Holidays in Mykonos

Spend your holidays in Mykonos discovering its wonders: between sea, white beaches and unforgettable nights

Get ready to leave for Mykonos, the most loved island in Greece for everything related to nightlife, and follow the advice of our guide to discover the many other suggestions of a dream destination.

Mykonos is known to be a true mecca for anyone who wants to go wild in unlimited night parties. Bars, discos, beaches with blaring music until dawn, international disc jockeys who come here to offer their shows, young people on pilgrimage to immerse themselves in the nightlife and never sleep. So if this is what you are looking for, Mykonos will undoubtedly satisfy your desire. But if your interests are directed towards other types of holidays, the island will not fail to provide you with many other reasons for leisure. Mykonos offers a wide range of solutions to make the most of every moment of the trip: beautiful and quieter beaches, hidden coves where you can find absolute quiet, valuable attractions, narrow streets in which to stroll pleasantly among white houses and flowered balconies. , excursions to be made by bicycle or moped to see the less frequented areas of the island. All surrounded by an ideal climate, warm but with a rather constant breeze that mitigates any sensation of mugginess making the holiday even more enjoyable. Mykonos is therefore the destination par excellence for nightlife, but it knows how to make itself beautiful and attractive for every type of visitor.

What to do during your holiday in Mykonos: the 5 best things to see
Beach parties, music, fun, new acquaintances, but also enchanting beaches, art and culture: the range of proposals included within the borders of Mykonos can meet every aspiration. Here are some good alternatives.

  1. Walk to Little Venice
    Holidays in Mykonos
    Neighborhood so named due to the fact that some houses float on water, like in Venice. It is a very fascinating area, with typical houses with white walls and blue windows and doors and sumptuous sunsets to admire, perhaps sipping a cocktail in which the many cafes present.
  2. Trip to the village of Ano Mera
    If Mykonos Town shows the more purely tourist aspects of the island, there is no shortage of small villages all around where you can find a more calm and authentic atmosphere. Ano Mera is a perfect example of this; a place anchored to the rhythms of the past and not too contaminated by the modern frenzy. To see the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani.
  3. Movida or relaxation on the beach
    If you want to spend a good part of your holiday on the beach, in Mykonos you will be spoiled for choice. Paradise and Super Paradise are absolutely unmissable for those who want to let loose to the rhythm of music; if you prefer something quieter, here are the beaches of Elia, Platys Gyalos, Psarou, the wild Agios Sostis or Paranga.
  4. Stop in the main museums
    Mykonos does not fail to offer suggestions also from a cultural point of view. The Archaeological Museum, the Maritime Museum, Lena’s House, the Folklore Museum and the Agricultural Museum are definitely worth a stop.
  5. Excursion to the island of Delos
    Island easily accessible by ferry, uninhabited and designated a World Heritage Site by Unesco. A huge archaeological site where people have been digging uninterruptedly for over 100 years, very rich in reasons of historical and artistic interest.

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