Switch to Tim, Wind and Vodafone: offers and promotions abroad for a Merry Christmas 2017

Here are the best deals and promotions for foreign countries of Tim, Vodafone and Wind for Christmas 2017 with gigabytes in 4G, messages and minutes.

Here are the best deals and promotions for foreign countries of Tim, Vodafone and Wind for Christmas 2017 with gigabytes in 4G, messages and minutes.
Christmas 2017 is approaching and many will leave for the many long-awaited holidays. Others will stay at home but will be able to rest thanks to the long bridge in view of the Christmas holidays. Here are the new offers and promotions for abroad with minutes, gigabytes in 4G and messages proposed by Tim, Vodafone and Wind.

Christmas 2017 abroad with Tim

Tim International 100, here is the link, is the new offer proposed by Tim reserved for customers who were born abroad. It will cost € 9.99 every four weeks and will offer one thousand minutes to all national landlines and mobile numbers of which 300 also international, unlimited calls to the numbers Tim and 10 Gb at the speed of 4G Tim. The 300 minutes to foreign countries will be valid to call the following countries: Bangladesh, China, Cyprus, India, Poland, Peru, Romania, Mexico, Colombia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Israel, Singapore.

Those who will go on holiday will be able to activate Tim in travel Pass which will cost 20 euros every 10 days, here is the link. It will offer 10 GB in 4G, 500 minutes and 500 text messages. The minutes will be divided into 250 minutes of calls originated and 250 minutes of calls received that together with the Gb and messages will be available within ten days of the first call, when sending the first message or data connection. Upon expiry, the promotion can be reactivated. Reactivation will be possible even before the deadline.

The Vodafone Passport for Christmas 2017

With Vodafone you can activate three different types of Vodafone Passport. The one for the rechargeable customers, the one for those who have the subscription and the World for customers with subscription and rechargeable. The first will cost 3 euros a day if used, here is the link, and will offer 60 minutes (30 of which in and 30 out), 60 messages and 200 Mb of internet in 4G. Over 200MB, then, you will sail at 2 euros per 100MB up to 1GB. It will be valid in Albania, USA, Turkey, Switzerland and the Principality of Monaco.

For subscription customers, here is the link, the cost of Vodafone Passport will always be 3 euros per day if used. It will offer unlimited minutes in Albania, USA, Turkey, Switzerland and the Principality of Monaco, unlimited messages and 500 Mb of internet in 4G. Over 500 MB surf at 32Kbps.

Finally, Vodafone Pass World will offer 6 euros a day if used, here is the link where you will also find the countries where the offer will be valid. It will offer 30 minutes (including 15 incoming and 15 outgoing), 30 messages and 30 MB of internet in 4G.

Wind offers for abroad

“Call Your Country Super doubles” is the offer of Wind that will cost 10 euros every 28 days and will offer, here is the link, unlimited minutes to the numbers Wind, 500 minutes to all, 150 minutes to abroad and 8 Gb full speed. Who will activate this offer by January 21, then, will have 1000 minutes instead of 500 and 16 GB instead of 8. Finally the 150 minutes can be used to call the following countries:

Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China Cyprus, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Great Britain, Greece, Guam, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iceland, Israel, Ireland , Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Mongolia, Norway, Netherlands, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Czech Republic, Romania, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, United States, Sweden, South Africa, South Korea, Hungary.

Bridge of the Immaculate = why go to Greece is a great idea

Does Mykonos play you bad in December? Too bad: On 8, 9 and 10 December the Greek islands are even more rejuvenating than in summer

Since we know that Greece, for many, is now synonymous with a disease between the harmless and obsessive that comes close to Mal d’Africa, we take the opportunity of the Bridge of the Immaculate to convince you that yes, you-can-do ! You can go to Greece even in winter, a moment in which this disorder manifests itself. A disturbance, sore Greece, in the summer, does not require a “specialized doctors” to be relieved (just choose any Aegean island), but that in the fall and winter, it should be treated as a real expert .

