Manager for a luxury resort, start over from Mykonos

Zanardi and the decision to leave everything after escaping to a terrible accident to move to the Greek island: “But Mantua is always with me” by Alberto Sogliani

Live in Mykonos, the Pearl of the Cyclades and a dream vacation for many Italians of all ages. Someone has succeeded, despite his Mantua missing him. Maurizio Zanardi, for all friends “Icio” for some years has settled in the beautiful little Greek island with his wife Claudia, putting the fruit of the long experience gained in the field of catering and reception.

Working now is the manager on behalf of Acqua di Mare, a luxury villa-resort in Panormos: a 60,000-square-foot complex including the private park, with six rooms, swimming pools, plus 14 beds plus a staff consisting of chefs, fitness practitioners, physiotherapists, waiters and more.

“I have to deal with the management of the guests,” explains Zanardi. “From the reception, by concerting the menu, checking the cellar and all the customer’s needs. Including sea trips or any other request. Of course it is not a facility that is properly accessible to all pockets; however, considering the location, everything offered and the island’s exclusivity, it’s a real dream vacation. ”

Because Zanardi has moved to Mykonos, everything is to be said: “For years my wife and I managed a high level restaurant in Pavia, Villa Glori at San Michele, in the historic center. You are originally from there and we had together built a very nice place, inserted in all the gourmet guides, one step away from a Michelin star ยป. Suddenly the event that forces you to change life: “I’ve always been passionate about motorcycles,” he continues, “and during a trip to Morocco I had a very serious accident from which he left miraculously alive but unable to work for at least two years. I can not be certain, but I suspect there has been no sign of this disaster: days ago a guide had escorted me to an area where boys were forced to prostitute and I wanted to document, even on a personal level, the sad one each other by taking pictures. It is a fact that a few days later I went on my way to 40/50 at an hour when behind me I felt a roar ever more powerful than a car that overwhelmed me. ”

Life, you do not know how or why, was saved but Zanardi had broken bones almost everywhere. Long rehabilitation, resulting in repercussions at work. “We used the restaurant in two, and my wife alone could not go on, between the kitchen and the room service. So at that time we were forced to sell the premises, even at a price certainly lower than the value and to think back to the future. ”

Claudia, a chef who also teaches cooking, recalled a student who had moved to Mykonos: quick contact and the couple decided to start off from scratch. Maurizio began to trade wine for the various island restaurants, his wife easily found space in restaurants where he still works. “Unfortunately, Greece is very touristic and Mykonos in particular – explains Zanardi – so I realized that it was getting more and more complicated, in times of crisis, placing quality bottles as I suggested. Which would then be resold with very high charges. Through a series of contacts, I had a conversation with a businessman who offered me this tempting opportunity for managers in Water of Sea. I am satisfied: it requires the utmost professionalism and clarity, in addition to competence, but it is a job that I am grateful for, in addition to great expansion. ”

Among other things, in Mykonos in the moments of calm from tourism, Zanardi has developed the passion for art: “Here in summer you just have to work and in August it is a delusion of people. In the autumn, I discovered the wilderness northwestern part of the island, where there was an old miners’ village: I started painting these abandoned houses, then I took some photos and then developed a technique of using glass and mirrors for reflexes. I started almost jokingly, but some Asian galleries made a show of their own, a while ago. For now I do not have time, we’ll see later. ”

A happy life but the appeal of his hometown is felt: “Until some time ago,” concludes Zanardi, “I’m coming to find my mother who is unfortunately now missing. But Mantova is in my head and memories: the smell of the alleyways, the salty Rio, the atmospheres of everyday life, the dialect. And then the Mantua football: I tattooed the ultras symbol on my arm, followed the white team for over 40 years, home and away. This last failure made me even worse. “