A private spa boasts features like a sauna, cold plunge pool and steam room

Nature, art and architecture come together at the stunning 9 Bedroom Villa.
Built dramatically on a hillside that commands views of the sea and neighboring islands, this breathtaking Porto Heli vacation rental represents the utmost in setting, style and luxury.
Come for a sun-kissed destination wedding, a wonderfully relaxed family reunion or simply to indulge in the legendary hospitality of the Aman resorts.

Taking inspiration from classical Greek architecture and modern art, the villa has both traditional colonnades and contemporary finishes, and striking sculptures placed throughout the grounds.
Designers Edward Tuttle and Marios Angelopoulos used natural materials, open-plan layouts and floor-to-ceiling windows to connect the interiors to the formal gardens outside and the countryside beyond.
Lounge, chat or spot yachts in the bay below from the multiple sitting rooms; several dining areas let you gather for a casual meal or formally celebrate a special occasion.
Though chef service is part of your holiday, the villa does have a fully equipped kitchen.

Known as an exclusive resort and a popular yachting destination, Porto Heli lives up to its reputation with tranquil coves perfect for swimming, sun-dappled hillsides and a charming town.
Stay on the resort grounds and take the complimentary shuttle to the Amanzoe beach club, or make the short drive into town and try its oceanfront tavernas.
Sailing to the neighboring islands of Spetses and Hydra or visiting the ancient amphitheater at Epidaurus are sure to be highlights of your trip.

The return of non-alcoholic cocktails: the Seedlip and Tonic recipe

On the one hand Elderflower Tonic Water of Fever-Tree, from the aloof the non-alcoholic spirit Seedlip Garden 108. Here is a perfect soft drink for the summer: low calorie and so many, many fragrances

It’s a bit hot. A bit is to not overdo it with calories. And a little bit is not risking life and driving while sitting at the wheel. The list of non-alcoholic bars and pubs is inexorably continuing to stretch. And to embellish, with far-reaching proposals, based on highly sought after products. An example? The cocktail of which we give you the recipe below. It is called Seedlip & Tonic, and is obtained from a clever mix of Elderflower Tonic Water from Fever-Tree, the brand of soft drinks, and Seedlip Garden 108, innovative non-alcoholic and zero-calorie spirit obtained from hay distillation, peas, mint, rosemary , Thyme and hops. The result is an original mix between the sweet elderly notes and the bitter water quinine notes and the herbaceous and spicy notes of the spirit. No alcohol, but with an extremely fascinating set of fragrances.

Seedlip & Tonic

50 ml of Seedlip Garden 108
125 ml of Elderflower Tonic
1 slice of cucumber

Fill a highball ice cup and add a Seedlip measuring stick.

Then add Fever-Tree Elderflower fresh and garnish it all with cucumber sauce.

Elia Villas Mykonos

Nella posizione privilegiata di Elia a Mykonos si trova un residence estivo contemporaneo con fantastiche viste sul mare dove il colore bianco, la pietra e l’acqua sono le caratteristiche dominanti.
L’interno minimo bianco della casa con bordi curvi lisci e deco semplice vi dà un ambiente rilassante e un’atmosfera piacevole.
Questa villa bianca di Mykonos si sviluppa su 3 livelli.
Al piano superiore si trova la zona giorno, un bagno e una cucina completamente attrezzata mentre nella parte superiore del livello superiore si trova la barca come camera da letto con letto king size e bagno privato con vista mare e acqua da tutto il mondo. È come essere su una barca galleggiante.
Al piano terra c’è una camera matrimoniale con letto king size bagno privato.
Al piano inferiore si trova una seconda zona salotto e 3 camere da letto con 3 bagni. Due camere da letto hanno due letti singoli e un letto king size.
Le vedute da tutti gli angoli della casa sono ininterrotte, non importa se sei dentro o fuori come la casa è costruita con il concetto di avere costante contatto con gli occhi con l’acqua.
I 6 bagni sono in cemento lucido con curve lisce e colori chiari.
La villa è strategicamente situata sopra la spiaggia di Elia e Agrari e si può guardare sia spiagge da ogni angolo della casa.
La piscina a sfioro si trova in una posizione dove l’acqua della piscina si immersa nell’azzurro del mare. L’acqua scorre da ogni punto di vista della villa.
La sinfonia dei colori del mare e del cielo cambia durante il giorno e arriva al suo picco di tramonto.
C’è un tavolo costruito sotto una pergola ombreggiata adatta per pasti epicurei o momenti di relax. C’è anche un barbeque e un bar esterno sulla piscina.
La dimensione dell’area della piscina mantiene facilmente eventi fino a 150 persone.
Facilities: TV satellitare, lettore DVD, impianto hi-fi, accesso a Internet, cucina completamente attrezzata con lavastoviglie e forno a microonde, lavatrice.

