Nature Action in Marano. Appointment with the extreme skiing of Edmond Joyeusaz

The events of the 31st edition of “Azione Natura”, the cultural review of the City of Marano sul Panaro which offers every Friday in March meetings with the protagonists of adventure and travel, continue on Friday, March 9th. The meeting, with free admission, takes place at 9.00 pm at the Cultural Center of Marano sul Panaro on May 1st. The evening is dedicated to extreme skiing, from the Alps to the Himalayas, told by Edmond Joyeusaz who will present fascinating films of his descents along the south face of the Grand Combin, between Valle d’Aosta and Switzerland, and of the “Lhotse ski challenge” .

In 2015, Joyeusaz made the first ski descent from the southwest face of the Grand Combin de Grafeneire, the highest peak of the Grand Combin group, as well as skiing along the steep slopes of the great “four thousand” of the Alps between including the Weisshorn and Dent Blanche, but also on the snows of Everest and Lhotse. From the peak of Ottomila Shisha Pangma in Tibet has made the first absolute descent with the skis, still not repeated today, and was the first to ski on the slopes of K2.

Joyeusaz lives in Courmayeur where he continues the activity of mountain guide in the mountains of the whole world; he was ski blue, winner of the Italian cup in 1984, for years among the best Italian skiers and ski world champion of alpine guides in 1999. The leitmotif of the exhibition remains the deep and adventurous relationship with nature, also to launch a message in favor of environmental protection, through a multidisciplinary approach that offers the public, in addition to wonderful images, powerful and engaging, to meet and dialogue with the masters of adventure.

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