Yoga is good for the soul and body (and see that body!)

The beautiful Denise explained a bit ‘of things on his discipline, yoga. With words and with pictures of the actress
Yoga is a trend and a trend will remain. It tries it almost always, out of curiosity and to “keep up”, but then you feel better than when you did not, and I continue to do it because you like it and because it makes you feel good. That’s how:
1. Yoga is good for the BODY
Obviously if practiced regularly, and the benefits go from head to toe.
A regular practice improves all body systems: skeletal, muscular, circulatory, nervous, digestive, respiratory, endocrine, excretory and even reproductive
2. The YOGA works and improves STRENGTH, BALANCE, FLEXIBILITY ‘
With the various asanas (postures) are working on the force, involving all muscles, even the deepest, on ‘equilibrium positions on one leg, hands or head, and flexibility; keep your joints, tendons and muscles flexible, it is imperative to avoid injury and to stay fit. By the time the muscles, ligaments and tendons stretch and acquires an ‘amazing elasticity.
3. The Yoga reduces stress and strengthens the immune system
Thanks to proper breathing and concentration necessary in practice, yoga also helps to relax, find peace and warding off the daily stress and keep their inner peace. Practicing this discipline stimulates the nervous system and reduces fatigue, high blood pressure and has a positive impact on the cycle of pain, insomnia and anxiety crisis.
4. The YOGA increases concentration
Meditation combined with body movements, and breathing is a workout that will improve campacity concentration, even in everyday life.
5. The YOGA detoxifies the body
Breathing and the different positions are used to massage the internal organs, improve circulation and help the body rid itself of toxins and aids digestion
6. The YOGA slows aging and is good for the heart
Yoga is considered an excellent framework for all muscles, including the heart. In fact, it lowers blood pressure and slows down the beats. According to some studies, practice yoga have antioxidant effects and thus help to combat aging.
7. The YOGA cure physical diseases and improves posture
Cure back pain: many exercises help to improve the mobility of the spine, promote suppleness of muscles caused by tension and habit to assume awkward postures.
8. The Yoga improves sexuality
Just when it improves your relationship with your body, even better than with the others, along with the ability to understand and manage sexual stimuli. There are just some specific asanas to better interact with our sphere sessuale.Migliora desire, arousal and orgasm quality.
The Yoga teaches you to move around in the body, to live in the body, and when you practice it during everyday life.
Teaches you to free you from physical tensions but also mentally, to put out the thoughts, to focus on listening, breathing, movement, flow, body, senses, and perceptions, internal and external, This is source of life energy. All this is YOGA.

Forget home, sexy campaign by Oliviero Toscani for Starhotels

All together, passionately and naked under the duvet and the desire to forget for a few days their domestic routine. The photos
Five smiling girls, young, beautiful and extremely varied somatic traits. A duvet (only that) to cover it and an inscription: “Forget home”, forget about home. The idea behind the new advertising campaign that Oliviero Toscani has created for the Starhotels group is to create a mix of intimacy, warmth and lightheartedness. Adding to all a hint of sensuality. “Starhotels not communicate often – says the President and Ad Group Elisabetta Fabri – but when it does it is relying on big names in international photography: after Helmut Newton, this time it’s up to Oliviero Toscani. For this campaign we decided to return to the essentials, the first things that we offer to our customers the bed and our hospitality. We wanted to represent all the joy that we can be in traveling. ”

“It was interesting to meet the challenge that gave me Elizabeth – says the celebrated advertising – especially to get out from the hotel communications stereotypes, which usually show the lobby, the suite, the pool.

My advertising is essentially an invitation to leave the house. Here then is the claim, Forget home. ” Forget the house and the worries of everyday life, in short, to be pampered by the hotel services. And get lost under the duvet.

