Euroflora 2018 in Nervi: the wonder of the Parks.

Genoa – And here we are finally at the big day of Euroflora 2018. After anticipations, information on where to buy tickets, how to get to the Parks of Nervi and the latest news on reaching Euroflora by helicopter, it is time to open the gates of the parks to show the work that technicians, gardeners, Aster and the young have done during these months. After the preview of Friday dedicated to institutions and press, on Saturday 21 April the dances are officially opened (9-19.30). Meanwhile, Mentelocale wanted to do an anticipatory tour of the parks to take the first pictures.

The parks, by themselves, are already a fantastic location. Imagine them all flowered and colored, with the blue of the sea in the background and the emerald trees above the head. A marvel for the eyes. A whole other Euroflora compared to the Fair, which had more scenographies and water games, but was more “built”. Here it is pure nature, with simpler but splendid scenery. A natural habitat decorated for a party. From the striking pink of the hydrangeas to the bonsai, from purple to yellow. An explosion of colors.

We are only at 20 April 2018, but the air has all the flavor of a full-blown summer day. Everything is in place on the day 0, but there are still those who water, who plants and takes care of the last flowers. On the other hand, the flowers exposed outdoors will need constant care and the stage where they will perform from 21 April until May 6 will be quite large: 86 thousand square meters and 5 kilometers of paths, between gardens and historic villas overlooking the sea . Flowers as far as the eye can see, 500 thousand to be exact, will form large compositions in contrast with the green of the meadows and the ancient trees. And for the first time, moving the gaze between a rose and a tulip, visitors will be able to see the sea of ​​Nervi on the horizon.

A great show, in 4 times: water, air, earth and fire. This is the quartet of themes that guide the exhibition: starting from Red Wawe, dedicated to fire, passing through the Water Lilies Lake, to the Germinations dedicated to the earth and to the Labyrinth dedicated to the air. The Red Wave catches attention right away. The red flowering of great visual impact contrasts with the green background: a flaming path that rises for 120 meters, for a total of 1800 square meters of blooms with 14 thousand plants of red daisies. Farther on, the Lake of the Water Lilies mirrors the green of the parks: the circular pool is resting on the ground, the lawn shapes and surrounds its contour. Its diameter of 13 meters contains 66 cubic meters of water. 150 rustic water lilies float in different varieties here.

And we move on to the Germinations: vertical green walls accompany in a sequence of vegetal scenes works of art placed in the landscape. The five fifths of vegetation, three meters high, develop 300 square meters of vertical green, which consists of pre-activated modules mounted on a metal grid to which the dripline irrigation system is fixed. In the section dedicated to the earth, one finds one of the most curious compositions: Giuseppe Carta at Euroflora 2018 realizes Capsica Red Light: sculptural installation of 20 red chillies in bronze and polychrome resin. Finally, the Labyrinth, a path of 200 meters, with 500 plants of Photinia x fraserii that accompany the visitor to discover the Bouquet de Coquelicots Suspendus (Bouquet of suspended poppies) created by Alain Micquiaux.

Obviously Liguria will be a great protagonist at Euroflora 2018 in all its colors. The Gardens of Maggi, a Bogliasco company, will focus on King Ulivo in all its forms, from macro-bonsai to secular plants. Do not miss Polifemo, an olive tree pruned in art whose branches recall the ancient tradition of bonsai. Around, the whole area will be characterized by 4 flowerbeds created with the technique of dry stone walls that will host lavender, luisa grass, rosemary, thyme and sage. The Ligurian route will end in the rose garden, where a historic greenhouse will be equipped for the cultivation of the Genoese DOP basil.
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Travel to Greece. On the Pelion peninsula and in Rhodes.

Between secret beaches, sanctuaries, art and nightlife
The dream sea of ​​the Pelion peninsula, but also the frescoed forests and churches. In addition to the train immortalized by Giorgio de Chirico. And then Rhodes, with its medieval corners, concerts under the stars, trendy beaches and deserted …

Meryl Streep learned how to prepare the dolmades, vine leaves stuffed with rice, in a vernacular taverna of Damouchari. Inlet of blue sea and clear rocks where scenes of the cult movie Mamma Mia !. The only flicker of worldliness in this beautiful and secret corner in the Pelion peninsula that closes the Gulf of Flight. This is so famous, because from here you embark for the Sporades islands, while few know the Pelion, a Greece for connoisseurs, far from the routes of mass tourism, the ugly invasive architecture of the landscape.

