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Apple and Google, not on my car

Want to see that the end is right Harald Wester? The German engineer in charge of Alfa Romeo and Maserati, to my observation on the dearth of driver assistance systems and connectivity of Ghibli, replied with an eloquent “so do not use them no.”

Confirming the words of Wester arrives in these hours from the United States: according to the report Drive (Driver Vehicle Interactive Experience) JD Power, 20% of the holders of a new car has never used 16 of the 33 board devices taken into consideration by the study. For a customer of 5, half of today’s technologies mounted on a car would be useless.

Americans also indicate a ranking of the systems less appreciated: services on board (43%), wi-fi router (38%), automatic parking (35%), head-up display (33%) and installed apps directly the House (32%).

Not only. At the expense would be even more trendy CarPlay Apple and Google Android Car: despite the race car industry to chase the giants of Silicon Valley, systems that replicate the contents of your smartphone, do not seem to hit the mark at least one-fifth of the participants in the research. It does not do anything that you call Apple and Google. Sign that the guide will continue to be associated with the cell with the inevitable security risks.

Luckily there are also more positive news, especially for investment billionaires automotive industry: according to the report American drivers appreciate more systems of safety and driving pleasure as on-board diagnostics, the alert of a vehicle in the blind spot and the adaptive cruise control. Encouraging results for the cars to autonomous driving. For all due respect to Wester.