Forget the sports, the mink sandals are the new shoes for everything

From going to the super until a dinner at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Zizi Donohoe’s designs are suitable for any occasion

 Zizi Donohoe is a pioneer of self-styled style. Under the flowing palm trees and the omnipresent Los Angeles sun, the British designer

is betting on a decadence every day with her extravagant choices. The place of honor of his look,

his fluffy mink flip flops, which he carries practically on all sides.

“They’re very grateful,” Donohoe says, laughing, “but I’ll put them on for shopping.

” This 24-year-old woman from Sheffield moved recently and is now a resident of Shoreditch,

London, where she studied shoe design and whose first project was flip-flops made of recycled skins –

light blue for her boyfriend and Acid green “like tennis ball” for her. When his friends began to place orders, Donohoe realized with surprise

that he had a hit: “At first I thought the design was not much worked, but then I understood that its simplicity made them fabulous,”

he says. “Instead of putting the sports to go down to the 7-Eleven, why not some flip-flops? And why not dine at the Beverly Hills Hotel. ”

Donohoe launched a discreet homonymous line in December, with flip-flops in five bright colors and a few stoles of hair that immediately gained

fans in the nets. The new five tones, pop and retro, are

inspired by L.A. And she considers them her true debut.

Flamenco rose, cream, and pearl gray are based on the colors of the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel,

while the more intense tones, lilac and yellow, are reminiscent of the Californian

films of the 1980s: “The troupe of Beverly Hills, Pretty Woman, Crazy in Hollywood, in all of them,

the colors were very saturated, “she recalls, and translated into mink, the designer turns them into real wonders.

Baijiu, the Chinese deluxe distillate: in Italy the new 24K bottle

JNC launches in China Jin Jian Nan 24K, a “baijiu”, traditional Chinese liquor distilled from cereals that drinks the “Ganbei”, “dry the glass”.

Chinese restaurant. Fine meal. A time to close the supper took a sip of a generic Chinese grappa, in pink or plum varieties, sweetie and traitorous,

but useful for digesting fried foods full of glutamate.

Today, the high alcohol content (40-60 °) remains, and the drinking of a Shottino model breath (which would otherwise be rude) but the “baijiu”

(generally known as the Chinese distillate) has risen to level Of course Chinese cuisine.

China’s globalization and expansion in Italy (purchase of Inter and Milan included), China has decided to export a third brand of distillate

“baijiu” that follows the well-known and prestigious Moutai (the most well-known and popular in Our country)

and Wuliangye (expensive bike, already exhibited at the China Pavilion during EXPO): Jian Nan Chun landed in Italy

with the new jumbo jiang Nan 24K, a modern package with a glamorous gold-colored bottle, but the multiple references to the nobility imperial.

Like tea, silk or martial arts, the “baiju” is in fact part of the cultural heritage of the Dragon City

with a history that is lost in the night of the times, it seems to be the favorite liquor of the emperor already during the Tang dynasty ,

In the 1300s. The Jin Jian Nan 24K is therefore a “baijiu”, white liquor, transparent, distilled from cereals

, which traditionally drinks at home at home (try to believe if you hold high gradations) Or at dinner, strictly smooth,

in ceramic shorts at Ganbei’s scream! (Dry the glass!).

Appearing on Times Square screens in New York on January 28 for Chinese New Year

celebrations, and featured as a trademark in several Hollywood films (including “The amazing Spder Man 2” and “Transformers 4”)

, Jin Jian Nan 24K Now finally comes to our tables, soft, pleasing to her well-known sweet sugar, from the lasting scent and from the top to a more

accessible thread of her “competitor”.

Jin Jian Nan 24 K is obviously the last born in the family, if you want to have it even cheerful than you already

drink it, you can break the list of his brothers: K6 and K9 lighter and more delicate, 15 powerful years Pungent and 1949,

leading the date of the creation of the People’s Republic of China and which is a reserve as well as the top bottle of the house

. But attentive: here the prices (which in the case of the K24 are those of a premium base distillate),

go up and may in some cases also touch the 500 euros.

Baywatch”: The legend lives

Baywatch”: The legend lives
“Baywatch” returns – and then immediately to the big screen. Instead, David Hasselhoff now rescues Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson drowning while he fights the crime on his beach at the same time – leading an arrogant newcomer to his barriers. He does so in a way that is more powerful than David Hasselhoff could ever have imagined in the 1990s.
The rescue swimmers around Mitch Buchannon (Dwayne Johnson) have all hands to do: to save light-flooded swimmers from drowning, to select and educate new bathers – and also to elucidate where all the designer drugs on the beach of Malibu come from. In addition, Mitch also has the swimming Olympian winner Matt Brody (Zac Efron) assigned to his team. It can swim like a fish, but it has its difficulties to recognize authorities.