Here to give targeted responses that could cure the evil pernicious we asked the three “medical specialists” in a scientific way that will suggest why and where to go at the Immaculate Conception. See us: Beyond Athens – Athens agency focused on experiential and authentic stays in the capital; Kalimera la Vera Greece – agency that deals only Greece and My Greek Salad – not an agency this time, but a community on Facebook is a true care center for about 10k sick people in Greece.

1 – Athens: the capital of Greece is often underestimated. Almost and exclusively viewed as a airport to fly on the islands, it can give you unexpected surprises. To confirm it Andrea Kallinis, Italo-greek founder of Beyond Athens, which confirms the beauty of this city giving some absolute niche straight: for true greek food and traditional music from the unmissable live Kallipateira, located just steps from the busy square (as well as metro stop) of Monastiraki; for live jazz and blues music the obligatory stage is To Kelari; for more modern and refined culinary experiences, Aleria, Vassilenas, Simul and Vezene will astonish your palate without draining your wallet. Abandoning the theme of music & food we look at culture. By day let yourself be surprised by one of the “minor” museums of Ghikas, Cycladic Art and Byzantine Art of Absolute Chicks that few know. But if you want to do even more, you must go deep into the Athenian life and, in doing so, put these two addresses in the agenda: Six Dogs and SGT. Last but not least: It is more than likely that by day, although it is December, you can go around in a shirt. Or maybe with the down jacket.

2 – Thessaloniki’s competitor: the rivalry between Athens and Thessaloniki is well-known and, for the Greeks who know Italy thoroughly, the paragon is born spontaneous. Athens and Thessaloniki hate undercover like Milan and Rome. But let’s miss the gossip and visit virtually the city thanks to the suggestions of Kalimera the True Greece. Thessaloniki is characterized by an animated center, a picturesque old part, beautiful Byzantine churches, an interesting archaeological museum and modern art installations that embellish the streets. The most famous Arch is the Arch of Galerio. And if these feel like enough motivation to fly to Thessaloniki, then know that even the neighborhoods have a reason for them. Just rent a car to discover the hometown of Alessandro il Grande, Pella, and a local museum featuring mosaic tiled floor tiles emerging during excavations; Edessa, with its park and its famous waterfalls, ideal for those who love nature; Virgin, ancient capital of the Macedonian kingdom, now home to one of the most beautiful museums in Greece. Here you can pay tribute to the royal tomb of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. But it’s not over … if the weather is fine you can reach an hour in the Halkidiki peninsula. Bathing probably will not be possible, but lying in the sun in front of a crystalline sea absolutely yes. In addition, from the town of Ouranoupoli, you will be able to embark on a cruise that, from the sea, will unveil Mount Athos with its beautiful monasteries. Getting into this Monastic Republic is absolutely forbidden to women and difficult enough for men. Only 10 pilgrims are admitted daily and, in order to enter, you must ask for a permit with months in advance. So be content to see them from afar.

