Economic destinations for the summer, where to go to the beach spending a little

Longing for the sea, but without spending a fortune? Here is a selection of 10 cheap seaside resorts, for your beach holidays between Italy and abroad, where to have fun, discover new places, enjoy the deserved relaxation. But with an eye on the wallet. Although it seems that the trend of booking holidays, for Italians, is growing, this is even more true if we take into account nearby destinations. And for limited periods of time.
Therefore, the holidays hit and run by a few days increase, while the more substantial ones, from a week upwards, remain stable after all.

With our mini-guide to the most beautiful seaside resorts (and especially where to spend little), easily accessible and less traveled by mass tourism you will discover that it is possible to enjoy, at least once a year, a period of detachment a little longer than a handful of days.
The Bel Paese would suffice, in itself, to provide all the necessary ideas for a rich and interesting selection of summer destinations kissed by sun and sea. Among all, however, there are some that for the fantastic value for money do not really rivals, with often offers low-cost holiday packages, even in August. A single note to keep in mind: before you book, the less you spend!
Let’s start from Italy: Policoro, Basilicata

The crystalline and very clean water, the iridescent colored sand, which turn from dazzling white to bright pink, and its shallow and sandy bottoms make Policoro beach one of the hidden gems of Basilicata. Inside the WWF natural oasis Policoro Herakleia, here you can admire the hatching of the turtles’ eggs. Among the protected species that have elected the beach to their “nursery” there are the Caretta Caretta, those of land and the marsh turtle. Access to the beach is controlled by WWF volunteers who protect and preserve these friendly animals, very often subject to high risk of extinction. Policoro is not only sun and sea, but also archeology and uncontaminated nature. The history of the area tells of a glorious past linked to the glories of the Magna Graecia, of which you can admire evident traces in the National Archaeological Museum of Siritide, in the Sanctuary of Demeter and the Temple of Dionysus, even though in reality the city was founded in antecedent, around 432 BC Another must-have stop is the baronial castle or Palazzo Berlingieri, built in the middle of the Middle Ages and rearranged on several occasions until the late 18th century. If you are a lover of flavors, do not miss out on tasting the famous fragrant and juicy top quality Candonga strawberries, and taste a great glass of local wine in one of the numerous wine bars in the city center.
Because it is cheap: far from the usual circuits linked to mass tourism, the town of Policoro is still little known and is (also) for this reason that a holiday in this area offers very low costs.

San Ferdinando overlooks the Gulf of Gioia Tauro, in the province of Reggio Calabria, and is set between the Costa degli Dei and the Costa Viola in Calabria. Not very touristy and also far from the crowds that choose other locations, San Ferdinando is perfect for a beach holiday, relaxation, but also cultural visits. The strong point for sea lovers is its beautiful sandy beach that stretches for miles, kissed by a thick pine forest in which to find refreshment from the summer heat. But even at the historical-cultural level, do not mess around! It is in this area, in fact, that the Greek city of Medma stood, which left traces of its fertile presence with numerous finds of the era, and the entire area also tells of a prosperous Byzantine period. Not to be missed: a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Medma which is located inside the Archaeological Park of the same name. Here, among the olive trees, you can admire the necropolis with its cappuccina, tub and embryo crates. Then still terracotta statuettes, masks, vases and weapons in iron, precious bas-reliefs. Because it is cheap: the accommodation facilities, as well as the premises and restaurants are almost all family-run, when not single. This obviously allows to reduce costs.
In San Menaio, Puglia, crystal clear sea and Aleppo pines
In Talamone, Tuscany, explore the MaremmaMinuscial medieval village, protected by an imposing fortress, Talamone admires the Golfo dell’Argentario and its crystal clear turquoise waters in the Tuscan sea. According to legend, in the fortress of the village would be buried the Greek hero who gives the name to the town, Telamone, son of Aeneid and uncle of Achilles. Mythology aside, this village has in fact very ancient origins: some of the findings found on the territory, in fact, date back to the Neolithic. A holiday in this beautiful location can not ignore some fundamental steps: the Archaeological Museum of Orbetello, where you can admire the Roman finds, the Rocca di Talamone, built around the middle of the XIII century and the Natural Park of Maremma where to make bird -watching, walks immersed in nature, horseback rides or canoe explorations. Among its most beautiful beaches we mention the Bagno delle Donne, a small cove located along the Silver coast, overlooking the sea with an amazing beauty. Because it is cheap: between b & b, apartments and popular hotels, you can book wonderful holidays, at affordable prices.Extra low cost in AlbaniaA Saranda, Albania, sea and nightlife The coast is that of the Ionian Sea. Saranda is a charming Albanian tourist resort that has nothing to envy to other more popular sea destinations.

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