10 iPhone features that change with iOS 10

Change photos, music, iMessage, we can delete preinstalled apps. Above all, changes the underlying philosophy

The first thing that emerges from Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference keynote presentation is that Apple has decided to change his story. Thirty years ago, Steve Jobs founded the Cupertino philosophy on creating a closed ecosystem and armored to the outside world that could work perfectly. At the center of it all was all the pursuit of perfection and absolute beauty of its products, to which only Apple, however, could be accessed, with close to zero chance of customization by users. Yesterday this was launched from the window, opening (almost) completely to the imagination of developers and users who will have the maximum freedom of use. Especially in the mobile sector, including iPhone and iPad, with the brand new iOS 10. A revolutionary and completely new operating system is not in the design, which will remain essentially the same, but the underlying concept: Siri, Maps and iMessage will be available to developers will be able to indulge themselves in designing new forms of interaction with the virtual assistant or with the app messaging.

Who knows that this change of perspective is not the long-awaited response from Apple to drop the iPhone sales last quarter. The fact is that, for example, in the new iOS 10 we will delete all of the pre-installed Apple apps that do not use very often: the only considered essential for operation are Phone, Safari, Photos and App Store, the rest will be eliminated to make room (like Exchange, Books, Podcasts, iTunes and so on). We have to wait a bit ‘(the first beta is expected in July, the official release in the fall) but in the meantime we summarize the 10 new features that we can take advantage of iOS 10.

1. New center notifications. It will be redesigned the iPhone screen with the keypad is locked. The notifications will be bigger and enriched with more details. By clicking on a notification with the 3D Touch you can accept invitations, reply to messages or interact with third-app (there is the example of Uber). Finally there is the option to clear all notifications lost with a single click. With the new “Raise to wake” function you can see the notifications screen simply by lifting the phone.

2. Touch 3D more useful. On the main screen you can access the functions without even opening them: for example, to see who has sent you a message, the results of the match on ESPN, see videos of Youtube or view the app activity with the Apple Watch data.

3. Siri at maximum power. With the opening to the external app we can send messages of Whatsapp, call a taxi on Uber or start a training session on Runtastic. And ‘become smarter and using more learns our behavior and is able to be useful to us, makes suggestions focused on your position and depending on your use (recent contacts, addresses, calendar etc.) Becoming an assistant in real bot who ask any question you throw your head. Siri will also control the keyboard that will be more intuitive and will not auto-correction errors.

4. iMessage. We can send stickers, emoji larger or interact with other applications without leaving the app screen. Photos, videos and external links can be previewed without having to click on it. One of the novelties most acclaimed by the public are the words that become emoji: through the recognition of words connected with emoticons you can replace the word in the face of reference (eg. Basketball with the emoji of the ball). There will be effects and animations as regards the text (fade-in, pop, to explosion and so on) and the background of the conversation. Integration with Apple Music allows you to share tracks with friends and listen to them in real time.

5. Photos. The AI also arrives in the camera roll. You can view your photos on a map and, with the recognition of objects within the image can be created automatically for specific albums based on their content: people, animals, objects or landscapes. The iPhone will be able to create videos with photos automatically, previewing directly from the home of scermata Photo: will any phone, will mount the video, choose the music and you will scroll through the images; You can decide the mood of the movie (funny, melancholic, epic and so on), so as to change the soundtrack and editing.

6. Map. Another app is completely revised maps that will be more integrated with Siri: new design, more details about location and more advice on places in the area. The navigation will be dynamic and clear (that is, you will be immersed in the road or Pan wider to control traffic, which eventually there will be real-time information), and there will be more shortcut to access certain functions (for example stations the local service). Maps will also open to the contribution of the external app, so you can make an application directly to the restaurant or buy a ticket to the movies and pay with Apple Pay.

