th century BC passed under the rule of the Athenians while the Romans arrived in the third century BC. Subsequently during the Byzantine period many churches and monasteries were built up to the thirteenth century when it passed to the Republic of Venice that changed its name to Negroponte, holding it until the Turkish conquest in 1470. Later, in 1830 he was brought back to Greece after centuries of Ottoman domination. Eubea’s entrance gate is the town of Calcide, connected to the mainland by an iron bridge, from where ferries leave and arrive.

Euboea can be visited both in winter and summer. To reach it just take a stop at the Athens Airport and from here take the train or bus to Calcide which is about 90 kilometers from the Greek capital. But the island has a vast network of roads and you can then explore it quietly by car or by bus. Scarcely known and frequented by foreign tourists, the island of Euboea, is one of the main tourist destinations for the Greeks, especially from the Athenians who spend the weekend here or the summer holidays. In addition, it still offers prices that are absolutely cheap and economical compared to other Greek islands.

Its ancient capital is Calcide which besides being the main point of connection to the mainland today is presented as a modern city dotted with bars, restaurants and shops. You can find them in the main street or in the small harbor where to stroll, drink a little ‘tsipouro’ or eat a good Greek fish dish. But Calcide is also a city with 3000 years of history. Here is an interesting Archaeological Museum with several finds from all over the island, and the ruins of some ancient temples, including the ancient fortress of Karababa, built by the Turks in the 15th century to protect the city from the Venetians.

Towards the south, the second largest city is Eretria, an important financial and cultural center in ancient Greece, with its Archaeological Museum and the ruins of an ancient theater destroyed by the Romans in 198 a. Also to see the remains of the Temple of Apollo from the 6th century BC with several sculptures, some of which are kept in the Calcide Museum. Even in this city of Eubea you will find the sacred temple of Isis, one of the most interesting monuments of ancient Eretria, as well as the beautiful mosaic home, an ancient Hellenistic building, featuring elegant mosaics representing mythological scenes.

More in the center is Kimi, one of the oldest cities in Euboea, with its old mansions characterized by wrought-iron balconies. An interesting museum is the one of Folklore, considered one of the best of its kind, you can admire handicraft items, in particular dresses and embroidery and a wide range of local costumes and various traditional and agricultural utensils. Just a few minutes drive you will reach Limni, a delightful town overlooking a natural harbor that connects Euboea with the rest of the Greek islands, distinguished by an urban center with typical white houses with red roofs along the waterfront, along with many typical tavernas and cafes .

8 kilometers from Limni you can visit the oldest Byzantine monastery, the Moni Galataki. It is a wonderful place with many vestiges and frescoes. In the northern part of the island, Edipsos is one of the most renowned destinations in Euboea since ancient times for its healing waters. Today, it is known for its spa and spa resorts where it can regenerate with a nice bath in one of its springs, dive into the mud or relax with a nice massage.

In addition to the many centers, Euboea has wonderful beaches, some of which offer wonderful sandy beaches and places to meet and enjoy.


Zante, the island of Greece on the Ionian Sea, epicenter of the earthquake magnitude 8.5 earthquake 8.5 of November 2 for the international tsunami exercise

Everything will start from Zakynthos: the Greek island of the Ionian Sea will be the epicenter of the magnitude 8.5 earthquake that will be simulated on Thursday 2 November for the international “NEAMWave17” Exercise, an anti-tsunami test throughout the Mediterranean, Southern Italy. A very important appointment to test the new monitoring and prevention network established by the Maremotion National Alert System (SiAM), envisaged by the Prime Minister’s Directive of 17 February (in G.U. on 5 June 2017). The SiAM – created to assess the possibility of earthquakes at sea or along the coast of a tsunami and of what magnitude and to spread alert messages – is composed of INGV – National Institute of Geophysics and Vulcanology, which operates through the Center Tsunami Alert (CAT), ISPRA – Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research and Civil Protection Department.

Zante, with an area of ​​405 km, is an island of the Ionian Sea, located 300 km west of Athens and boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. It is a real paradise of terrestrial with very fine sand lapped by a turquoise sea with crystalline backdrops. Note more like Ugo Foscolo, Zakynthos or Zante’s native island is just as the poet depicted in his poetry and the Blue Caves are one of his most famous and publicized attractions, which can be visited either by his own boat or by one of the many organized boat tours.

