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What to see in Corfu

The main attractions and the most beautiful beaches of Corfu, which is a useful guide with photos to organize their holiday in Corfu.

Corfu can be reached directly with the airport and is one of the Greek islands that puts together a bit’ all.

Apart from a few of cement here and there if you rent a scooter is easy to get to secluded beaches and coves where nature reigns supreme and the swimmers are not too many even in high season.

Corfu town is a mix of old and contemporary. The Campiello is the oldest neighborhood in the historic center of Corfu crowded the streets, shops and taverns.
Achillion, residence in Corfu Elizabeth of Austria, known as the Princess Sissi, is a dwelling which houses objects of the former owners, some artwork and a beautiful park. And ‘it considered a bit’ the flagship of the tourist attractions of Corfu.

All’Achillion much preferred if you are not appassioanti of neoclassical architecture and the history of Sissi is Paleopolis, the archaeological site with the ruins of Corfu. sensational nothing is left standing but a walk through ancient ruins, surrounded by olive trees has undoubtedly a special charm.

Along the trail you will meet the Monastery of Santa Eufemia, the open-air theater is still used today, the Congress Center, Palazzo Tito, a post-Byzantine church, the Temple of Hera and the Temple of Kardaki built in honor of Apollo.