How many islands are there in Greece?

What we propose to you is a geographic question with a complex and articulate answer, because the various sources in this regard are divided into the total number as to the meaning of the word “island”.

And so the number of Greek islands varies, depending on the sources, from 1200 to 9835 units reported on the page of the Greek Government (6000 for the Tourist Board) taking into account a classification that includes in the total number islets and masses outcrop a little more great of a rock. A totally believable number if we think of the morphology of the country, whose 16,000 kilometers of coastline are almost half grown on islands.

For IkH the islands are over 1400, poché are considered as those with a surface above an acre (half a hectare or 4046 square meters).
Even on the number of those permanently or seasonally inhabited there is no single data. According to official sources, between 220 and 227 are those with permanent residents.

Most of the islands are located in the Aegean Sea and are divided into seven main groups or archipelagos and two major islands: to the south is Crete, the largest, while opposite the coast of mainland Greece there is another large island, Euboea, connected by a bridge to the mainland. The rest of the islands is divided between the Cyclades archipelago, the Dodecanese archipelago, the eastern Aegean islands and the northern Aegean islands, the Sporades archipelago. Between the Peloponnese and Attica there are the Saronic islands and, finally, to the west, towards Italy, there are the Ionian islands.

Windows on the sea: 10 truly extraordinary hotels

From Ischia to the Côte d’Azur, from Greece to the Seychelles hotels for those who love the harmony of the waves

Château & Hotels Collection is an association founded in 1975 that unites Hotel du charme and gourmet restaurants throughout Europe and beyond. In almost 600 hotels, we have chosen these ten dwellings decidedly in symbiosis with the sea.

The incomparable charm of Ischia – At Casamicciola Terme, the most important spa of the island of Ischia, is the Hotel La Madonnina, a charming dwelling overlooking the sea, in true Ischia style. Guests can stay in one of the 21 rooms decorated with characteristic tiled floors and all equipped with terraces. To enjoy a few moments of wellness, the modern spa with indoor pool with whirlpool, Kneipp path, sauna and emotional shower; and to make the first swim of the season, the hotel offers a private beach with solarium-platform and 37/40 ° hot springs coming directly from the sea.

An ‘art nouveau’ hotel overlooking the Ligurian landscape – In Rapallo, pearl of the Riviera di Levante in Liguria, lies the Grand Hotel Bristol Resort & Spa, one of the most famous and historic hotels in Italy. The hotel boasts more than 100 years of history and has managed to keep its unique Art Nouveau style intact. Located in front of the sea, from the rooms and the restaurant you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Tigullio. Inside a modern Spa.

The discreet luxury of an ocean dwelling -In France, in the villages of the Loire, in Les Sables d’Olonne, the Atlantic Hotel & Spa is a contemporary style hotel, overlooking the enchanting bay. Inside, 30 luxurious rooms, many with beautiful windows and terraces with direct ocean views. To indulge in some ‘cuddle’ the ideal place is the beautiful spa and the large indoor pool. At Restaurant ‘Le Sloop’, decorated with light colors and details that recall the colors of the sea, you can taste the fried seafood of chef Alexandre Bieignon.

A castle overlooking the Normandy beaches – On the English Channel, in Ėtretat, France, one of the most famous places on the Costa d’Alabastro, stands the exclusive Domaine Saint Clair-Le Donjon. To characterize this splendid castle covered with ivy and surrounded by a large park, is the breathtaking view that can be enjoyed from the rooms: the sea, the cliffs and the typical Norman village of Etretat. The outdoor swimming pool and the restaurant, which offers the best recipes based on local products, boast magnificent sea views.

A villa of the nineteenth century in the Corsican capital – Ad Ajaccio in Corsica, on the ‘Route des Sanguinaires’ you can stay at the Hotel Demeure Les Mouettes, in a typical nineteenth-century villa recently renovated. The hotel has direct access to the beach, an inviting swimming pool surrounded by palm trees and large rooms with views overlooking the Gulf of Ajaccio. All around a large green park.