These particular geological formations, which are named after the particular blue reflections that water takes into them, follow the northwest coast of the island, beginning immediately after Agios Nikolaos and then ending in the vicinity of Capo Skinari, creating scenic scenery, postcard. In many caves it is possible to enter a small or medium boat, while the discovery of the others is reserved only to experienced swimmers and divers. Boat tours to visit the caves start from Makris Gialos Beach, Aghios Nikolaos and Capo Skinari.

The simulation of the earthquake will allow a test of a real state-of-the-art alerting process for southern Italy: the exercise will therefore provide an analysis of the tsunamigenic potential of the earthquake carried out by CAT-INGV, the real-time study of the seaographic data collected by ISPRA and the application of the rapid alert procedures by the Civil Protection Department. It will also be an opportunity to test the ad hoc platform for rapid alert alert delivery, which will allow simultaneous transmission via three channels: email, sms and IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Alert messages will be forwarded to all Regional Civil Protection Offices and Sicily, Calabria, Basilicata and Puglia regions – those most concerned by the exercise scenario – communications will reach, through the platform, some municipal administrations identified by the regions themselves .

What to see in Antiparos, a small gem between the Greek islands

Holidays in Antiparos, Greek island in the Aegean Sea, which hides small-great treasures such as the caves of Agios Ioannis and the archaeological site of Despotiko

Small, beautiful and elegant, Antiparos is an island of Greece that is part of the small Cyclades, in the heart of the Aegean Sea. Next to the island of Paros, Antiparos is a paradise for those who love wildlife and those who want a quiet and comfortable vacation. The best time to visit the island is the beautiful season, from spring to autumn. During the summer months there is a great crowd of tourists, so to enjoy the full holiday it is best to choose June or September.

It’s easy to get around the Greek Cyclades Islands, a relatively cheap trip, a bit for the proximity and a bit because some islands are less well-known and therefore not crowded with mass tourism. A few hours away from Italy you arrive to Athens and there ferries or flights to Paros to which Antiparos is connected by sea. Despite its small size, the island offers a wide range of attractions that can provide everything you want from a vacation: sea, beaches and a lively nightlife, a great destination for younger people but also for families.

Obviously, in order to be able to visit Antiparos Island long and wide, it is better to rent a bicycle or a scooter; Alternatively, in the summer season there is an efficient and cheap bus service connecting Chora to the famous Antiparos Cave and several gulets offering their return service to Antiparos or the Despotiko Island.

The resort of Chora is the small center of the island of Antiparos, characterized by cubic white houses, blue doors and windows, picturesque balconies rich in flowers and decorations, traditional architectural style of the Cyclades. In Chora there is a single main street that leads from the small port to the small and pretty square of St. Nicholas and to the homonymous church of 1783, which is inevitably white. At the sides of the street there are numerous bars, restaurants, souvenir shops and local handicrafts where you can buy some of all and countless taverns where to taste the typical dishes.

The other heart of Life of Antiparos is the harbor, with many fishing boats, tourist agencies, car hire, scooters and bicycles, banks, taverns and bars. The island offers many beaches, mostly sandy and unspoilt with a fabulous sea and seaside rich in fish and marine flora. The best beaches on the island are definitely Monastiria, a small, secluded bay (in order to reach it you must cross a very steep mountain path), ideal for anyone who wants to escape and find peace and relaxation; the sea is gorgeous, perfect for snorkeling.

Among the most suggestive beaches we also suggest Livadi, intimate and unattractive, and those in the resort called San Giorgio, among them the most popular Agios Georgios, on the western side, near the homonymous village, 12 kilometers from the capital of Antiparos . Or the beach of Glyfa, one of the best on the island, in the southern part 6 kilometers from Chora. But along the roads to reach these two lids you will find a myriad of other marvelous coves where you can swim and sunbathe on the golden sand.