“Antarctica melts, in 2100 flooded the city at sea level, millions of refugees”

Scientists are sounding the alarm underestimated the melting of the Antarctic ice. Hundreds of millions of people will have to evacuate coastal cities if you do not block the greenhouse gas
The era Anthropocene – in which mankind has imposed its ecosystem changes such as to overcome the natural ability to self-regulation – takes the Earth to biblical floods in 2100. The countdown has begun according to a study published in Nature that calculates, for that date, an increase of 2 meters in sea levels, twice as much as expected, unless emissions of carbon dioxide emissions will be drastically reduced. This differential in the estimate would be born from the contribution undervaluation of the melting of Antarctic ice. It was believed that the snowfall in the South Pole would have “frozen” the bulk of the cap, but the study shows that it is not. In the past there have been ages when sea levels were higher, as in the period Interglacial between 130 thousand and 115 thousand years ago when it was greater than 9.6 meters, or the Pliocene (3 million years ago), when it was still higher. With one difference: at that time the coasts were not inhabited by hundreds of millions of human beings as today.
environmental refugees – whether it will be confirmed this analysis – will join the millions of war refugees and economic problems that already roam the world in search of safety. “These data – says the prof. Robert DeConto of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, who led the research – would mean disaster for many low-lying city, “adding that if the process is not stopped soon there will be a rise in sea level measured in the order of centimeters and not of millimeters. Speaking of the city just above the sea level also means saying metropolis like New York, Mumbai and Guangzhou inhabited by millions of people. According to the World Bank, the cities immediately at risk would be Miami, Boston and Nagoya and many cities in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Ivory Coast. The biggest danger is a breakdown of the ice dock around the south pole that would release a “piece” of the continent offshore intended to melt rapidly due to the storms increasingly virulent and the warming of the climate warm currents triggered. In the Antarctic there are also accumulations of 1000 meters which, if not frozen, could collapse under their own weight going to increase the volume of free water in the oceans. DeConto calculates that if you instead bring CO2 emissions to zero would stop the process and that there is still a 10% profit margin to stop the catastrophe that would force the evacuation of hundreds of millions of people.
Last February was the warmest ever according to data from NASA, of 1.35 degrees Celsius warmer than the average from 1951 to 1980 and the Arctic the most narrow ever since I started in ’79 with measurements of the ice surface. But the Arctic ice now “floats” on the northern ocean surface, so its melting does not raise sea levels. Are the glaciers of Greenland and Antarctica, which is a mainland firm ground, to cause the rise in water level when it melts, pour into the sea. A confirmation that the waters are warming with an unexpected rhythm comes from ‘ “epidemic” of coral bleaching observed in recent months from Indonesia to Hawaii that also affects the Great Barrier Australian north coast. A scientific task force has investigated 500 different points between Cairns and Papua New Guinea, noting that the phenomenon is ubiquitous. Bleaching is a form of “the coral stress” attributed mostly to the heating of the water. “It ‘was the saddest research trip of my life – said prof. Terry Hughes, coordinator of the National Coral Bleaching Taskforce – almost without exception every barrier on which we passed had significant levels of bleaching from the root to the top. We covered 4000 km. the oldest parts of the Great Barrier and found only four healthy colon. Gravity is much greater than the previous phenomena of ’98 and 2002 “.

Holidays and travel for libertines in 5 moves

How to find and reach the hottest destinations, indeed hot, in the world. And rekindle the desire. Any suggestions for an erotic holiday single, in pairs or in groups

There are many facilities around the world that offer the opportunity to spend “libertine vacation”. Not to mention the infamous sex tourism, but the places where to find the most uninhibited companies, by naturists to swingers to lovers of the most piquant pleasures. True places of escape and relaxation, perfect to rekindle the flame of desire of couples in crisis. By resort to campsites here are 5 guidelines that will open new horizons for your holidays, suggested by the new Wyylde French magazine.

1. Erotikus Vacances Adventures is a portal created by a pair of newlyweds and lustful libertine. The site is essentially structured as an online travel agency with multiple ad hoc proposals for those who wish to spend their holidays in warm places in every sense: in Europe, the Caribbean and Mexico. Also on Love Boat true.

2. Eros Travel is another travel agency specialized in holiday libertine from Australia Caribbean. But also cruises on ships with more than tolerant and hospitable crews to spend “unique experiences, sensual and erotic on board”.

3. For a weekend or an entire week of torque pleasure or more persons is proposed, however, La Demeure Libertine, a kind of hotel with very unique services and optional and aimed at younger customers lustful.

4. Less economically challenging, but with the promise to spend “in freedom” holiday is the Libertine Camping La Roseraie in Brugheias in Auvergne. Few are the prohibitions, such as making BDSM practices hard in the common areas and consume drugs.

5. Great fun also promises the complex Hedonism en Jamaique, whose basic philosophy is easily compransibile also giving a quick look at the site. And the Jamaican setting for a real vacation libertine is really inviting.

