In Sicily mimosas bloom (and in Greece all to the sea): yes, the climate went crazy even in 2021

Exceptional heat has literally invaded Greece. Those who have turned on the TV in these hours must see paradoxical images of people taking a bath in the sea (in fact violating the anti-coronavirus lockdown). Stuff that would be normal if we didn’t talk about January. Yet, yesterday the temperatures in these parts reached 28.3 ° C recorded in Falasarna, in the extreme west of Crete.

In the last 50 years such high temperatures for January have only occurred twice: in 1987 and 2010, according to the National Observatory of Athens (NOA). And now, after one of the hottest years ever recorded globally, hot air masses and dust arriving from the African continent have suffocated the skyline of central Athens, where the temperature yesterday reached as high as 31 ° C at Sun.
This is compared to the average temperatures in January which throughout Greece ranging from below freezing to 5 ° C or 10 ° C at most in the coastal regions.

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