If you want to spend a day away from the sea, it is also worth visiting the Kastro of Antiparos, the ruins of the ancient medieval Venetian castle in the center of the village, surrounded by a fortress, and the four ancient churches: Christos, Agios Antonios, Agios Ioannis and Agios Nikolaos. Nine miles south of Chora is one of the main attractions of the island, the marvelous cave on the promontory of Agios Ioannis in the southeastern part of the island. The cave has a real collection of stalactites and stalagmites inside it. It is a large underground cave deep in the 100 meters discovered during the reign of Alexander the Great.

To reach the center of the cave, you have to walk about 411 steps that wind through unique and fascinating formations. In addition, there are several graffiti and decorations, ancient testimonies dating back to the 7th century BC. but also of illustrious characters who in the course of history wanted to leave a trace of their visit to Antiparos, such as that of Brittany of Wittelsbach king of Greece in 1840 or the marquis of Nointel, then French ambassador to Constantinople who in 1673 the most impressive stalagmite of the cave called the altar, celebrated Christmas Mass for 500 people.

Vacation in Syros, the Cycladic Island that you do not expect

In Syros you find the authentic soul of Greece with culture, beaches and postcard views and great cuisine to enjoy.

Syros is part of the Cyclades archipelago, but compared to more popular destinations such as Mykonos and Santorini, it can count on more discreet and sustainable tourism while maintaining the characteristics that have guaranteed the success of these islands in Greece. Syros is a small island, so it is possible to turn it around in a few hours, but it offers excellent cuisine, culture and small beaches perfect for relaxation.

Here are the institutions that deal with the administration of the Cyclades and many of the business activities that are not only related to holidaymakers. In Syros, you dive in authentic Greece with few concessions to “tourist traps” and is a perfect destination for those who are not interested in the world at all costs. Its capital is the town of Ermoupolis climbing on two hills while it is reflected in the waters of the Aegean Sea.

Prosperous and vibrant, this is an ideal base for exploring the island and it will be a pleasure to walk through the paved streets and admire the incredible palaces decorations. Ermoupolis was founded in 1821 on the occasion of the Independence War and, in a few years, saw not only the number of its inhabitants but also their prosperity. Houses and palaces are neoclassical, while if you want to see the typical Cycladic postcard village with its white square squares, you will have to move to Ano Syros, located to the left of the city and built as an amphitheater to defend yourself against enemies. Even here, however, white houses coexist and combine with influences of other historical epochs, considering that the village was founded by Venetians around 1,200.

Among the things to see in Ano Syros is the Baroque Cathedral of San Giorgio and here was born Markos Vamvakaris, one of the most important musicians and composers of the musical genre known as rebetiko and to whom are dedicated a town square and a small museum with his recordings and personal effects. The village is about 3.5 km from Ermoupolis so you can reach it with a nice walk that will let you discover the peculiarities of the Syros landscape.

Ermoupolis is located almost half of the island, which is characterized by a shorter and mountainous northern part, and a much greener south end of the island where the main crops of the island can be found. If water is your element and you love diving, the sea around Syros is not only rich in flora and fauna, but full of wrecks and caves to explore alone or on excursions organized by local diving centers.

For those who prefer absolute relaxation, Syros find beaches that face crystal clear waters and are certainly among the most beautiful of all the Cyclades. Following the coast you can opt for a beach equipped as Vari, Azolimnos, Foinikas or Megas Gialos where you can find all the services you need or to reach more isolated and wild places where you practice, for example, naturism. Of course, there are sandy beaches that are particularly appreciated by families with children like Agathopes Beach just a few miles from Ermoupolis or Lotos Beach near Kini where the winds rarely come and you can swim in peace.

If you want to spend a few hours discovering the cultural aspects of Syros, there are also museums among which we point out the archaeological site of Ermoupolis or the exhibition on traditional professions and their objects in Ano Syros. On the island there is also the historical Apollon theater created in 1864 by the Italian architect Pietro Sampo and inspired among others also at the Scala of Milan. Today, the hotel hosts numerous events including the Festival of the Aegean, which attracts artists from all over the world.