A gem on the sea of ​​the French Riviera – In Sainte Maxim, there is a real jewel of the Collection, La Belle Aurore, a delightful home overlooking the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. The rooms are spacious, decorated in a Provençal style with soft hues and shades of blue, and have large balconies that give the whole show of the sea. The large outdoor pool seems to be one with the sea. Inside the restaurant the best recipes of the area and, in summer, there is the opportunity to dine outdoors, on the sea, and enjoy the delicacies based on fresh fish.

A hotel surrounded by the sea and nature – Saint-Jean-de-Luz is a charming town in the Aquitaine region of France, once a fishing village and a place frequented by privateers for its strategic position close to Spain. Here, next to the cliff and overlooking the Atlantic, is La Reserve, a charming hotel surrounded by 3 hectares of parkland. The huge swimming pool offers a unique view of the ocean, as well as the terrace of the ‘Ilura’ restaurant, where chef Fabrice Idiart prepares his gourmet recipes.

‘Pieds dans l’eau’ in the Breton sea – The hotel Le Sables Blancs is located right on the most beautiful beach of Concarneau, in Brittany, France. The interiors are welcoming, with wooden floors and furniture; the large windows of the bar, restaurant and rooms overlook the Breton sea. In this structure you can take cooking classes, walks in the vineyards and cycling.

Seven spectacular paradisiacal islands that only few can afford

Who has not dreamed of being the king or queen of an entire island. But becoming the owner of a heavenly place, although not impossible, is not for everyone.

The company Private Islands Inc. makes available a web page with an infinite number of listings of islands for sale or rent, distributed all over the globe and different sizes and prices. We present a selection of some of the most impressive islands.
The magnificent property that owns the island / Private Islands Inc.
In this enchanting natural environment and on the waters of Lake Flathead – one of the three most crystal clear lakes in the world – this spectacular island of over 89,000 m2 is located. With a price of $ 22.7 million, the island includes Montana’s largest home, a 3,000-square-foot home that offers priceless views.

For $ 29 million you can buy these two fantastic islands / Private Islands Inc.
An offer not to be missed. For the modest sum of $ 29 million, you can buy two paradisiacal islands of the Bahamas, which together reach more than 335 thousand m2.

Complete covered by vegetation, you can buy this island for 95 million dollars / Private Islands Inc.
Just 10 minutes by boat or helicopter from Miami’s famous South Beach, this island of 105,000 square meters is located. A perfect place for those who want to get away from the looks of others, the property is almost completely covered by vegetation. If you want to pump Pumpkin Key into your home, you must have at least $ 95 million to buy it.

For 60 million dollars you can buy this island of almost 900 thousand m2 / Private Islands Inc.
For just $ 60 million, you can purchase this impressive Bahamian island of over 898,000 square feet. Located in a unique natural environment, with virgin beaches, greenery and an impressive view of the Caribbean, the island has a house on top of a rock, a three-storey houseboat, a restaurant and many other facilities. The perfect place to turn into a hotel.

The price of this island of 240 thousand m2 is a mystery / Private Islands Inc.
Located in Waitemata Harbor, a 15-minute helicopter ride from Auckland, lies this magnificent 240,000-square-meter island. The property has two beaches, one on the east coast and the other on the north. In addition, the island has 24 huts and other houses to stay. As for the price, the company reveals it only to those who are really interested.

25 million costs this island of 360 thousand m2 to 209 km from Florida / Private Islands Inc.
209 km from Florida is this spectacular island of 360,000 m2, three private beaches, surrounded by islands and some of the best places in the world to fish. The island has numerous houses and factories and was conceived as a kind of resort. If you are interested in buying it, the price is 25 million dollars.

If you have 44 million dollars you can buy the largest private Greek island. It has an area of ​​54,000 m2 and a large variety of plant species. Its location and its natural environment make it the ideal candidate for putting it into business by building a luxury

Easter 2018 where to go on vacation

Easter 2018 where to go on vacation. We have just entered the Carnival period, but Easter is not long in coming, so if you want to leave for a nice trip it’s time to get organized to plan your Easter holidays and choose your favorite destination. This year Easter will be “low”, ie at the beginning of spring, then the Carnival in the middle of winter (Ash Wednesday will be 14 February, Valentine’s Day).