7. Music. One year after its launch, the app has 15 million subscribers but needed a makeover to boost its run: via Connect – the failed attempt of the social network dedicated to music, clearer interface and simple and closer to the needs of users, especially viewing the sections that are used more. The library has been rebuilt from scratch giving (finally) importance to playlists, artists and songs that are easily visible. A crazy news is that there are the words of the songs that are being played. “To you” it was revised to highlight daily playlist and new artists to be discovered.

8. Apple News (still not available in Italy). Design all new with stories trends, the reference topic (sports, entertainment, etc.) And inquiries. There is the possibility to subscribe to read all the content available on the app without limits.

9. Apple Home. The app that was missing in order to have a control center for all the gadgets connected to the Internet of Things with Homekit within the same software. Just open this app to control all electrical appliances at home. Instead of having ten different apps, you can now have an overall control in one application (that supports Siri, so you can open the garage with your voice or turn on a light switch). The app also works from the lock screen of your phone or Apple Watch.

10. Phone. The Phone app changes: default appear previews of voice mail messages that can be read out without having to listen to the voice mail. In addition, the notification of a missed call will not be the classic automatic message, but you can see the photo of the person who was looking for you. The app can also point you whether an incoming call is a call center, using “spammy” in the phone number.

Foldimate, the appliance that you stretch, bend and smells shirts

Dedicated to all single men who are tired to go to the laundry life

Stretch and fold shirts and t-shirts in less than a minute. The cleaning lady? Your girlfriend? Mom? No, even better, it is Foldimate. Thanks to a steam system gets rid of every little fold of the fabric and also refreshes with the natural flavors. If you’re single and every time you take out the clothes from the washing machine will take an accident, do not worry, this is not a technological mirage in the desert full of clothes to be ironed. The invention is an Israeli startup based in Los Angeles and promises to make it available for preorder and 2017 at a price of 750 Euros.

But how does it work? Just hang sweaters or machine pants with tweezers, then sucks them up and return them to the sender perfectly folded and fragrant. It takes 10 seconds to fold a mesh and 20 to 30 seconds to stretch it. In total, Foldimate can bend up to 30 suits at a time. The only limit: coats, thick sweaters and underwear. So, solve wearing coats at the dry cleaners, and for the rest also keeps ironing: no one will notice the crumpled slip.

One thing is certain, though: it takes space to have all the amenities. This ‘laundress’ it should be next to a washing machine and dryer if any, that they too are quite bulky.

Heartbeat Once you choose the right partner based on the beat of your heart

The application of online dating that offers a sweet half a day can now relies on the true natural judge of the emotions, the heartbeat: the more intense over there feeling

What is the most obvious reaction when we are faced with a person that we like? That’s right, the uncontrolled dancing our hearts that can accompany a sweat in your hands, shake and butterflies in the stomach. It happens the same even when the attraction is less romantic and more physical. It is the first case or the second does not matter to Ounces, that just to exploit always sincere reactions in our bodies, opts for new Heartbeat feature.

What Once? It is an application for iOS and Android (and also online for PC) dating (ie appointments, discover all the best) that focuses on quality and not quantity. Unlike virtually all other competitors (such as Tinder, of all), it only offers one and only one day potentially compatible partners, which is carefully selected by a staff team of specialists, called Matchmakers. Going to mix to your profile information and preferences entered, experts are looking for the other half can of apple.

It’s up to you to decide whether or not to contact their “match”. Something new, but in the end even the old saw that closely resembles and digital work of dear old marriage agencies than once.

The new feature is called Heartbeat heartbeat and that is just what it sounds like: associating a detector pulse as a kind smartband FitBit or one smartwatch (with Android Wear operating system) will give a “scientific” response to the partner who is offered every day . The photo will be displayed and you will observe the behavior of the heart: if it starts to beat wildly, then we will have to give it a thought, but if it will remain quiet then better trust him and move on. If so, you may contact the person associated within 24 hours.

