What to see in Icaria, a treasure in the Aegean Sea
A trip to Icaria, the island of Icaro in the Aegean Sea, what to see in the natural paradise from millenary history

Icaria, or Ikaria, is a Greek island of the Aegean Sea, just a few miles from Samos Island. According to tradition, the name of the island is derived from the myth of Icarus, the son of the inventor Dedalo, precipitated in the sea still bearing its name today. The myth of Dedalo and Icarus, linked to the legend of the Minotaur and the labyrinth, is an integral part of the culture of this region and surely during your holiday you will discover and deepen it.

The sun that wiped out the Icaro wax wings is waiting for tourists to pamper them on the golden beaches of the coast. The unique landscape and the uncontaminated natural landscape are the goals of numerous travelers, the coves and the small gulets of Icaria hide the corners of authentic beauty that make Icaria one of the most beautiful islands in Eastern Greece.

The island of Icaria occupies an area of ​​about 250 square kilometers and is strongly characterized by a mountainous area. Mount Etheras develops along the entire strip of land with several peaks over 900 meters high, the highest point is in the vicinity of the capital, in the northeast region and exceeds 1,000 meters of altitude.

The history of Icaria is very ancient, the island has been inhabited since the Neolithic and archaeological excavations have confirmed constant settlements over the millennia. Numerous are the archaeological sites and museums dedicated to the immense heritage of the region, the museums are the most precious archaeological finds, but the archaeological sites outdoors allow us to fully grasp the greatness of the peoples who lived on the island.

At Agios Kirikos, along the northeast coast, is the Archaeological Museum of Icaria. The newly built building houses the museum center from 2014 and is equipped with a modern set-up with multimedia and video panels. Inside the exhibits tell the visitors the cultural, commercial and social history of the island.

In the same city, the Folk & History Museum aims to enhance the island’s cultural and folk heritage by promoting local traditions. Exhibitions are organized by themes and exhibits documents, photos and historical objects such as traditional dresses and utensils.

Not far from Agios Kirikos lies the village of Therma, where the thermal tourism of Icaria Island is concentrated. These two cities are also the starting point for excursions to the nearby islands of the Furni archipelago.

Continuing to the southwestern region of the island, you arrive at the port of Evdilos, one of the gateways to the island. Along the coast, which leads here to Armenistis, a small village, there are the main seaside resorts of Icaria: Gialiskari, Messaktì and Livadi.

Not far from Evdilos is Kampos, the ancient capital of Icaria. The Archaeological Museum of Kampos houses numerous Neolithic finds, clay statues, vases and coins. Inside the site there is also an ancient church dating to the 12th century and according to some sources is the oldest church on the island.

Continuing along the western coast you reach Vrakades, where there is the Folklore Museum dedicated to the island’s history and to the memory of the Ikaria State Stage. The village of Vrakades was founded in the 17th century and still maintains its original features such as the old stone houses.

At the southern end of Icaria lies Faros Papa, a lighthouse that has become a tourist destination for the exceptional panorama that the tourists offer. The exceptional location gives you breathtaking views of the sea and fascinates many tourists for the quaint natural landscape in which it is located.

Continuing east along the coast you will find the small village of Karkinagri. In the eastern part of the village a small white church built on the cliff is a pleasant surprise. The scenic road offers incredible and unique views of the coast.

Going up the coast it reaches Magganitis, a characteristic country on the Icaria mountainous slopes. Not far away is one of the most famous beaches on the island, Seychelles Beach; the name remembers another well-known tourist destination, but this corner of paradise really has nothing to envy on the islands of the Indian Ocean. To reach it, it is necessary to go along a stretch of path, but it is worth it. The pebble beach, washed by the action of the sea, overlooks a crystal clear sea where diving is a real pleasure. Here snorkelling enthusiasts can enjoy admiring the backdrops and marine fauna.

Finally, in the center of the island of Icaria, is the Koskina Castle, a fortification built in the 10th century by the Byzantines. Today the remains of the impressive structure of the fallen castle in the 15th century remain

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