The trendy beaches and clubs of Lindsay Lohan in Greece

Lindsay Lohan has decided to invest in some clubs in Greece and has opened three activities in Mykonos, Athens and Rhodes
For the uninitiated, the famous actress Lindsay Lohan has opened three nightclubs in Greece in Athens and in the islands of Rhodes and Mykonos.
The world is full of VIPs who decide to open businesses in countries other than theirs and Lindsay Lohan is no exception. The actress, famous for her starring role in Mean Girls and her not-so-clear past, has founded three nightclubs in Greece. The chosen places were the wild island of Mykonos, the magnificent Rhodes and Athens, the cradle of culture. Lindsay Lohan’s decision to invest in Greece had made much discussion at the time since the economic crisis certainly does not make it a place to party every night. In a statement released to the press last year, the star revealed that she wanted to succeed where others failed and wanted to celebrate the meeting between different cultures. Last year, when he opened the Athens nightclub, he revealed that part of the proceeds would be donated to the children’s associations of refugees from Syria.
The last club opened by Lindsay Lohan is the “LOHAN Beach House” of Mykonos that follows the one already existing on the island of Rhodes. The actress has chosen three of the most beautiful places to start her commercial activities and, even if the Athens nightclub could have a difficult life due to the economic crisis, the Beach House can go on thanks to the arrival of tourists in the summer season. If these clubs are lucky, only time will tell.
Greece is the country that most suffered the economic crisis of 2007. Many businesses have closed, restaurants are empty for most of the year, and young people try to go abroad to get some luck. Despite this, however, tourism has not diminished, indeed: continue to be millions of people who, every year, go to Greece to spend their summer vacation. Mykonos has always been the youth destination par excellence, with its nightclubs and clubs on the beach. Athens, full of history and culture, deserves to be visited and discovered in every small detail. And the magnificent Rhodes is not far behind.

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