Only 90 kilometers of primary Mediterranean forest, oaks, chestnut trees, cypresses, centenarian plane trees, millions of olive trees, cherry trees and the famous apple trees of Zagora that produce red and sweet apples. Then the mountain that reaches 1600 meters, the flowers exported to the Netherlands until a few years ago, the 400 species of medicinal herbs. For the mythology here lived Chirone, the wisest of Centaurs, medicine teacher of Asclepius. Then there is the sea: calm among olive and cypress trees of the Pasasitikos gulf, wild on the Aegean front, with coasts fringed by cliffs, caves, woods and coves, crystal water, dazzling turquoise, blue.

White sand beaches like Aghios Ioannis, where Anthoula is located, a workshop of the classic Greek old woman perennially sitting on the door. She sells woven blankets and tablecloths, hand embroidered cotton curtains in the villages, made in Pelion, not in China. Whites also the beach of Horefto and the tables of the tavern O Petros, almost flush with water, where they seem never to end the lunches based on fresh fish and vegetables: fried shrimps with salicornia and other rock herbs, octopus with zucchini, sardines on aubergine purée.

But the most spectacular beach is Fakistra, one of the ten most beautiful in the world according to the Guardian, never crowded because it is reached with a long walk. It is just 15 km from The Lost Unicorn, a charming hotel in Claire (English) and Christos Martzos (Greek). And the British taste is felt in the prints on the walls, in the well-stocked library of books on Greece and novels, in all languages. From the terrace you can reach the highest branches of a centenary plane tree, so large to host comfortable seats to enjoy a coffee or an aperitif.

Under the hotel, a square invaded by another monumental platano, perhaps millenary. It is in Tsangarada, a country spread in micro villages, in the green. And it feels really suspended over a forest by the pool of the 12 Luxury Resort, an ecological five-star hotel with spa, which organizes wellness weekends and active holidays, horse riding, hiking and archery. In a fraction of Tsagarada there is the chatty pope of the eighteenth-century church Ag. Taxiarchis, who proudly displays the icon with Aristotle and Plato at the foot of the Virgin.

In the mountain villages – stone houses in the shade of plane trees and chestnut trees – churches and stories have the flavor of legend even if authentic. Here is Agia Marina in Kissos and the frescoes from the Bible. But also pedagogical figures of plants and animals: it was one of the many secret schools at the time of the Ottoman occupation, where Greek history and culture were clandestinely taught.

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This year the holidays in Greece!

Spring makes us want to start looking at flights and destinations. The first warm, the coats that end up in the boxes and the advent of the canvas shoes does not make this effect to you? If yes, here is our special list of Greek islands where you can spend your holidays.


Probably one of the best known and most popular, Santorini is also our favorite. The southernmost of the Cyclades, the volcanic island with black beaches. The black gravel makes a contrast with the windmills of Oia creating a suggestive landscape that you will not find elsewhere. Imerovigli, Fira, the Caldera and the archaeological excavations of Akrotiri are not to be missed. Sometimes too touristy, sometimes too crowded, so plan your departure for early June or early September.


We are still in the Cyclades, between Naxos and Santorini. Golden beaches, white houses and the tomb of Homer overlooking the sea. Hippies have “colonized” it over the past century and now, even if it is more chic than freak, it is still one of the most Greek islands. The frenetic nightlife especially in the area of ​​Chora has not erased its Hellenic spirit. The clear sea, a pita with tzaziki and a sly cat that yawns in the shadows embody Ios more than ever.


Aegean Sea this time, Sporades archipelago. Here the film Mamma Mia was filmed, with Meryl Streep, Colin Firth and Pierce Brosnan. Skiathos is among these islands the most cosmopolitan: rich in woods and with beautiful sandy beaches. Describe it briefly? It’s a romantic bay, it’s a monastery on a hill, it’s a taverna on the sea. Skiathos is someone fishing on the dock.


The second largest island of the Dodecanese, after Rhodes. It is a natural bridge between Crete and Turkey. The “meltemia”, the wind that blows here constantly, has made it a very popular destination for surfers who come from all the countries of the world. Breeze aside, Karpathos is of rare beauty. Beaches, harbors and churches, but not only … Our dispassionate advice is not to lose the village of Olympos, stopped in time with its matrons cooking at the window and houses perched on the mountain.
Four islands for your holidays or for some unexpected sea-based escape, Sirtaki and Ouzo.

How to organize your holidays in Greece

Greece is one of the most popular holiday destinations for tourists from all over the world: wonderful beaches, history, art and entertainment. A place that every year hosts millions of tourists, of any age and origin, also considering the countless activities that can be carried out.

