You can adjust the music and talking with friends through a button that simulates a walkie-talkie, without picking up the phone
The winter and cold temperatures are the enemies of the smartphone and touchscreen. But believe it or spend a day on the ski slopes means giving up Facebook, Whatsapp and phone calls, a little ‘because it is too troublesome to take off the gloves and comb through the notifications, a little’ because the phone is impossible to pull off, buried under thousand layers of the ski suit. Who makes winter sports has tried using the smartwatch but the limited screen size and the small buttons continue to be a constraint, especially because of the gloves and the limited sensitivity of the fingers. Two US boys have tried to solve this problem with YodelUp, a wearable device that looks like a smartwatch, but is simply a remote control for the smartphone can control the music and, through the app Zello, work like a walkie talkie.
The device is worn directly over the gloves with an adjustable elastic band, just connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone and you’re done.
It does not have a screen but there is only the buttons to adjust the sound of your favorite music (play, pause and keys to scroll through the songs and to raise and lower the volume): the design is reminiscent of the rough and groping of old mobile phones than once: big, spring and easy to press (and hear) even with gloves. Side there is another button that simulates that of a walkie-talkie to talk to a friend who is on the slopes or in the heat of the shelter. Just download in advance Zello app on your smartphone to have real-time conversations using your phone’s data network.
Currently the device is at the center of a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and reach stores by the beginning of the next winter season. The starting price of 100 Euros is not cheap but definitely costs less than other smart watches on the market or smart helmets that are still in the design phase