From Sri Lanka to Japan, from Iceland to Cuba: the top 20 trips in 2016

Here you are the most sought after destinations and trends for the coming year

Highly popular destinations and more. Sri Lanka, Japan, from Iceland to Cuba: here are the most clicked and trendy destinations for next year according to Skyscanner. The study analyzes the places that had the largest increase in searches over the past three years. So in addition to the classic Ibiza, Tenerife, Athens and Mykonos, there are also Reykjavik, Eindhoven, Luqa and Zante. Do not you ever considered and now you’re sick of always going in the usual places for your vacation? Be inspired on a trip that will give you moments to remember.

And if you want a more in-depth guide, “World” Lonely Planet, will not disappoint. Each page a trip, with almost a thousand pages full of pictures, tips, practical information and insights: is the bible of the traveler. But we see in detail all goals of 2016.

Zakynthos, Greece. It is not difficult to imagine why this is one of the most popular: intense water destinations, which turn from emerald to turquoise bays and stunning coves, pristine cliffs, lush nature and sunsets that words can not describe.

Zakynthos is wild nature, but also history, culture, archeology. Every corner is to explore: better if you rent a car.

Corfu, Greece. Staying in Greece, Corfu is hugely popular especially in the last year. Here, you’ll find plenty to do and see and you will not have time to bore you with all sorts of activities, sports or cultural that they are. And then Greece, you know, does not disappoint even at the table: the Mediterranean cuisine for every palate and restaurants on the sea you can enjoy fresh fish freshly caught or a mild moussaka, souvlaki and saganaki and the inevitable tzatziki sauce.

Male, Maldives. It is one of the most incredible cities in the world. Among the smallest ever, the city is spread over an atoll of the Maldives only 2 square kilometers and tells an idea different from the one you normally have of this tropical paradise. Streets and alleys intersect drawing a thousand plots, houses and skyscrapers very close to each other characterize the landscape along with the chaotic bazaars. All around, the crazy sea and the other islands where nature reigns supreme and where you can head in search of a beach, because there are none in Malé.

Manila, Philippines. Old and new blend seamlessly into this multi-faceted city, capital of the Philippines. The Manila Cathedral and the church of San Agustin, in a beautiful Baroque, are Unesco World Heritage and are located inside the walled city, not to be missed. Among the ‘must see’, the Rizal Park and Fort Santiago.

Mykonos, Greece. Another Greek meta appreciated, especially by young people who like to have fun in discos and clubs. The windmills of this fantastic island of the Cyclades, a pulsing nightlife which knows no clock or calendar, its colors and its unspoiled nature, which is why the research of flights to the island are constantly growing.

Tokyo, Japan. You want to feel at the center of the world? Do you want to experience the feeling of being a little ant in the ordered chaos of a brisk and colorful metropolis? You’re in the right place. In Tokyo, the Japanese capital, you can only exercise the use of the five senses: enchanted temples and museums alongside blinding neon signs, quirky neighborhoods full of oddities, neighborhoods entirely dedicated to shopping, sumptuous Imperial Palaces and great sushi.

Menorca, Spain. Let’s move to Spain and let’s jump in Menorca, beautiful Balearic island that finally starts to show in spite of the two most famous sisters, Majorca and Ibiza. Perhaps this is why the interest in this dream paradise has increased exponentially in the past three years. Or maybe it will be for the sea that is second to none, and for being an open-air museum, which preserves its uniqueness in spite of the growing mass tourism. A place that deserves attention.

Havana, Cuba. Since it was declared the official embargo against Cuba by the United States, but already since he’s just started talking and to have a feeling that would happen, Havana showed a peak of more intense interest, although this is a destination that has always been required. Before the island becomes or will be, in some way, external influences, you have to start and take that authentic love of life that characterizes it, sly and clever; its dancing atmosphere; its stunning beaches and cigars and rum and so on and so forth. Some departures are not to be postponed.

Santorini, Greece. Immersed in the deep blue of a deep and fascinating Aegean Sea, in contrast to the dark volcanic rock of the island and with its white houses, gleaming in the sun, Santorini is a rare pearl of beauty that is gaining in prestige. The sunsets in Oia are a necessary step, but not neglecting Thira and Caldera views that you will enjoy from there not forget for the rest of your life. With its arches, porches, Catholic and Orthodox churches, staircases, squares and views breathtaking.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Let’s move on the beautiful island Hispaniola, divided between the state of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. We remain in this last area because the capital Santo Domingo is a colonial city that maintains the charm of yesteryear. Increasingly sought after by anyone who follows the sun and warm all year round, with a tropical climate and a rich natural heritage, it is made not only of incredible beaches and lush vegetation, but also a highly respected wildlife.