‘My Fair Lady’ for one day. Kate Middleton’s look at Ascot

The Duchess of Cambridge opted for a style that recalled Audrey Hepburn in the 1964 film and sounded to the rhythm of ‘The Ascot Gavotte’

A song (The Ascot Gavotte), an actress (Audrey Hepburn) and a stage (the Ascot Racecourse). Yes, we outlined a scene from My Fair Lady, but not any scene but the one that contains the most iconic styling of George Cukor’s film. That test of fire that decides the outcome of the story: whether the florist Eliza is prepared or not to develop among the high society of London.

This film reference is justified if we talk about the look of the Duchess of Cambridge and the environment in which, incidentally, has taken place. To attend the Royal Ascot, the event held in this United Kingdom Hippodrome as every June and summons the finest of British society, including royal family and nobility, chose a dress with all the necessary elements to become Right on My Fair Lady.

White from head to toe – and never better, because the headdress claimed its share of prominence – high collar and endless lace lace. Alexander McQueen’s suit carried us to 1964 when Hepburn, Rex Harrison and company sang and danced in wonderful costumes. Although with obvious differences, from the length of the dress to the silhouette or the exaggerated flourishes of the original design, it is impossible not to establish a comparative.

Prince William’s wife unknowingly performed an aesthetic reinvention exercise by adapting a styling conceived for fiction more than 50 years ago to the reality of 2017. While elegance is the strong asset and point of attachment of both sets, Baroque and profusion of details is the big difference.

Middleton’s model is the simple and millenical (re) interpretation of Audrey’s wardrobe, without so much pomposity or overhead. In fact, the complements reduce their size and presence: a beige salons of Gianvitto Rossi and a handbag of Etui. Overall, an outfit very similar to the one he wore for his debut in 2016 and signed Dolce & Gabbana.

Mykonos Holiday

This beautiful and luxurious villa mirroring traditional Greek architecture, offers the very best of Mykonos.
The beating heart of the Cyclades, Mykonos is well endowed with natural beauty and embellished even further with historical significance and beautiful architecture. The sparse shrubberies, golden sandy beaches, the intense blue sea and crystal clear skies have an indescribable calming effect. Traditional white-washed chalets and houses dominate the landscape, with colorful windows and vibrant bougainvillea. In the background, the old windmills, add to the appealing views. The villa is located in Elia, home to one of the longest beaches on the island, which houses a quality beach restaurant, sunbed and parasols arrangements and water-sports.

No, not even this time I sold the Radiohead ticket

Radiohead made Let Down. Point.
And this is the first thing you need to know.
The second is that in 2012, following the Italian tour dates of “King of Limbs”, I wrote an article about Stereogram, the blog I was doing just about the GQ site, telling my story with the band’s concerts Of Thom Yorke – many, over the course of many years – to whom I had the ironic title: “No, I will not sell the Radiohead concert ticket”.
That article had turned a lot, though unfortunately it was lost in some of the cemeteries of the network (one day we will really talk about how the eternity of the Internet is actually the largest of the historical fake). It’s a shame, because I would have long wanted to get it out in the past few days, that’s when serious articles were written about why people were selling massively for tickets to the band’s Italian concerts. One thing that has always happened and that always happens for those concerts where you are forced to buy tickets in advance of months, perhaps ignoring the day of the week in which they fall and what might happen if that day there would be an indescribable commitment.

