Messi buys an island. So Greece sells its “rocks of the famous”

The 10 Argentine buys Sophia, in the Ionian. Footballers and VIPs, it is run to the paradises of Athens

Gold? Silver? Valuable properties? Collection of watches? No, atolls in the Aegean. Here is the new frontier of “safe” investment.

Greece has been on sale for a long time, but this time facts and contracts followed the announcements. The last, in order of time to have bought an island in those that have been renamed the Caribbean of the Mediterranean, is the champion of the Barcelona Lionel Messi: according to the real estate agency «Proto Group Ltd» has got its hands on Sophia, little corner of paradise in the Ionian archipelago of Echinades, east of Ithaca. Pristine beaches and transparent waters in the Mediterranean and without the problem of jet lag.

The blown came through the streets, or another deal concluded by another top player, Cristiano Ronaldo who had given a gift to his manager, Mendes, on the occasion of his marriage. Many islands that, after the Greek crisis, the troika has imposed on the government to include in the so-called privatization package and several “stars” of football, Hollywood, as well as bankers and magnates have expressed interest in asking for information and then buy.

Sophia is located next to the most famous Skorpios, the island of Onassis, bought a few years ago by the Russian magnate Dmitry Evgenevich Rybolovlev: billionaire, philanthropist, president of Monaco Calcio, the man who owns the largest potassium deposit in the world the record of the most expensive divorce of all time, a good three million euros to say goodbye to Elena (while her daughter gave a flat in New York of “only” 10 million).

After a joint litigation conducted in two law firms, one in Geneva and the other in Athens, in 2013 Rybolovlev, ranked by Forbes in the list of the 80 richest men on the planet, happens to Onassis in the island that, since the Sixties onwards, he saw the economy’s gotha ​​and the world jet set, from Winston Churchill to Jacqueline Kennedy, who celebrated his wedding with the Greek shipowner on the island.

Before the Russian, it was the Emir of Qatar Khalifa Al Thani who was “shopping” in the Ionian Sea 70 miles from the Italian coast, winning the island of Beech. And Lord Rothschild, near Lefkada, has purchased 2,600 hectares of land destined to be exclusive scenery for 14 extra-luxury villas: a sort of personalized atoll reserved for top clients like Prince Charles, actress Nicole Kidman and Russian magnate Roman Abramovic . The latter is already a regular visitor to Greece and its beaches: in addition to stationing with his yacht in the Sporades every August (Skiathos, Scopelos and Alonissos) and to have purchased in the last five years some in Corfu, the owner of Chelsea in the package of its companies also holds a 5-star plus resort (the only type present in Greece) in the Chalkidiki peninsula, frequented only by magnates and oligarchs.

The Echinades complex with crystal clear waters and unspoiled nature is located in the stretch of sea facing the famous Platygiali port. Four years ago the prestigious Business Insider magazine had dedicated a whole number to it with a series of captivating photos under an explanatory title: “They can be yours with a few millions”.

And in fact they have been, given the prices are not at all prohibitive for that target of buyers. For example, eight million are needed to become Sikinos Kardiotissa holders. But, given the premises, you will not need to wait long to close that deal too.

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