Colombo, Sri Lanka. In Colombo, Sri Lanka, focus all cultures of the country and the city is an explosion of colors and voices, including markets and skyscrapers, which will captivate you. And, once left behind the Civil War, Colombo is showing many signs of progress. Starting with the improvements in the links. The Fort area brings together the major sites of historical interest, while at Pettah you can not miss the bazaars, boisterous and full of great deals on your souvenirs.

Luqa, Malta. Returning to Europe, and we make a stop in Malta. crossroads of various civilizations, all traceable in the beautiful city architecture, the Maltese archipelago consists of three islands, one more beautiful and knows how to surprise everyone with its beauty and excellent cuisine, which has taken the best from all influences of the Mediterranean.

Tenerife, Spain. The Canaries remain a dream for many: Tenerife is cliccatissima, with its sub-tropical vegetation which alternates with desert and lunar landscapes, spectacular beaches and a carnival that rivals that of Rio. It ‘a place where they find themselves or to disappear completely. Then if you decide at the last move you, let us know.

Ibiza, Spain. It is an evergreen, Ibiza, with its authentic beauty and its nightlife which knows no limits. But the island is also popular with those who want to enjoy the sun of the day and the natural and cultural beauty of the island: the Isla Bianca was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for the Punic necropolis, Phoenician remains of Sa Caleta , the natural reserve of Ses Salines, the fortified city of Dalt Vila.

Athens, Greece. A beautiful city that was the cradle of one of the greatest civilizations and continues to be the focus of the most recent news: Athens is a beating heart, in full political ferment, artistic and cultural.

Seville, Spain. The key words here are fiesta, tapas and flamenco. But the atmosphere is something that is hard to describe: Seville is one of those places you should experience, including a walk in the romantic area of ​​the Guadalquivir and a stop in the taverns. An ideal destination in every season of the year, Andalusia, in the list of the obligatory fan of the Iron Throne, is an area to mark the agenda.

Reykjavik, Iceland. Trend, trendy, young, explosive. Reykjavik is a city that in 2016 goes absolutely view, for its cosmopolitan spirit and its events.

Buenos Aires, Argentina. A city that knows how to get into the heart and stay there for long. For the warmth of its inhabitants, which they draw spontaneous smiles are loved and not alone. Definitely one of the favorite destinations among the countries of South America.

Eindhoven, Netherlands. Here we are in one of the town enjoying at the moment of maximum enthusiasm: Eindhoven is full of interesting places to visit, museums that tell ancient traditions, local to spend pleasant evenings and full of remarkable buildings from an architectural point of view. A city that, despite the cumbersome shadow of Amsterdam, has been able to make the most of its strengths (and air links) and has made tourism a resource.

Warsaw, Poland. Poland is undoubtedly a country that has learned to better manage his territory and Warsaw is right among the trendiest cities in the world. architectural development, the historical center of considerable interest, so much so that UNESCO Heritage, galleries and art centers, increasingly chic night life and different neighborhoods with different souls but all captivating.

Helmut Newton an unmissable exhibition in Venice

Helmut Newton an unmissable exhibition in Venice
More than 200 images of the master of photography, taken from his first three books, published in the late seventies

Will open on April 7 at the Casa dei Tre Oci in Venice the exhibition Helmut Newton. Photos. White Women / Sleepless Nights / Big Nudes that for the first time in the port city of San Marco more than 200 images of one of the most important and celebrated photographers of the twentieth century. The exhibition, curated by Matthias Harder and Denis Curti, organized by Civita Tre Venezie in cooperation with the Helmut Newton Foundation, is the result of a project launched in 2011 by the will of June Newton, widow of the great photographer.

The exhibition gathers images of White Women, Sleepless Nights and Big Nudes, the first three of Newton’s books published in the late ’70s, now considered legendary and unique volumes treated by the same Newton. In selecting the photographs, Newton puts in sequence, one beside the other, the shots made for patrons with those freely made for himself, building a narrative in which the search for style, the discovery of the elegant gesture underlying the existence a further reality, a story that is the viewer to interpret.

white Women
In White Women, published in 1976, Newton chose 81 images (42 in color and 39 in black and white), introducing for the first time nude and eroticism in fashion photography. In the balance between art and fashion, the shots are mostly female nudes, through which presented contemporary fashion.