The date of Easter, in fact, follows the lunar calendar, so it changes from year to year. Easter Sunday is set on the Sunday after the first full moon of spring, which this year will be March 31, a Saturday. Therefore, Easter Sunday 2018 will be Sunday, April 1st. A curious coincidence with the anniversary of the April Fools. The week of Easter holidays, therefore, will go from Thursday, March 29 to Tuesday, April 3, more or less. Period during which the schools will close and many families, but not only, will leave for the holidays. Here we want to give you some advice on where to go for Easter 2018.

Easter holidays are the period expected by many. After the long winter months, many yearn for the beautiful season and above all a pause for fun and relaxation, perhaps outdoors, which is an advance of the summer holidays. After the Christmas holidays, in fact, the Easter week is the longest holiday period, between winter and summer. So many will leave for a nice trip, which is a return to the country of origin – we already imagine many Italians returning to the South – or the departure for a beautiful city of art, in Italy or in Europe. There are those who will take advantage of it for the first taste of the sea. In short, the opportunities are not lacking. You just have to choose your favorite destination.

Here are our tips to be taken on the fly for your Easter holidays 2018, a review of destinations divided by subject areas, depending on the trends of the moment and your specific needs. Easter 2018 where to go on vacation.

Easter holidays are an opportunity for many to visit a beautiful city of art in Italy. Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples are the most popular destinations, but the offer is vast and even many other smaller cities definitely deserve a nice holiday. You are spoiled for choice. Here in particular we recommend the beautiful city of Palermo, Italian Capital of Culture 2018, with a calendar full of events and events, in addition to its architectural and artistic masterpieces to see. If then the weather is good and it’s hot, even if we are still in the very first days of spring, nothing removes the weather allowing you to take a dip or sunbathe on the beach of Mondello, just outside the city. So in Palermo you will have fun for sure and fill your eyes with wonders.

Among the other Italian destinations that we recommend for Easter there are art cities like Verona, Mantua, Cremona, Lucca, Orvieto, Perugia, Lecce. All beautiful cities, which offer a wide cultural, artistic and gastronomic offer and which also organize events for the Easter period.

If you are looking for nature instead, you have a very wide offer here too. For Easter 2018, at the beginning of spring, we recommend forests and natural parks in central and southern Italy, where you will find better weather conditions. Among the natural areas we recommend: the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests, with its thick woods and sanctuaries, between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna; the Natural Park of the Maremma, with its wild territory, always in Tuscany; the Regional Park of Matese, between Campania and Molise, the National Park of Gargano with the Foresta Umbra, perfect in spring; finally the Parco del Conero, in the Marche, with its breathtaking views of the sea.

The Easter holidays for many are an opportunity to leave for a nice trip to Europe. A beautiful city of art, an important capital, or a natural area. The choice in this case is also wide. Here we highlight the 2018 trends and unmissable places. Among them is the beautiful Seville, which with its rich architectural, historical and cultural heritage is one of the most beautiful and unmissable destinations in Europe, included by the Lonely Planet guide in the top 10 cities to visit in 2018. The magnificent cathedral, the sumptuous Alcazar Palace with its lush gardens are the main beauties of Seville, but many others are to be discovered.

