Holidays in Euboea, a pearl among the Greek islands

Discovering Euboea, one of the most beautiful Greek islands, economical and little touristy, between wonderful beaches, historic cities and archaeological sites

Ideal for those who do not like the assaulted places of mass tourism, Eubèa or Evia extends for about 170 kilometers and is connected to the mainland by a road bridge on the Euripo Strait that unites the city of Calcide, the island’s capital with the eastern coasts of Greece. Located in the Aegean Sea is the second largest island after Crete and offers many opportunities, including wonderful beaches, historic towns and archaeological sites that are worth a visit.

Thanks to its strategic position, Euboea has always been a safe route for sailors, often becoming a crossroads of ideas and cultures and a succession of different domination. Euboea has very ancient origins. The region was inhabited by Ionian populations, and the two cities of Calcid and Eretria were very flourishing throughout history and played a key role in the Greek colonization of the northwestern Aegean, Magna Grecia and Sicily.

In the 6th century BC passed under the rule of the Athenians while the Romans arrived in the third century BC. Subsequently during the Byzantine period many churches and monasteries were built up to the thirteenth century when it passed to the Republic of Venice that changed its name to Negroponte, holding it until the Turkish conquest in 1470. Later, in 1830 he was brought back to Greece after centuries of Ottoman domination. Eubea’s entrance gate is the town of Calcide, connected to the mainland by an iron bridge, from where ferries leave and arrive.

Euboea can be visited both in winter and summer. To reach it just take a stop at the Athens Airport and from here take the train or bus to Calcide which is about 90 kilometers from the Greek capital. But the island has a vast network of roads and you can then explore it quietly by car or by bus. Scarcely known and frequented by foreign tourists, the island of Euboea, is one of the main tourist destinations for the Greeks, especially from the Athenians who spend the weekend here or the summer holidays. In addition, it still offers prices that are absolutely cheap and economical compared to other Greek islands.

Its ancient capital is Calcide which besides being the main point of connection to the mainland today is presented as a modern city dotted with bars, restaurants and shops. You can find them in the main street or in the small harbor where to stroll, drink a little ‘tsipouro’ or eat a good Greek fish dish. But Calcide is also a city with 3000 years of history. Here is an interesting Archaeological Museum with several finds from all over the island, and the ruins of some ancient temples, including the ancient fortress of Karababa, built by the Turks in the 15th century to protect the city from the Venetians.

Towards the south, the second largest city is Eretria, an important financial and cultural center in ancient Greece, with its Archaeological Museum and the ruins of an ancient theater destroyed by the Romans in 198 a. Also to see the remains of the Temple of Apollo from the 6th century BC with several sculptures, some of which are kept in the Calcide Museum. Even in this city of Eubea you will find the sacred temple of Isis, one of the most interesting monuments of ancient Eretria, as well as the beautiful mosaic home, an ancient Hellenistic building, featuring elegant mosaics representing mythological scenes.

More in the center is Kimi, one of the oldest cities in Euboea, with its old mansions characterized by wrought-iron balconies. An interesting museum is the one of Folklore, considered one of the best of its kind, you can admire handicraft items, in particular dresses and embroidery and a wide range of local costumes and various traditional and agricultural utensils. Just a few minutes drive you will reach Limni, a delightful town overlooking a natural harbor that connects Euboea with the rest of the Greek islands, distinguished by an urban center with typical white houses with red roofs along the waterfront, along with many typical tavernas and cafes .

8 kilometers from Limni you can visit the oldest Byzantine monastery, the Moni Galataki. It is a wonderful place with many vestiges and frescoes. In the northern part of the island, Edipsos is one of the most renowned destinations in Euboea since ancient times for its healing waters. Today, it is known for its spa and spa resorts where it can regenerate with a nice bath in one of its springs, dive into the mud or relax with a nice massage.

In addition to the many centers, Euboea has wonderful beaches, some of which offer wonderful sandy beaches and places to meet and enjoy.

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