For lovers of the sea, the beach and relaxation, Greece offers many possibilities: just to mention the most famous islands, Corfu, Crete (the largest of the Aegean Sea), Santorini (famous above all for its beaches of black volcanic pebbles ) and Rhodes. Relax on the beach, sipping your favorite cocktail and forget all the worries, this is the synthesis of a perfect beach holiday. Greece is spoiled for choice with regard to the type of beach: we find white sand, for those who like to lie down comfortably, also ideal for holidays with their children who can run carefree without the risk of tripping and hurting themselves; at the same time, there are also pebble beaches, or lapped by the rocks, ideal for diving and snorkelling enthusiasts.

In addition to the sea also art and history

In addition to the sea, Greece is particularly renowned for the historical testimonies that holds, unique in the world, the heritage of humanity. A place to visit is absolutely Athens, capital of the country, which is the fulcrum around which all the historical and artistic beauties of the country revolve. Among the most renowned:

the Acropolis, where you can admire the most representative monuments and buildings of the city such as the Parthenon, the Propylaea, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Theater of Dionysus, the Erechtheum and the Theater of Herodes Atticus;
the Agora, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the National Archaeological Museum and the New Acropolis Museum, places where you can increase your knowledge on what concerns classical Greece.
There are many places to visit, both in Athens and in the rest of Greece, among archaeological sites, museums, exhibitions and places of worship, for a cultural journey that can show the origins of the civilization we know today.

Finally, as far as recreational tourism is concerned, in Greece there are many opportunities: both in the capital and in the numerous islands, night clubs, pubs, beach parties, meeting places and much more.

To better organize your holidays in Greece, visit where you can save up to 70%: many possibilities, for the most diverse destinations, whether you want to treat yourself to a weekend, or a longer holiday, crossing more places. Voyage Privé offers you unique opportunities, unmissable offers, to make your dreams come true, saving money and without worries.

What to ask for more? For an unforgettable holiday, between sun, sea, art and culture, Greece seems to be the perfect place and with Voyage Privé it will be easier to realize your dreams.

Greece mania: a trip to Kea, the fairytale island

The Cyclades islands are among the most famous and visited of Greece. Picturesque islands, white villages perched on the mountains and culinary delicacies, ideal destination for those who want a relaxing holiday between solitary coves, crystal clear sea, bright-colored bougainvillea and archaeological sites.

The Cycladic archipelago consists of more than two hundred islands all bathed by the Aegean Sea and gathered in a circle (from the Greek kyklos) around the island of Delos.

The most important of these, however, can be counted on the palm of one hand and are the mundane Mykonos, the traditionalist Paros, the alternative Ios and Santorini, the island of lovers.

However, those who want to deviate from mass tourism, can opt for those less known locations and off the routes of tour operators, such as the Small Cyclades.

Among these, the island of Kea or Tzia as the Greeks alternately call it. An island of just 131 square kilometers and about 2500 inhabitants, which focuses on family friendly tourism.

This little paradise is a place of absolute relaxation, thanks also to the climate that for six months a year, from May to October, offers extraordinary days.

On the island there are some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean: deserted coves, one more beautiful than the other, some of which can only be reached on foot.

The sea that surrounds the island is very tempting for divers, given the presence of numerous wrecks, such as the HMHS Britannic, the sister ship of the Titanic, lying about 100 meters deep.

The architecture of Ioulis (from the locals called Chora), the island’s capital, differs greatly from the classical architecture of the Cyclades islands, proposing a small Mediterranean-style village with terracotta roofs and situated on top of a hill.

All over the territory there are scattered numerous ancient ruins, abandoned chapels, picturesque harbors and taverns full of charm.

Fans of mythology and ancient history should not miss an excursion to the ruins of the temple of Apollo in Karthaia, an archaeological site overlooking the blue opposite the island of Kythnos.

The island has numerous winding paths, ideal for trekking or long walks.

The four city-states of Korissia, Ioulis, Poieessa and Karthaia are part of a network of twelve marked treks over 80 kilometers long.

In any case, the most important activities are aquatic activities such as windsurfing, sailing, snorkeling and water skiing.

Even dives are very popular, but you have to pay attention to the underwater archaeological sites to which you can not approach, at least without a diving center agreement.

Even before the storytelling became a marketing tool, on the island of Kea they created the “The Fairy Tales Festival”, which is staged from July 22nd to 30th, proposing the best bishops and story-tellers of the whole Cyclades archipelago, who came to tell their stories to children of all ages, languages ​​and countries.

