Eva Green, 5 things you do not know

On private passions, even a little ‘weird to fascinating’ kinship ‘
hypnotic and classic beauty look, Eva Green wins from the outset with a natural sensuality and an intense and emotionally overwhelming drama.
It’s been over ten years since his ‘baptism’ to the big screen with The Dreamers – The Dreamers, Bernardo Bertolucci’s controversial film in which the actress was crazy about Michael Pitt and Louis Garrel in the shoes of a young American student in Paris in ’68. And to think that her parents had advised against signing the contract, fearing a fate similar to that of Maria Schneider, memorable starring opposite Marlon Brando in Last Tango in Paris cult.
Born in Paris in 1980, he studied acting at the Saint Paul Drama School for three years, before reaching the Tisch School of Arts in New York where it is put to the test even in the directorial technique. Parents have the urge to face the acting career to make it more sociable and extroverted.
His “indecent beauty” according to the International criticism has opened the doors for a rich career opportunities and different roles, many of which share a certain erotic charge.
From the bond girl in Casino Royale all’ammaliante Sybil of Jerusalem in the film by Ridley Scott’s Crusades, until the cruel Ava Lord from Sin City, Eva Green has played different roles of femme fatale. His big blue eyes can be sweet and intriguing, but if necessary also dangerously threatening.
1. It has a twin sister
Eva Green is two minutes older twin sister Joy (Johanne), but they are heterozygous and therefore not identical. “Joy and I could not be more different – said the actress time ago – she never had any interest in acting, this thing has been positive for us because otherwise we would have been able to get very competitive. Before we fought often but now things are much better. Joy holds even all the newspaper clippings that speak to me. ” The twin sister in fact studied economics and now lives in Normandy with her husband, an Italian count.
2. Collect insects
Be longed has its advantages, but it does not leave much room for privacy. Fortunately Eva is madly in love with her border terrier Griffin, in an interview he jokingly called her “husband.” Besides the passion for four-legged friends, however, it is fond of animals in general. In fact, he also confessed to collecting insects, including a tarantula that caught herself.
3. You do not like to look on the big screen
People often think that the actors enter the world of entertainment for the narcissistic pleasure of watching themselves on screen, but in reality is not always so. “Perhaps it is a form of narcissism in the negative. I can not see me. For example, some of the actors when they turn a movie go straight to the monitor to check how a scene is coming. I can not do that and I should learn how to do it. Maybe one day, “he confessed.
4. He loves playing classical music
Eva Green studied piano and flute at school and she loves to play something classical music as soon as he gets the chance.
5. Does not the actress for money and his idol is Isabelle Ajani
Although no shortage of proposals for the blockbusters and the big-budget film, the actress has always accepted roles in several independent films. Just think of Franklyn, Cracks and Womb. “And ‘good for the soul to do these movies, I feel bad if I do something for money. I can not breathe. And I’m not proud of myself, “he told The Guardian in an interview in 2010. When he saw for the first time Adele H. – A Romance, Francois Truffaut’s 1975 film, was impressed by the protagonist Isabelle Ajani and realized that he devote his life to acting