Among the other destinations to visit at Easter in Europe we point out: Amsterdam, with the first tulip blooms, and the opening of the wonderful Keukenhof Garden, 40 km from Amsterdam; Bruges and the enchanting territory of Flanders;the south of France, with the Côte d’Azur, Provence and the Camargue, to see Grasse the city of perfumes; The south of Germany, with the Black Forest and the cities of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and its castles.
Also to be visited Vienna, with its Easter markets. Timeless destinations like London, Berlin, Paris and Barcelona. If you are looking for the sea for the first sun and the first baths, the destination on which you can go fairly safe is the Canary Islands. Here you will not find a tropical climate, but rather warm and pleasant to be able to sunbathe and if you want to try swimming in the sea. The other alternative to go to the beach in early April are the Red Sea resorts of Sharm-el-Sheik and Hurghada, (not in Europe, it must be said for geographic precision, but close to us). On the Greek islands, however, in early April it is still early to go to the sea, you may be lucky to find exceptional weather conditions, but if you choose to go only to the sea is at your risk, then better to choose the island of Crete, where you can do a lot of things, including visits to cultural attractions, museums, archaeological sites, Venetian fortresses, coastal walks and inland excursions; then if you’re lucky and the weather allows it you can dare a dip in the sea. The climate of Cyprus is warmer.
Water 2018 where to go with the familyFor the family Easter trip the ideal destinations are amusement parks, nature parks and art cities with attractions for children. Children can not wait to go to Gardaland or Mirabilandia and spring is the right time to attend the playgrounds, even for the fun of mom and dad. Gardaland, then, is in a beautiful area from the point of view of the landscape and in an optimal position if you love culture. The amusement park is near the beautiful town of Peschiera del Garda and from here you can visit the entire southern coast of the beautiful lake, with Sirmione and Desenzano del Garda. The beautiful city of Verona, then, is very close, as is the Parco del Mincio, up to Mantua. A perfect destination to combine the city of art and nature with fun.The Mirabilandia park, however, is close to Ravenna and the coast of Romagna, a perfect opportunity to show your children the beautiful city of mosaics and take a walk to the sea at spring. Among other destinations for families with children we recommend a visit to the castles of the provinces of Parma and Piacenza.
On all the castles of Grazzano Visconti, with its picturesque medieval village where many events are organized, and the characteristic Castle of Gropparello where many initiatives dedicated to children take place, with an itinerary in the Parco delle Fiabe.Pasqua 2018 where to go in pairsLisbon ( iStock) For couples Easter holidays, the ideal destinations are those that offer scenic, natural and urban beauty, art and culture, relaxation and quality fun. Among the destinations that can meet all these requirements is Portugal, with its breathtaking views, wild natural settings and romantic cities.
The country has won the World Travel Awarrds 2017 World Tourism Oscar, winning awards in numerous categories, as the best overall destination and best city for CityBreak in Lisbon. You can choose to take a trip to the main towns of the country, to discover the less touristic places, with a trip on the road by renting a car. Or stop in a big city, in Lisbon or Porto. Also visit the beautiful Algarve coast. Another couple’s trip for Easter holidays is in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik, to visit in this season, avoiding the crowded summer. As well as the cities of Ljubljana and Zagreb. In Italy, we recommend a couple trip for Easter to discover Sardinia.
From Costa Smeralda, descending towards San Teodoro, with the beautiful coves overlooking the island of Tavolara. Places of exceptional scenic beauty to admire in spring, out of the summer season. The other recommended destination is the city of Alghero with the Riviera del Corallo, a city of Catalan imprint with the striking bastions on the sea, monuments and historic buildings to see, archaeological sites nuragiche and a breathtaking natural landscape with the imposing promontory of Capo Caccia overlooking the sea.Pubo 2018 where to go with friendsPlaza Mayor, Madrid (Sebastian Dubiel, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikicommons) If you are planning to leave for Easter holidays with friends and you want to go to Spain, beyond the usual Barcelona, ​​go to Madrid. The capital of Spain has a wide range of cultural attractions and entertainment, from the great museums, to the beautiful city parks, such as Parque del Retiro and the Botanical Garden to the panoramic terrace of the Círculo de Bellas Artes. In the city you will find many bars, typical restaurants, where fehave to eat, drink and have fun. The rites of the Setimana Santa, then, with the impressive processions along the streets, are very suggestive. If you have a week full of vacation do not miss a trip to the nearby beautiful city of Toledo.
A perfect destination for groups of friends is Berlin. The German capital is a lively, young city, crossed by many cultural ferments, it will be an opportunity to visit historical museums, the spectacular Alexander Platz, the areas where parts of the Berlin Wall have been kept and especially between nightclubs and discos will have a lot to have fun.Another destination for groups of friends, we recommend you the lively Copenhagen, which between culture, museums, events, festivals, restaurants, clubs, shopping, music has so much to offer.
Perfect for a holiday that satisfies all the tastes of your group. Do not miss, of course, the free city of Christiania.Pasqua 2018 where to go low costAthens, the acropolis with the Parthenon (iStock) Among the low cost destinations where to go to Easter 2018 definitely stands out Athens, the capital of Greece is in fact one of the cheaper destinations in Europe and the beginning of spring is the right time to visit it. Climb to the Acropolis to visit the Parthenon and the other masterpieces of ancient Greece will not make you fall to the ground like in summer with the heat and the crowd of tourists.
Athens is not only ancient Greece, but also a modern city to live by night going to locals and frequenting the plaza where young Athenians meet to be together and improvise concerts.
You can also take advantage of a visit to the coast and the islands of the Saronic Gulf, authentic wonders to visit with a day trip. The other low cost destinations for Easter in Europe are the capitals of the Baltics: Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn are beautiful cities , to be discovered, rich in monuments and picturesque historical centers recognized as Unesco Heritage. Cities also have numerous attractions for night-time entertainment, they are the new creative destinations from all over Europe, with cultural ferments, contemporary art and new exhibitions. In addition, they can be reached with numerous low-cost flights from all over Europe. Not to be missed.Finally, another cheap low-cost destination to visit, for its scenic and cultural-historical beauties, is Montenegro, an amazing country, to be discovered, from the coast to the hinterland.