In short, everything is normal, all trivial, but we live the era of total merchandise where all that happens in the microcosms of our timeline ends up to look like the center of the world when it really is always and only our tiny landing.

Why at the end of the day to see the Radiohead in Florence there were about fifty thousand viewers.
Fifty thousand spectators who have packed the Visarno arena since the early afternoon and have also attended the performances of Junun and James Blake.
A year and a half ago, that is, close to the first dates of the “A Moon Shaped Pool” tour, the atmosphere around the Radiohead was different. On that record – beautiful one of the best in their discography – was a strange air. As if it were their final work, the pace of adulthood.
On the symbolism behind some of the songs, that of Daydreaming’s video, a classical retrieval like True Love Waits, has been said and written so much.
Ink rivers were also spent when the Radiohead began to recover live tracks that did not sound like geologic eras, and even Creep’s execution had become almost a habit. In the summer concerts of 2016, they performed nearly sixty songs out of their entire repertoire, and it never happened before.
The atmosphere of those live we still remember it with a mix of tension and amazement, feelings that have been completely overturned by the tour that is bringing them to Europe these weeks and will end in just over a month as always, More uncertainty about the future.

The Radiohead seem to have started enjoying their live performances and to face them with a different lightness.
There is no longer the desire to astonish at all costs: by now you can give the public exactly what you want without losing a whit of identity. No other group has gone through almost three decades of career without ever giving the idea of ​​looking ahead and not closing around their glorious past. The Radioheads have never needed to play the hits to please their audience, and even now that they are doing it, it’s obvious that there is no nostalgic intention to animate them. Because, and somehow it’s just what’s going on, you can look back, always aiming to move on.
This is not a celebratory concert at all, though it may sound like it. The staging is sober, there are no choruses for the stadium: the Radioheads are always the arena less arena band that may come to your mind.
They play for themselves, as always, but they also give the impression of having fun.
They open, as usual, with a dozen tracks from the last year: Daydreaming, a song from the impossible, circular song, so unsuitable for making ouverture that ends up making a turn and looks perfect because of the way in which Drives the crowd and carries it into a bubble, Desert Island Disk and Ful Stop.
Not even the time to recover and suddenly arrive at the first surprises: Airbag (we are still in the week when “OK Computer is 20 years old”), 15 Step – whose intro is exalted by the dual battery’s polyrhythmia – and Myxomatosis Became one of the real classics of the group.
The still-changing atmosphere brings us back to Lucky’s parts, followed by the Pyramid Song and Everything in Its Right Place.
Three pieces. Three hits.

“I’m not afraid anymore.” Andre Agassi is telling

Thus begins, in the magazine magazine number, the meeting of Federico Buffa with the legend of tennis Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi enters the George V suite of Paris as a go-round, as when he headed for the stacks before serving. Humble,

polite, greets all in a low voice. He no longer chooses the balls to start the game, now carefully select the words.

As it was in the field, there is nothing ordinary, nothing at stake in Andreino, as Gianni Clerici called it. In Open,

the autobiography of Agassi, written with the decisive contribution of the Pulitzer J.R. Moehringer

(“I have chosen every word, I am proud of it,” Andre tells us), the champion has sown the history of his life in deep,

and therefore dangerous, questions. It starts in a field of play but moves immediately out into the world. And it turns to us all.