For more precisini there is also the possibility to save the history of the beats in a historian who knows a bit ‘of “ranking” to see who really did beat most of our vital muscle. But not limited to, the Matchmakers will also study these physiological reactions to get even more clues to any more attractive proposals.

So it’s something really never seen? In fact, the company Texan T3 had studied a “hands-free” version that is without hands to Tinder. You know the dating app that offers burst photos and profiles you must then choose or discard with a swipe from one side or the other? Well, for the app on Apple Watch it was exploited its heartbeat to let their hearts decide whether to choose or not the proposed user. Of course, with Once you finally become reality and, to be honest, it is also more consistent with the philosophy of this app less devoted to the adventures of a night stand and more to those “series.”

What will be the next evolution? Maybe the combined action between heart rate and electroencephalogram that studies the reactions of the brain? And if it also would add the detection of the pupil dilation? And why not, the measurement of blood shift toward “peripheral areas”? The horizons are endless.

Stranger Things, the new Netflix series pays homage to the 80s cult (Winona Ryder)

Netflix coming to a new TV series that draws on the repertoire of films like The Goonies, E. T., Explorers, and other masterpieces, for the nostalgic eighties

Does not it get out alive from the eighties, even the 2.0 era of streaming platforms. There is “fell” well Netflix, which with Stranger Things, new series available on the platform from July 15, the tip really all about ’80.

There is the setting for homes and high schools that we saw in the film era, there are kids and adults dressed and combed as now we pretend to never be tanned, there is a child who mysteriously disappears, there are forces supernatural (or alien?) and there’s even she, Winona Ryder, who eighties is one of the actresses symbolic.

The series, created by brothers Matt and Ross Duffer (Wayward Pines), is really a tribute to all the cult films of the “fabulous eighties” – E. T., The Goonies, Poltergeist, Explorers – and is set right at the time.

A Hawkins in Indiana, Joyce (Winona Ryder) is working with the police to find his son, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

During the investigation, also conducted privately, the plot, which draws from the repertoire of the ’80s, spread between government experiments, demonic forces (or, indeed, extraterrestrials) and disturbing stories.

In fact, there are others who, like The Verge, Stranger Things describes as “the show that Steven Spielbeg and Stephen King” could do together.

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski in 50 photos, including nudes, selfies and #escile
The model / actress who has created the largest number of tachicardiche crisis of recent years makes it 25. We will celebrate as well

She is the one for which the Italic “escile” invitation has become a hashtag – important certification in the world 2.0 – as well as his middle name: Emily Ratajkowski has now been renamed Emily “Escile” Ratajkoski.

The model turns 25 on June 7 and is now one of the sexiest celeb in the social scene: more than 6.5 million followers on Instagram, more than 750 thousand on Twitter, nearly 5 million on Facebook.
What is the secret of the girl? A slender body, contemporary model, on which towering boobs pin-up and a face illuminated by a sensual pout.

Emily, then, likes to tease fans with strokes of selfie which often are topless or nude, which challenge the censorship of Instagram.

As she alternates her career in fashion to interventions by busy woman, the Ratajkowski also made foray into film, first with Gone Girl (it was, of course, easily desnuda faithless girlfriend of Ben Affleck), then We are your friends.

Meanwhile, continue the services and hot covers that have brought success from the start: it was thanks to one of these that was noticed and chosen for the video clip Blurred Lines (Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams), to launch Emily ( and her tits) in the star system.

The best gadgets to take on holiday

A suitcase is not complete without a good tech department. We chose the unmissable this summer

Shots unforgettable moments with a lifecam, counts your daily steps with a fitness tracker and even on vacation you can not not wearing your smartwatch. Well, here’s what you absolutely can not miss in your suitcase if you’re a tech nerd.

Headphones. The Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless are great to listen to great music in moments of relaxation. They have an excellent sound quality and aesthetics trendy because they are wireless and built in valuable and aluminum skin. Suggested retail price 399 €.