It’s “Baywatch”! Beautiful women and men walking along the beach in slow motion. What more do you want? Director Seth Gordon has proved with “Kill the Boss” that he is a specialist in the field of rude comedy.

Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron throw their clenched testosterone into the floods. Kelly Rohrbach, Alexandra Daddario and Ilfenesh Hadera are in no way inferior to their predecessors in the legendary red bathing suits. And, of course, there are compulsory cameo performances by David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson. This is by the way not a spoiler, because the names appear for some unknown reasons already in the opening credits.

He’s torn. On the one hand, the film does a lot of right. He does not take himself too seriously and accepts many things from the series with a wink. Especially the slightly sexist undertone of the series is turned upside down in some places, so that the female image definitely fits better into the 21st century. Some of the gags also hit the bull’s eye. Somehow, however, one thinks on the other hand that the film does not fully exhaust its potential – and the thing with the extreme rude humor in some places over-turns. If a swimmer pukes into the water, is the first time funny, but the third time then no more. Overall, however, it is a movie that is fun when you take it as what it is: the eye-catching adaptation of a sober-looking rather trashy TV series.

The most important part of the film is about the film. The Hollywood Reporter writes: “Breasts, butts, stolen bellies – have you expected Shakespeare? A cinema remake that is lifeless and generic, and not even the outtakes in the credits are really funny.” The Guardian writes: “After about half of the film, the jokes have slipped and the story is like an overweight tourist who has gone into the water too soon after the all-you-can-eat buffet.” At Baytatch, Redt Tomatoes comes to a score of just 18 per cent positive reviews.

For fans of the TV series, a Kinobesuch is actually a duty. But you should be prepared to hear more swear words and see more penises than many would be dear.

If you have less than five wrong answers in our “Baywatch” -Quiz for advanced users, you will be going to the cinema anyway – whatever the criticism says!

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk: The baby is here!

BABY-NEWS Congratulations, Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper! The model and the actor got their first child together

Model Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper have become parents, as the People magazine now announced.

Already two weeks ago the little girl was born and called Lea de Seine Shayk Cooper.

The couple themselves would like to enjoy happiness in a more comfortable triad.

Because on the official social media accounts of Irina Shayk or Bradley Cooper are so far no posts to the baby news to find.

The baby is the first shared child of Bradley Cooper and “Victoria’s Secrets” model Irina Shayk (currently also the cover of our May issue).

The two are since spring 2015 a pair. The news, which Irina Shayk is pregnant,

was announced shortly after the Victoria’s Secret show in November 2016, with the model already pregnant over the catwalk.

Radiantly beautiful and in top shape: the pregnant Irina Shayk at her “Victoria’s Secret” debut 2016.

The Russian model was on the run in November 2016 for the first time as an angel on behalf of Victoria’s Secret on the catwalk

– and has equal A record broken.

Under the tight lingerie, the delicate vault of the baby’s belly could hardly be concealed.

Two Magnificent Newly Built Luxury Retreats Which Can Accommodate 26 People

Greece, Mykonos

Villa, 13 Bedrooms, 13 Bathrooms, 26 persons, Pool, Garden, WiFi

Two magnificent newly built luxury retreats in Mykonos which can accommodate 26 people in total.

The former has 7 bedrooms and the latter has 6 bedrooms, all of which have their own bathrooms.

The unique beauty of the Aegean and the luxury villas location are a good combination that ensures that you will experience unforgettable holidays.

On the ground level of the luxury retreat Onari, there is a spacious living room with kitchen, and another room with its own bathroom.

On the top floor there are two comfortable bedrooms, each with a sea view and with connecting bathrooms.

On the lower level there are two more bedrooms with their own bathrooms and there is also a guest room with a fantastic sea view and ensuite bathroom.

There is also one more room with a private bathroom.

What is special about this room is that you can experience an aquarium like effect by looking through glass that shows the interiors of the pool!

