From Sri Lanka to Japan, from Iceland to Cuba: the top 20 trips in 2016

Here you are the most sought after destinations and trends for the coming year

Highly popular destinations and more. Sri Lanka, Japan, from Iceland to Cuba: here are the most clicked and trendy destinations for next year according to Skyscanner. The study analyzes the places that had the largest increase in searches over the past three years. So in addition to the classic Ibiza, Tenerife, Athens and Mykonos, there are also Reykjavik, Eindhoven, Luqa and Zante. Do not you ever considered and now you’re sick of always going in the usual places for your vacation? Be inspired on a trip that will give you moments to remember.

And if you want a more in-depth guide, “World” Lonely Planet, will not disappoint. Each page a trip, with almost a thousand pages full of pictures, tips, practical information and insights: is the bible of the traveler. But we see in detail all goals of 2016.

Zakynthos, Greece. It is not difficult to imagine why this is one of the most popular: intense water destinations, which turn from emerald to turquoise bays and stunning coves, pristine cliffs, lush nature and sunsets that words can not describe.

Zakynthos is wild nature, but also history, culture, archeology. Every corner is to explore: better if you rent a car.

Corfu, Greece. Staying in Greece, Corfu is hugely popular especially in the last year. Here, you’ll find plenty to do and see and you will not have time to bore you with all sorts of activities, sports or cultural that they are. And then Greece, you know, does not disappoint even at the table: the Mediterranean cuisine for every palate and restaurants on the sea you can enjoy fresh fish freshly caught or a mild moussaka, souvlaki and saganaki and the inevitable tzatziki sauce.

Male, Maldives. It is one of the most incredible cities in the world. Among the smallest ever, the city is spread over an atoll of the Maldives only 2 square kilometers and tells an idea different from the one you normally have of this tropical paradise. Streets and alleys intersect drawing a thousand plots, houses and skyscrapers very close to each other characterize the landscape along with the chaotic bazaars. All around, the crazy sea and the other islands where nature reigns supreme and where you can head in search of a beach, because there are none in Malé.

Manila, Philippines. Old and new blend seamlessly into this multi-faceted city, capital of the Philippines. The Manila Cathedral and the church of San Agustin, in a beautiful Baroque, are Unesco World Heritage and are located inside the walled city, not to be missed. Among the ‘must see’, the Rizal Park and Fort Santiago.

Mykonos, Greece. Another Greek meta appreciated, especially by young people who like to have fun in discos and clubs. The windmills of this fantastic island of the Cyclades, a pulsing nightlife which knows no clock or calendar, its colors and its unspoiled nature, which is why the research of flights to the island are constantly growing.

Tokyo, Japan. You want to feel at the center of the world? Do you want to experience the feeling of being a little ant in the ordered chaos of a brisk and colorful metropolis? You’re in the right place. In Tokyo, the Japanese capital, you can only exercise the use of the five senses: enchanted temples and museums alongside blinding neon signs, quirky neighborhoods full of oddities, neighborhoods entirely dedicated to shopping, sumptuous Imperial Palaces and great sushi.

Menorca, Spain. Let’s move to Spain and let’s jump in Menorca, beautiful Balearic island that finally starts to show in spite of the two most famous sisters, Majorca and Ibiza. Perhaps this is why the interest in this dream paradise has increased exponentially in the past three years. Or maybe it will be for the sea that is second to none, and for being an open-air museum, which preserves its uniqueness in spite of the growing mass tourism. A place that deserves attention.

Havana, Cuba. Since it was declared the official embargo against Cuba by the United States, but already since he’s just started talking and to have a feeling that would happen, Havana showed a peak of more intense interest, although this is a destination that has always been required. Before the island becomes or will be, in some way, external influences, you have to start and take that authentic love of life that characterizes it, sly and clever; its dancing atmosphere; its stunning beaches and cigars and rum and so on and so forth. Some departures are not to be postponed.

Santorini, Greece. Immersed in the deep blue of a deep and fascinating Aegean Sea, in contrast to the dark volcanic rock of the island and with its white houses, gleaming in the sun, Santorini is a rare pearl of beauty that is gaining in prestige. The sunsets in Oia are a necessary step, but not neglecting Thira and Caldera views that you will enjoy from there not forget for the rest of your life. With its arches, porches, Catholic and Orthodox churches, staircases, squares and views breathtaking.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Let’s move on the beautiful island Hispaniola, divided between the state of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. We remain in this last area because the capital Santo Domingo is a colonial city that maintains the charm of yesteryear. Increasingly sought after by anyone who follows the sun and warm all year round, with a tropical climate and a rich natural heritage, it is made not only of incredible beaches and lush vegetation, but also a highly respected wildlife.

Colombo, Sri Lanka. In Colombo, Sri Lanka, focus all cultures of the country and the city is an explosion of colors and voices, including markets and skyscrapers, which will captivate you. And, once left behind the Civil War, Colombo is showing many signs of progress. Starting with the improvements in the links. The Fort area brings together the major sites of historical interest, while at Pettah you can not miss the bazaars, boisterous and full of great deals on your souvenirs.

Luqa, Malta. Returning to Europe, and we make a stop in Malta. crossroads of various civilizations, all traceable in the beautiful city architecture, the Maltese archipelago consists of three islands, one more beautiful and knows how to surprise everyone with its beauty and excellent cuisine, which has taken the best from all influences of the Mediterranean.

Tenerife, Spain. The Canaries remain a dream for many: Tenerife is cliccatissima, with its sub-tropical vegetation which alternates with desert and lunar landscapes, spectacular beaches and a carnival that rivals that of Rio. It ‘a place where they find themselves or to disappear completely. Then if you decide at the last move you, let us know.

Ibiza, Spain. It is an evergreen, Ibiza, with its authentic beauty and its nightlife which knows no limits. But the island is also popular with those who want to enjoy the sun of the day and the natural and cultural beauty of the island: the Isla Bianca was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for the Punic necropolis, Phoenician remains of Sa Caleta , the natural reserve of Ses Salines, the fortified city of Dalt Vila.

Athens, Greece. A beautiful city that was the cradle of one of the greatest civilizations and continues to be the focus of the most recent news: Athens is a beating heart, in full political ferment, artistic and cultural.

Seville, Spain. The key words here are fiesta, tapas and flamenco. But the atmosphere is something that is hard to describe: Seville is one of those places you should experience, including a walk in the romantic area of ​​the Guadalquivir and a stop in the taverns. An ideal destination in every season of the year, Andalusia, in the list of the obligatory fan of the Iron Throne, is an area to mark the agenda.

Reykjavik, Iceland. Trend, trendy, young, explosive. Reykjavik is a city that in 2016 goes absolutely view, for its cosmopolitan spirit and its events.

Buenos Aires, Argentina. A city that knows how to get into the heart and stay there for long. For the warmth of its inhabitants, which they draw spontaneous smiles are loved and not alone. Definitely one of the favorite destinations among the countries of South America.

Eindhoven, Netherlands. Here we are in one of the town enjoying at the moment of maximum enthusiasm: Eindhoven is full of interesting places to visit, museums that tell ancient traditions, local to spend pleasant evenings and full of remarkable buildings from an architectural point of view. A city that, despite the cumbersome shadow of Amsterdam, has been able to make the most of its strengths (and air links) and has made tourism a resource.

Warsaw, Poland. Poland is undoubtedly a country that has learned to better manage his territory and Warsaw is right among the trendiest cities in the world. architectural development, the historical center of considerable interest, so much so that UNESCO Heritage, galleries and art centers, increasingly chic night life and different neighborhoods with different souls but all captivating.