Sup yoga or how to find yourself at the mercy of the waves

Here’s what happens to your body when the yoga mat is a table and the asanas are made in the water.

Want to relax lulled by the waves imagining exotic landscapes is possible even in winter. Also indoor. “Very popular in Hawaii, sup yoga is now also practiced in many pools, but also outdoors by the sea or the lake, even in Italy. It is about practicing yoga on a special table. Given its instability, however, we need to be very focused, “explains Denise Della Giacoma, fitness blogger, yoga instructor and yoga / sup thematic travel organizer, before starting a stand up paddle yoga demonstration class organized at Virgin Active Kennedy of Milan from Speedo and Samsung.

“At the seaside or at the lake, the lesson usually starts with warming exercises on the ground followed by a few minutes of simple stand up paddle. After getting on the table, then, thanks to a special paddle to be adjusted according to the height of the person you move away from the shore to get more confidence with the table. Then, once you find the way to anchor, you start the yoga class, sometimes positioning yourself also forming a star with the boards », tells Denise, long blonde hair, clear eyes, a dry body and also sculpted by the ski and a serene and contagious smile. The benefits of this sport? In addition to improving concentration, stability and propioception, sup yoga (ci) forces us to use deep musculature.

A dip in the tub and reach the table. In our case the tables are anchored next to each other. The lesson begins in the lotus position with a series of controlled breaths. We then get on our knees to move to the position of the happy child and then to the down dog and some variants. The sway is light, not at all annoying. When we pass the dog upside down on one leg the balance becomes more precarious, but following Denise’s advice to keep the abdomen strong we find it immediately. The positions for (us) beginners are all lying down, sitting or on all fours. The lesson ends again in the lotus position, asana in which we perform before the breaths checked then a deep stretching walking with the fingers towards the tip of the table. The sequence was so fluid that the 45 minutes of the lesson flew!

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