Windmills: these are the most beautiful in Europe

There is no soloist in Holland: they have inspired Don Quisciotte and today are beautiful landscape elements

I am an important element for the landscape and more and more often in iconic icons of places and countries. Testimony of the rural past, when the wheat is ground in these ancient machines, in recent times have been restructured and once even transformed into residences and hotels. We have chosen some of them, among the most beautiful in Europe.

KINDERDIJK – HOLLAND – This complex of 19 mills has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It will be found in the Rotterdam region, date back to the mid-eighteenth century and are still functioning. One of these structures can also be visited. Together with the blooming tulip fields, windmills are the very symbol of Holland.

CONSUEGRA – SPAIN – Even in Spain I am a real icon and a symbol much loved and rooted in the collective imagination. The twelve white mills of Consuegra, in the Spanish region of Mancha, a south of Toledo inspired Miguel de Cervantes, who popularized them in his famous novel “Don Quijote de la Mancha”: the hero exchanges the high white structures for scary giants to fight.

MIKONOS – GREECE – Also here there are famous and iconic mills. In this beautiful island in the Aegean sea, in the Cyclades archipelago, the old buildings are pale for the most photographed and famous in all of Greece.

MOULIN ROUGE – PARIS – This month, in the famous district of Pigalle, in the 18th arrondissement, not far from Montmartre, in one of the most famous places in the French capital. Opened on 6 October 1891 by Charles Zidler, it is known for its red light shows.

TRAPANI – SICILY – Windmills are one of the characteristic elements of the Sicilian coast from Trapani to Marsala: they rise along the sea, along the “via del sale” in the heart of the Stagnone nature reserve. They were used in the sixteenth century and, after careful restoration, they are fully functional. They were used to grind the salt and pump water into the salt pans.

SINEU – MAJORCA – This pretty village in the Majorcan hinterland in the Balearic archipelago houses an old mill, now restored, a testimony of its agricultural past.

MILL OF SAINT-ROCH – PROVENCE – FRANCE – This 16th century structure was rebuilt in the 90s but is no longer working. It is a short distance from the medieval village of Grimaud, famous for its typically Provencal flowered streets, dominated by the castle ruins.

BALLYCOPELAND – NORTHERN IRELAND – It is the only still functioning windmill in Ireland. Inside the structure is a museum where you can observe the processing of wheat and even try a grapple in this activity.

CLEY NEXT THE SEA – NORFOLK – GREAT BRITAIN – We are in Northern England: this mill, built in the nineteenth century, is a real bed & breakfast. Although it does not retain much of the original structure, the mill has not lost its charm and is worth a visit.

HORNSEA PROJECT ONE – GREAT BRITAIN – Here no wheat is grinded, but eco-compatible electric energy is produced. The structure is the mill of the future: it will be ready in 2020 and will be the largest offshore wind farm in the world, with its 174 190-meter-high turbines, located about 75 miles from the windy Yorkshire coast. The maxi plant will be built in approximately a total area of ​​about 410 square kilometers and will produce more than a gigabyte of ecological energy.

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