A vacation in Greece can not be called complete without talking about its cuisine and Syros, it certainly is no exception. Unlike other islands, however, here we find a mixture of tastes coming from the Orient with dishes such as aetopita (a salted pie with fish and vegetables), the carabola (snails to sage), lachanodolma (rolls of cabbage leaves filled with rice) and many specialties made from local meats and cheeses. Do not miss the restaurants to try them, and we bet that a lunch in a typical tavern or a dinner on the seashore will rightly enter the favorite activities of your vacation in Syros?

Islands of Greece: the guide of Paros, the marble island

Our review on beautiful Greece and its wonderful islands continues. Fantastic places to see at least once in life. Each with its original features. After the general guide of the Cyclades and that of the less touristic islands, we want to bring you to the discovery of Paros, or Paro in Italian.

The island of Paros is located in the central-southern Aegean Sea, next to the island of Naxos, to which it was formerly united. Off the southwest coast is the smallest island of Antiparos and the uninhabited islands of Despotiko, Strongyli, Fira and Diplo, plus a number of rocks and islets that form the Paros archipelago. Revmatonissi is a small private island between Paros and Antiparos. Other rocks and islets are off the coast of the south and north-east coast of the island. In the north of Paros there are the islands of Syros and Mykonos, South Sikinos and Ios, while the west is Sifnos Island. So Paros is at the center of the Cyclades archipelago, easily reachable from the other main islands. From the port of Piraeus is 90 nautical miles.

Paros is the third island of the Cyclades in size, with about 196 km² of surface after Naxos and Andros. Its coast stretches for 120 kilometers. It has a predominantly mountainous area, like all the Cyclades, although less harsh than nearby Naxos. The highest summit of the island, on the Profitis Ilias mountains reaches 771 meters above sea level. Like the rest of the Cyclades, it has a barren territory, with little vegetation, mainly concentrated in the central part. The rocks of Paros are mainly of granite and marble, a feature that has made the island important for its white marble quarries, still present, still a part of its economy. Although the main activity today is tourism.

The island of Paros was inhabited since prehistoric times. At the center of Mycenaean civilization, like the other Cyclades, he was later involved in the wars between Athenians and Persians, allied with the latter. It was conquered by the Romans and by Byzantines. At the beginning of the 13th century it was conquered by the Venetians and included in the Duchy of Naxos. In his story he was subjected to numerous raids and devastations by pirates. Paros is the home of the poet Archiloco.

The capital of Paros Island is the town of Paroikia or Parikia, on the northwest coast, the second most important city being Naoussa, on the north coast. Highly populated areas are Marpissa, near the eastern coast and its port of Piso Livadi, Lefkes inland, Aliki, on the southern coast.

Islands of Greece: what to see in Paros

The island of Paros offers enchanting views of natural beauty, white villages typical of Cyclades and marinas with fishermen’s boats, today mainly used for tourist activities.

Arriving on the island, the first visit is to the town of Paroikia, a pretty residential town that develops between alleyways and alleys between the traditional white houses with blue doors and windows. The highest part, the one that offers a stunning view of the harbor is Kastro, the castle where the remains of a Franchi fortress, a Venetian tower and some characteristic houses around the ruins are located. Near the castle stands the church of Agios Konstantinos, while in the interior is the Basilica of the Madonna of Katapoliani (Panagia Ekatontapiliani, Madonna of the hundred doors) Byzantine church with bricks, an older part, the chapel dedicated to St. Nicholas , dating to the IV century AD, several mosaics and important icons inside. The religious complex also houses the Byzantine Museum. To visit near the basilica, the Archaeological Museum of Paros, with important finds of ancient Greek and Roman times. Around the port to see the pretty little church of Agia Anna. The town of Paroikia is full of clothing stores, especially for the sea, restaurants, taverns and locals.

In the north of the island, the town of Naoussa overlooks a large bay, with a glimpse into the array of white houses overlooking the harbor. Despite the tourist development, with the tables of the numerous taverns on docks, the port of Naoussa is still dedicated to fishing, one of the main business activities of the town. The many fishing boats and boats give the port of Naoussa a very distinctive and authentic look. To be seen. On the tip of the west shore of the harbor stands, among the taverns and shops, the delightful white church of Agios Nikolaos.

