The king of Romania is dead, long life to the queen

Michele I of Romania died at the age of 96. His daughter Margareta succeeds after the break with the only male nephew, Nicolae, chosen but then disinherited by immoral conduct and arrested a few days ago for breaking into his grandfather’s house Foreword: Romania is a republic which nevertheless acknowledges to the king “that he was” an important representative role […]

Volonline, allotment packages in the new section

News at Volonline, the t.o. B2B specialized in tailor made. In its second year of activity, the Volonclick business unit, a self-booking tool for adv, now also includes allotment packages with guaranteed availability. A product offered for two years only through the booking, now within the portal. To book, simply define the destination and choose from the different options available […]

Unreachable Facebook and Instagram: what happened

Now a couple of minutes of overload and lack of connection are enough to unleash the social panic. Last night, as happened several times during the year, Facebook and Instagram have lived moments of fear, given the inability to connect both via the app for smartphones and tablets that directly from the computer. The services managed by the US giant […]