Napfrol is the first free capital of Greece: Nafplio is a few hours from Athens and is one of the most beautiful Peloponnese cities. It is located in the Argolide Gulf, and despite being small, it was Greece’s first “free” capital. The old town has narrow lanes, with obvious Venetian imprint, and is dominated by Palamidi Castle. It is so fascinating that he has, in the past, waved Austen Kark (well-known journalist and diret BBC World Service) who chose to buy us a house to be restored. A choice between the wretched and the rocambolesque described by the writer in a beautiful book titled Attic in Greece. But let’s go back to today and let us know, thanks to the help of Kalimera the true Greece, the Venetian building of the “Arsenal”, the archeological museum, or the ancient fortress on the Bourtzi island located right in front of the harbor. Near to Nafplio lies Mycenae: the town of Agamemnon with its beautiful archaeological site where you can admire the door of the Lions, probably remembered by the school and art history books. Monemvasia absolute peace: city fortress; hidden secret; village of Peloponnese; Byzantine hamlet founded in the 6th century and has become, in its history, a port of strategic importance and then completely abandoned to itself and “decays.” But there has been a revival since the 1980s, and a careful restoration work has brought to life one of the most magical and enchanting places in Greece. To confirm it is My Greek Salad and its community that explain to us how out of time this place is. Today it is an islet connected to the land by a small artificial bridge whose only access is represented by a single door protected by high walls that traverse the entire town of Monemvasia which, as it was said, in the past was an impregnable fort. And what turns out to be the threshold? A maze of medieval streets; two storey buildings strictly in stone; the kastro that dominates the sea and the church of Aghios Sophia, venerated like a new goddess. The latter, Aghios Sophia, represents the “icing on the cake”: an immense centuries-old olive at its side; an immense view over the Aegean Sea; the feeling that there, really, time has stopped. But also the “low city” reveals a fascinatingly word-less charm that you can enjoy at the Malvasia Traditional Hotel; sipping a glass of wine at the Malvasia Café and having dinner or dining at Matoula. But why repeats the name Malvasia if the islet is called Monemvasia? Mykonos and fertile winter (Pinterest) Mykonos the charm of the Greek island in the low season: if you have never been to a Greek island in the low season know that you are lost something. This is even more true if the island is called Mykonos and if the island in the summer is literally caught by tourists coming from every corner of the globe. The rhythms siga siga are lost; the premises are scattered by monstrous working hours; Goats and mules – if they can – hide themselves. But with the fall and the winter everything is squeaky and Mykonos, even her, is back to being an island of the 100% Greek spirit! To visit it are hiking enthusiasts who enjoy slow landscapes, the windmills revolve around the winter wind and the landscape begins to overflow thanks to the rain that finally returns. And since it is likely that at water temperature you will be dissuaded from wanting to stay all day on the beach, you will want to visit Delos’s sacred island with its famous terrace of the Lions. Do you know that Cyclades come from kyklos (circle)? And the circle were, according to tradition, the 56 islands whose center was the most important among them: Delos. Final note: you have to settle for, or enjoy, an island where most of the shops and restaurants are closed but this, Kalimera repeats true Greece, is just beautiful in the low season!

In Greece a drone circles around a beautiful landscape

In Greece a drone revolves around a beautiful landscape and the video becomes three-dimensional I
Greece = summer. That is, bathrooms, white houses, blue sea, great food by the sea. It’s a shame that it’s November and that all this seems so far away that it can not even really exist. To realize that yes, there is light at the end of winter, this beautiful video shot with a drone in Greece is the perfect answer to the first wool scarves and caps pulled out of the closet.
We are used to seeing beautiful videos shot with drones, capable of making images that until a few years ago could only be brought home with helicopters and therefore with costs that only large productions were able to cover. This is no longer the case and the result is a large amount of videos that show up from splendid landscapes. In this case it is Folegandros, Greece.

Compared to the usual videos of this type, in this case the authors chose a particular technique, making their own machine a sort of orbital motion, which almost suits the idea of ​​three-dimensional shooting that, of course, are in two dimensions . At the technical level is what is called Low Earth Orbit, that is, an area between the Earth’s surface and the 2,000-kilometer-high, that area, or where we orbit most of the artificial satellites that revolve around our planet. An orbital movement inspired by the movement of this drone.
In addition to the beauty of the landscape, the clouds seem to stand out, whose consistency seems almost tangible, at hand. Not only because Greece, summer, the sea and all that seemed far away only a few lines ago seemed to reach out to hand. Because it is true: the summer is still at the bottom of the tunnel, but sometimes little is enough to save a Novembrina day without big prospects.

In Gavdos, sea and nature all to discover

On the wild island of Gavdos among pristine beaches, small white villages and excursions to the discovery of lighthouses and other magical places

70 kilometers south of the southern coast of Crete lies the island of Gavdos, one of the most beautiful and remote places in Greece, once a secluded and often exile destination for political figures and dissidents, especially under the dictatorship of Joannis Metexas . Homer already quotes it in the Odyssey by the name of Ogigia, while the Venetians decided to call it Gozzo and, since it is the southernmost point of the whole of Europe, is the favorite destination of those who do not like conventional tourist resorts and prefer the contact with nature (not by chance, free and nudist campers are among the usual visitors).

