What to see and what to do in Mykonos at night, between beach parties and discos
Travel to Mykonos, probably the island of the Cyclades with the most concentration of clubs and discos, for a nightlife that never seems to end.

Especially in the hottest months – in every sense – in July and August, Mykonos is crowded not only with tourists looking for excellent beaches, but also for irreducible night owls who move from one club to another until the first light of day. Sunrise. Let’s see some of the most famous addresses among those who chose Mykonos and the Cyclades archipelago to dance and party …

Mykonos is a real island of entertainment and many locals are concentrated in the heart of its capital, along the narrow alleys of the old town. Starting with the Skandinavian Bar, which has been in business for over 30 years and has been visited by people from all over the world. A point of reference for Mykonos nightlife, it has two open-bar spaces where you can find cocktails and long drinks and a disco on the first floor with a small balcony to enjoy the view of the crowds crowded in the patio below. Elegant and sophisticated, Lola Bar is a gay-friendly café and cocktail bar with refined details where you can listen to great music while sipping a Strawberry Daiquiry or a Long Island Ice Tea. Because of its location in the old town of Mykonos this place is often crowded, but manages to keep a relaxed and informal atmosphere that will captivate you.

In the Little Venice area, Caprice is another cocktail bar that comes alive from the sunset and where drinks will be served on round tables practically on the sea. Very popular until late at night, the Caprice will also allow you to dine on the terrace; here you will find specialties such as grilled fish. Also in Little Venice, there is also another of Mykonos’s most popular clubs: Kastro’s Bar. In business for over 40 years, the restaurant is very spacious and simple in its elegance and will offer you Greek specialties, salads, fish and meat. for all tastes. Kastro’s, however, is also a cocktail bar where great classics and curious proposals such as Lychee Martini, Davinci Code or Mango Colada coexist side by side and where the sea view is truly unique.

If, instead, you are looking for party on the beach, then you will have to leave Mykonos Town and head to the famous beach of Paradise Beach, perhaps the best known of the island. Located along the southwest coast, 6 kilometers from the capital, this beach is practically practiced 24 hours a day. In fact, during the day you can enjoy crystal clear waters and water sports, while from sunset you will find some of the best party island. Beginning, of course, from those of the Paradise Club, the largest club on the island capable of attracting thousands of people every evening thanks to three stages and its pool area. Open from May to September, the club has a very rich calendar of events with performances by DJs protagonists of the international scene.

In the area also meet Cavo Paradiso, a disco overlooking a cliff built with materials as natural as possible. Founded in 1993, the club has hosted over the years many artists such as Bob Sinclair, David Guetta and Steve Aoki and also offers a private shuttle service for groups up to 8 people and pre-bookable. For beach parties, on the other hand, the Tropicana is very popular. During the day it is a relaxing snack bar with a restaurant and from the afternoon it comes alive with its famous beach parties with DJs, dancers and drinks for all tastes.

Not far from Paradise Beach, reach the other fun spot of Mykonos: Super Paradise Beach. Also here you go from relaxing beach during the morning hours (when the night owls still sleep) to wild party area. Considered to be the most nonconformist beach on the island, it has an eclectic clientele split between hetero and gay and is surrounded by villas and rental houses that are highly sought after during the high season. Comfortably reachable by car from the capital, on its waterfront you will find places like the JackieO ‘, branch “on the beach” of the famous local namesake of the center of Mykonos town. Featuring a swimming pool and Jacuzzi, as well as a restaurant, JackieO ‘offers cocktails and evenings with live music that continue until late at night. Then there is the Super Paradise beach bar which offers fruit juices and salads during the day for a refreshing break, while from the sunset it becomes the center of some of the most popular (and crowded) parties on the whole of Mykonos.