Mini Bluetooth speaker. This Leitz is compact and capable of reproducing a crystal clear sound on the move. It is Bluetooth and built-in microphone makes it perfect for conference calls or free calling mode. It is ideal to be taken anywhere and is practical as quick to charge via USB. Price: 55,90 EUR.

Power bank. Dual Ipower Puro 4000 mAh simultaneously charging Apple Watch, thanks to the dedicated support base, and other mobile device.

Not only recharges quickly, from 0 to 50% in 30 minutes, but thanks to the function Auto Detecting and Load Balancing, the power bank automatically recognizes the type of connected device (iOS or Android) and dividing the energy delivered as needed. The solution is compatible not only with the Apple device, even with most of the devices on the market (Samsung, Hauwei, Sony, Microsoft, Nokia, HTC, Asus and LG). Price: 59,99 EUR.

Cover for smartphones. For a selfie on the beach, a video underwater or a walk on the shore to the music, here is the cover that’s right for you. To protect the smartphone from water, splashes, dust and sand, the new Voyager Compact Cellularline is a real colorful shell with hermetic closure which, thanks to IPX6 certification, ensures maximum protection. The front touchscreen lets you use your smartphone in all its functions, and the holes in the rear and the bottom of the housing allow to take pictures and videos, insert the headphone jack and charge your phone without having to remove the iPhone. Available in deep blue color, lime green, black and fuchsia. 19,99 euro.

The latest generation of fitness tracker. Shine 2 keeps track of the amount of movement and the quality of sleep continuously and accurately, showing the progress made by 12 LEDs on the diskette. The major new features include the introduction of capacitive touch sensors and sync with the app Misfit Link, which transform Shine 2 in a remote controller for taking selfies, control audio playback and interact with automated devices. In addition, the Misfit Move function prompts the user when it is time to get moving by vibration. Water resistant to 50 meters, can be worn on the wrist, neck or clipped to clothing. Shine 2 is on sale on the online shop of Hinnovation and large electronics stores to the € 119.99 price.

Camera that protects you from the sun. Sunscreenr is a small camera that shows you where you’ve applied sunscreen to avoid burn. If through the lens you see your dark skin means that you’re protected, otherwise it is the case to slather back protection. The room is waterproof and resistant to sand. It is available in different colors, you preorder and costs $ 74.

Smartwatch. The latest Samsung is available in two versions, Gear S2 and S2 Gear Classic: the first minimal lines and modern at the price of 349.99 euro, the second most elegant and leather 379,99 EUR. If you’re on vacation but do not know to give up the healthy relaxation away from your usual routine, with this smart watch notifications receive and reply to messages right from your wrist. And you can immediately check calendar, e-mail, weather and listen to music. Also thanks to dedicated to fitness function is perfect for physical activity and keep a diary constantly updated on sports improvements and a reminder to reach their goals.

Straps. If you already have an Apple watch, instead, take a look at the new straps presented at the event Apple in March. Before there were only steel, leather and fluoroelastomer. The new model include an update in the Milan jersey and new variants classic, sports and loops, but the most interesting are nylon, which adhere better to the arm. Price: 59 €.

Action cam. GoPro GoPro Hero4 Session contains all the technology but it is smaller, lighter and more versatile. You can dive with it up to a depth of 10 meters, eliminating the need for a Protective Case Pond and is able to start recording and taking pictures at the touch of a single button and only. Record a video resolution 1080p 60fps and take pictures at 8MP and has Wi-Fi and integrated Bluetooth to connect it to the GoPro App and control it remotely from your smartphone or tablet, view content in memory and share them on social. € 219.

Smart keychain. Wire tracker is a 100% Italian and allows you to find the keys in the travel bag or even your car if you’re in a dispersive place you do not know. In short, Filo is useful not only in everyday life, but also on holiday. Through the app you’ll always know where it is. Starting from € 29.90.

Smartphone. For the holidays might be useful to have a smaller smartphones, which come in all budgets. The latest in Apple’s iPhone SE which has the same characteristics of the 6s, but has the size and the homes of 5. In short, powerful and handy to carry around.

