Journey in motion: in Greece between Athens and the Peloponnese

Seven days can be enough to discover the wonders of Greece and to visit places you will never forget. Here is a travel diary with all useful tips to read before leaving

A group travel ride organized by the Harley-Davidson Legnano Chapter through the more classic Greece: a ferry ride away and the archeological and natural wonders of this wonderful nation. This tour is planned in spring or autumn, summer in continental Greece is too hot to enjoy the bike ride and then in high season the places to visit are too crowded.

Another organizational concern is the ferry booking, which if done well in advance, can save a lot, especially if you are a good group of people and motorbikes all together.

This trip is seven days and to optimize the time the chosen ferries make the Ancona-Patras trains on the way and Igoumenitsa-Ancona on the way back. The first section of the trip is a real transfer, Milan harbor of Ancona (450 km is a single pull on the motorway, including stops around 5 hours); boarding and sailing until Patras, duration of the mini cruise between Adriatic and Ionian about 23 hours.

Crossed the open sea the ship crosses the part of North West Greece, the first Igoumenitsa port, and after 5 hours it landed in Patras. When you arrive in Patras you should not stop, there is nothing to see if not the great port movement, so it’s best to start right away for Athens, which is 215 km south-east; you can also in this case to optimize, make a full run on the highway.

The Patras-Athens highway is brand new and offers the traveler a view of wide views that begin to look away and talk about Greece. The highways in Greece really cost very little, and they are very well kept; those we have taken from the toll booth have never exceeded the two tolls, although tolls are very frequent, like France, to understand.

Gasoline costs as much as we do in Italy and is always of good quality, although distributors are not so frequent to find; In this regard, we recommend that we always do the full when possible. On the highway you are driving very well, not just for trekking asphalt, but especially because there is little traffic, as in all of Greece, except in Athens where traffic is intense and chaotic at any time of day and night.

In Athens we recommend choosing a well-known hotel in the central, semi-central area but with a guarded garage. In Athens, shifts can be made on foot, by metro and taxi, unkind and always present at the need. Athens is a city to discover, with a very special charm. Required to go immediately to the Acropolis.
Go early in the morning, cooler and there is little crowd. Keep in mind that in sunny places of archaeological excavations, it is good to go with a cap, sunglasses, possibly high-protection sunscreen and a water bottle.

Water brings you because the Acropolis sells it to three euros the bottle! You will love the visit to the various archaeological sites, from the Parthenon to the Temple of Zeus, the Agora, and then go for a walk around the neighborhoods of Plaka and Monastiraki, nice and cozy places with their shops and bazaars, as well as the characteristic bars and restaurants all outdoors on crowded and sunny streets. Other places inevitable are Syntagma Square to see the change of the guard, the Panathinaiko Stadium for the thrill of Olympic sports and Gazi, fashionable neighborhood for cultural events and Greek movida.

The evening can be spent in one of the many restaurants in the old town, sitting outdoors and overlooking the Acropolis hill where the illuminated Parthenon sings its epic past. When you sit at the table and bring you the menu you discover a new world, the scents and flavors of this Mediterranean cuisine will stunn you. Greek hospitality will start to scare you and then continue growing throughout your trip.

The next day we suggest doing the last tours in Athens in the morning for shopping or for photographs or for a place of interest not yet seen, while the afternoon, this time in motion, go to Cape Sounio, 70 km south of Athens, where the Poseidon Temple stands. Capo Sounio extends over the sea to the Cyclades Islands, including the famous Paros, Naxos, Santorini and Mykonos. The road to Capo Sounio is a show, always crosses the sea that remains to your right until you arrive. Wavy enough that is enough and full of curves, the road lets guide in a leisurely look, over the sky and the shimmering sea. The panorama of the late afternoon light conjures up the gestures of the ancient heroes of Athens and Sparta, and among the waves of the sea you can imagine the ship of Ulysses and the return to Itaca. The visit to the Poseidon temple, to do absolutely at sunset to enjoy the red sunlight of the late sun that lowers on the sea, and makes the columns of the temple gold. A suggestion of authentic Greece is that of the Aegean and Homer. On your way you will find some characteristic timeless Greek characters who will appreciate the fact that they meet Italians and as in Salvatores “Mediterraneo” film you will say: Italians, a face a breed. The soul of Greece is also in these gestures of esteem, with these people fallen to perfection in these magical places. A TOUR THROUGH PELOPONNESOLth Athens, the road book provides a tour through the Peloponnese. Today, the engines will break, and your wheels will be on the traces of History, the history with the capital S, the one that generated Western culture. The stages: Corinth to see the canal, Epidaurus for the theater, Mycenae for the Agamemnon palace and the walls of the Cyclops, and finally the Ancient Olympia, the place where the Olympics were born. The Peloponnese is a unique authentic Mediterranean scrub. The olive tree is present everywhere, and then there are the oleanders that with their pink flowers define the sides of the streets making them cozy. Small and large oaks grow everywhere, sometimes making the road aching through the acorns and the wide leaves that fall to the ground. Bunches of multicolored black cypresses, majestic eucalyptus plants, low and twisted eros create a breathtaking landscape, and a hearty aroma, shining in every direction. Driving a motorcycle in these places does not get tired. However, you have to pay close attention to the old rolled roads and the presence of holes, as well as – unfortunately – to some stray dog ​​wagging the roadside. We are in a land of the past that brings with it rare beauties but also strong contradictions, you have to approach it kindly. This 380-km tour winds off on suburban roads without traffic, first between the sea and the hills, and then just inside hills and mountains, in the Mediterranean scrub. During the journey you will find beautiful scenes that the photographers will not leave for sure to run away, as they encounter characteristic Greek osterias for a typical dish. In the evening it is convenient to stay at Antica Olimpia and leave for the following morning visit to the archaeological site. Ancient Olympia rises among the ruins of time, among the remains of the glory of the place where the competition was born, and the young heroes challenged the physical trials that gave rise to the games we now call simply sport. Afternoon departure for Igoumenitsa port of embarkation for the return. GREECE CENTER OCCIDENTALA Antica Olimpia takes the direction of Patras and from there drives north through the suspended bridge over the sea, the Rion Antirion Bridge also called Charilaos Trikoupis bridge, crosses the gulf of Corinth among the cities of Rion, Peloponnese, and Antirion, in continental Greece. It has been nicknamed Poseidon’s deck, it’s great to be seen spinning over for three kilometers driving a motorcycle, between the blue sky and the white geometries of steel rods. We advise you to have a last culinary stay before returning to a typically local setting: choose a white-colored restaurant with bluish finishes, possibly on the sea, with a small shore where the waves blend. You can eat Greek salad and gourd to the irons, thinking of the road that still awaits you. Another 350 kilometers of beautiful northward travel, still treading the sea and driving fast to a sun that gradually falls, and will give you the most beautiful sunset in Greece. At Igoumenitsa you could already consider the travel diary closed, there remains the mini cruise to return and then the melancholy back home. The dream of Greece and a very beautiful week, traveling in History, is there with gas, put in motorcycles and games, then forever you will bring in the hearts of places you will never forget.