Grimaldi Lines strengthens the offer on Greece and opens reservations for Corfu

Reservations are open for a new Grimaldi Lines maritime connection: all those wishing to spend their holidays on the unspoiled beaches of the Ionian islands will be able to reach Corfu from the ports of Brindisi, Ancona and Venice.

The route Brindisi-Corfu will be operational from June 1 with 4 departures a week until July 4: every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday the ship of Grimaldi Lines will leave the port of Puglia at 22, with expected arrival on the island at 5 am next day. As far as the return journey is concerned, it will be possible to leave from the port of Corfu every Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 13.30, with a scheduled arrival in Brindisi at 8.30 pm.

In high season – from 5 July to 9 September – Grimaldi Lines will guarantee a daily frequency. Until 18 August the same departure times will be maintained (at 22 from Brindisi and at 13.30 from Corfu), while from 19 August the timetable will change: the ship will leave the port of Brindisi every day at 12, with arrival expected on the island at 23.30, and the port of Corfu at 23.59 with arrival scheduled in Italy at 9 the next day.

The new route – which will be added to the multi-day Brindisi-Igoumenitsa connection – will be operated by the Compagnia with the M / n Euroferry Corfù and Euroferry Egnazia. From 15 July to 16 September it will also be possible to reach the Ionian island from Venice and Ancona with the m / n Cruise Europa and Cruise Olympia, which will depart from both ports every Wednesday and Thursday and return on Thursday and Friday.

Regarding the tariff policy, on the destination Greece are currently in force 2 promotions: 30% discount (fixed fees excluded) to those who book their summer vacation by February 28 and 20% discount (fixed fees excluded) for who will leave by booking no more than 7 days before the departure date, to be carried out by 30 April. Lastly, special rates apply throughout the year, including the reduction of children and discounts of 30% on return in low season and 20% for combined trips Grimaldi Lines and Minoan Lines, always in low season.

Edipsos: the warm waters of Heracles

The spa citadina is one of the most popular destinations on the island of Evia and in Greece thanks to more than 80 thermal springs called “hot waters of Heracles”

From the clear waters of the Aegean sea emerges the beautiful island of Evia, also known as Evia, particularly famous for its thermal springs, called “hot waters of Heracles”, which each year attract, in the picturesque town of Edipsos, a spa resort among the most beloved of Greece, thousands of tourists looking for wellness and relaxation.

An ancient legend with mythological suggestions tells that the goddess Athena asked Hephaestus to generate warm waters in the area of ​​the island of Evia to be able to give them to Heracles. It is no coincidence, then, that the historian Strabo called the “hot waters of Heracles” the springs that gushed on the island. Although today it is well known that the Euboean waters do not have divine origins, the beneficial effects are equally appreciated, and the coastal town of Edipsos, known since ancient times for its springs, has kept its celebrity unchanged over time. ‘has made a destination of international fame frequented by prominent personalities such as Onassis, Maria Callas, Winston Churchill, Greta Garbo and many writers and poets conquered so much by its beauty, as by the therapeutic, corroborating and relaxing properties of the thermal waters.