A private spa boasts features like a sauna, cold plunge pool and steam room

Nature, art and architecture come together at the stunning 9 Bedroom Villa.
Built dramatically on a hillside that commands views of the sea and neighboring islands, this breathtaking Porto Heli vacation rental represents the utmost in setting, style and luxury.
Come for a sun-kissed destination wedding, a wonderfully relaxed family reunion or simply to indulge in the legendary hospitality of the Aman resorts.

Taking inspiration from classical Greek architecture and modern art, the villa has both traditional colonnades and contemporary finishes, and striking sculptures placed throughout the grounds.
Designers Edward Tuttle and Marios Angelopoulos used natural materials, open-plan layouts and floor-to-ceiling windows to connect the interiors to the formal gardens outside and the countryside beyond.
Lounge, chat or spot yachts in the bay below from the multiple sitting rooms; several dining areas let you gather for a casual meal or formally celebrate a special occasion.
Though chef service is part of your holiday, the villa does have a fully equipped kitchen.

Known as an exclusive resort and a popular yachting destination, Porto Heli lives up to its reputation with tranquil coves perfect for swimming, sun-dappled hillsides and a charming town.
Stay on the resort grounds and take the complimentary shuttle to the Amanzoe beach club, or make the short drive into town and try its oceanfront tavernas.
Sailing to the neighboring islands of Spetses and Hydra or visiting the ancient amphitheater at Epidaurus are sure to be highlights of your trip.

The return of non-alcoholic cocktails: the Seedlip and Tonic recipe

On the one hand Elderflower Tonic Water of Fever-Tree, from the aloof the non-alcoholic spirit Seedlip Garden 108. Here is a perfect soft drink for the summer: low calorie and so many, many fragrances

It’s a bit hot. A bit is to not overdo it with calories. And a little bit is not risking life and driving while sitting at the wheel. The list of non-alcoholic bars and pubs is inexorably continuing to stretch. And to embellish, with far-reaching proposals, based on highly sought after products. An example? The cocktail of which we give you the recipe below. It is called Seedlip & Tonic, and is obtained from a clever mix of Elderflower Tonic Water from Fever-Tree, the brand of soft drinks, and Seedlip Garden 108, innovative non-alcoholic and zero-calorie spirit obtained from hay distillation, peas, mint, rosemary , Thyme and hops. The result is an original mix between the sweet elderly notes and the bitter water quinine notes and the herbaceous and spicy notes of the spirit. No alcohol, but with an extremely fascinating set of fragrances.

Seedlip & Tonic

50 ml of Seedlip Garden 108
125 ml of Elderflower Tonic
1 slice of cucumber

Fill a highball ice cup and add a Seedlip measuring stick.

Then add Fever-Tree Elderflower fresh and garnish it all with cucumber sauce.

Mykonos exclusive

Esta impresionante propiedad, literalmente,

está a pocos pasos de las aguas cristalinas del mar Egeo, en la zona de Aleomandra, muy conocido por sus puntos

de vista sin precedentes y extendidas de Delos, Rhenia y romántica puesta de sol; su favorable ubicación también

le permite llegar fácilmente al centro de la ciudad de Mykonos, así como las playas de Agios Ioannis y Ornos.

La vista hermosa puede ser ampliamente disfrutado de las zonas exteriores, hechas precisamente con esta

intención, sin comprometer el nivel de comodidad para los huéspedes, garantizado por una multitud de soluciones

para la relajación, tanto en la terraza frente a la piscina.

La terraza también está equipado con un sistema de sonido al aire libre agradable y es fácilmente accesible

directamente desde la cocina y el salón, también están en la posición discreta y funcional una zona utilizada

para almuerzos y cenas al aire libre.

Un camino de piedra preciosa desciende por el jardín a la zona que alberga la piscina de borde infinito con un

diseño único, con una sección más profunda que desemboca en un menor; nos encontramos en esta zona también una

ducha al aire libre funcional cerca de un vestidor.

Desde aquí se puede conseguir una pequeña playa de arena romántica para un baño rápido justo por debajo de la


Los interiores exhiben un impresionante ejemplo de diseño contemporáneo, donde todos los servicios modernos están

al servicio y la privacidad de un concepto particular del espacio; El gran salón ofrece acceso directo a tres

habitaciones, todas con vistas al mar y cuarto de baño y la cocina equipada con todo el peso está separada por un

pequeño patio interior y mira directamente a las tablas de madera del comedor exterior, rodeado de intrigantes

sillas de Kartell.

