The most beautiful islands of Greece still unknown

1- Skopelos

From May onwards the thought flies to the seaside holidays and one of the most popular destinations for summer holidays is Greece with its islands. Beautiful and loved by tourists from all over the world are Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Rhodes, Corfu, Zakynthos. With only one contraindication: in the summer months are invaded by hordes of tourists.

Loved by sailors and covered in green coniferous forests, Skopelos is peaceful and frequented by elites in search of excursions and silent beaches. Its white pebble beaches open in the middle of the vegetation: the most beautiful are in the west, even if the water is everywhere very clean. In 2008 his evocative landscapes were chosen as the location of some scenes from the film Mamma Mia! with Meryl Streep. In this romantic island of Sporades, do not look for nightlife; there is some restaurant around the harbor area, but otherwise it is all about nature.

2 – Alonissos

The solitary queen of Sporades, the most remote of the archipelago, here is Alonissos, an island of exuberant nature and cliffs overlooking the blue sea. How to get? Ferries and hydrofoils regularly depart from Volos. Once on the island, you can relax on the beaches or go on excursions in the Mediterranean scrub, looking for wild and rocky bays. The sea here is transparent.

3 – Ios

It is said that on this island dotted with olive trees, vineyards and small chapels, in the Cyclades, next to Santorini, nothing less than the poet Homer is buried. The tomb of Homer is a destination for excursions by the vacationers, even if there is no certain documentation that attests that the singer of the deeds of Achilles is really buried here. Ios offers beautiful beaches and ancient Hellenic ruins, as well as a good night life (in the 60s it was the hippie island) which however does not detract from the genuine nature of the island.

4 – Symi

Different from the image that you normally have of the Greek islands (all domes and white houses), Symi will immediately catch you by surprise for its bright and colorful houses. This island of the Dodecanese north of Rhodes, was known as the island of sea sponges, whose trade made it one of the most prosperous islands of the Aegean. Brull, rough in the landscapes, but romantic: it is perfect for those who want to escape the chaos of the agostan vacationers.

5 – Tilos

Tilos is an island in the Dodecanese near Rhodes, not very populated and far from the mass tourism routes. It can be reached by ferry from Rhodes, for short stays or for day trips. This rocky island takes you by surprise with its wild bays that open up between the rocks. It is ideal for hikers: it includes an ecological park with almost 35 km of trails, where nature is interspersed with small urban areas and Byzantine churches.

6 – Folegandros

They call it “the island of couples” because it offers breathtaking sunsets and evocative views. Ideal for the first holiday with him, to stay alone far from everyone. The most beautiful beaches are located in Agkali, Agios Georgios, Agios Nikolaso ​​and Ampeli, wild, difficult to reach with walking paths in the Mediterranean and not well equipped. Each is a conquest, where the effort is rewarded by the beauty of the turquoise sea. In Folegandros you can sunbathe, hike in the nature and let yourself be lulled by the waves on a sailboat.

7 -Amorgos

The most remote of the Cyclades islands, and perhaps for this the most pristine. Its hills of red and arid land, the squared white houses, the stony beaches and the transparent sea, Amorgos is a real corner of paradise for those in search of peace and silence. It can be reached by flying to Athens and continuing by ship from Piraeus to one of its ports, Katapola and Aegiali. It is also connected to Santorini and Mykonos by ship. Chora, the capital, is one of the most beautiful and best preserved cities in the Cyclades. Fall in love with its white houses, on which the bougainvillea flowers climb.

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