Euroflora 2018 in Nervi: the wonder of the Parks.

Genoa – And here we are finally at the big day of Euroflora 2018. After anticipations, information on where to buy tickets, how to get to the Parks of Nervi and the latest news on reaching Euroflora by helicopter, it is time to open the gates of the parks to show the work that technicians, gardeners, Aster and the young have done during these months. After the preview of Friday dedicated to institutions and press, on Saturday 21 April the dances are officially opened (9-19.30). Meanwhile, Mentelocale wanted to do an anticipatory tour of the parks to take the first pictures.

The parks, by themselves, are already a fantastic location. Imagine them all flowered and colored, with the blue of the sea in the background and the emerald trees above the head. A marvel for the eyes. A whole other Euroflora compared to the Fair, which had more scenographies and water games, but was more “built”. Here it is pure nature, with simpler but splendid scenery. A natural habitat decorated for a party. From the striking pink of the hydrangeas to the bonsai, from purple to yellow. An explosion of colors.

We are only at 20 April 2018, but the air has all the flavor of a full-blown summer day. Everything is in place on the day 0, but there are still those who water, who plants and takes care of the last flowers. On the other hand, the flowers exposed outdoors will need constant care and the stage where they will perform from 21 April until May 6 will be quite large: 86 thousand square meters and 5 kilometers of paths, between gardens and historic villas overlooking the sea . Flowers as far as the eye can see, 500 thousand to be exact, will form large compositions in contrast with the green of the meadows and the ancient trees. And for the first time, moving the gaze between a rose and a tulip, visitors will be able to see the sea of ​​Nervi on the horizon.

A great show, in 4 times: water, air, earth and fire. This is the quartet of themes that guide the exhibition: starting from Red Wawe, dedicated to fire, passing through the Water Lilies Lake, to the Germinations dedicated to the earth and to the Labyrinth dedicated to the air. The Red Wave catches attention right away. The red flowering of great visual impact contrasts with the green background: a flaming path that rises for 120 meters, for a total of 1800 square meters of blooms with 14 thousand plants of red daisies. Farther on, the Lake of the Water Lilies mirrors the green of the parks: the circular pool is resting on the ground, the lawn shapes and surrounds its contour. Its diameter of 13 meters contains 66 cubic meters of water. 150 rustic water lilies float in different varieties here.

And we move on to the Germinations: vertical green walls accompany in a sequence of vegetal scenes works of art placed in the landscape. The five fifths of vegetation, three meters high, develop 300 square meters of vertical green, which consists of pre-activated modules mounted on a metal grid to which the dripline irrigation system is fixed. In the section dedicated to the earth, one finds one of the most curious compositions: Giuseppe Carta at Euroflora 2018 realizes Capsica Red Light: sculptural installation of 20 red chillies in bronze and polychrome resin. Finally, the Labyrinth, a path of 200 meters, with 500 plants of Photinia x fraserii that accompany the visitor to discover the Bouquet de Coquelicots Suspendus (Bouquet of suspended poppies) created by Alain Micquiaux.

Obviously Liguria will be a great protagonist at Euroflora 2018 in all its colors. The Gardens of Maggi, a Bogliasco company, will focus on King Ulivo in all its forms, from macro-bonsai to secular plants. Do not miss Polifemo, an olive tree pruned in art whose branches recall the ancient tradition of bonsai. Around, the whole area will be characterized by 4 flowerbeds created with the technique of dry stone walls that will host lavender, luisa grass, rosemary, thyme and sage. The Ligurian route will end in the rose garden, where a historic greenhouse will be equipped for the cultivation of the Genoese DOP basil.
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