Here is the VIP summer: everyone in Ibiza

The summer of VIPs, in the beautiful beaches and luxurious premises of the Spanish island of Ibiza.

Like every summer, the beautiful Spanish island of Ibiza is crowded with VIPs from all over the world. And as if everyone decided to meet up there: “Same place, same beach, same sea.” There are many characters in the entertainment world who choose to spend their holidays in the beautiful Ibiza, away from prying eyes, renting luxurious mega villas or super boats where you can relax.

Stefano De martino, the professional dancer of Amici, the talent show conducted on channel 5 by Maria de Filippi and former boyfriend of Emma Marrone [VIDEO], as well as former husband of the Argentinean #Belen Rodriguez, was one of the first to land on the beautiful island of the Mediterranean Sea.

Soon after, his ex-wife and their little son, Santiago, along with his new boyfriend, the Moto GP driver Andrea Iannone, arrived. It is not a simple coincidence that the two former spouses have chosen the same seaside location to spend their holidays. In fact, as last year, by common agreement Stefano and Belen chose the same place, so as to spend both holidays with their son. This situation of the holidays together, has intrigued a lot of fans of the couple who still hope that the two can come back to live under the same roof, although now it is already a year since the separation and despite Belen is happily engaged with Iannone. You know, for fans, hope is always the last to die.

As everyone knows, the Neapolitan dancer and the Apulian singer met in the school of Friends and continued their love story even outside the program for about 2 years, then their story ended precisely because De Martino fell in love with Belen.

According to some rumors, there is a rumor of a rapprochement between the artist and the dancer. According to the paparazzo Alan Fiordelmondo, the rapprochement of the two could be the scoop of the summer. It would only lack the kiss on social media to formalize the matter. The kiss that many have announced in recent times, but has not yet arrived, the summer has just begun, so never say never.

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