The white reefs of the south coast, the ocher earth and the sun-reflecting sand invite you to discover every corner of Gavdos starting from the harbor to the north where you can take the road that will take you to a must-see destination, the Lakoudi beach you can only walk on foot and at the end of a nice walk will take you in front of a blue sea that you can not resist. Considering that Gavdos is a small island, soon, continuing your journey, you will find it on its tip south of Tripiti Bay, a truly unusual place. Do not forget to take a nice selfie sitting on the giant chair over the beach and give you an incredible view of the background. Equally enchanting are the beach of Potamos with its reddish beach and Pyrgos beach on the opposite end of Gavdos in the northwest. These beaches are definitely the wildest and few offer services or equipment, so remember to bring along the necessary snacks and snacks.

If you prefer a more comfortable place you can choose the most frivolous beaches of Gavdos, among which the most famous is Agios Ioannis, located next to a small village with some of the most loved by naturists for the crystal clear sea and the sand here and there from junipers making it a paradise. Sarakinikos beach, on the other hand, is about 2 km from the harbor, and the small taverns that will be overlooked will also give you the chance to sample some local specialties. If you are passionate about history, on the hill of Kavos, you can admire the numerous prehistoric ceramic shells and stone utensils, while Sarakinikos is still visible in the building where Velouchiotis Aris, founder of the National Liberation Army people who were exiled to this place.

Leaving the beaches to go on a tour of the island of Gavdos you will soon discover that the architecture of the villages consists of one-storey cubic cubicles with a sort of tool-assisted enrichment and enriched by the inaccessible horticulture adjacent to the building. Visiting Kastri, the most important center in Gavdos, you will find that time has stopped and the small village will give you unique landscapes, while in the surrounding area, Lebanon’s pine and cedar woods are a shelter for many bird species.

If you can miss a day at the beach for a pleasant hike, Gavdos Island offers a number of well-groomed trails that allow you to reach the 17 rural churches scattered here and there or the 1880’s lighthouse on the southwest coast. A visit to the latter will prove to be very interesting to understand how it works, since today the structure has lost its original function and the lighthouse is used as a café even though part of the building (the most interesting one) houses a small museum which tells the story through the show of ancient equipment and photographs. We recommend keeping you here until sunset because the show is really magical!

Being a somewhat wild island, Gavdos is quite difficult to spin because transport is few so you need to plan your trip with some caution. To get to Gavdos you can embark on ferries departing from PaleophÃa or HÃara Sfakion and arriving at the port of Karave. Once you arrive on the island, you can use buses that, upon arrival of each ferry, generally provide tourists beaches and the most famous resorts.

Mykonos in December

Mykonos in December

Staying at Mykonos in December is a good solution to enjoy a pleasant and mild Mediterranean climate with temperatures ranging from 8 ° C to 12 ° C. In the Cyclades, the winter is generally dry and sunny, and here and in the clouds overflowing, the rains do not last long and the winds are moderate.
Some snowflakes can sometimes fall off at Christmas.
In Mykonos, the comfort index in December (about 30 out of 100) is not ideal for a beach holiday but it is still interesting to explore the island under a clear sky for much of winter.

Weather forecasts in Mykonos are based on a calculation platform that takes into account the historical data of the last 10 years and predictions based on some criteria such as ambient temperature, humidity, water temperature, wind and sun .

Prepare for now your stay by taking into consideration the weather forecasts of Mykonos!

On the small stage of a converted church in East London, a smiling Sam Smith is enjoying the emotion.

The audience invokes his name and screams before his band starts playing a single note. Everyone is totally focused on the present, about what’s going on at that time, because every cell phone was kindly kidnapped at the entrance by the staff who cares for the event. It’s a rainy Friday mid-September. This week the English songwriter has performed in Los Angeles and New York. Between two days he will do it in Berlin. The clubs in which they play have a limited audience capacity – each contains less than 1000 people – but expectations are, as it say, huge. Four concerts in four clubs, four different castings, one week: this is how a global superstar that fills the stadium returns after 18 months of silence – and returns after selling over 12 million copies with “In the lonely hour” (2014), his first album, and won four Grammy, three Brit Awards, one Oscar and one Golden Globe (the last two for “Writing on the Wall”, the theme of the Bond-movie “Specter”).

