Cheap Greece: the islands to go this summer

Looking for jewels of Greece at low prices

The 10 most beautiful beaches of the islands of Greece
Greece has always been very successful in the summer both for the beauty of places and for affordable prices. Here are what are the ten low-cost islands for a holiday-proof holiday.

1. Serifos Island. At only two hours of catamaran from Piraeus, it should be in the top list of destinations in Greece. The beauty of the beaches is unmatched and at the same time the prices are quite low.

2. Kythera Island. Citra, also known as the Isle of Venus, is located in the south of the Peloponnese, in the Ionian Sea. It is appreciated by tourists for its natural beauty, combined with picturesque villages, Byzantine monuments, Venetian fortresses, monasteries and country churches. It is very much frequented by the same Greeks and less known for international tourism. Fishermen’s houses are at low prices.

3. Island of Karpathos. Scarpanto is an Aegean island belonging geographically to the Dodecanese. One of its peculiarities is the meltemi wind blowing wind, which is why it is always fresh and loved by those who practice surfing. The cheapest hotels are located in the capital Pigadia.

4. Andros Island. It is the northernmost of the Cyclades archipelago, it is often snatched by tourists because it is the closest to the ports of Attica. It is characterized by long sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, guaranteeing a relaxing holiday.

5. Thassos Island. It is the northernmost Greek island of the country, this destination is far from the more conventional tourist circuits, it is still relatively little known by mass tourism.

6. Symi Island. It is a Greek island of the Aegean Sea in the Dodecanese archipelago, it is almost an hour’s drive from Rhodes, but the prices are 30 percent less than its most famous neighbor. It is a relatively small island, surrounded by tall rocks and beautiful crystal clear waters. The jewel of the island is the Panormiti monastery where numerous pilgrims gather for the cult of Archangel Michael, who is considered the protector of the island.

7. Island of Icaria. It is an island located in the central eastern Aegean. It hides many picturesque villages and beautiful beaches, especially in the southern part of the island. The fact that you have to make a long ferry ride to reach it makes it a bit unfamiliar with mass tourism and therefore its prices are really affordable.

8. Island of Crete. The island is the largest in Greece, and it is also the one that offers the widest choice of hotel accommodations. It is rich in beaches, unique archaeological sites in the world and natural parks.

9. Island of Kos. There are many cheap flights to Kos Island. Today it is one of the most expansive tourist destinations in the Dodecanese.

10. Island of Milos. The volcanic island of Milos is a real gem, although it is very crowded in the middle of summer, it is presented to tourists as one of the best preserved secrets of the Aegean. It counts 75 beaches.