Paxos Contemporary Art Project is born. In Greece, public art on an unspoiled island

After the inaugural art week of Manifesta 12 in Palermo, we remain in the Mediterranean area to tell you about the birth of a brand new initiative. This is Paxos Contemporary Art Project (P-CAP), a brand new contemporary art festival – scheduled from 22 June to 9 September 2018 – which aims to celebrate the pristine and unique beauty of the Greek island of Paxos, through a rich program of artistic events and site-specific installations, commissioned exclusively for the occasion to eight young international artists invited to be part of the project.


“The idea came from a deep passion for the unique and marvelous nature of the island”, says its creator, Marina Tomacelli Filomarino, a frequent visitor to the island over the last 40 years, and with various work experience in the field of communication in Germany and France. “At the beginning, it seemed like a dream, to realize such a demanding project, which would combine the magnificent landscapes of Paxos with a stimulating contemporary art. However, when I started sharing my dreams with artists, curators and friends from Paxos and abroad, I received tremendous response and great moral and practical support. I am very happy that everything is going to happen “. Thanks to the achievement (and exceeding) of the target (about 25 thousand euros), through crowdfunding on the online platform Kickstarter launched a few months ago with Chris Boikos, owner of an art gallery in Paris and Paxos, Tomacelli Filomarino has, in fact , was able to realize his dream: to finance this free public art project, inspired by the nature and beauty of this small Greek island, south of Corfu, which has so far been able to protect itself from the onslaught of mass tourism, to make known the uncontaminated spirit and, at the same time, to support the work of young artists.


The eight involved in the project – Axel Void, Jewgeni Roppel, Leonid Keller, Linus Lohmann, Quintessenz Creation, Rene Wagner, Michael Sebastian Haase Yiannis Pappas- have long worked in close contact with the wild nature of Paxos, realizing works on paper, sculptures , murals, performances and audiovisual installations, both in natural and architectural places, but mainly outdoors. During the inaugural weekend – from 22 to 24 June – the artists will be present to accompany the visitors in the various festival sites distributed throughout the island – some also visible from the sea; while in the following days the public will have available a map that, in addition to providing information on the works on display, will take care to point out nature reserves, restaurants, beaches and other places of interest.

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