Achilleas Souras’s life jackets designed for refugees

Arrives at Maxxi in Rome the igloo of young Achilleas Souras with a mission: to raise awareness of the world

Some stars of contemporary art have made their social and political cause and, more specifically, the hot topic of immigration and refugees

their battle horse and their media (and commercial) success at the international level. In the head, the Chinese He Weiwei,

who continues to occupy newspaper pages all over the world with his works

(a giant black raft is currently exhibited at the National Gallery in Prague) focused on immigration policies, the conditions of all refugees the world.

But even the ants in their little ones are pissed off.

The ant is called Achilleas Souras, Greek / English father, Thai / Austrian / Italian mother, lives in Barcelona and above

all has always been a great passion for Lego. The same passion that brought her to retrieve abandoned

life jackets on the island of Lesbos (there are over 400 thousand) and to build us an igloo of first-aid for refugees.

The objective is not so much that of recycling, which is, however, an important issue, but is aimed at raising awareness on the issue of refugees.

The first installment of the album “Save Our Souls” was exhibited at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona in 2016.

Then he traveled around the world, making his way to Cape Town, Milan, Los Angeles, New York and many other cities.

The young man was contacted by Patrizia Moroso and together they began to think of the creation of an igloo larger than the original project.

The new installation was inaugurated during the last Fuori Salone in Moroso’s showroom: a 3-meter-high igloo

made with 800 rescue vests abandoned and shipped thanks to the help of the mayor of Lesbos Island.

Next Steps? On June 20th, at the International Day of Refugees, Save Our Souls will be installed at

the same time as the Maxxi of Rome with

the patronage of UNHCR, the Tomorrow’s Museum of Rio de Janeiro and the El

Born Cultural Center in Barcelona for the week of Refugee will organize a series of events throughout the city.

From August 4, Save Our Souls will be exhibited at the Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg for 6 months. Small heroes grow up: applause!

Cannes Film Festival 2017. Lady Rihanna vs badgalriri

Where’s the pop star running hot selfies out of the Barbados Carnival and naked next to the mountain fireplace? The traces are gone.

Now there is a diva, always very sexy but with a very different tone

By taking part in the film festival with a collection of jewels of his creation for Chopard,

the metamorphosis in the act for a year to this part is complete: as Miley Cyrus already, Rihanna also comes in clothes or, better, in habits.

Just with provocative selfies and a bit raunchy at home or on holiday – there are, on Instagram, just a topless under

a suit and a lot of high boots – in Cannes only classic cut dresses with split or open shoulders.

Rihanna is no longer just a pop star, it’s all about the fashion system with different types of collaborations and independent

projects, from the sports line to the perfume and now to the jewelery.

The sex appeal is intense; Change the log. Moreover, age is also changing. At some point you stop being girls

and you become women. Do not misunderstand this, it does not mean covering yourself, but rather achieving one’s own personal taste

and personality, which is, at most, breaking, and then becoming self-expression.

You only know better. And this makes Rihanna in Cannes, on Croisette, these days, proves to be passed once

and for all by pop star diva, something that is less victim of tastes and time, an absolute (more) value.

Greece, Crete

Greece, Crete

Exceptional Venetian Construction, Built In 15Th Century, Considered Like A Piece Of Art.

Villa, 5 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 10 persons, Pool, Garden, WiFi

Luxury detached house, classified by historical monuments in the hills of the village of Maroulas.

A luxury house inspired freshness, peace and tranquility just 3 km from the beaches and just minutes from the beautiful city of Rethymnon.

A restored home, 540sq meters, on a mountainside with a sea view from the terrace is in a typical village of 400 inhabitants.

Your host will welcome you with great care and will be your best guide to help you discover this magical island.

He will be happy to guide you on the right corner taverns, nightlife and excursions. Built in the 14th century, the house is a beautiful example of restoration,

it can accommodate up to 10 people, hot or cold, it is available for rental throughout the year. Benefits include a swimming pool, Hot tub,

housekeeper, and many more! The villa was restored in 1991 and kept the Venetian charm with modern.

The interior is artistically designed and does not prevent modern comfort. A guide will meet you and escort you to the villa upon arrival.

The timeless elegance of Newton, Testino and Pigozzi

The Helmut Newton Foundation hosts the shootings by Mario Testino,

Helmut Newton and Jean Pigozzi whom many have never seen before

Mario Testino, Helmut Newton and Jean Pigozzi: three colleagues and friends who do not go unnoticed. The Helmut Newton Foundation, founded in Berlin in 2013,

hosts three exhibition projects that link them. Mario Testino presents a site-specific installation that collects in a single fashionable and nude

nude corpus with numerous unpublished studio portraits. The title “Undressed” says it all. It is a body mapping (very young and beautiful, which is not to say)

that occupy the walls of the three rooms of the foundation, to form a kind of human landscape far from a pornographic or vulgar drift.