Sleepless Nights
Are still women, their bodies and clothes, the protagonists of Sleepless Nights, published in 1978. In this case, however, Newton starts with a vision that transforms from fashion photo image portraits and reportage to portraits almost from the crime scene. It is a multi-volume retrospective that brings together 69 photographs (31 in color and 38 in black and white) made for several magazines (Vogue, among all) and that is what defines her style making it an icon of fashion photography. The subjects, usually half-naked models wearing orthopedic corsets, women, dress with leather saddles, as well as dummies for the most lovingly connected to real human beings, are educated systematically out of the studio, often in provocative attitudes, suggesting a use of fashion photography as a pretext to create something totally different and very personal.

Big Nudes
With this volume of 1981, Newton reached the title role in the history of the image of the late twentieth century.
The 39 shots of Big Nudes in black and white inaugurate a new dimension of human photograph: that of the giant who, by this time, enter in galleries and museums around the world. artist’s autobiography published in 2004, Newton explains how the naked full-length shot in studio with a medium format camera, which produced the life-size prints of Big Nudes, had been inspired by the popular posters from German police to search for belonging to the terrorist group RAF (Red Army Faction).

Casa dei Tre Oci
Foundations of the Zitelle,
43 30133 Giudecca – Venice
Daily 10:00 to 19:00; closed Tuesday
From 7 April to 7 August 2016

Playstation, Sony wants me to play the PS4 on the smartphone

From mobile content to the chance to play remotely. This is the console of the future?
Sony is planning to land in the world of video games on smartphones with the same titles that sell thousands of copies on Play Station. The Japanese giant has decided to open a new unit in its Asian division, calling ForwardWorks, which will develop and deploy applications and content for mobile devices. “The mobile market has grown to the point of undermining that of traditional video games. We are trying to create an opportunity to entice users to try games completely developed, whose strong point is the playability “said Masaki Tsukakoshi, spokesman for Sony gaming division to Bloomberg, which reported the anticipation. By the time the Tokyo move is restricted to Asia and the Japanese market, where Sony, strong of its 36 million users, aims to strengthen its presence, trying to woo those who are leaving the game on console preferring smartphones and tablets.
But, thinking in perspective, this ad could lead to a breakthrough that would change the entire gaming industry: being able to play the PS4 streaming directly from your phone. Imagine being able to start to play The Division on PlayStation Home, pause to get dressed and go out and continue the online game in post-apocalyptic New York in the game while you’re on the subway to go to work. A scenario that would change the entire scope of the console philosophy forward here from Sony – and Microsoft with the Xbox – based on two concepts: the console hardware upgrade is frozen as soon as they leave the market and constitute a separate system right. So far the system has worked great selling millions of pieces, but the advent of mobile devices may have given some problems from the parts of Tokyo and Redmond. Their spread and their sophistication has built a market on which games like Candy Crush or Clash of Clans are making a fortune. The isolation strategy is no longer the winner: Sony has put us the PS Vita, Microsoft, when he realized, he founded the revival in the mobile segment on the opposite concept, focusing on the gratuitousness of Windows 10 and its app for more possible people decide to have its products.
The first steps have moved in recent weeks: the first Sony announced the ability to play streaming video games on the PS4 PC and Mac, and the Xbox has decided to modify their code to give the opportunity to compare the millions the Xbox Live circuit players with those of Playstation Network demolishing the barrier between platforms. The next step is to transform PS4 and Xbox in a sort of hybrid between console and computer, modifiable, upgradeable, compatible with each other and open as possible by transforming what was previously a limitation into an advantage for all: for developers, who would more room to maneuver in the management of the game and for manufacturers who would do even more competitive.