“While I was writing,” Agassi tells us as Sky cameras light up, “I realized over time that, while having all the different experiences, basically

we share a similar path. There I realized that this book was not done to allow someone to know me better, but to let people know about it by reading


It’s a book about training. It is the story of all men. ”

Universal, but not only. This book has a seductive rebellious charge that is born out of a key concept:

There is a Lie. Somewhere there is a lie like mine. There is definitely someone who is going to be induced to be the person who is not,

by their parents, or by the circumstances in which they grew up. A guy who did not have the chance to be different from how others want it to be.

Open has this vision of juvenile rebellion, not generic, as in Young Holden but synthesized in sports.

This is why the consensus of more than 750,000 readers is justified, only in Italy.
An abnormal number that tells the ability of a work to convince many young people, usually not inspired by reading …

Byredo creates an Ikea fragrance

How does Ikea smell: after chipboard, houseplant and solid cotton? Ben Gorham, eccentric,

fragrance proviceur and founder of Byredo, has teamed up with the Swedish label for such a fragrance interpretation.

However, the cooperation is less about IKEA ingredients, rather the experience of how a home is associated with a certain fragrance

“I know a lot of people experience a fragrance association when visiting their grandmother’s house –

whether it is their perfume, flowers or their cooking skills – smell is a very relevant part of every house,”

said Ben Gorham in an interview with Lifestyle- Magazine Lonny on the guiding principle of his cooperation with Ikea.

And, “The experience creates a sense of well-being and security. We rarely talk about it,

and I think this project should also include precisely that people think about fragrances.”


This sparkling villa is well-named.

Experience the joy of staying here in Chania, minutes from the heart of town and the golden sand beaches of the west coast of Crete.

Exclusive style, sophisticated architecture and enviable service may make it challenging for

you to leave your comfortable and idyllic surroundings to discover all the island has to offer.

Located at the top of a hill, the villa is built in five semi-levels sparing no luxury.

On the outside, the aquamarine private pool is surrounded by a lush garden looking out to the view of the town and glistening sea.

Whether you love technology, outdoor activities or both, Villa will cater for your needs.

There’s a home theater system, Wi-Fi, DVD player, iPod dock and computer for indoor entertainment.

Outside you’ll find a swimming pool, plunge pool, jetted tub and gas barbecue offer more than enough to do in this child-friendly vacation villa.

The large pool is exclusive to Villa Joy dwellers’ pleasure.

It is divided into two sections – a circular shallower jetted tub whose water cascades into the larger almond-shaped deeper section.

The poolside and garden offer spots of cool shade and radiant light, as well as privacy and panoramic views.

Selena Gomez is (in 2017) more Selena than ever

The singer has made honesty with herself and with others her ticket to happiness

They say that in moments of downturn is when one learns, that when you fall and you get up you are a little bit stronger and that after the storm there comes calm. So they say. And although we do not know how much there is of truth and how much of said popular in these words, the truth is that in the case of Selena Gomez have fulfilled each and every one of these maxims.

We know the secret of Selena Gomez’s new look: Christian Classen
In 2016 the singer had a really bad time. She was suffering from serious health problems, was under severe pressure (media and work) and worse, she was lost in an industry where being lost is not an option. But at the same moment that she admitted-to herself and to the world-that she needed to enter a clinic to overcome the anxiety, depression, and panic attacks she suffered from lupus; At the same time that he canceled his tour and deleted his profiles in social networks to take a break; At the same time that she prioritized the important thing (ie, she) … everything began to improve.

We talk about the first step of a long catharsis of which Selena has been reinforced. Her philosophy of life is far from what she had a few months ago, and perhaps the point is to have understood that she is the most important. He no longer tries to live through the public persona, but of the person. She no longer tries to please everyone, but to be honest with herself and act accordingly. He no longer cares what they will say, but what really matters. She is no longer lost.

And that has resulted in a rebirth like Ave Fénix. In 2017 she has explored other of her creative facets, such as becoming the producer of For 13 reasons, the Netflix series that explores bullying and vouyerismo 2.0; Has fallen madly in love with Abel Tesfaye, known as The Weeknd; And what is more important, Selena is more than ever.