Easter 2018 in Greece: where to go and what to see

In view of the Easter holidays 2018, among the many travel proposals that we have reported there is one that we particularly want and we want to propose: a nice trip to Greece. Spring is the ideal season to visit the cities and especially the ancient archaeological areas of this wonderful country, but also its fascinating monasteries and Orthodox churches.

In this season the summer heat wave, its unbearable temperatures and the scorching sun are far away, so it becomes pleasant to be outdoors, to take walks and excursions in a place with a thousand-year history. Sure to swim at the sea and sunbathe in the beautiful Greek islands is still early. The high Easter, Sunday 1 April, does not yet allow a summer holiday, not even in the mild Greece. Unless you want to challenge cold water on a sunny day.

Spring, however, is the perfect time to visit Greece, its monuments, archaeological sites, museums, churches and even for trekking and hiking on its mountains and natural areas. In short, all those activities for which it is too hot in the summer. You are spoiled for choice and above all the opportunity to discover many wonders and even little known places.

This year Easter will be high, Sunday, April 1st, and the holiday week will be more or less from Thursday, March 29th to Tuesday, April 3rd, following the school calendar. A party that will arrive in early spring, when it will be too early for swimming in the islands of the southern Mediterranean, but it will be the right season to visit art cities, monuments or to go hiking in nature, especially in southern Europe, where temperatures are milder. That’s why we want to offer you a nice trip to Greece, reminding you that our Easter period will not coincide with the Greek one, since the Orthodox Easter, which is celebrated in Greece, follows a different calendar from ours and this year it will fall exactly one week later ours, or Sunday, April 8th. What does this mean? That while during our Easter week we and other countries that celebrate at the same time will be high season, because everyone goes on vacation, in Greece the high season, at least for the Greeks, will be the following week. Be sure that many will book a trip to Greece in early April, so it’s good to hurry up.

The first destination that comes to mind talking about Greece is Athens, the capital with its ancient history and the majestic Acropolis that dominates its profile. There are many things to do and see in the Greek capital, from the visit to the Acropolis and the Parthenon, together with the underlying archaeological area with the Agora and the Temple of Zeus Olimpo, to the exploration of the most modern part, with museums, central Syntagma square and the many typical restaurants. Also visit the port of Piraeus with its breathtaking views and take advantage of it for a day trip to the beautiful islands of the Saronic Gulf. The holiday in Athens, then, is low cost.

The other great city of Greece that deserves a view is Thessaloniki (Thessaloníki), in the north of the country, commercial capital and second city after Athens. Thessaloniki is lively and full of cultural ferments, with numerous museums and monuments, including the White Tower, which is its symbol, and the Hagia Sophia, 8th century, which together with the other early Christian and Byzantine monuments of the city is ‘Unesco Humanity. Thessaloniki has a vibrant nightlife, with numerous restaurants and trendy clubs.

On a trip to Greece you can not miss a stop at the famous archaeological sites. After the Acropolis of Athens, to remain in the continental part of the country, a visit to the famous site of Delphi with the oracle of Apollo and the navel of the world is unmissable. Delphi is located in central Greece, in the historical reason of Phocis, at the foot of Mount Parnassus.

In the region of the Agri- colis, not far from Corinth, is the city of Mycenae, the center of the ancient Mycenaean civilization and famous for its Porta dei Leoni. The archaeological site of Mycenae is a UNESCO World Heritage site with an exceptional panoramic view.

Further west, near the coast overlooking the island of Zakynthos, we find the ancient Olympia, the most important place of worship of ancient Greece, with the temple dedicated to Zeus, and naturally also the place where the Olympic Games took place. Even today, the ignition of the Olympic torch takes place here with a solemn ceremony.

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