Interrail, Europe for everyone from Christmas markets to Greek islands

“We break the myth of the backpack travel, sitting on the floor and just for the young. No, Interrail is a product for all, families, moms with children, young and senior. First and second class, sitting comfortably. ” This is how Silvia Festa, the Southern Europe market manager of Eurail Group, is the presentation press conference in Milan of the latest Interrail product news for the Italian market on Trenitalia sales network and the exclusive benefits for Pass holders.

Until December 31, 2017 with Interrail will be valid promotion that offers a 15% discount on a wide range of Pass, with the possibility to start traveling within 11 months from the date of purchase.

“An initiative that allows you to travel even in the winter, by arranging your holidays. Interrail brings you, for example, to the Christmas markets of Germany and Austria or Eastern Europe. Or in a European capital like London, Paris, Berlin or Barcelona for New Year. ”

For sea lovers and for the sake of integrated mobility, it is possible to combine even more ferry train for a tour on the Greek islands, starting from Bari and visiting Santorini, Kos and Rhodes.

“While with the Global Pass tour, which includes up to 30 European countries, you can visit Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria.”

EUROPE IN TASCA. The dedicated Rail Planner application, which allows you to view train timetables for all European rail companies, is also available to travelers, as well as the advantages of hotels, museums and attractions, and reservations on Eurostar, Thalys and Tgv trains and Trenitalia’s Arrows, which in 2017 were the most booked trains via the Pass Eurail and Interrail trains with the Florence-Rome and Venice-Florence trains.

Travel Interrail means going on a cultural trip, discovering different European countries, meeting other travelers to share experience. “We are thus creating a kind of community to be able to confront and tell and why not enjoy the experience of a train trip. Do not forget the advantage of flexibility in choosing the itinerary, which can be modified according to your needs even during your trip », continues the manager.

But how does Interrail travel? In January-August 2017, 24% chose the One Country Pass solution, which allows travel to one country, while 76% have chosen the Global Pass solution, which includes up to 30 European countries.

SUCCESS OF TOTAL SENIOR. Again in the same period as the sales item, the target of young travelers scored + 6% as well as the adult target. The total senior segment recorded a + 72%. As far as the Italian market is concerned, Italian Interrail travelers prefer southern Europe as a destination with headland Spain, followed by Portugal and Greek islands. You can also purchase Pass on the Trenitalia website and in the network of authorized agencies.

GET TO THE ANCILLARY. “Despite training and training meetings between agents, there is still little knowledge of the Interrail product. Many remain anchored to the idea of ​​a mature journey, just for young people – emphasizes Silvia Festa – Instead, they should know that besides being all age targets, it is also a very profitable product. Adv can sell a route in a single product by adding ancillary services such as hotels and ground services. In short, pack and sell a real custom travel package. And to try to make the change and evolution of the Pass from 13 November on to trade and consumer, we are also on air with an advertising and information campaign on Radio Monte Carlo and Radio 101. “