Mykonos: the less windy beaches of the island

For this summer 2018 you might think of going on vacation to Mykonos. It is a very touristic island of Greece, it is true, but objectively it is also very beautiful and fascinating even if its beaches are very windy. Among the most beloved islands of the Cyclades, Mykonos is famous for its beautiful beaches, whitewashed houses, bays lashed by wind and the characteristic mills that have now become almost a symbol of this island. In recent years, Mykonos has become an island dedicated to entertainment, nightlife and often besieged by young matured students who choose the beaches of Mykonos as a destination for their journey of Maturity. It matters little, whether you are a mature or a thirty-year-old on holiday, Mykonos, like all the islands of Greece, deserves to be discovered and appreciated, in all its beauty. Although, objectively, the island of Mykonos with its beautiful beaches, has become very touristy, preserves glimpses of rare natural and characteristic beauty. But there is a problem, as we said at the beginning.

Mykonos is also considered “Island of the Wind” and therefore almost all its beaches are very windy. So if you hate the wind or you get a headache and you just can not spend too much time on the beach with your hair braided like a storm, it is important to choose the less windy beaches of Mykonos. Here we are to suggest you three beaches with little wind in Mykonos.

Psarou: we are in the south-western part of Mykonos and this tiny paradise beach is perfect for those who do not like the wind. Among the less windy beaches of the Greek island, in fact, Pasarou is a wonderful corner, well equipped, full of services and, we reiterate, with little wind.
Platis Gialos: this beach of Mykonos is among the least windy of all. A paradise for families, with shallow beaches and protected by rocks and white houses. There are many bathing establishments perfect for all families, we are in the western part of Mykonos and, perhaps for its characteristics, this beach is very crowded.
Agios Ioannis: this beach is one of the most famous in Mykonos so be careful because you could find it full of tourists. This area is among the least windy in the whole island of Mykonos because it is protected by hills and the beach is divided into two parts by the rocks. Despite the great tour of tourists that populate Agios Ioannis is still characterized by tranquility with crystal clear waters that will make you believe you are in the Maldives.