Holidays in Greece with children: ideas and advice

Holidays in Greece with children Greece is a tourist destination suitable for families: even parents of young children have the opportunity to spend days of relaxation and fun choosing one or more Hellenic destinations. Beginning, of course, from the capital Athens, the hub of culture, art and history: not only for the evocative and fascinating atmospheres of the Acropolis, but also for the vast assortment of amusement parks, zoological parks and museums able to capture the attention of young and old. Not to be missed, then, the beaches of Santorini and its water park, as well as the beauty of Crete: an intriguing location that can represent a unique opportunity to let children know the myths and legends related to this place. From the Palace of Knossos to Elafonissi Beach, there are many reasons to come here. How to forget, then, the fantastic Rhodes? The Hydrobiological Station of Rhodes, Faliraki Water Park and Ostrich Farm & Park are some of the obligatory stops during a holiday in the company of one or more children.

If you are looking for convenient offers and proposals for a family holiday, you can rely on Voyage Privé promotions. It could be an opportunity to discover Skiathos, known all over the world for its numerous beaches. The smallest Greek island of the Sporades has 44 km of coastline, on which alternate shores for all tastes: in total, almost 50 square kilometers of coasts, with numerous facilities for children, between swimming pools that ensure bathing protected and baby club that guarantee entertainment and entertainment. If it is true that Skiathos is very popular with young people who do not want to lose the emotions of summer nightlife, it is equally true that even children – especially in low season – can feel perfectly at ease.

And maybe parents could take the opportunity to go and discover the wonders of this island, starting with the Evangelistria Monastery, with such evocative power that it will end up intriguing and captivating children. For them, in fact, it will be like taking a dip in the past and be protagonists of a fantastic journey through time, between flavors of the past, aromas of the cellar and materials such as slate and stone that give exceptional visions. Very beautiful is also Chora, that is to say the capital of the island: there are many ancient taverns scattered among the narrow streets of the city.

Another location to mark in the agenda is Mykonos: next to unbridled fun for adults and nightlife without limits, in fact, this Greek island is also suitable for families who plan to organize a trip with young children in tow; provided, of course, to find a suitable hotel, or at least an accommodation that offers all the necessary services. Also in this case, the suggestion is not to focus too much on high season periods, both to save money and to be able to count on a greater possibility of choice.

To the east of the Chora Bay children will have the opportunity to admire a vast area dotted with white houses dating back to the eighteenth century: it is called Alefkantra, and is also known as Little Venice, since its appearance reminds that of the lagoon city (unfortunately, prices are similar too). The children will also be amazed, in the Maritime Museum, dedicated to the conquests of the Greeks and the navigations of the populations prior to the Mycenaean, as well as in front of the ancient mills of Mykonos. As far as the beaches are concerned, the quieter and better-frequented ones are Psarou and Panormos, which offers a free part and an equipped part, with fine sand and no wind.

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