Edipsos is the best known spa town in all of Greece and it’s no wonder. The thousands of visitors who, each year, reach it can, in fact, count on over 80 thermal springs scattered throughout the city, from which gush out, sometimes even in the sea, beneficial waters at temperatures between 28 and 56 °. Besides boasting relaxing and relaxing properties, these waters are particularly suitable for the treatment of diseases and disorders of the body including chronic and subacute rheumatism, deforming arthrosis, spondylarthritis, nephritis, coxalgia, lumbago, post-traumatic ankylosis, gynecological disorders, pathologies endocrinological and cardiovascular problems ..

Edipsos houses the largest and most advanced thermal establishment in the interior of the country managed by the Hellenic National Tourist Board. There are, of course, private facilities and those related to hotels, such as the exclusive spa center of the Thermae Sylla Spa & Wellness Hotel, founded in 1896, one of the oldest hotels in the country. It is a unique place because inside it flows, at a temperature of 75-80 °, a special mineral water considered among the best in the world because among its components, in addition to numerous mineral salts, also stands out the therapeutic radeon.

Set off the southeastern coast of Peninsular Greece, Evia, also known as Evia, is the largest island in the country after Crete. Known for its numerous thermal springs, it welcomes thousands of visitors every year, particularly in the beautiful coastal town of Edipsos, one of the most renowned spa and seaside resorts of the entire country. In addition to the magnificent beaches and spas, it is worth taking the time to explore the locality and its historical and architectural remains, among which the beautiful churches of Agios Panteleimonas, Agios Fanourios and St. Anargyron stand out.

Messi buys an island. So Greece sells its “rocks of the famous”

The 10 Argentine buys Sophia, in the Ionian. Footballers and VIPs, it is run to the paradises of Athens

Gold? Silver? Valuable properties? Collection of watches? No, atolls in the Aegean. Here is the new frontier of “safe” investment.

Greece has been on sale for a long time, but this time facts and contracts followed the announcements. The last, in order of time to have bought an island in those that have been renamed the Caribbean of the Mediterranean, is the champion of the Barcelona Lionel Messi: according to the real estate agency «Proto Group Ltd» has got its hands on Sophia, little corner of paradise in the Ionian archipelago of Echinades, east of Ithaca. Pristine beaches and transparent waters in the Mediterranean and without the problem of jet lag.

The blown came through the streets, or another deal concluded by another top player, Cristiano Ronaldo who had given a gift to his manager, Mendes, on the occasion of his marriage. Many islands that, after the Greek crisis, the troika has imposed on the government to include in the so-called privatization package and several “stars” of football, Hollywood, as well as bankers and magnates have expressed interest in asking for information and then buy.

Sophia is located next to the most famous Skorpios, the island of Onassis, bought a few years ago by the Russian magnate Dmitry Evgenevich Rybolovlev: billionaire, philanthropist, president of Monaco Calcio, the man who owns the largest potassium deposit in the world the record of the most expensive divorce of all time, a good three million euros to say goodbye to Elena (while her daughter gave a flat in New York of “only” 10 million).

After a joint litigation conducted in two law firms, one in Geneva and the other in Athens, in 2013 Rybolovlev, ranked by Forbes in the list of the 80 richest men on the planet, happens to Onassis in the island that, since the Sixties onwards, he saw the economy’s gotha ​​and the world jet set, from Winston Churchill to Jacqueline Kennedy, who celebrated his wedding with the Greek shipowner on the island.