Now, in this ancient church, the fans’ reaction is adorable and devoted. A reassurance that a pretty nervous Smith really needs. “Fuck!” Exclaims the 25-year-old with a big smile at the beginning of her 55-minute concert. “It’s nice to be back. I’ve dreamed it for so long. ”


In November comes his “The thrill of it all”. It is a second album full of ballads that thrill emotions, broken hearts and romantic hymns to be sung around the world for months-for years to come. The bets are good: on the day when the London concert was held, the first single, “Too good at goodbyes”, fluttered in the top of the charts in various countries around the world. When, four days later, we meet in a pub near her home in North London, the tall, slim musician admits to being more relieved. He sang for the first time these new very personal songs. Now he can relax – a bit.

Sam Smith: Yes, after this week I’m destroyed. Because emotionally it was very demanding. I think these concerts have been, to this day, the most important part of my career.

S.S .: Yes. Those four little shows made me regain my craft, and I was scared again. When I started working on this record, I did not want to rest on the laurels. I always wanted to challenge myself. Every time my album goes out I want to feel like it’s the first one. And since my music is very personal, it was great that people were in a room without cell phones!

The U.V: What did you feel when this return has begun?
S.S .: I thought about these moments for the last year and a half. I always tried to stay away from word pressure, stress, but fuck (laughs, nda): launching the first single of the second album after the release of “In the lonely hour” is not an easy task. That album went badly well! I was scared! But when the tour ended, I found myself home in London and again the only thing that counted was music. So the release of this record is a fact that I feel very organic, and that comes at the right time. Nothing and nobody hurts me. I am proud of the work done.

The U.V .: “Too good at goodbyes” is very personal – you described it as a “song about a relationship I’ve had and basically talks about how, when it was over and left me, I did not suffer so much”. So, to inspire you was a disastrous relationship?

S.S .: It was not a disaster, nor was it so intense. It lasted five, six months. When it started I did not like much, and when it was over I felt even worse! So yes, I got thrown, it was over, and then there were two or three months of self-analysis – and much of the music was born from there.
U.V: We talk about “Pray”, of which we talked about as the possible second single.


Greece, Folegandros
Welcome To Green Luxury Villas !
Villa, 4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 8 persons, Garden, WiFi

Uncompromising horizons, landscapes sculpted by the wind and by solitude, rocky beaches you can only walk or sail to, but also “glamorous rituals” like fish&ouzo evenings in the small squares of Chora, a tangle of white houses built around the old Kastro and the church of Aghios Nikolaos. On Folegandros island, despite its latest success as a tourist destination, very little has changed.

In one of the most charming locations of Folegandros island, on a plot (of approximately 5,000 sqm) looking south-west to Milos island, the bluest sea and sky and the most moving sunsets of the Aegean, we rent two 90sqm villas together as a two-family house.

The villas were built according to sustainable architecture and green housing standards

Not even the beaches are saved: in Greece a tanker is sinking and the coasts are in trouble

in Greece a tanker is sinking and the coasts are in trouble

On Sunday, Agia Zoni II stormed in the sea for still unclear reasons.

Of its 2,520 tons of oil already 300 have poured into the water and have reached the beaches around Athens

After the war: what life did the Nazi hierarchs take over? After the war: what life did the children of the Nazi hierarchs

After losing harbors, islands and a lot of time, the Greeks have remained only the beaches. Indeed,

well look at those, as the ship-tank Agia Zoni II, sunk on Saturday near the islet of Atalanta, not far from Piraeus,

is releasing the crude oil stored in the water in the water. On Monday, however, the situation became dramatic:

the winds and streams transported oil to the beaches, where it appeared in the late morning of Wednesday 13.

In particular, on the coasts of Piraiki and Freatida, areas where Athenians go a bath in the day –

and where the fishermen leave to go off. Not even the beaches, it was said.

According to experts’ estimates, at least 300 tonnes of masut, ie the crude oil distillation residue,

have already been poured into the sea. The Coastguard is already working to spread chemical agents in the water

in an attempt to counteract pollution.

But in Agia Zoni II there are still 2,270 tons of fuel. Come out? Will not they come out? In doubt it is thought to close

all the marinas in the area.