Vinitaly. Most Italian wines sold in supermarkets

The wine back to be protagonist on supermarket shelves, where customers are increasingly looking for quality. Lambrusco from the Chianti, the 10 best-selling names

The appointment with the Vinitaly, the famous event dedicated to the wine world, is fast approaching. And so, looking forward to meet again in Verona 10 to 13 April, the research institute IRI has processed the data on market trends in the past year, decreeing that after several years of stalemate returns to grow the wine sold in the supermarkets. A total sales increase of 4%, with excellent results even for bottles DOCG, DOC and IGT, marking an increase of 1.9%. “These are advances that give hope for a more structural growth of the wine domestic market – said Giovanni Mantovani, Director General of VeronaFiere -. To underline the continuing rise in value sales, a sign that consumers are more mature: research and choose the quality. ”

Already, but for example wines Most bought by the Italians I am at this point with regard to the great distribution? Among the emerging stand the Passerina Marche, in advance of an impressive 34.2%, followed by Ripasso Valpolicella, Veneto, of course, and the Pecorino Marche and Abruzzo.

But the top 10 two red crown: the front volume dear old

1. Lambrusco, with its 12.7 million liters, while the value of what stands out the Chianti, taking home more than 60 million euro. Here are the top 10.
Lambrusco (Emilia Romagna) – 12,771,000 gallons / 44,286,000 euro.
2. Chianti (Tuscany) – 11,433,000 liters / 60.469 million to €
3. Chardonnay (International) – 8.241 million liters / 34,035,000 euro.
4. Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (Abruzzo) – 8.146 million liters / 29,297,000 euro.
5. Bonarda (Lombardy / Piedmont) – 7.652 million liters / 27.630000000 euro.
6. Barbera (Lombardy / Piedmont) – 7.632 million liters / 31,272,000 euro.
7. Nero d’Avola (Sicily) – 7.034 million liters / 27,571,000 euro.
8. Sangiovese (Tuscany / Emilia Romagna / Apulia) – 6.797 million liters / 23,241,000 euro.
9. Vermentino (Sardinia / Tuscany / Liguria) – 6.482 million liters / 37,252,000 euro.
10. Prosecco (Veneto / Friuli Venezia Giulia) – 5.392 million liters / 32,032,000 euro.

Pacquiao anti gay and too many VIPs homophobic

The Filipino boxer accused homosexuals of being worse than animals (but then apologizes) and enters the long list of stars opposed to gay marriages, lesbians, bisexual and trans

The theme on the rights to be granted to gay, lesbian and transgender inflames long public debate of so many countries, both culturally more open, is the other more conservative. So it happens occasionally that some more or less important person you will attract the quarter hour Popularity zeroing in on homosexuals. But then, in most cases, withdraw and claim to have been misunderstood, misused or even victim of a plot.

The last discordant note came from the mouth of Manny Pacquiao, the most famous boxer in the world along with rival Floyd Mayweather – faced in the match of the century – that in a television interview to a national channel was let go by bad comparisons between animals and homosexuals: “you see animals that mate with the same sex specimens? No, because it is a matter of common sense and if men are with other men and women with other women then they are worse than animals. ”

Threw the stone, came the immediate accusations against the Filipino champion, he idolized at home and in the running for a seat in the Senate in the Conservative party files (could not be otherwise, for that matter). In the first lesbian and gay line declared and well known to the Filipino public. The actor Vice Ganda has called on his followers on Twiter (exceeding 6.5 million) to pray for Pacquiao adding that “the Senate needs experienced people and not deaf prophets.” For the singer Aiza Seguerra, another popular face of the country, Pacquiao is a hypocrite who must be fought, while the Parliamentary Jose Maria Viceral reminded the boxer who even Pope Francis has condemned gay.

To close the triangle shown above has thought the same Pacquiao, who has chosen Instagram and Facebook to defend itself against accusations and support his vision: “I prefer to keep the commandments of the Lord than to yield to the desire of the flesh, so that those who behave wrong, as idolaters, adulterers and men who have sex with other men, will not enter the kingdom of God. I do not condemn anyone, but say only the truth that is contained in the Bible, “he wrote on social photo accompanying a ‘picture in which he appears with his wife. Then he returned to the topic by posting a video on his Facebook page, which doubles the apology while maintaining his position: “I apologize for hurting some people to whom I ask you to forgive me, because I do not condemn homosexuals although rest against marriage between the same sex as the Bible says. ”

As I said Pacquiao is not the first and certainly will not be the last to declare themselves anti gay and back again (in a manner all the more dubious). Everyone pulls to grind, so just to stay to the last few days is the newspaper that dusts off a long extract from the book “Oriana Fallaci interviews herself” to attack the bill Cirinnà on civil unions, while Fedez nominated for the victory of Diversity Media Awards (which reward active people against discrimination) recalls how 16 years would not see their good eye gay. A few weeks ago is rather the controversy Ornella Vanoni against the attitude held by the gay community; Commenting on the event pro civil unions and turning right to homosexuals, the singer who has pinned “so tanned it will be difficult to enforce your rights, parades in suits, and show that you are normal people, as is the norm that you seek.”