Before the Russian, it was the Emir of Qatar Khalifa Al Thani who was “shopping” in the Ionian Sea 70 miles from the Italian coast, winning the island of Beech. And Lord Rothschild, near Lefkada, has purchased 2,600 hectares of land destined to be exclusive scenery for 14 extra-luxury villas: a sort of personalized atoll reserved for top clients like Prince Charles, actress Nicole Kidman and Russian magnate Roman Abramovic . The latter is already a regular visitor to Greece and its beaches: in addition to stationing with his yacht in the Sporades every August (Skiathos, Scopelos and Alonissos) and to have purchased in the last five years some in Corfu, the owner of Chelsea in the package of its companies also holds a 5-star plus resort (the only type present in Greece) in the Chalkidiki peninsula, frequented only by magnates and oligarchs.

The Echinades complex with crystal clear waters and unspoiled nature is located in the stretch of sea facing the famous Platygiali port. Four years ago the prestigious Business Insider magazine had dedicated a whole number to it with a series of captivating photos under an explanatory title: “They can be yours with a few millions”.

And in fact they have been, given the prices are not at all prohibitive for that target of buyers. For example, eight million are needed to become Sikinos Kardiotissa holders. But, given the premises, you will not need to wait long to close that deal too.

Izabel Goulart, angel at the kiss

The Victoria’s Secret model on vacation in Mykonos with her boyfriend Kevin Trapp. Together for just over a year, they could not be united anymore

The summer of the “angels” of Victoria’s Secret, this year, is under the sun of the most popular islands of the moment. So if Alessandra Ambrosio and Ana Beatriz Barros greeted Mykonos, (the first for the Balearics, the second for London), Izabel Goulart has just arrived on the island with her boyfriend Kevin Trapp, a footballer at Paris Saint Germain. Besides, they had already made a stop in Ibiza, and in this hot summer they do not want to miss a beach.

Izabel Goulart, the game of the Angel

The days, of course, are full of relaxation and fun, including games with rackets and evenings only for two, but also full of kisses, by the sea, embraced as the first day.

The story, among them, has been going on for just over a year and does not lack gossip. It seems that Rihanna was interested in Kevin, but in the end the lightning strike broke out with Izabel. And to see them together would seem that the Brazilian model is really the right one.

From Manhattan to Greece and up to Thailand with the dream app

It will not be an adventure, but certainly it will be all to enjoy. Here is the invitation: «A resort in the most popular coral archipelago in the world awaits you for the vacation of your dreams». The coordinates are those, inevitable, of the Maldives: beautiful and not very possible. The offer has the power of a weapon of seduction: «Stay half-board for seven nights, with flights and transfers included, to 1,460 euros per person». How to resist? The call will also be mass – nothing to do with that chic elite – but you want to put the sand that looks like talcum powder bathed in a warm sea like a hug? All this, then, in the middle of a winter that, in fact, escapes the most severe peaks, but is not as light as a summer. It will be, but not to be missed, in this case, it is not the holiday but the method to guarantee it. And then go further, please: “You still have not downloaded our app? Off with the free download to hook up the opportunity at exceptional prices ». The virtual voice is that of PiratinViaggio, the largest social travel community in the world with an average of 30 million monthly visits to the site and 9 million fans on Facebook: it provides an application that allows you to set up “alerts” on destinations of their dreams. From the series: by activating these warnings, potential travelers can see the best offer on the desired destination as soon as it is available. All right away.

App and away, with the ranking that is a worthy corollary of this deal to pack: Thailand is at the top in the research of over 10 million tourists who have downloaded the application for smartphones and tablets. A destination that brings together almost all European nations, so much so that it stands in the top 3 for Italians, French, English and German. Next, in the ranking of the most beloved, Greece, Manhattan, Cuba, Mexico and Australia. Unmissable, Italy, which enters by right in the top 10 of Great Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland. Even the Americans consider it among the favorites.
App and away, it was said. The most far-sighted do not hesitate to book their holidays in advance and, from a survey organized among the Italians, it appears that the most booked milestone for this year are the United States, immediately followed by Spain and Greece. Thailand does not give up its position and confirms itself among the top destinations already reserved for 2018, together with the exotic Maldives and Cuba. Among the European cities in the plans of the Italians, always this year, stand out Amsterdam, London and Barcelona.

And to close, continue to follow the red thread of the figures: HolidayPirates includes 10 portals in seven different languages. Fans on Facebook have exceeded 9 million and the application has been downloaded over 10 million times. The newsletter on WhatsApp, which sends the most valid offers every day slightly ahead of the site, has been installed by over 800,000 users. App, we start.