In the meantime disputes have already begun: the authorities are accused of acting late: the ship is sunk on Saturday,

operations have begun in the following days. Residents in particular underline the slowness with which floating barriers were arranged:

a few hours less would be enough to avoid environmental disaster.

It is also not clear why Agia Zoni II is sunk. The authorities argue that everything is under control.

But winds and waves, in fact, are difficult to predict. Perhaps even more than the markets.

Cheap flights easyjet summer 2017: Low cost proposals for September to Europe

The easyjet offers for September with flights departing from Milan Malpensa, Rome and Naples.

Here are the best offers for low cost flights from May to June 2017 from Milan and Rome from 7.99 euros offered by EasyJet and Ryanair.

Let’s talk about easyjet flight deals for the summer of 2017. Although for many holidays are over, the summer season is still long and there are many low-cost options to indulge in a short weekend in September. Let’s see what the British carrier proposes for flights departing from Milan Malpensa, Rome and Naples.

From Milan Malpensa there are only one-way flights at favorable rates valid for September. Among the most interesting are the Madrid flight from 24.73 euros on departure on September 11th, Malaga flight from 29.28 euros on departure on September 10th and Bilbao flight on the same price starting on September 6th. For only 19.68 euros there is also a flight to Munich, departing on September 8, while at 22.21 euros you can fly to London Gatwick or Luton, respectively, on September 12th and 14th. At the same price we find flights to Berlin, Prague, Hamburg and Copenhagen, which are closed between 11 and 13 September. Lastly, for Greece fans, we note the flights to Myikonos at 29.28 euros with departure on September 20 and Kos for 26.75 euros on departure on September 2nd.
From Rome and Naples
Let’s go for flights departing from Rome with easyjet. From the capital, the cheapest flights are for Nice to 32.81 euros on departure on September 8, for Paris to 39.88 euros on departure on September 20th and for London to 45.94 euros on departure on September 13th. We go to Naples, where flights to Catania, Corfu and Mykonos are at 26.75 euros, departing on September 3rd and 13th, flight to Malta at 29.28 euros on departure on September 1st, flight to Split on departure September 3 to 24.73 euros and those to Barcelona and the Balearic Islands (Ibiza, Majorca and Menorca) to 37.86, 43.92 and 29.28 euros, all departing in September.

Mykonos, the 7 least crowded beaches on which to relax

Each year Mykonos is attacked by many tourists, mostly young people attracted by the movida and the beaches where music is fired at all hours. But the Greek island does not only live in this type of tourism and also boasts beaches that are just as beautiful but less loud.

1 – Houlakia. It is one of the few sandy beaches on the island, located within a protected natural area and is particularly impressive. Despite its beauty, it is generally not very popular: perhaps the winds blowing strongly from the north discourage many visitors. It also has a wonderful view on the nearby Delo Island and is one of the best spots to admire the sunset in Mykonos.

2 – Merisini. It is a beautiful little known beach, Merisini, set along a beautiful sandy bay accessible by car or boat. It boasts beautiful sand and rock bottom and is loved by the snorkelers.

3 – Agrarians. It is an unpaved beach that still retains the charm of an uncontaminated wilderness. It has sand and pebbles and a crystal clear sea that conquers tourists who like relaxation. The beach of Agrari is the one immediately after Super Paradise (and before Elia beach).

4 – Lia Beach. It is a pretty bay on the southeastern coast of Mykonos. It is a small corner of paradise with white sand, pebbles and rock formations. Very popular with snorkelers.

5 – Kalo Livadi. Spectacular sea and fine and golden sand. It is located along the south-east coast of Mykonos, 2 km from the traditional village of Ano Mera and 10 from Chora. Quiet and ideal for relaxing, the beach is one of the longest in Mykonos, is equipped and is located at the end of a valley.

6 – Paraga beach. Beautiful sea and beach, not far from Chora. Among those listed is one of the most crowded. It is sheltered by the wind and has several trees under which shadowy.

7 – Platis Gialos. It is a small creek between Psarou beach and Agia Anna. Even here water and beach are great but the beach is really small.