Facebook Messenger, 8 tricks to sing better (including Spotify)

The web platform the chance to join without having a profile on the social to the personalization, content such as gif and special effects, and the latest addition, the integration with the music streaming
Facebook Messenger is gradually becoming a platform in its own right. It boasts 800 million active users each month – but you can bet they are already grown – and increasingly traveling on parallel tracks with respect to the application mother, that of Facebook standards. Not many people know for example that you can chat without having a profile on the social network of Menlo Park as well as, a bit ‘in Web WhatsApp style, even from traditional PCs connecting to this site.
The climb of 2015 was booming: join the application has seen about 100 million users in a matter of months. This is because, along the lines of the strategies of some Asian messaging apps like Line or WeChat, Messenger is getting something different both from a company that has a classic instant messaging application. A rich hybrid on which Mark Zuckerberg intends to hold us for as long as possible. but less in the United States, where for example a bit ‘is known in Italy can already make micropayments between contacts, to shop or call a car Uber, the transition is already quite palpable.
It is not enough. The irresistible gif, special effects on photos, chats customizable group, sharing the position and later throughout the furniture world commerce. From certain viewpoints Messenger has room for even unimaginable growth and diversification. And if he has embarked on this road is divided only forever differentiate more other formidable family messaging platform that has just crossed the one billion users. This is obviously WhatsApp, who has also recently added the ability to exchange documents such as pdf but remains substantially dry and essential, linked to the immediate communication needs. If WhatsApp will be the e-mail of the future, Messenger aims to become an extension of the social network.