A few nautical miles from Mykonos, Tinos unveils marvelous beaches and monasteries for a mindfulness-proof summer 2017.

Just search on Google MAP to realize that Tinos and Mykonos are very close Cycladic islands. But what to see in Tinos? What’s more and better than Mykonos?

You are sitting at the San To Alati Restaurant in Aghios Fokas and admiring the thousand night lights of the coast. It is all indisputably beautiful and you feel at ease; so comfortable you feel as if you are in Sestri (Levante) and look at the horizon, seeing the brightness of Santa (Margherita) and Portofino at night. At that point, intrigued by the local geography, ask the waiter with a winking and super expert: “What area of ​​Tinos is that?”. You do not have the map of Tinos printed in mind and you do not know, absolutely, to have stumbled upon the tragic greek epic fail par excellence that will make you suffer the implacable appellation of malaka!

In fact, your interlocutor, as a good Greek, replies impassively and unstructively: “That is Mykonos. Been? “. So you deserve a “malaka appellativo” but you, after all, it’s not that you can know all about Hellenic geolocation. So we’ll take care of you! Tinos and Mykonos are just over 33 kilometers as the crow flies; they are both absolutely Cycladic as regards architecture; white villages; summer aridity and meltemi in the summer months but apart from this, they differ so much that they can be called the Devil (Mykonos) and Acquasanta (Tinos).

Do not you believe it? Here is a brief summary: this island is the Lourdes of Greece, and to see in Tinos there are many sanctuaries. The most visited sanctuary of the river (Panaghia Evangelistria); still privileges a very Greek tourism. Mykonos is synonymous, in the common imaginary, of beaches / discos; nightlife 7/7 and 24/24; international tourism / caciara … Both, however, offer squares with iron tables and straw chairs; they will amaze you with panoramas and breathtaking views; they will steal your heart and spirit. In short, to make it short, the summer of your holidays in Greece 2017 can be dedicated to the small and shy Tinos. But what to see in Tinos? And again, the combined Tinos beaches can live up to expectations? The answer is yes and, to understand why and what to see in Tinos, we give you a mini guide dedicated to its villages, its beaches, its restaurants and its hotels.

THE “CAPITAL” CHORA: La Chora – tourist port and main city – is synonymous with the famous Sanctuary dedicated to Panaghia Evangelistria which, at any time of the year, welcomes pilgrims and believers. Inside the icon of the Virgin Announced, the thousands of ex-votos and the obsequious faithful remind you immediately that you are in the Greek Lourdes.
Rating: 10 at the Shrine; 5 at the Chora

The most beautiful and important is certainly Pyrgos that enchants you with a main square built around a huge plane tree planted in 1859. To frame tables and tables of bars and cafes frequented throughout the year as the village is home to the Institute Professional superior of the Art of Marble as well as a Marble Museum. Rating: 10 – Stupendous get lost in the alleys.

Ysternia: its name derives from “extremity” (ystero); its characteristic is the breathtaking view of the Aegean; the island that stands out on the horizon is Syros; the bust that stands out in the main square pays tribute to the benefactor of the village “N. Glyni “. The village is alive and animated by cafes, taverns, fish rooms and restaurants. Rating: 9 – Alert: do not stumble in the steps cause the panorama.

Kardiani: offers an infinite panorama and from its terraces you can see the beach of Ormos Gianaki. To welcome you is an imposing Catholic church and to cool off is a fountain decorated with frogs strictly in marble. The streets are narrow, the kafenion are few, the kindness of those who typically handle them Greek. Rating: 8 – Push any gate to find the perfect view. You will find it.

Loutra: are you tired of the city and overcrowding? Well … you can move to Loutra that with its 7, you understand 7, inhabitants is certainly one of the places with lower population density in the world. But it does not end here … the village also has a Monastery-School of the Ursulines which has now become a museum and from here there are suggestive trekking routes from which to admire the wild beauty of Tinos. Rating: 8 – Peace and relaxation.