Main ingredients of Greek cuisine are meat, yogurt, vegetables and cheeses. In particular, yogurt here has another consistency and another flavor compared to what is eaten in the rest of Europe and is often found combined with honey and fresh fruit cut into pieces.

Feta is also a particularly famous Greek cheese, ideal for flavoring a chioriatiki salad made with tomatoes, olives, peppers and onions and dressed with extra virgin olive oil.

Among the main dishes, the moussaka (aubergine flan, potatoes and meat sauce, covered with béchamel) and the souvlaki (grilled cooked meat) and cheese rolls coated with vine leaves. As for fish, it is cooked especially on grilled meat or fried.

For the desserts, well known and good are the baklavas, made of puff pastry coated with minced almonds and honey.

The island is home to the ancient lyric poets Simonis and Bacchilides, both living around the 5th and 4th centuries BC Simonide, in particular, inaugurated the second phase of the choral lyric and was known for his countercurrent spirit since he tried not to be influenced too much by the clients, or by local tyrannies.

The island of Kea has recently been discovered by tourism, so much so that many foreigners are starting to buy a small accommodation for their retreat. Among them, world-renowned architects such as Christos Vlachos and Ioannis Michalopoulos have made splendid residences there.

Carlotta Ferlito: my short (and sexy) Greek holidays

In bright form the blue gymnast, who enjoys the sun of Crete and prepares to return to the platform: with a little ‘training on the beach, “that you never know …”

“Remember, the man is the boss, but the woman is the neck and can make him turn when and how he wants.” Word of Nia Vardalos, who in his «Big Fat Greek Wedding» explains a theory that, in the picture, finds in Carlotta Ferlito its perfect fulfillment. Certainly not about male dominance, never, but rather the typically feminine ability to capture the spotlight. She who has very little “big” and “fat”, and for “marriage” is still a little early, in Greece she is spending her short vacations before returning to the platform.

It’s from the Rio Olympics, that is almost a year, that does not compete, but judging from the images that it publishes on its page Instagram appears in a dazzling form. To the delight of its 700 thousand followers, who can not wait to see her compete for a medal, perhaps already at the world championships in Montreal next October. She has been training for a few months continuously with a view to re-entry, experiencing a new entrance to the beam and a new acrobatic diagonal in the free body, which with the new scores could become fundamental.

Upgrade witnessed by videos shared on social networks before the well-deserved departure to the sun of Greece: “It will be my only week of vacation”, writes waiting to take the plane to Crete, where it will be forced to do without at least two of its fixations: the cappuccino, the original one, which will be able to return to taste as soon as it is back in Italy, and the socks, which for his fortune with his feet in the water will not be forced to wear. The braids remain in dance, another mania of Carlotta, which in the last photo posted by the beach proudly shows them.

He is balanced upside down, with his hands on the waterline and his legs in a semi-detached position: «Let’s do some gymnastics, which you never know», is his commentary on the image. So, in addition to the fans, his coaches will be happy too.

The 19 best islands in Greece where to go on holiday depending on the need

Mind that wanders, thoughts that are combined with dreams: what is the ideal place to spend the summer that is coming? This is the moment to think about it. Smartphone in hand and away to compare offers and opportunities. With Greece, which remains the ideal destination for anyone.

Who wants to celebrate the maturity exam for families looking for tranquility, passing through couples who do not want to waste even a second of their holidays. There is no one island of the best Greece ever, each one is able to satisfy your various interests. Nightlife and unspoiled landscapes, culture and breathtaking beaches: every corner is to be discovered!

Here are the 19 islands of Greece recommended for holidays 2018, listed by explaining the ‘strong point’ of each. Choosing becomes even easier. Here they are:

Zakynthos – The best for the beaches
Corfu – The best for families
Delos – The best for history and culture
Mykonos – The best for hotels
Crete – The best for food
Kefalonia – The best for wine
Koufonissi – The best for peace and tranquility
Hydra – The best for ecology lovers
Andro – The best for climbing lovers
Simi – The best for couples
Skyros – The best for “alternative” activities
Karphatos – The best for living like the locals
Skopelos – The best for villa lovers
Santorini – The best for breathtaking views
Nisyros – Best for James Bond fans
Lesbos – The best for lesbians
Rhodes – The best for nightlife
Lefkada – The best for water sports
Patmos – The best for the mystical sphere
Zakynthos – The best for the beaches