Summer holidays 2020: Olbia and Mykonos the most popular choices

Summer holidays 2020: Olbia and Mykonos the most popular choices
Generic July 2020
Finding the ideal destination for your summer vacation can take a long time. The possibilities are huge and a lot depends on personal preferences. In summer 2020, however, a very specific trend seems to have established itself, which sees Olbia and Mykonos as the most sought-after locations. Two different locations that can offer a lot to those who decide to stay there.
Summer holidays frequently reward seaside resorts. The possibilities in this sense are truly endless. In fact, in Italy and abroad, there is a great variety of places capable of responding perfectly to the needs of the tourist who loves the beaches.
In this regard, the emergence of a well-defined trend that refers to two very specific locations should be noted. The reference is to Olbia and Mykonos which, in the rankings, are now considered among the most requested destinations by travelers in summer 2020.
In addition to the beauties and unique experiences they can offer, Olbia and Mykonos are also very easy to reach for Italian tourists. This is even more true if you choose to hire a private jet for the occasion. A tailor-made service such as the one offered by the Fast Private Jet company allows you to reach your holiday destination with no hassle and in maximum comfort.
All while benefiting from maximum customization, flexibility and safety. These factors are even more sought after in this moment after Covid, in which it is possible to encounter numerous inconveniences on scheduled flights.
A private jet, on the other hand, ensures great benefits and is becoming an increasingly convenient option, especially if you choose to split the investment starting as a group. For all these reasons, the rental trend of these aircraft is currently constantly growing.
Olbia: a holiday between history and nature
The city of Olbia is characterized above all by its history, which has very ancient origins. Its identity is in fact linked to the passage of numerous peoples: Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans. A particularity testified by the presence on the territory of dolmens, menhirs and the remains of the Punic walls. For those who love culture and history, Olbia can ensure a real dive into the past.
The city also presents other wonders capable of attracting the most diverse public. In fact, if you love beaches and the sea, then it is essential to include moments dedicated to discovering the natural beauties of the area in your tour.
Therefore, among the places to take into consideration there is for example the beach of the salt pans, located along the south coast. The sandy expanse is particularly long and is characterized by its reddish color and consistent grain. These elements therefore allow you to enjoy long walks on the water’s edge. Given its characteristics, this is also the recommended place for those who love surfing.
Mykonos, the island of possibilities
The island of Mykonos is the perfect combination of fun, relaxation and culture. This destination now famous for exclusive parties and clubs offers a remarkable series of alternatives and unique proposals.
First of all, it is worth mentioning the capital itself which is the perfect reproduction of a typical postcard of Greece, with its inevitable white houses.
At the same time, visiting the area one is struck by the high presence of pubs and clubs that counterbalance small traditional shops.
Finally, for those who want to experience the maritime soul of the island, a visit to Platys Gialos is not to be missed. This tourist resort owes its fame above all to its three white sandy beaches. Specifically, they are Agios Anna, Platys Gialos and Psarou.
From this brief analysis, the potential of an island that has captivated and captivated tourists for many generations can be understood more deeply.

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