Cyclades, pyramid discovery carved from the sea: “It was imagined by an unknown civilization”

A real pyramid built in an era far from an advanced civilization preceding the Minoan one. This is what was discovered on the uninhabited island of Keros, in the Cyclades, in Greece, by a group of researchers from the University of Cambridge in Great Britain. The rocky promontory, whose name is Daskalio, was actually modeled in the shape of a pyramid by nature and by the atmospheric agents that had fallen on it over the centuries, as if it had been the hand of a sculptor. Yet, until today, nobody knew who had created the terraces that allow you to get to the top of the great rock.

Daskalio rises upwards from the sea. The researchers believe that it is a sanctuary and although today it is completely autonomous and detached, probably three thousand years before Christ was connected to the nearby island of Keros through a natural bridge made of rock. Along the pyramid made of earth and stone, behind the terracing, traces of engineering works and artifacts dating back to ages that preceded by many centuries the Minoan civilization have been found, the Cretan culture of the Bronze Age flourished approximately from 2000 BC. to 1450 BC

According to the excavation director, Michael Boyd, these artifacts illustrate the quality and state of advancement of the unknown civilization that would make them: “There are few experts in the manufacture of metal objects in such an early age, in which the material even before it was scarce. ” Then, under the research of the British university, the previous hypothesis was shattered. So archaeologists at work have found two sites for metal processing and a complex network of drainage channels, built a thousand years before the Palace of Knossos in Crete. It took about ten years of work to arrive at this conclusion, the findings found also concern two workshops with several remains of metalwork with blacksmith equipment, a terracotta oven, a lead ax, a mold for daggers and ceramic fragments.

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