Robin Williams was not depressed, but was seriously ill

So the wife of the great actor who committed suicide on 11 August last year in an interview with ABC News: “He would have died within three years, and after a terrible form of dementia, whose course had already started. It was a very brave man but he knew he was going crazy ”

Robin Williams had serious health problems that would kill him within three years if he had decided to commit suicide. This was revealed in his first interview since the actor died on August 11 last year, was the wife Susan Schneider in a long and dramatic interview with ABC News. “We were living a nightmare,” said the woman to the transmission `Good Morning America’, telling that her husband was” disintegrating before my eyes “, in the weeks before his death.

DISEASE – The actor of the fleeting moment, who had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, it was also affected by a neurodegenerative disease known as dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB), caused by deposits of an abnormal protein to ‘ interior of brain cells, which disrupt the normal functions of the brain causing dementia, hallucinations, cognitive disorders, sudden changes in mental status and motor difficulties. Symptoms, said the widow Williams “arise suddenly and without a precise order”, but revealed that the disease only at autopsy. “If he was lucky Robin would have maybe three more years of life. But it would have been hard years and with a good chance it would have been locked up,” said Susan again, remembering that in the months before the suicide, the actor suffered from attacks anxiety, muscle stiffness and motor due to which one day he bumped into a door by getting a deep head wound.
CAUSES – According to Susan, who said he had spent the last year trying to figure out what really killed her husband, was not then depression pushing Robin Williams to suicide. That was just one of about fifty symptoms of his illness. “Robin was aware that he was crazy and could not do anything about it, it was quite lucid and sober when he died.” Was facing its own problems, as best he could, the woman said, describing it as “the bravest man I’ve ever known.” Unfortunately, “Last month the dam broke. And why do not blame him even a bit ‘.” And when asked whether her husband’s suicide could be interpreted as a way to regain control, he replied: “In my opinion, yes.” Susan has finally told in tears, the last moments of the actor before his death. “I was going to bed, entered the room a few times and said, ‘Good night, my love’. Then he came back and took his iPad. I thought he was better. He repeated: ‘Good night’. And that It was the last time I saw him. “