Music & Style, the photo of the day: Chet Baker

The next June 16 is a date to be put on the agenda is the GQ Music & Style 2016 day

In cooperation with Huawei, GQ presents GQ Freak Out Music & Style, 2016. On June 16th, starting at 19, the Market Sound of Milan (Via Cesare Lombroso 54), with Saturnino Art Direction, Music Stars, Fashion Icons, Live Performances and dj sets. Admission is free

Music and style. Two seemingly different worlds, with a thousand shades of identity. The first is comparable to an endless journey, punctuated by a thousand stops, races, from different speeds, from adrenaline. A journey that you go alone, alone with yourself, or people you trust company. You transmits emotions, I am heartened when you’re down in the dumps, it gives you strength and courage. The style, however, is a continuous transformation of the self. It happens every time you face a difficulty, it grows, or live a new and thrilling experience. But the thing that makes this combination even more mysterious is their merger. As in a brief but intense dialogue, where music fills the space and the time style.

That time that exists, in different forms, both for music, that for the style. In the first, he articulates sound movements; in the second, it delimits the trends. Just this creative mix, a magical and surreal, wrote entire chapters, in his own hand, in the great book of musical genres over the years.

The undisputed style icon of this decade is Elvis Presley. Charismatic, romantic, with the iconic sideburns and bouffant clump, is the King of Rock & Roll (or The King). With his style, he has been able to revolutionize and make the mythical country, and was one of the creators of Rockabilly. Who does not remember his double-breasted jacket with white suits, in the fateful dancing pose? And the extent strictly shirt with upturned collar, worn under the bomber? How can we forget, then, the T-shirt with white horizontal stripes and blue? Her look has influenced generations, until today. More refined and bohemian, however, was the style of Jimi Hendrix. The Seattle guitarist, famous for his messy hair “in the bush” sometimes arranged through multicolor bands and animal or hiding under hats country, has always loved the militaristic jackets with golden embroidery deluxe or tapestry fantasy. Shirts, however, had to be made of silk, with funny prints, optical, by the nuances pop or tie-dye. To embellish the outfits, necklaces, medallions, profuse fringes and rings. All mixed and seasoned with a touch of hippie culture, so loved by the artist. Chet Baker, however, has always opted for the minimalist style. Jazz great always wore a crew neck sweaters, jackets deconstructed with white T-shirt and jeans comfortable fit. As if to express himself only by the sound of the notes and vocal style.

Chameleonic. Perhaps it is the only correct and comprehensive adjective to describe David Bowie. From experiments with costumes, make-up, androgynous clothes to reject and play with gender stereotypes when they still did not do it almost no one, to his “strangeness” (as it was called) completely foreign to the style icons of the moment, of all Paul Newman or Steve McQueen, then turned into coolness, in the following years. By his passion for Japanese culture and tradition, which revived all over the Western world, until the encounter with the genius designer Kansai Yamamoto, who created the costumes for her 1973 tour, Aladdin Sane, and the use of famous trick for the album cover, which recalls that of Kabuki theater, born in 1600 just in the East. After his death, which took place on January 10, even the greatest designers in the fashion industry, as Alessandro Michele for Gucci, Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent, J.W.Anderson and Ennio Capasa for Costume National, paid tribute to his genionelle own collections. As a unanimous greeting imprinted in the tissues. Even Freddie Mercury always liked “change.” Iconic, were the white suits worn while singing Bohemian Rhapsody, and some years later, on stage, those shorts, multicolor, sported with undershirt, hairy chest and mustache told the myth of the artist, who became leader of a real creative movement, loved around the world.

