Lindsay Lohan: the back to Mykonos with Mtv

There was a moment when Lindsay Lohan was the promise of American cinema. The girl capable of “doubling” interpreting twins in Parents in a trap of 1998 and making everyone believe they really have a twin. Then Mean Girls of 2004 has consecrated her to idol of teenagers, the film becomes a cult still today cited every October 3, Halloween and Christmas with the unforgettable Jingle Bell Rock. His first album, Speak, climbs the world rankings and Lindsay is officially the new media obsession.

As expected, after the climb to the stars follows the descent to hell. The dark years, a family that drains the accounts in the bank, some dependence too much, the worldly outings, the wrong friendships and some wild paparazzi too. All told by paparazzi and videos on Youtube, watched with the bitter awareness of witnessing the umpteenth talent that is thrown away.

Then this summer bounces on all social networks a new viral video starring the Lohan, not one of those damn nights or poison words to alleged friends. Rather. LiLo dances happily in Mykonos and as only Queen George in Mean Girls could do with a punched tank top, Lindsay’s dance becomes the summer catchphrase, a halloween costume, a megamix and a dance class.

Today we can say that the video was nothing but a teaser. Unaware, it is clear, LiLo was really enjoying the moment nothing prepared to table, but in fact MTV has aired, simultaneously the MTV of the world (exclusively on Sky at channel 130) the first episode of LINDSAY LOHAN’S BEACH CLUB , the docu-series that tells the entrepreneurial “new life” of the American star. The episode will then be replicated on Saturday 12 January at 9.10 pm, while the entire 12-episode series will start on MTV (Sky 130 channel) in March.


Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club explores a new side of the life of the American actress and influencer, who has recently embarked on a career as a businesswoman. The program will follow the launch of the Lohan Beach House, its new club in Mykonos, Greece. The past remains in the past, he said, “It’s time to turn the page and finally look to the future”. In Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club we will see Lindsay directing a team of young and ambitious VIPs who will work with her to increase the restaurant’s reputation and promote it as an ideal location for luxury vacations. But romance and friendships could interfere with the work, and it will be the job of the boss Lindsay to handle every difficulty.

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