Seven spectacular paradisiacal islands that only few can afford

Who has not dreamed of being the king or queen of an entire island. But becoming the owner of a heavenly place, although not impossible, is not for everyone.

The company Private Islands Inc. makes available a web page with an infinite number of listings of islands for sale or rent, distributed all over the globe and different sizes and prices. We present a selection of some of the most impressive islands.
The magnificent property that owns the island / Private Islands Inc.
In this enchanting natural environment and on the waters of Lake Flathead – one of the three most crystal clear lakes in the world – this spectacular island of over 89,000 m2 is located. With a price of $ 22.7 million, the island includes Montana’s largest home, a 3,000-square-foot home that offers priceless views.

For $ 29 million you can buy these two fantastic islands / Private Islands Inc.
An offer not to be missed. For the modest sum of $ 29 million, you can buy two paradisiacal islands of the Bahamas, which together reach more than 335 thousand m2.

Complete covered by vegetation, you can buy this island for 95 million dollars / Private Islands Inc.
Just 10 minutes by boat or helicopter from Miami’s famous South Beach, this island of 105,000 square meters is located. A perfect place for those who want to get away from the looks of others, the property is almost completely covered by vegetation. If you want to pump Pumpkin Key into your home, you must have at least $ 95 million to buy it.

For 60 million dollars you can buy this island of almost 900 thousand m2 / Private Islands Inc.
For just $ 60 million, you can purchase this impressive Bahamian island of over 898,000 square feet. Located in a unique natural environment, with virgin beaches, greenery and an impressive view of the Caribbean, the island has a house on top of a rock, a three-storey houseboat, a restaurant and many other facilities. The perfect place to turn into a hotel.

The price of this island of 240 thousand m2 is a mystery / Private Islands Inc.
Located in Waitemata Harbor, a 15-minute helicopter ride from Auckland, lies this magnificent 240,000-square-meter island. The property has two beaches, one on the east coast and the other on the north. In addition, the island has 24 huts and other houses to stay. As for the price, the company reveals it only to those who are really interested.

25 million costs this island of 360 thousand m2 to 209 km from Florida / Private Islands Inc.
209 km from Florida is this spectacular island of 360,000 m2, three private beaches, surrounded by islands and some of the best places in the world to fish. The island has numerous houses and factories and was conceived as a kind of resort. If you are interested in buying it, the price is 25 million dollars.

If you have 44 million dollars you can buy the largest private Greek island. It has an area of ​​54,000 m2 and a large variety of plant species. Its location and its natural environment make it the ideal candidate for putting it into business by building a luxury

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