El nivel inferior está construido alrededor de un entorno que se puede llamar una sala de juegos perfecto para

los niños, gracias a la habitación con literas cercanas y cine en casa con proyector siempre apreciados por los

más pequeños.

Dos habitaciones adicionales están disponibles a los huéspedes, la primera independiente dispuesta en un nivel

inferior con respecto al cuerpo central y la segunda que se caracteriza por una vista mar increíble posicionado

lateralmente del jardín. Todas las habitaciones están decoradas con gusto y equipadas con todas las tecnologías

y las más modernas instalaciones.

Una de la propiedad privada más exclusiva de Mykonos, que se caracteriza por un sabor inigualable y diseño en una

ubicación fabulosa, los viajeros más exigentes se sentirán en casa en un ambiente fresco y cómodo para una

experiencia inolvidable de una propiedad privada Mykonos más exclusivos, que se caracteriza por un sabor

inigualable y diseño en uno.

‘My Fair Lady’ for one day. Kate Middleton’s look at Ascot

The Duchess of Cambridge opted for a style that recalled Audrey Hepburn in the 1964 film and sounded to the rhythm of ‘The Ascot Gavotte’

A song (The Ascot Gavotte), an actress (Audrey Hepburn) and a stage (the Ascot Racecourse). Yes, we outlined a scene from My Fair Lady, but not any scene but the one that contains the most iconic styling of George Cukor’s film. That test of fire that decides the outcome of the story: whether the florist Eliza is prepared or not to develop among the high society of London.

This film reference is justified if we talk about the look of the Duchess of Cambridge and the environment in which, incidentally, has taken place. To attend the Royal Ascot, the event held in this United Kingdom Hippodrome as every June and summons the finest of British society, including royal family and nobility, chose a dress with all the necessary elements to become Right on My Fair Lady.

White from head to toe – and never better, because the headdress claimed its share of prominence – high collar and endless lace lace. Alexander McQueen’s suit carried us to 1964 when Hepburn, Rex Harrison and company sang and danced in wonderful costumes. Although with obvious differences, from the length of the dress to the silhouette or the exaggerated flourishes of the original design, it is impossible not to establish a comparative.

Prince William’s wife unknowingly performed an aesthetic reinvention exercise by adapting a styling conceived for fiction more than 50 years ago to the reality of 2017. While elegance is the strong asset and point of attachment of both sets, Baroque and profusion of details is the big difference.

Middleton’s model is the simple and millenical (re) interpretation of Audrey’s wardrobe, without so much pomposity or overhead. In fact, the complements reduce their size and presence: a beige salons of Gianvitto Rossi and a handbag of Etui. Overall, an outfit very similar to the one he wore for his debut in 2016 and signed Dolce & Gabbana.

Mykonos Holiday

This beautiful and luxurious villa mirroring traditional Greek architecture, offers the very best of Mykonos.
The beating heart of the Cyclades, Mykonos is well endowed with natural beauty and embellished even further with historical significance and beautiful architecture. The sparse shrubberies, golden sandy beaches, the intense blue sea and crystal clear skies have an indescribable calming effect. Traditional white-washed chalets and houses dominate the landscape, with colorful windows and vibrant bougainvillea. In the background, the old windmills, add to the appealing views. The villa is located in Elia, home to one of the longest beaches on the island, which houses a quality beach restaurant, sunbed and parasols arrangements and water-sports.

Byredo creates an Ikea fragrance

How does Ikea smell: after chipboard, houseplant and solid cotton? Ben Gorham, eccentric,

fragrance proviceur and founder of Byredo, has teamed up with the Swedish label for such a fragrance interpretation.

However, the cooperation is less about IKEA ingredients, rather the experience of how a home is associated with a certain fragrance

“I know a lot of people experience a fragrance association when visiting their grandmother’s house –

whether it is their perfume, flowers or their cooking skills – smell is a very relevant part of every house,”

said Ben Gorham in an interview with Lifestyle- Magazine Lonny on the guiding principle of his cooperation with Ikea.