So much meat, but also more pessimistic images, is to say, where the models wear a swimsuit, a coat or underwear.

Jean Pigozzi, photographer, businessman and collector – known in the world of art for his usual exclusive French Riviera party during the Cannes Film Festival

– is presented with the “Pool Party” installation that brings together a series of snapshots Of small size taken around his swimming pool at Villa Dorane

(Cap d’Antibes) built by his father and designed in 1953 by Ettore Sottsass.

Here Helmut and June Newton were always welcome guests. They are spontaneous, private images of his friends who are called Mick Jagger,

Bono, Liz Taylor or Naomi Campbell. Helmut Newton’s exhibits include some original prints in many formats

– coming from the archive of which many have ever been shown before – embracing its production both in fashion, in the portrait and in the kind that has always

distinguished its figure: the naked .

Among the pictures, a portrait of actor Jeremy Irons at the Ritz Hotel in London, Michael Gross at a Dortmund swimming pool and a series of naked boots made in Italy.

Mario Testino. undressed
Helmut Newton. Unseen
Jean Pigozzi. Pool Party
From June 3 to November 19, 2017. Helmut Newton Foundation, Berlin. Info:

Greece Ios

The Big Plus Of The Property Is The Secluded Beach, 20 Meters Under The Villa
Villa, 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 8 persons, Pool, Garden, WiFi

Halfway from Chora to Mylopotas down to a private road leading to a secluded beach you will find the luxury villa behind the gated entrance.

It is a two storey villa built with stones that combines traditional architecture with contemporary minimal design. On the upper floor the white wooden ceiling maintains the Cycladic style of the house while the handmade ceramic tales ground you and give you the feeling of the earth.

There is open plan living area with a comfortable lounge space with fireplace, a massive wooden dining area and a high end full equipped corian kitchen. The stylish living area is a combination of Cycladic features and minimal design.

On the upper floor there is an in depended master bedroom with double bed , satellite TV and ensuite bathroom with shower cabin. A second bedroom with double bed and a third one with twins are on the same floor sharing a bathroom with tub. There is also a guest WC with washing machine on the same floor.

Large terraces with fantastic sea views are all around this beautiful house where you can enjoy a fresco outdoors dining or relax and gaze at the big blue.

The upper floor is equipped with Clima A/C, satellite TV, DVD player, Wi Fi and a lap top. On the ground floor with separate entrance is a separate house with a cozy sitting area with fireplace, dining area, full equipped kitchen, bathroom with shower and double bedroom with double bed.

The colorful floor is made of polished cement and the lively decoration gives a joyful atmosphere at this lovely house. Terraces with fantastic views keep you in touch with the sea and the sky .

There is also a lovely pool with views on the back of the house. This house is equipped with A/C, Satellite Tv and wi fi. The big plus of the property is the secluded beach that is 20 meters under the villa that is accessed through stone paved stairs.

The nature has created a natural stone pool for your enjoyment. There is a second a beach 80 meters distance through a nature path.

A share pool with fantastic views is all available

Bedrooms / Bathrooms detail
Bedroom 1: Bedroom with King bed and en suite bathroom with shower
Bedroom 2 Bedroom with Queen size bed
Bedroom 3 twin bedded bedroom
Bedroom 2 and 3 share a full bathroom with bathtub
Bedroom 4: bedroom with Queen size bed, en suite bathroom with shower
Guest WC
Additional bedding: 2 extra persons can sleep in sofa beds in the living area
Features & Amenities
Air conditioning
Heating system
Satellite TV
DVD player
Hi Fi
Wi-Fi access
Hair dryer
Washing machine
Full equipped Kitchen:
Dish washer
Outdoor Features
Sea view terraces
share pool
Outdoors dining
Portable Gas grill
Staff & Services Included:
Daily maid service
At Extra Cost
Villa pre-stocking
Activities and excursions
Chef service
Airport transfer
Helicopter transfer
Spa treatments
Villa Policies
Maximum 10 guests
Children welcome

Getting There
Rental vehicle recommended
Transport available
20 meters to beach
1800 meters to Ios town
1500 meters to Mylopotas
3 km to port
2 km to Heli Port