In the eighties, however, he has danced with Prince. The pop icon of Minneapolis, who transformed the black music, has always loved the world of fashion. The BCs showy, precious jackets, shirts silk pirate with jabot, skinny pants made mad the most important designers who braved death for him as a testimonial. For example, in Milan, during the fashion week was always welcome guest: still remembers his very exclusive concert for the fashion house Versace, a few years ago. Great provocateur like Freddie Mercury and David Bowie, with their own versatility and ability to empathize in different roles, its performance, as well as its set, anticipated by several decades the phenomenon that fashion then called as “genderless” and the company has christened as “sexual fluidity.” Europe is listening U2, led by Bono. Nail or black leather biker, white T-shirt, dark sunglasses, tight jeans, pointy boots or sneakers: like a uniform. On stage and in everyday life.

For pop music, no doubt, Take That have dictated trends. Five talented English guys, defined, denim lovers, over the tartan shirts, T-shirt underwear white and necklaces from the beach. Among these, the coolest was Robbie Williams, now with the advent of the year 2000 (and numerous tattoos all over his body) a real style icons. For the alternative rock, however, stand out the Placebo, this time bad boys, who wore casually tight look, noir makeup, T-shirts with provocative prints, chains around his neck and dark sunglasses with a vintage. While in 1987, there’s Nirvana with their grunge style: overalls in denim ripped, long uncombed hair funny shirts worn under blazers and wool maxi cardigan.

With the arrival of 2000, not only changes the century change even the icons of style and fashion. Rapper Eminem, great provocateur in the lyrics of his songs, is 100% this change. Jeans brought to life very low, with unlaced sneakers, baseball cap and T-shirt larger sizes of your choices: this is the look popular on American roads by teenagers. Also very similar to the outfits of Jay-Z. Another style icon is Justin Timberlake: young, with blond curly hair (a few times was also photographed with braids African and headband), hidden behind sunglasses with colored lenses. These are the years of oversize sweatshirts sporty, leather pants and sneakers Nike or adidas, who remember with great nostalgia.

In recent years, some protagonists of the worldwide music scene have become very important player also in the fashion world. More: they became influencers, consultants and sometimes even into real designers. For example, Pharrell Williams signed two collections of adidas Originals, shoes and clothing, sold out in a few days. And last February, has also become co-owner of the denim brand G-Star Raw with whom he collaborated from time to environmentally sustainable projects. Kanye West, lover of designer labels such as Balmain’s wife Kim Kardashian, however, has created along with the Nike Yeezy brand and became independent and star every year of Fashion Week in New York City. Finally, Justin Bibier, spokesperson for Calvin Klein and style icon known throughout the world, which mixes daily Vans with Saint Laurent and Gucci, darting on his skateboard through the streets of Los Angeles.

Who is Olivier Rousteing, the designer of the new limited edition collection of NikeLab

Young has succeeded in a short time to restore luster to a historic fashion house of luxury. Today, after collaborating with H & M for a limited which made sold out in a few hours, it is ready to repeat the full house with capsules designed for the sportswear giant

Born in 1986, born in Bordeaux in France, Olivier Rousteing is five years, the creative director of Balmain and some day even the new guest designer of the limited edition collection of NikeLab.

Despite his young age (at least for the fashion business), it is considered one of the most promising and influential designers of the global fashion scene. His career began with a degree in fashion design at the École Supérieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode in Paris, after leaving in the first year, to study law. At 18, he decided to undertake an internship as Roberto Cavalli, working closely with the designer Peter Dundas which will work for six years. Ended the experience by Cavalli, Rousteing begins to work in the study of the controversial designer Christophe Decarnin, first as manager, then, with the departure of the founder, as creative director. In 2011, only 24 years old, will begin directing style department of Balmain, which will grow thanks to the very great successes and excellent sales results (in 2014, in fact, the brand has invoiced more than 30 million euro, in up 20% over the previous year).