And, “The experience creates a sense of well-being and security. We rarely talk about it,

and I think this project should also include precisely that people think about fragrances.”


This sparkling villa is well-named.

Experience the joy of staying here in Chania, minutes from the heart of town and the golden sand beaches of the west coast of Crete.

Exclusive style, sophisticated architecture and enviable service may make it challenging for

you to leave your comfortable and idyllic surroundings to discover all the island has to offer.

Located at the top of a hill, the villa is built in five semi-levels sparing no luxury.

On the outside, the aquamarine private pool is surrounded by a lush garden looking out to the view of the town and glistening sea.

Whether you love technology, outdoor activities or both, Villa will cater for your needs.

There’s a home theater system, Wi-Fi, DVD player, iPod dock and computer for indoor entertainment.

Outside you’ll find a swimming pool, plunge pool, jetted tub and gas barbecue offer more than enough to do in this child-friendly vacation villa.

The large pool is exclusive to Villa Joy dwellers’ pleasure.

It is divided into two sections – a circular shallower jetted tub whose water cascades into the larger almond-shaped deeper section.

The poolside and garden offer spots of cool shade and radiant light, as well as privacy and panoramic views.

Mykonos Villas

Just 10 minutes’ walk from Megali Ammos beach and 15 minutes from the ancient town of Mykonos, this spectacular 5-bedroom Greek villa commands sweeping views of the bay and town from its elevated position. Ideal for large and multiple families, up to 10 people will find rest and relaxation here and a pet dog may be permitted on request. Two villa staff live separately on-site and are available to cook, clean and run errands as required.

Every facet of this gorgeous villa has been designed with your comfort and ease in mind and it’s been rated as one of the Top 20 great Greek Island villas by Condé Nast Traveler. Spectacular views of the sunset, harbor and Mykonos town are showcased by huge multiple windows and there are a host of secret corners and generous terraces to sit and soak up the sun, read or just take in the vista. Outdoors a turquoise pool offers a cool respite from the heat of the sun, and is softly illuminated by night. Take a seat at the bar and order your favorite cocktail before raising your glass to the setting sun and dining alfresco on one of the shaded terraces.

Indoors a huge dining table with bench seats and fabulous views is the perfect place to cluster with friends and family for delicious meals and lively conversation before gathering around the open stone fireplace to plan the next day or watch TV. Alternatively there’s another breakfast table in the homely kitchen. Natural materials take pride of place here and wood and stone make frequent appearances.

Three of the villa’s five delightful bedrooms are served by lovely en-suite bathrooms with tubs and rain showers while the two bedrooms in the Family Suite are ideal for a family of four and share a bathroom between them. Rustic stone vanities and unique showers are some of the quirky features that make this place so appealing.

Feeling energetic? Your villa is only 1km from the nearest gym and tennis courts. If you need groceries you only have to drive for 5 minutes or you can ask staff to go on your behalf. Megali Ammos beach is a 10 minute stroll and a 15 minute walk will take you to historic Mykonos Town. Your closest airport is 1.5km away and it’s 2.5km to the nearest port.

Mykonos, Greece. Property and Model released.

Baijiu, the Chinese deluxe distillate: in Italy the new 24K bottle

JNC launches in China Jin Jian Nan 24K, a “baijiu”, traditional Chinese liquor distilled from cereals that drinks the “Ganbei”, “dry the glass”.

Chinese restaurant. Fine meal. A time to close the supper took a sip of a generic Chinese grappa, in pink or plum varieties, sweetie and traitorous,

but useful for digesting fried foods full of glutamate.

Today, the high alcohol content (40-60 °) remains, and the drinking of a Shottino model breath (which would otherwise be rude) but the “baijiu”

(generally known as the Chinese distillate) has risen to level Of course Chinese cuisine.

China’s globalization and expansion in Italy (purchase of Inter and Milan included), China has decided to export a third brand of distillate

“baijiu” that follows the well-known and prestigious Moutai (the most well-known and popular in Our country)

and Wuliangye (expensive bike, already exhibited at the China Pavilion during EXPO): Jian Nan Chun landed in Italy

with the new jumbo jiang Nan 24K, a modern package with a glamorous gold-colored bottle, but the multiple references to the nobility imperial.