A few disinterested will then escaped the many Donald Trump anti gay curses, which US president candidate among Republicans is releasing all its talent toward minorities and homosexual communities. Few remember, perhaps, that the former occupant of the White House, Ronald Reagan was strongly opposed gay unions, with the latter defined as “unfortunate sick.” Another faithful exponent of the traditional view is Arnold Schwarzenegger, who as governor of California has celebrated two same-sex marriages (and has canceled many), however highlighting the “do not agree with this practice.” Speaking of actors, the list of no gay in Hollywood is long and includes big names and unexpected figures. An example is Chuck Norris, who in the past has been a spokesman for an association opposed to gay marriage, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual. Reason? Marriage is a sacred thing, and it consumes only between man and woman. Concepts shared by Denzel Washington, deep believer and attentive follower of the Christian faith after having grown up with an education of strong religious emphasis. On the same wavelength, for different reasons, there are also Jeremy Irons, Mel Gibson and 50 Cent. Familiar faces as the man of gaffes homegrown, born Carlo Tavecchio, between racist comments, anti-Jewish and anti-homosexual has always for all; in reference to sexual orientation from a former federal officer this was the reaction of the number one FIGC: “But is homosexual? I have nothing against, but keep it away from me. ”

Apart from the points of view and personal opinions, the only certainty is that with certain people it is quite useless to marry the concept that the more a person has an important place in society and greater should be the example given to others. And there is no country that is immune to the virus.

The most delicious dishes of Identity Greedy

What are the ingredients, techniques and trends in contemporary kitchens? The inspiration comes from the starry creations presented to Identity Greedy

The twelfth edition of Identity Greedy – packed international congress of cuisine and pastry copyright – photographed in a meticulous way the state of the arts of Italian and international gourmet cuisine. Anarchy (well calculated) in the kitchen. On the issue of freedom of the Force they have been proposed by the various protagonists innovative and creative dishes, a symbol of a kitchen devoid of prejudices, traditions, dullness and schemes. The chefs have highlighted the brilliance of their creations, playing without fear, but always with skill and great respect of the raw materials. Raw power. Even a simple ingredient such as pasta becomes more in the hands of the chef: is overcooked by Alessandro Negrini of The place of Almo and Nadia, pureed or even raw proposed by Cristina Bowerman, who left her 48-hour infusion, then jumped to seconds in the pan. A dish of raw food, which winks at Matthew Kenney, real guru of raw food, never been so fashionable (be prepared to use only drier and extractor in the future).

And speaking of pasta could not miss the innovative touch of David Scabin that Felicetti is the perfect balance – even color – including pesto crioconcentrato at -80 ° C, beet powder, polenta, burrata and cardoncelli mushrooms.

Meat without ifs and buts. Carlo Cracco cares of the new ‘enemy’ vegan bringing to the table raw venison paired with shaped ravioli stuffed quince button with arbutus, common chestnut and water, dust bay and salsify. And Massimo Bottura responds with “The German Tuscan-Emilian Apennines between a stew and a royale”, a Franco-Piedmontese hymn to the game and offal combined with civet sauce thick and glossy like chocolate icing. Desire to contamination. For starred Enrico Crippa, Chicco Cerea and Anthony Genovese Italian cuisine pays homage to the East, finding a unique balance in the creations and techniques that tell of travel and long stays in Asia. Genovese summarizes his experiences with abundance using Thai ingredients, Malaysian and South American (quinoa, peanuts, lemongrass, black salsify) combined with our own milk percora, as in the dish lettuce and peanuts. Get ready for an invasion pomelo, lemongrass, black salsify and garlic. The coffee revolution. Powder appears to be increasingly dominant in the kitchen in daring combinations: Moreno Cedroni combines it with the artichoke or konbucha, Davide Oldani horseradish and Porto solidified, Denny Imbroisi creates noodles recycling funds – dehydrated and rehydrated – then combined with cheek veal confit, chicory, cumin, sorrel and shizo. No, coffee is no longer the simple protagonist of a meal, but may become an important actor of intense, complicated dishes.