In addition, thanks to its creative skills, business, and his fame (his profile @olivier_rousteing Instagram has more than 3.2 million followers), last year the Swedish fast fashion giant H & M has called him to draw the capsule collection deluxe Balmaination, exhausted the first day of sale, in a few hours. His creations, from super skinny fit, in fact, are very popular among fashionistas around the world. And by many celebrities, including all Kanye West and Kim Kardashian (who have worn at the 2016 Met Gala in New York City), Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and especially the pop star Rihanna, her friend, muse and face of the advertising campaign Balmain for spring-summer 2014, which often takes selfie posing for social networks. “His aura, his charisma are special,” the designer had declared during an interview with The Telegraph last year, speaking precisely of Riri. “She is a woman of the world, which tells a new world, the world of today”

BMW 2002 Hommage, vintage touches and so much wickedness

At Villa d’Este BMW has lifted the veil on a prototype inspired by the series 02 of 1966. A concept from super aggressive lines

He has just completed the 2016 edition of the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, BMW chose appointment to pay homage to one of the most important models in its history, thanks to an inspired concept to it: the BMW 2002 Hommage. It was, in fact, to 1966, when the propeller house introduced in its range a small three volumes, the BMW Series 02. Of that series was also built a turbo version (the 2002 Turbo, in fact), the first in Europe , to be equipped with this type of series technology. It just thinking about that car that the German designers have shaped the beautiful prototype unveiled at Villa d’Este.

A draw your ancestor there are the round headlights, the Turbo written on the mask, and some details, vintage, such as opaque color hood – a solution once popular among rally drivers to avoid being bothered by reflections, during the guide. For the rest, huge wheels, side skirts to go go and viciousness not seen since the first M3. We would like one? You bet. We already see us to park it in front of the bar and to come down with a nice pair of bell-bottom pants and pointy shoes. Criminal novel.

A Mojito to ham as an appetizer

An intriguing base of Great Cookie cocktail appetizer. Here is the idea of the students of the Institute Alberghiero Carlo Porta of Milan who triumphed in the first edition of the Academy Rovagnati Food Experience
It looks like a cocktail, but it is not. Because inside the inviting cup that we usually see on the bar we have here is an appetizer made with ham. The Mojito Ravagnati, devised by young Roberto Antelmo and Clare Gospel Institute Alberghiero Carlo Porta di Milano, triumphs in the first edition of the Academy Rovagnati Food Experience, an international competition for aspiring chefs high school sponsored by the famous Brianza-based company.

The goal, to find “a new interpretation of the salami”, has been largely succeeded by winning proposal. On the final evening at the Academy Gualtiero Marchesi in Milan, the Milanese institute students prepared and presented their creation in front of an attentive jury of Claudia Ravagnati, President of Rovagnati Spa, the starred chef Enrico Bartolini and – of course – the Maestro Gualtiero Marchesi.

“It is an interesting dish that managed to radically overturn our main product, the Great Cookie, while respecting all the fundamental qualities – explains Claudia Rovagnati.

– It’s amazing that it has been developed by children so young. ” The recipe starvation cocktail / appetizer, which took home a prize of 5000 Euros, combines a ham cream with pistachios, a white turnip and chopped jelly mojito. A proposal by the quintessentially contemporary spirit and metro, which you can try at home following the recipe below.

Mojito Rovagnati

Ingredients for two cups:
100 g of cooked ham Great Cookie Rovagnati
50 g mascarpone
50 g whipped cream
40 g pistachios
15 g white turnip, cut into cubes and cooked
For the jelly:
40 ml of white rum
40 ml lime juice
25 ml of water
15 g brown sugar
2 g of gelatin sheets
candied lime peel
mustard (pear, cherry)

For the jelly, heat the water with the sugar, add the gelatin sheets and melt. When cool, add the lime juice, rum and keep refrigerated.

Blend the ham, add the mascarpone and add gently the whipped cream.

Distribute the base of the martini glass a layer of pistachio nuts, then the white turnip cubes, so the ham cream and cover with the gelatine.

Let cool in the refrigerator and decorate with mustard, pistachios, candied lime peel and mint.