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The 30 most beautiful islands in the world for TripAdvisor

The place where we would be now, when the call of the sea becomes stronger. They are wonderful islands, the most beautiful for travelers: here are the winners of the Traveler’s Choice 2016 Island Tripadvisor worth compiled by Tripadvisor: contains the most beautiful islands where we would be now, when the desire of sea called […]

Urban exploration. Monte Soratte: tunnel rats in Nazi gold hunt

Urban exploration. Monte Soratte: tunnel rats in Nazi gold hunt Monte Soratte: a maze of subterranean galleries and stories of treasure hunters, intrigue and the legendary gold of the Nazi Field Marshal Albert Kesselring The Soratte is a mountain rich of mystery and history. According to locals, the line of its crest would resemble the […]

Fathers and famous sons: when success is a matter of DNA

The protagonists of the new fashion campaigns have an important surname and a striking resemblance to their (famous) Dad Same eyes, same smile, same features. And often the similarities between fathers and famous sons do not stop there: even the poses and the not quite politically correct behaviors are equal. As well as the roads […]

Love and Mercy, let’s enjoy the summer in Beach Boys-style

The cinema the biopic dedicated to Brian Wilson (and partners) awakens the desire to beach parties and barbecues with slippers, white trousers and shirts ‘Hawaii’ We can not forget the time when we danced (and were dressing) Brian Wilson because, like his music, is a time out of time that does not age and never […]

Travel: alternative holidays in houseboats and yurts

Not the usual hotel, not the usual apartments in the city center: the new frontiers of the trip point to unusual accommodation to make their holidays even more memorable How to make a vacation truly unforgettable? Choosing an alternative destination and starting with the best company possible, of course. But also the choice of accommodation […]

The best place to go in London

Clubs and restaurants with show in Mayfair: exclusive, new and super frequented by Royal classics, models, celebrities, cool people. The GQ map The night is still young in London. And you really have the feeling that the word “fun” has a complete meaning. Because here increased, with more fabulous local, trendy, extreme, exclusive. The point […]

7 seats to the sea to bathe in the spring

Now and Soon! If you also can not do more and you can not wait to take the first swim in the sea (but warm), behold, seven destinations nearby to reach immediately for the first dive (head temperature) LAMPEDUSA Distinguishing features: a hint of Sicily in the distant African waters. The island is fascinating for […]

Yoga is good for the soul and body (and see that body!)

The beautiful Denise explained a bit ‘of things on his discipline, yoga. With words and with pictures of the actress Yoga is a trend and a trend will remain. It tries it almost always, out of curiosity and to “keep up”, but then you feel better than when you did not, and I continue to […]