Like tea, silk or martial arts, the “baiju” is in fact part of the cultural heritage of the Dragon City

with a history that is lost in the night of the times, it seems to be the favorite liquor of the emperor already during the Tang dynasty ,

In the 1300s. The Jin Jian Nan 24K is therefore a “baijiu”, white liquor, transparent, distilled from cereals

, which traditionally drinks at home at home (try to believe if you hold high gradations) Or at dinner, strictly smooth,

in ceramic shorts at Ganbei’s scream! (Dry the glass!).

Appearing on Times Square screens in New York on January 28 for Chinese New Year

celebrations, and featured as a trademark in several Hollywood films (including “The amazing Spder Man 2” and “Transformers 4”)

, Jin Jian Nan 24K Now finally comes to our tables, soft, pleasing to her well-known sweet sugar, from the lasting scent and from the top to a more

accessible thread of her “competitor”.

Jin Jian Nan 24 K is obviously the last born in the family, if you want to have it even cheerful than you already

drink it, you can break the list of his brothers: K6 and K9 lighter and more delicate, 15 powerful years Pungent and 1949,

leading the date of the creation of the People’s Republic of China and which is a reserve as well as the top bottle of the house

. But attentive: here the prices (which in the case of the K24 are those of a premium base distillate),

go up and may in some cases also touch the 500 euros.

The new statue of Cristiano Ronaldo, too bad to be true

The island of Madeira has decided to rename its airport with the player’s name. All went well, until it was not revealed the disturbing bronze bust dedicated to CR7

For Madeira (o Madera, to put Italian) Cristiano Ronaldo is practically a semi-god. In the city of Funchal, the island’s largest, the famous footballer has taken its first steps, and more recently has opened a luxury hotel of the Pestana chain CR7, as well as a new museum dedicated to his sporting achievements. So the local government has decided to further pay tribute by renaming the island’s airport with his name.

A nice gesture, crowned by a press conference with the same Cristiano Ronaldo was present along with Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and Prime Minister Antonio Costa. In a speech of congratulations and a statement of pride, everything went smoothly, until the time when she was unveiled: the bronze statue in the likeness of the handsome footballer. Objectively too bad to be true.

It will be for those eyes too close, for that creepy smile, or maybe just for questionable similarity: the fact is that the bust in question, made by the artist Emanuel Santos, sparked the irony of the web, which responded to shots of photomontages and meme.

Some even called into question the good old Cape of Art Attack, the speaker bust of the famous children’s program. The author, in an interview with Globo Esporte, defended himself saying that the same Ronaldo has approved the statue and that basically “not even Jesus loved at all.” Matter of taste, then? Absolutely. But it finds it hard to believe that a lover of aesthetics as CR7 can (honestly) meet again in this funny statue.

Emanuele Ferrari is the only Italian among the most influential photographers online

The artist from Milan is the only Italian in the top 100 of the most popular photographers in eleventh place on the Web

GQ is particularly pleased for Emanuele Ferrari. The Milanese photographer working with us for a long time, especially for the site.

Knowing then that is among the international photographers the only Italian in the top 100 of the most influential on the web we immediately driven to ask a selection of his photos to be published for our readers.
The ranking based at WIP (Web Popularity Index) which uses an algorithm that takes into account three factors: visibility, interaction with users and external references.
Applied only to the world of photography are thus emerged the 100 most followed online photographers. Among these one Italian, Emanuele Ferrari, of course, which boasts what is more significant eleventh place in a ranking dominated by the United States, as many as 41, which is headed by Brandon Stanton, ranked fourth a photographer of Peruvian caliber Mario Testino and eighth Terry Richardson, after Steve McCurry.

“It was definitely a nice surprise each receive this alert,” said Emanuele hot Ferrari.

“Becoming part of the ranking of the 100 most important photographers of the web with the ‘giants’ is not a small thing every day … Being prepared on the basis of an index – WIP – an impartial ranking, which recognizes the great Ensure that – as always – I dedicate to the world of the web and social media, and constant interaction I have with my followers. ”

To follow Emanuele Ferrari Online:
To know her work: